Metallian Heavy

Vancouver, Canada-based back metal duo VITAL SPIRIT will issue its debut full-length Still As The Night, Cold As The Wind through Vendetta Records (CD) and Hidden Tribe (cassette) this month.

UK-based death and doom metal band CONSECRATION has an album called Cinis through Redefining Darkness on 17.06.2022. Cinis means ‘cold ashes’ in Latin.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA-based death metal act WRITHING SHADOWS has a self-titled debut album through Dawnbreed Records this month. The band is compared to VOMITORY and FROZEN SOUL.

Fri Som En Fågel…/Filthy Christians, the out of print 1988 G-ANX/FILTHY CHRISTIANS split 7″ will be re-released through Armageddon on May 06th.

Crawling Chaos has signed Germany-based death/doom act SEEDS OF CONTEMPLATION. The label will release the debut album Contemplations On Hidden Meanings on CD on the 6th of June.

NIGHTBEARER will release an album called Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come through Testimony Records on June 24th. It will be issued on limited vinyl (with different colours), jewel case CD and digitally. A video for the song The Shadow’s Waiting is available.

Canada-based MISCREATION has a demo entitled Miscreation MMXXI on May 12, 2022. The demo was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of CRYPTOPSY.

Time To Kill Records will issue thrash metal band VIOLENTOR’s Manifesto Di Odio album this month. There is a video for the title track.

Let the underground never remain underground: Xtreem Music has re-released MASTER’s 1985 demo as a limited edition digipak CD of 300 copies. The CD comes with three bonus tracks, namely Re-entry And Destruction, Pledge Of Allegiance and Funeral Bitch. These tracks were recorded at the same time as the demo and have been released elsewhere, but are now re-mastered.

Sweden-based GRAFVITNIR released a full-length called Tunes Of Sitra Ahra through Carnal Records last month.

Canada-based SVNEATR has signed to Prosthetic Records and an album is due this year. The band and Denmark-based HEXIS are touring Canada in June.

Following 12 years of inactivity, the Netherlands-based death metal act SEVERE TORTURE returns with a new EP entitled Fisting The Sockets. The group is recording a full-length currently, which will be released through Season Of Mist in 2023.

Featuring members from MACERATED, REDUNDANT PROTOPLASM and others, ORGAN TRAIL has signed with Horror Pain Gore Death and issued the Appetite For Dissection album. The music is compared to CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH.

Germany-based duo BLOODRED has a demo called Ad Astra. The band is compared to BEHEMOTH and EMPEROR.

Comic deathcore band TIMŌRĀTUS has a demo called My Life In A Made Metal Band.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has a new album called Crueza Ferina through Selfmadegod on 27.05.2022. The song Ęxodo Mortuoso features a solo by IMMOLATION man Bob Vigna. The band is Orca – vocals, Z. Pedro – bass, António C. – guitar and Diogo P. – drums.

USA-based CARTILAGE has a new album called The Deader The Better through Creator-Destructor Records. Ross Sewage (IMPALED and EXHUMED), Leon del Muerte (IMPALED and TERRORIZER LA), and Tom Draper (ex-CARCASS) make guest appearances. The band has booked several California, USA shows.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN and POWERGLOVE are touring the USA and Canada. The former band has a music video for the Ozona single.

The Netherlands-based death metal act GOATMILKER released a full-length called Exterminate The Holy through Nocturna on April 15th. It was recorded at The Goatmilker Studio.

Sweden-based DEVIL’S FORCE has a single called Deadly Screams. The solo project of HELLTRAIN vocalist Pierre Törnkvist features Olof Wikstrand (ENFORCER) on lead guitar and Perra Karlsson (IN AETERNUM, NOMINON and DREADFUL FATE) on drums for this release.

FALLUJAH has an advance song called radiant Ascension off its forthcoming Empyrean record, which shall be released through Nuclear Blast Entertainment in September. After parting ways with two members last year, FALLUJAH has recruited singer Kyle Schaefer (ARCHAEOLOGIST) and bassist Evan Brewer (THE FACELESS) and is touring the USA with RIVERS OF NIHIL (headliners), ALLUVIAL and WARFORGED.

