Metallian Heavy

ILLYRIAN is touring Western Canada supporting the Round 2 Fight! demo this month.

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER’s Generation Of Terror EP is out on May 12th through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The band is touring with VADER and INTERNAL BLEEDING.

Eric Cook, the former VENOM manager and owner of Demolition Records, has died due to cancer.

France-based DEATH AWAITS’ Solve Coagula album is out through Sliptrick Records. The band plays thrash/death metal.

Metal Scrap Records is issuing DARK MINISTRY’s The Sermon Begins. It is the debut EP by the Canadian heavy/thrash Metal band. The band was formed in August 2015 by ex-EXCITER drummer Rik Charron.

MUNICIPAL WASTE will release its next album, Slime And Punishment, on June 23rd through Nuclear Blast Records.

PESTILENCE has signed with Hammerheart Records and is aiming to release a new album this year.

Greece-based CARNAL GARDEN’s Where They Are Silent is out through Eclectic Prods. The band’s style is death metal.

Another project: Guitarist Vinnie LaBella (EXHORDER), bassist Jason Viebrooks (GRIP INC. and HEATHEN) and drummer Sasha Horn (FORBIDDEN and HEATHEN) have a project called YEAR OF THE TYRANT.

Italy-based HADAL’s Painful Shadow is out through Sliptrick Records. The group’s style is described as dark doom/death metal.

Italy-based FATE UNBURIED’s Logos album is out through Sliptrick Records.

TOTALITARIAN’s De Arte Tragoediae Divinae was released on April 30th through Barren Void Records.

DYING FETUS will release a new album, called Wrong One To Fuck With, on June 23rd through Relapse Records.

BROKEN HOPE will release a new album, called Mutilated And Assimilated, on June 23 through Century Media Records.

Turkish black metal band ZIFIR has signed with Norwegian label Duplicate Records and announced that its third full-length, Kingdom Of Nothigness, will be released in late spring or early summer both in CD and LP format. The artwork was created by Russian artist Vergvoktre.

EXHUMED is at the studio to record a new studio album as the follow-up to 2013’s Necrocracy. Entitled Death Revenge, the new album will be out in late 2017 through Relapse Records.

GOD DETHRONED will release a new album, called The World Ablaze, on May 5th through Metal Blade Records.

Sweden-based IN REVERENCE has an album called The Selected Breed through Non Serviam Records.

USA-based BITTERED’s Foreign Agenda is out through Lost Apparitions Records. The band’s style is described as crusted grind metal.

OBSCURA AMENTIA’s The Art Of The Human Decadence is out now through Sliptrick Records. The Italy-based band’s music is described as doom and black metal.

Poland-based DECAPITATED will release a new album, called Anticult, on July 7 through Nuclear Blast.

Sweden-based black metal band NECROPHOBIC has signed a deal with Century Media for territories other than USA and Canada.

New York death metal veterans SUFFOCATION will release their new album, …Of The Dark Light, on June 9 through Nuclear Blast. Former PYREXIA guitarist Charlie Errigo is in SUFFOCATION.

Ukraine-based ULVEGR will issue an album called Titahion Kaos Manifest through Ashen Dominion this month. The band is described as black metal.

Minotauro Records is issuing music by ANTIDOTE, featuring Nino Laurenne (THUNDERSTONE) and Tuomo Louhio (IMPALED NAZARENE), which was originally issued in 1992.

Dutch black metal band DYSTOPIA will release a full-length demo, called Chaos Philosophorum, on April 21st.

Germany-based death metal band CADAVER DISPOSAL has released a video for the track Congregation, which is taken from the upcoming album Transformatio Mundi, which will be released on April 28th through Nihilistic Empire Records.

Italy-based death metal band NATRIUM will issue a full-length album, entitled Vertigo Of Abjection, on July 17th through Ultimate Massacre Productions.

BLACKOSH, a black metal project, lead by former ROOT and Current MASTER’S HAMMER member will release the Rvouci Vichry EP through Eternal Death this month.

INTERNAL BLEEDING drummer, a firefighter, William Tolley died on Thursday, April 20th after falling from the roof of an apartment building in Queens, New York.

