Metallian Heavy

After years of absence BLASPHEMY will release Victory (Son Of The Damned) DLP through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 11th of July.

Edmonton-based VALYRIA has a demo called Into The Dying Of Time on May 18th.

Italy-based DYING AWKWARD ANGEL’s Absence Of Light is out through Rockshots Records since May 25th.

HATESPHERE has re-signed with Scarlet Records and is recording a new album at Antfarm studio with Tue Madsen.

Timisoara, Romania-based grinders BLUTRINĂ has an EP called DiscoBallz out through Loud Rage on the 28th of April.

Germany-based death metal band NOTHGARD has signed with Metal Blade. An album is due this year.

Switzerland-based NIHILO has signed with Art Gates Records.

FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM has a new album called Hostia through Osmose Productions. The band has also rerecorded its Fellatrix album.

ACKERON’s Polarity album is out through Melancholia this month. ACKERON is a France-based metal band founded from the ashes of BLESSING SINS by Kamyar Majlessi (drum) and Adrien Frézal (guitarist) in 2012. This record has been in the works for three years.

Peru-based KATARI’s Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm! Is out through From Deepest Records. The band is described as black metal.

Chile-based ATOMICIDE will issue the Furious and Untamed 7″ EP through Iron Bonehead on 22nd of June.

MEDIEVAL DEMON’s Medieval Necromancy is out through Hells Headbangers on the 22nd of June. The band is based in Greece.

KATAKLYSM and HYPOCRISY will tour Europe together this autumn. The bands are using the Death Is Just The Beginning monicker for the tour, which is borrowed from the old Nuclear Blast compilation series.

ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA’s Ozymandias album is out through Eclectic Productions. The band is based in Italy.

USA-based TWILIGHT will release, what is billed as, its last recording, Trident Death Rattle, through Ascension Monuments Media this month.

France-based DUNKELNACHT has a tour dubbed Non Canimus Surdis underway in Europe. The band started the tour on April the 25th at Club Flex in Arad Romania.

Metal Scrap Records has issued Ukraine-based PENETRUM’s Instrument Of Delusion and Hungary-based OMEGA DIATRIBE’s Trinity albums.

Black/noise band JYOTISAVEDANGA is issuing the Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum LP through Larval Productions on the 6th of June.

TARTHARIA’S Hellvue XV album is out through Phantom Pain.

TAPHOS’ Come Ethereal Somberness CD/LP is out through Blood Harvest on the 8th of June. This follows the re-release of Demo MMXVI and 7” EP MMXVII by the label this month.
EATEN’s Self-titled album is out now through Give Praise Records. The USA-based act is described as grindcore.

DEATH. VOID. TERROR.’s To the Great Monolith I LP/CD is out through Iron Bonehead on the 4th of May.

Canada-based thrash metal band AGGRESSION will release a new album, called Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash, through Dissonance Productions on May 25th.

Chile-based WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS’ demo Anfractuous Moments For Redemption was reissued in Mexico by Seals Concrete Records and Sun Empire Productions.

The Britain-based death metal band VALAFAR has signed a deal with Transcending Records and will soon release an eight-track album entitled Wolfenkind.

Italy-based death metal band DEVANGELIC has signed with The Flaming Arts booking and management agency. The company also works with BEHEMOTH, I AM MORBID, MARDUK etc.

CAVEMAN CULT’s Supremacia Primordial 10″ EP and CRURIFRAGIUM’s (U.S.) Black Seed Of Bestiality LP are out through Larval Productions on the 6th of June.

Season of Mist has signed MYSTIFIER. The Brazil-based black metal band will release its next album through the label. The band has gone over a decade without an album.

JENNER‘s debut album To Live Is To Suffer is being re-issued on vinyl by Inferno Records. The coloured vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

The reformed band MASADA has a demo called When The Lights Go Out. Founding members Paul Quinn and Nick Travetto tapped Doug Hamel, Ray Vazquez (ex-FLESHGRIND) and Jim Harte (original drummer and founder of JUNGLE ROT) to join the group.

Utah, USA-based war metal band GOAT DISCIPLE will issue Wolfcult Domination through Blood Harvest on the 15th of June.

ARCH ENEMY will embark on a U.S tour this autumn with openers GOATWHORE and UNCURED.