Techno-death band ORIGIN will release its latest album Chaosmos through Agonia Records (Europe) and Nuclear Blast Records (rest of the world) in June.

EYEHATEGOD, COME TO GRIEF, SNAFU and ESCUELA GRIND have a mini-tour of the USA this month.

Spain-based techno-prog doom band ORTHODOX has reverted to its original line-up and recorded an album called Proceed, which is being released by Alone Records. The band has been as a duo since 2014, but guitarist Ricardo Jiménez has returned for the first time since 2011’s Baal.

An American living in South Korea and a Ukrainian living in Poland have joined forces as ANACHRONISTIC and issued the 700 And 19 Ways Of Decay demo. The style is described as black metal and hardcore.

The USA-based gore/hardcore band THE DECAYED has a demo called Corrupt Politicians Will Never Set You Free.

Spain-based grindcore band MONDO PODRE has an album called Necronomía De Subexistencia through Colectivo Bilis, minoRobscuR, Finte Platte, AAIP, I Don’t Give A Fuck, Cancer Christ Tapes and last but not least Indómita Galaxia. The band was founded in 2016 after the dissolution of KISTE SACRO and has gone through a series of line-up changes.

Italy-based death grinders CRISIS BENOIT will release a debut album, entitled El Culto De La Muerte, through Slaughterhouse Records on June 10th. Recorded and produced by Carlo Altobelli at the Toxic Basement Studio and adorned with a cover by Ester Cardella, the band tells us that it is wrestling themed. The project kicked off in 2016. The band performed several gigs in Italy, 9 European tours and one Mexican tour (June 2019) in the interim.

Bulgaria-based deathrash metal act EUFOBIA has a music video for the song Madness, which is the first single of its upcoming album. The lead role is played by the Bulgarian model Maria Georgieva. The band, whose name means ‘fear of good’ in old Greek, is comprised of: Niki – guitar and vocals, Ivan – guitar, Steff – bass and vocals and drummer Blago.

MANTAR shall release its new full-length, Pain Is Forever And This Is The End, through Metal Blade on July 15th.

FOAD Records has signed Brazil-based crossover RATOS DE PORÃO for the international release of the new full-length, Necropolítica. The album is slotted for May 20th.

HYPOCRISY drummer Reidar “Horgh” Horghagen has left the band after 18 years of activity. The band is due to tour North America with CARACH ANGREN, THE AGONIST and HIDEOUS DIVINITY this spring. Henrik Axelsson of THE CROWN is the tour replacement.

The Entropic Queen is a music video and single from Italy-based GENUS ORDINIS DEI. The Entropic Queen was produced by Tommy Monticelli at Sonitus Studio during the after-effects of the band’s infection with the COVID-19 virus. The song tells a story about the pandemic, but from the virus’s perspective.

SEPULTURA played several concerts with drummer Bruno Valverde (ANGRA) in the USA last month. Valverde was filling in for drummer Eloy Casagrande after the latter man broke his right leg in a stage accident and had to be operated on. SEPULTURA had to cancel a show following the accident.

Germany-based DAILY INSANITY is teaming up with death thrashers RISE OF KRONOS to play co-headlining shows in Europe this summer. It is dubbed The Final Crusade tour.

Saudi Arabia-based SIJJEEL has an album of death metal called Salvation Within Insanity through Comatose Music on June 3rd. It follows 2020’s Cyclopean Megaliths demo.

Vocalist Redouane Aouameur of LELAHELL is offering expert vocal tuition and guest vocal performances for budding students and bands. He can be reached through

Germany-based ASH OF ASHES has a new demo and it is called Traces. A song called Into Eternity is available in advance.

Italy-based SEPTEMBER DAMAGE has a demo called Perception Of Reality. The demo premiered at Alchemica Music Club at the release party, which was held on March 25th.

Folk metal act HELSOTT has a music video for the song Independence Night, featuring guest vocals from Tim “Ripper” Owens. The song is taken from the upcoming concept album Will And The Witch, which is available through M-Theory Audio on Friday, May 20th.

Black metal act UNFELLED, featuring D. of WOODS OF DESOLATION, has signed with Season Of Mist. The band was founded in 2016 and is expected to release an album this year.