EARTH CRAWLER is another project and features former FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT shredder Glen Alvelais. The band will release its demo From Below on May 5.

MEGADETH, MESHUGGAH, TESSERACT and LILLAKE will tour the Canada and the USA in June.

The new NOCTE OBDUCTA album Totholz (Ein Raunen Aus Dem Klammwald) will be issued on the 26th of May through MDD.

LELAHELL has announced a European tour for this month and a new session drummer, Mac Dzierzon of CENTAURUS-A and DEW-SCENTED.

Canadian-Chilean thrash band SOCIAL ARSONIST will be hitting the road for dates across British Columbia and Alberta for the month of May, which will then be followed by a tour of Chile and a return to Canada to perform at the Loud As Hell festival in Drumheller, Alberta.

Following a motorcycle accident involving two members of the band, Greece-based black/death metal band PROMETHEUS is back with an album called Consumed In Flames through Katoptron IX Records.

ICONOCLASM’s self-titled EP is out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

UK-based thrash metal band SOLITARY has returned after years of absence with a disc called The Diseased Heart Of Society.

Dutch black metal band CARACH ANGREN will release a new album, called Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten, on June 16th through Season Of Mist.

Kam Lee and Rick Rozz have changed their band’s monicker from MASSACRE X to GODS OF DEATH following legal threats from former MASSACRE drummer Bill Andrews.

Switzerland-based VIRVUM will tour the United States alongside VALE OF PNATH and FIRST FRAGMENT. The tour begins on September 29th in Chicago, and runs through October 26th, ending in Denver, Colorado.

Horror Pain Gore Death has issued KALOPSIA’s Angelplague on May 19th.

Cult Drugs the new album from Norway’s BLOOD COMMAND is out through Fysisk Format.

INDEMNITY’s Bloody Minded Bullet Headed is out through AGR. The label describes it as punk meets thrash metal.

ACID DEATH has an album called Hall Of Mirrors. The band, which reformed in 2011, hails from Greece.

Mighty Music is still around and has signed BRUTALITY. The label will re-issue the band’s Sea Of Ignorance album and a forthcoming new record.

Metallian Hard

STRIKER will be hitting the road in September and October for tour dates across North America supporting DARK TRANQUILLITY and WARBRINGER.

Trill Or Be Trilled Records has issued Canada-based MONOBROW’s The Nacarat record.

LOUDNESS was denied entry into the USA for its tour causing the dates to be cancelled. The band has not procured a visa and was relying on “exemptions.”

INSOMNIUM will tour North America with EPICA.

CHASTAIN has just released Chastainium and a new promotional video for the track We Bleed Metal. The album is a compilation of two tracks each from the band’s last eight albums.

ROCK GODDESS will release a new three-song EP called It's More Than Rock And Roll on May 19. It is issued through Cargo Records.

Norway-based hard rock band PIGEON LAKE has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of its album, Barriers Fall, this May.

Frontiers Music will release HAREM SCAREM's next album, called United, on May 12th.

Sweden-based URSKOG has issued a demo called Sprider Sporer. The band’s monicker means Primeval Forest and the lyrical themes are environmentally-oriented.

Angel Thorne Music has issued SACRED OATH’s Twelve Bells album. Originally formed while the band members were all high school students in Bethel, Connecticut, USA Rob Thorne (vocals/guitars) and Kenny “Thundarr” Evans (drums) are the only remaining original members.

AYREON’s The Source album is out.

Metal nation Records has issued HOLOCAUST's debut LP The Nightcomers from 1980 on CD with nine bonus tracks added from the band's three 12" singles, which were out between 1980-1982. The Nightcomers features the band’s original Scottish line-up and was the first release by Edinburgh based Phoenix Records, an independent Record shop-turned-record label where vocalist Gary Lettice worked.

USA-based RESURRECT THE MACHINE’s Uncover The Truth album is out through Minotauro Records.

Lithuania-based death metal act CRYPTS OF DESPAIR has an upcoming demo called The Stench Of The Earth.