Germany-based NAILED TO OBSCURITY has signed with Nuclear Blast. An album is expected this year. The label has also signed THE SPIRIT.

NONEXIST has a five-track demo called In Praise Of Death this June.

Nashville-based technical death metal group INFERI has a new album called Revenant. The album was released on April 21st (Record Store Day) through The Artisan Era.

MARDUK will release a new album, called Viktoria, through Century Media on June 22nd.

EMBRACE OF THORNS’ Scorn Aesthetics LP/CD is out through Iron Bonehead in June.

Italy-based death metal band DYING AWKWARD ANGEL shall release a new album called Absence Of Light through Rockshots in May.

Norway-based DJEVELKULT’s Når Avgrunnen Åpnes is out through Saturnal on the 25th of May.

RIBSPREADER’s The Van Murders – Part 2 is out through Xtreem Music on the 6th of June.

Death metal band DEMISE from Caracas, Venezuela shall release De La Manipulacion A La Ignoranci through Brutal Records in August.

SERENE DARK (formerly ENDEMISE) has released a demo track called Dualitatem.

“Roman Catholic black metal” band REVERORUM IB MALACHT’s Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble is out through AnnapurnA this month.

Finland-based CARNIFEX’s Pathological Rites album is out through Xtreem Music this month.

Death metal band AGHASURA has a mini-record called Revelations through Transcending Records this month.

One-time MALEVOLENT CREATION singer Brett Hoffman was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and has undergone surgery. Since the USA does not have health coverage for its population the man’s friend and family are fundraising for him via GoFundMe.

IMMORTAL will release an album called Northern Chaos Gods through Nuclear blast in July. The record will be the band’s first in a decade.

Ukraine-based 1914 is currently working on a full-length album called The Blind Leading The Blind, which is dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of World War I’s end (1918). It is scheduled to see the light of day on November 11th, 2018.

HEAVING EARTH’s Diabolic Prophecies and Vision Of The Vultures demo is out through Eclectic Productions. The Czechoslovakia-based band’s album was originally issued by Redrum 666 after its 2009 recording.

Black/death metal band MUTILATE has an album called Tormentium through Iron Bonehead on the 29th of June.

Black metal band RUACH RAAH’s Under The Insignia Of Baphomet is out through War Arts Productions.

INJECTOR’s Stone Prevails, SUDDEN DEATH’s Stillborn, DEFIANT’s Insurrection Icon and KESS’KHTAK’s Unwritten Rules Prevail are all out through Art Gates Records.

France-based black metal band AUTARCIE’s Seqvania album is out through Purity Through Fire.

Former ASSASSIN singer Robert Gonnella’s band RAGING ROB has a demo called Always The True Assassin released online.

Black/death band SACROCURSE’s Gnostic Holocaust CD is out through Hells Headbangers this month.

Brazil-based death metal band SINAYA has an album called Maze Of Madness through Brutal Records on the 10th of August. The band was formed in 2010.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Kentucky-based MAGGOT CASKET and will issue the debut self-titled album this June.

SKELETONWITCH will release a full-length album called Devouring Radiant Light through Prosthetic Records on July 20th.

Metal Age Productions has signed Algeria-based death metal band LELAHELL to release the band’s second full-length album Alif this summer.

Austria-based RICHTHAMMER has been working since 2016 on a concept album called Ascheland, which is now released under producer Jay Hundert on his Studio Hundert label.

Melodic black metal act SERCATI has a video for the song Shockwaves Of The Countdown. It is a track taken from the upcoming demo Devoted, Demons and Mavericks.

Inspired by KEEL? Reformed Canada-based thrashers INFRARED has a demo called Saviours.

DEMONIC OBEDIENCE has an album called Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation through Satanath Records.

Spain-based band PERPETUAL NIGHT has signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the Anâtman album.

Horror Pain Gore Death productions has an album from Canada-based horror freaks VHS entitled The New Batch. It follows up on 2016’s Screaming Mad Gore.

DEATHWARDS’ Towards Death album is out through Invictus Productions in June.

Switzerland-based speed metal group MATTERHORN has an album called Crass Cleansing through Iron Bonehead on the 15th of June.