Darkness Shall Rise Productions has a 14-tape box containing the complete works of EMPEROR and other swag. It is called Fire & Demise – Into The Infinity Of Darkness.

Israel-based thrash metal band SINNERY has an album called Black Bile, which is slated for release through the USA-based Exitus Stratagem Records in September. The band’s last album was issued in 2016.

CULTIC has released its new full-length Of Fire And Sorcery on CD-R and digital formats through Eleventh Key.

Finland-based death metal band HAGALAS has released a new EP called As A Unit through Inverse Records. It was recorded in the autumn of 2021.

Yet another cover version: VREID has released a cover version of ROLLING STONES’ Paint It Black that was originally written for the Norwegian Nobel Peace Centre and Inferno Festival’s ‘Songs That Change The World’ series in 2020. The event was cancelled due to the pandemic and the band has recorded and released the song independently now through Season Of Mist.

NITE and BEWITCER toured the USA West Coast last month. The tour passed through Hell’s Heroes festival in Texas.

DARK ANGEL guitarist Jim Durkin was unavailable for the band’s show at the Hell’s Heroes festival and was replaced by Laura Christine, wife of the band’s drummer Gene Hoglan, of MELDRUM and DREAMING DEAD.

Maine, USA-based THY ENEMY has a new demo called Unattainable. The band operates with two vocalists.

LAMB OF GOD recruited Joe Badolato, singer for FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, for Friday, April 22nd’s concert in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. The show, part of the band’s The Metal Tour Of The Year tour with MEGADETH, TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES, required the stand-in because LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe tested positive for COVID-19 and missed a Michigan show. Subsequently, LAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell left the tour to take care of an undisclosed family matter. He was replaced for the outstanding shows by VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel.

Kansas City, USA-based BORN IN RUIN has a demo called No Man’s Land. The band that was founded in 2019 is compared to LAMB OF GOD and SOILWORK.

Sweden-based doom metal band KORSELD has a demo called Jordevandring MMXXII. The songs on Jordevandring XXMMII were composed and recorded 10 years ago and were finally completed and given vocals. The demo, which has Swedish lyrics, was mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB.

Launching Underground Kvlt Records, a new subsidiary of black metal label Odium Records, is LIKHEIM with its debut EP, Alt Skal Svinne Hen… on May 30th. Originally formed by vocalist Gretn, who still shapes the band’s vision, LIKHEIM is assisted by guitarist Umarlak (ERADICATION) and bassist Gamle Erik (CARPATHIAN FOREST and SVARTTJERN).

New Zealand-based trash metal act ANVILHAMMER has a demo called Impression Of Chaos. The act was founded by SUBTRACT Front Man Joel Facon in 2021.

USA-based NIGHT ATTACK has a demo called The Initiation. NIGHT ATTACK was created in Charlotte, NC, in 2016 by Charles Lucia, better known as Verigo of the black metal bands VESTERIAN and ANCESTRAL BLOOD.

AT THE GATES will conduct the Slaughter Of The Soul North American tour this summer. Originally planned for the 25th anniversary of Slaughter Of The Soul album of 1995 in 2020, the pandemic postponed the touring to this year. AT THE GATES will play the whole Slaughter Of The Soul album from start to finish, and also a mix of other tracks from its 30-plus-year career.

Death metal side-project BLOODBATH has signed with Napalm Records. The band has released music on Century Media and Peaceville.

Japan-based goregrind group PHARMACIST has issued a full-length album, called Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds, through Bizarre Leprous Productions.

Featuring members from bands like BLOODTRUTH, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and DEMIURGON, INSTIGATE’s Unheeded Warnings Of Decay will be issued through Everlasting Spew Records on 24.06.2022.

After 30 years playing and writing music in bands in Brazil and the UK (where he lived for a decade), DENFIRE has gone solo to deliver his blend of heavy music. The crossover band has a demo called Riding The Winds Of Death.

The first release under the Unorthodox Emanations imprint, the new death metal branch of Avantgarde Music will issue its first record in 2022. The Berlin, Germany-based TERATOMA will release its debut album Purulent Manifestations.

Folk and extreme band based in Scotland SAOR will release its fifth full-length album, called Origins, through Season Of Mist in late June.