The reformed RAINBOW has entered the studio to record new music after twenty years of inactivity. This follows the band’s select recent shows in Europe. Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the Live In Birmingham 2016 2CD package by RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW on June 9.

Graham Bonnet and Italian guitarist Dario Mollo have a project called EZOO. The band's debut album, Feeding The Beast, will be released on June 2 through earMUSIC.

Frontiers Music will release JORN's new album, which is titled Life On Death Road on June 2.

ARCADEA, the side-project of MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor has signed to Relapse and will issue an album this summer. The band is described as synthesizer-laden.

Epic doom metal band Desolate Pathway has signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of the Of Gods And Heroes (2017) and Valley Of The King albums (2014).

GREAT WHITE will release a new album, called Full Circle, on June 2.

AMORPHIS bassist Niclas Etelävuori has quit the band after seventeen years in protest over the band’s management. AMORPHIS has recruited the man’s predecessor Olli Pekka Laine for the upcoming shows.

OZZY OSBOURNE has ditched guitarist Gus G. in favour of his predecessor, Zakk Wylde, for his summer tours.

Sliptrick Records’ HONEYBOMBS has an album called Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales through Sliptrick Records. The band is based in Italy.

Frontiers Music will release The Nature Of Time, which is SECRET SPHERE's ninth studio album on June 2.

Swiss hard rock band GODS OF SILENCE has signed with ROAR Rock Of Angels Records. GODS OF SILENCE's (formerly KIRK) new album Neverland was produced, mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.

The self-titled debut full-length by Swiss all-girl band BURNING WITCHES is out. The demo was recorded at the Little Creek Studio in Switzerland with producers V.O. Pulver and Schmier (DESTRUCTION).

PARADISE LOST will release an album called Medusa this summer.

Former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes is on a Be Somebody European Tour with his band MEAN MAN.

PRIMAL FEAR has a new live album and video, which is entitled Angels Of Mercy - Live In Germany on Frontiers Music.

Italy-based CROHM's Humanity album is out through Sliptrick Records.

Glam rock band BLACK CAGE has its debut album Excess All Areas out this month through MarsMusic Productions.

Hard rock band WAIT HELL IN PAIN is releasing Wrong Desire, the debut album, in the autumn through Revalve Records. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono and Matteo Gabbianelli at Kick Recording Studio.

Russia-based power metal band DISTANT SUN has a single called God Emperor from its album Into The Nebula. The sci-fi saga of Dune is coupled with music compared to ANNIHILATOR, BLIND GUARDIAN and RAGE.

RAGE will release its next album, Seasons Of The Black, on July 28th through Nuclear Blast.

Science fiction metal band RAPHEUMETS WELL will issue an album called Enders Door this May through Test Your Metal Records.

VOIVOD is touring in support of the Post Society EP. The band will record a new album this summer.

Disbanded ‘90s LA hard rock band KIK TRACEE will release Big Western Sky, a collection of B-Sides, Demos, and Rarities which is being released in July through Thc Music/Emp Label Group/Amped. Big Western Sky features material from the band’s No Rules/Field Trip era.

AIRBOURNE has lost guitarist David Roads and replaced him with Harri Harrison (PALACE OF THE KING). Roads left due to family issues.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA-based TRAVERSE THE ABYSS has a demo called The Gamble Of Life.

BLEED AGAIN’s Momentum album is out through Sliptrick Records. The band is based in the United Kingdom.

ACCEPT will release a new album, The Rise Of Chaos, on August 4th through Nuclear Blast. The band will play the music from the record on August 3 with a show at the Wacken Open Air.

Satanic Mosque by the Turkish band VIRANESIR is out now on Merdumgiriz Records and is described by the label as being hip hop metal. The band claims to be taking the piss out of gangs and the scene.

MR. BIG has picked Defying Gravity as the title for its next album, which is tentatively due this autumn through Frontiers Music. It is the follow-up to 2014's ...The Stories We Could Tell.

One-time ANVIL guitarist Dave Allison rejoined his former bandmates on stage on April 15th at Red Dog in Peterborough, Canada to perform three songs.

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