Solo doom band PNEUMA HAGION has an album called Trinity through Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Comatose Music has signed Canada-based brutal slam death band NECROTICGOREBEAST.

INFINITEE, created by Tres Thomas who is also known for TALES OF THE TOMB, has a demo called The Possibilities Are Endless released on April 20th.

Loud As Hell has announced its 2018 Line-up. Bands announced are FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, ARCHSPIRE, INTO ETERNITY and NINJASPY. The show takes place between Aug 3 and 5th at Drumheller, Alberta, Canada at Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds.

Metallian Hard

Toronto-based AXMINISTER’s demo The Crucible Of Sin is out on May 4th. The band is recommended for fans of MEGADETH and MANOWAR or as the band describes it "a sped up TYPE O NEGATIVE (minus the low vocals)".

Glam metal band FALLEN ANGELS’ Even Priest Knows is out through Sliptrick Records. The band is based in Italy. The band is Matty Mannant – vocals, Ste Wizard – guitar, Luke Gyzz – drums and bassist Matthew Ice.

Edmonton-based STRIKER shall perform at this year's Bang Your Head Festival in Germany on July 13th.

JUDAS PRIEST and DEEP PURPLE will tour North America this summer.

Heavy metal band IMMORTAL SŸNN has a demo called Machine Men.

Japan-based LOVEBITES will be releasing a new mini-album entitled Battle Against Damnation which is set for release in June through Victor Entertainment. The band will play Bloodstock and Wacken this year.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN has signed with M-Theory Audio. The band’s debut full-length album is due this summer. The band features Gabriel Guardian.

Russia-based THE RINN has an online single called Destiny Calls.

IVORY KNIGHT has a demo called Unity. The CD was mixed by Bruce Valeriani at Blue Bear Sound in Ottawa, Canada.

Former JUDAS PRIEST drummer Les Binks from the ‘70s has a new band called LES BINKS' PRIESTHOOD. The band will play many of the classic JUDAS PRIEST songs.

URIAH HEEP will issue an album called Living The Dream this summer.

SAMAEL guitarist Marco "Makro" Rivao has left the act "to do something different." Bassist Thomas "Drop" Betrisey is switching to the guitar and a bassist is to be named.

LIZZY BORDEN’s first album in a decade is called My Midnight Things and out through Metal Blade Records this June.

AEROSMITH will reportedly embark on a fiftieth anniversary tour in 2019, which is two years following its Aero-Vederci Baby! Tour signaling the end of the road.

Denmark-based band MANTICORA will release an album, called To Kill To Live To Kill, through ViciSolum Records on August 3rd.

Metal Blade Records has signed NWOBHM act SATAN to a multi-album deal. The band has finished recording its new album for a late 2018 release.

Estonia-based TALBOT has released its new demo Magnetism and headed for a European tour. The 18-show tour kicked off on April 4th in the Stockholm club Cyklopen and continues in Denmark, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. TALBOT is joined by two Norwegian bands BARREN WOMB and JABBA.

Italy-based AIRBORN’s Lizard Secrets is out through Fighter Records on the 15th of May.

Guitarist Bill Hudson has left UDO.

Glasgow rockers HEAVY PETTIN' have announced UK tour dates in October 2018 with Punky Meadows & Frank Dimino of ANGEL - on their first ever UK tour. HEAVY PETTIN' will also be doing extra Headline Shows in Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

Ektro has issued PROFESSOR BLACK’s You Bastard! EP and PHARAOH OVERLORD’s Zero. The latter band features Antti Boman (DEMILICH).

PAIN THERAPY’s self-titled album is out through Art Gates Records. The band is described as hard rock.

Slovenia-based doom band MIST has released a new song called Disembody Me from its debut album Free Me Of The Sun, which will be released on June 1st through Soulseller Records.

DESOLATION ANGELS’ King album will be re-released with revised cover art and distributed worldwide through Dissonance Productions.

Greece-based power metal band BATTLEROAR will release Codex Epicus through Cruz Del Sur Music this June.

ICARUS WITCH has recruited Andrew D'Cagna (BRIMSTONE COVEN and IRONFLAME).

Former FORBIDDEN guitarist Tim Calvert died on April 30th due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. He was 52 years old and most recently was a commercial pilot.