Yet another cover version: The Cathartic Anointing Of Heterodoxy In Resilience (A Black Metal Rhapsody), the new HANORMALE album, will be released through Zero Dimensional Records on 05.05.2022. The album features a cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody by QUEEN. Simultaneous to the release of HANORMALE’S new album Japan’s Zero Dimensional Records has also decided to re-issue the band’s second album, 天 照 大 御 神 (‘Amaterasu Omikami’), which was originally released by Dusktone in 2015. There are six bonus tracks and a new layout.

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT is releasing Three-Headed Death Machine, which is a new single in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary.

Belgium-based deathrash act DECLARED DEAD has a demo called Integument Of Golden Luster. DECLARED DEAD began activity through the leadership of Anders Milovovich in June 2014.

Based out of San Francisco, USA and Mumbai, India, SPASMODIA has issued its debut demo, Malicious Premonitions. The band plays death metal.

SUICIDE SILENCE has parted ways with drummer Alex Lopez. Ernie Iniguez, who had recorded drums on Become The Hunter for the band, has stepped in for the current The Chaos & Carnage tour alongside CARNIFEX and others.

Featuring Bret Smith, an original member of EMBALMED and initiated as his solo project in 2019, GUTRICYDE has a self-titled demo that is distributed on CD by Corpse Gristle Records. The band also features Lance White, formerly of GRUESOME FATE and BLAST WOUND on guitar and vocals, Dave Tillery formerly of EMBALMED and GRUESOME FATE upfront, as well as stage theatrics mascot Ray “Gutty” Mora.

USA-based SELF IMPOSED EXILE has a demo called Mountainside, which is described as progressive blackened death metal, yet features a keyboard player. The band signed with Ragebreed Records in January 2021, but left the label in January 2022.

UK-based MISOPHONIA has a demo called El Silencio Será Eterno.

Australia-based death metal band ALTARS is issuing an album called Ascetic Reflection through Everlasting Spew. It is the band’s first album in nine years. The label has also issued USA-based NOTHINGNESS.

Horror Pain Gore Death is issuing ELBOW DEEP’s Homeschool Shooter album this month. The band is described as similar to MACABRE and GG ALLIN.

Ottawa, Canada-based HARVESTED has a self-titled demo. The band has filmed a video for the song Apathetic. Each of the five tracks on the demo revolves around mental illness and is inspired by horror and thriller movies or shows.

Metallian Hard

Toronto, Canada-based trio SKULL FIST has issued its Paid In Full album through Atomic Fire Records.

Diamonds Prod is issuing RUXT’s Hell’s Gate album this month. RUXT has released a first single called Hell’s Gate. It is written by Stefano Galleano and produced by Stefano Galleano and Steve Vawamas. The band is Stefano Galleano on guitars, Steve Vawamas (ATHLANTIS, MASTERCASTLE, BELLATHRIX) on bass guitar, Davide Dell’Orto (DRAKKAR and ATHLANTIS) lead and backing vocals and Maurizio De Palo on drums. Pier Gonella and Federico Di Pane appear on two tracks.

Australia-based TALIESIN has a demo called Faceless. This concept demo was recorded between 2014 and 2015 and is about a serial killer with the condition known as Prosopagnosia. The band is compared to DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE and ALICE IN CHAINS. The release was delayed due to a dead computer, missing files on the backup drive and a studio fire.

JUDAS PRIEST cancelled a US show in Lowell, Massachusetts due to singer Rob Halford coming down with a cold. Rob Halford will release a new book, entitled Biblical: Rob Halford's Heavy Metal Scriptures, through Hachette Books in November. The historical tome on heavy metal is the follow-up to his 2020 autobiography, Confess. The band also failed to make the top five most voted for bands in the race for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame despite exhorting its fans to vote.

Frank ‘Banx’ Bankowski founder and former bassist for ANGEL DUST died on April 04th.

AIRBOURNE is touring North America this autumn.

COMING WOLVES has signed with Music-Records for the release of its debut album Dark Feelings, which is scheduled for December 2022. The band will enter the label’s studio Track Down Music this month.

Headbangers Open Air is taking place between 28 and 30th of July and feature, among others, ANTHEM, SACRED REICH, VICIOUS RUMORS, LEATHERWOLF, ICARUS WITCH, SEVEN WITCHES, DREAD SOVEREIGN, ULI JON ROTH, TROYEN and TYGERS OF PAN TANG.

DREAM THEATER was nominated for a Grammy, and won, for the song The Alien from its 2021 album A View From The Top Of The World. Former DREAM THEATER and current THE WINERY DOGS drummer Mike Portnoy announced he has contracted COVID-19 in the meantime.

OZZY OSBOURNE has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

SEVENTH STATION, led by guitarist Dmitri Alperovich and featuring keyboard player Eren Başbuğ (JORDAN RUDESS and DREAM THEATER) along with Davidavi ‘Vidi’ Dolev (SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE) has a first single in five years. It is called All Hail The Moustache. There will be several singles this year eventually leading to a full concept album. The band is compared to OPETH and PINK FLOYD.

OPETH, MASTODON and KHEMMIS are touring Canada and USA. It is the second leg of the first two bands co-headlining tour.

Brazil-based CARAVELLUS will be releasing an album, called Inter Mundos, through Rockshots Records on June 17th. The band has issued a single called Memento Mori.

Italy-based DARK AGES has a new album called Between Us through Andromeda Relix on 19.05.2022. It is a concept about the fears and the bravery of man. The album was recorded at the Mago Studio by Maurizio “Tachy” Fracchetti. This album follows Teumman and Teumman Part 2 (2011-2013), both set in ancient Assyria, which inspired a theatrical adaptation, and A Closer Look of 2017.

Canada-based heavy and power metal festival Hyperspace has announced its 2023 line-up. Bands due to appear in April at the Vancouver event are STRIKER, EXMORTUS, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT and JUDICATOR.

Japan-based doom metal duo BLACKLAB is working on an album for this year. The band has released a song called Abyss Woods in advance of its appearance at UK’s Desertfest, which is its first show outside Japan.

WHITE WIZZARD, MIDNITE HELLION and ANVIL are touring the USA this June and July.

ROTTING CHRIST has a Decibel Magazine flexi disc for the song Holy Mountain, which features Lars Nedland of BORKNAGAR to mark the bands’ upcoming tour.

Gibson guitars and Gene Simmons of KISS are launching the new Gene Simmons G² Thunderbird Bass. There will be a line of guitar and bass guitars coming in the series.

Gene Simmons has invited former guitarist Ace Frehley to take part in KISS' End Of The Road tour, tweeting that "the fans would love" if the guitarist joined the band for encores. Frehley had previously stated he wanted big cash to do so.

New York, USA-based DEMONSCAR has a song called Web Of Deceit. The band is described as a cross between hard rock and punk.

New Zealand-based AEON OF AWARENESS is a duo with a demo called Waiura. The band has tagged three older songs as a bonus to this release. Lyrically, the demo explores the mythology of the Māori.

Belgium and Russia-based LURKING has an album called Self-Induced Hysteria through Everlasting Spew Records. The group is compared to GOREFEST.

Founded in 2003, the Singapore-based death metal group NAFRAT has a three-song demo called veins. The band is also writing a full-length currently.

The Netherlands-based hard rockers TERRA NOVA will release an album called Ring That Bell through Lion Music this year.

USA-based progressive metal group SLANDERUS has a demo called Absorbing Infinity. The band features bassist Bryan Porter newly.

Australia-based VOYAGER is supporting VOLA through a European tour in September. The final show will be at Euroblast Fest in Koln.

CRASHDIET drummer Eric young is stepping down from active duty in order to focus on himself and his wellbeing. Former HANOI ROCKS and current POPEDA drummer Lacu is stepping in. The band’s new album Automation was just issued by Crusader Records.

THE QUIREBOYS' fired singer Spike has announced he will put together a new version of the act with himself as he holds the rights to the monicker. He was fired by the band members in March citing a lack of communication and meetings. The rest of the band claims to have a business registered in the name of the band.