VOODOO DIAMOND’s Darkness Becomes It album, Darkness Becomes It, will be released through Musicarchy Media on June 22nd.

Singer Vitor Rodrigues has left VOODOOPRIEST.

SABER TIGER will embark on its first full tour of Eastern Europe in May and June. The band is also issuing a DVD called Live – Halos And Glare | 2018.

JOE LYNN TURNER has canceled planned tour dates following a heart attack. He was taken to a hospital in Belarus. The man’s SUNSTORM project will release its The Road To Hell album through Frontiers in June.

The reunited HITTMAN played its first concert in years at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst, New York on April 24th.

Germany-based SINBREED, featuring BLIND GUARDIAN drummer Frederik Ehmke and former VICIOUS RUMORS singer Nick Holleman, has signed a deal with Massacre Records. An album is due this year.

FATES WARNING will release a new live album, called Live Over Europe, through InsideOut Music in June.

Named after a glacier in Nunavut, Canada, SAATE is a new heavy metal band from Sweden featuring Stefan Rådlund (guitars) and Robert Ahlenius (bass) from BINARY CREED along with vocalist Rickard Thelin from fellow Sweden-based band SUMMONED TIDE. Rockshots has signed the band.

WITCH MOUNTAIN’s self-titled album is out through Svart Records on the 25th of May. The doom metal band’s line-up is new singer Kayla Dixon, new bass player Justin Brown, Rob Wong and Nate Carson now.

Italy-based IRONTHORN has signed with Sliptrick Records. The band is recording an album as the follow-up to its After The End demo of 2017.

POSTMORTAL’s Soil is available through Solitude Productions as a digital release. The doom metal band hails from Poland.

Former DEEP PURPLE bassist Glenn Hughes, who currently fronts BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, has announced that he will perform DEEP PURPLE material exclusively with his Classic Deep Purple Live U.S. tour in August and September.

Tipped off by Dave Mustaine? Georgian police arrested ROTTING CHRIST singer Sakis Tolis, and his brother, at the Tbilisi airport apparently based on the band’s monicker on suspicion of terrorism. The brothers were released twelve hours later following legal and media intervention. The band’s show proceeded without further incident.

Former MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee's son won't face charges for assaulting his father. The Los Angeles district attorney has dismissed the case against Brandon Lee because his father will not cooperate with authorities.

Former BON JOVI guitarist Richie Sambora and fired bassist Alec John Such are rehearsing with the rest of BON JOVI for their appearance at the induction ceremony into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Latest trend Alert: Every demo is being re-released by a label in lieu of putting out actual albums.

Metallian Demos

Who comes to mind when you think of cool dads? Harry Dean Stanton in Pretty In Pink comes to mind. Jim’s father in American Pie is another. The parents in Rock Star who not only are supportive, but also show up to their son’s heavy metal gig are my other points of reference. None of these parents are the ‘manager’ or ‘money-taker’ abusive kind putting their kids into hobbies, professions or tracks for selfish or monetary reasons. They are just cool or supportive types that one comes to admire. We may have come across another here. Blacklist-9 features four members two of whom, Lonnie Silva and Kyle Silva, are respectively father and son. As importantly, Blacklist-9 is not a lame flute and clarinet quartet. This band delivers the type of bash metal that has most adults (and teenagers) running for the door (or Korn CDs).
The band is not pure metal and calls itself the always-suspect ‘groove metal’ title. Worse, they have opened for some guy called John 5 (or 6 or something) and worst of all have a Facebook corporate page, but with all of that said…
… there is some heavy in-your-face head banging music a happening here. There is an honesty to this music that attitude-wise takes one back to the very old English Dogs, 1985-era COC or the Saint Vitus debut, There is a fair bit of sludge here and chord progressions that could elevate the band to the ranks of a full-fledged metal group. The song Madness is heavy as a bag of bricks. The riff rocks and the chants crush. Legally Sane has the No More Tears basic riff bastardized. Liars has some fun variety in its vocals and comes across as a winner with its heavy guitar chord. The lead guitarist is not the world's best, and the band is not the world’s tightest either, but the raw power, anger and organic force levelled will have fans of metal, crossover, sludge and hardcore nodding with raised fists. Check them out here – Ali “The Metallian”