Former DISQUALIA and DESTROSE guitarist Narumi and SHINKU-HOROU drummer Mizuki have a new band called LONESOME_BLUE. The act’s debut demo First Utterance contains five tracks co-composed by LIGHT BRINGER keyboardist Mao and lyrics by LOVEBITES’ Asami.

NEMOPHILA performed at the NAON No YAON show this year with guitarist Saki suffering from a head injury after falling and hitting her head at home. She explained that the cause was anemia and she required five stitches.

LOVEBITES has announced open auditions for the vacant bass position for May. The band claims any nationality or gender is welcome. Bassist Miho quit the act in 2021.

MOTOR SISTER, featuring Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT and FATES WARNING), Jim Wilson (MOTHER SUPERIOR), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), Pearl Aday (Ian’s wife) and John Tempesta (THE CULT and ex-SLAYER), will release an album called Get Off through Metal Blade Records this month. The band was previously called MOTHER SUPERIOR and played covers with help from various listeners.

The attack of the daily side-projects continues: Frontiers Music has another one. ICONIC, featuring Nathan James (vocals), Michael Sweet (guitars), Joel Hoekstra (guitars), Marco Mendoza (bass), and Tommy Aldridge (drums) will issue its Second Skin album on June 17th. A video for Nowhere To Run is available.

Frontiers’ other new project CLEANBREAK has opted to name its album Coming Home. The album, which features Former QUIET RIOT singer and American Idol cover person James Durbin, STRYPER’s Robert Sweet and Perry Richardson and RIOT guitarist Mike Flyntz, will have its record issued in July.

ANTHRAX and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will co-headline 24 North American cities on tour this July and August. HATEBREED is opening.

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante is issuing a Record Store Day EP called Moving Pitchers as a tribute to RUSH. The Canadian band’s 1981 album was called Moving Pictures. Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT contributes guitar.

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has reported that he had been in talks for a VANHALEN tribute band that would feature Joe Satriani on guitar and Alex Van Halen on drums. It was later reported that David Lee Roth was considered on vocals. Newsted opted to back out. Newsted regretted the disclosure later.

VENOM INC. will release its album There's Only Black through Nuclear Blast Records on 23.09.2022. There is a single called How Many Can Die.

USA-based solo act BURIED REALM is issuing a self-titled demo in June. A song, called Quicksand Memory, is out now. It features former ARCH ENEMY guitarist Christopher Amott.

Brazil-based heavy metal quintet MORTTICIA and Pest Records are set to release A Light In The Black 2020 demo on CD format this June 13th.

Boston, USA-based doom metal quartet HEAD IN HAND has a demo called Unnatural Providence.

MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine has told an audience during a show in April that he urinated on the floor of the White House when he visited it in 1992. Mustaine was representing a US organization called Rock The Vote.

MERCYFUL FATE is touring Europe this summer. The band is also appearing at Psycho Las Vegas in the USA this summer.

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION has released The Exuviae Of Gods – Part I, which is the first in a two-part EP. The follow-up EP is due early next year.

Sensory Records is issuing the eponymous debut album from progressive metal act PHILOSOPHOBIA in June. The band was founded in 2018, but its roots and idea go back to Andreas Ballnus (PERZONAL WAR) and Alex Landenburg (KAMELOT and MEKONG DELTA) and 2007.

Norway-based CHILDREN OF THE VOID has a demo called Garden Of Bones. The band calls itself death metal, but also compares itself to IN FLAMES and AVATAR. Children Of The Void was the name of a KARKAOS demo.

Triggered anti-masker. noun / ˈtri-gər edˌæn.tiˈmask.ər /

Metallian Demos

This south cental (sic) Pennsylvania, US band formed only two years ago and is mainly a duo. The duo of Gary "Goose" Kreisher (vocals/guitars) and Dan "Bayonet" Musselman (drums) are army veterans who call themselves grandpametal. Currently, the band also includes Rich "Farbes" Farbman on guitars. The stated influences vary from Satyricon to Slayer and to Alice In Chains while simultaneously Deceptive is said to include metal ballads. The main theme of the album is, somewhat expectedly, the pandemic, war and current events. The opening title track is mid-paced and monotonous with a somewhat thick guitar sound. Shackles sounds similar and it does confirm the grunge influence. Pandemic, whose music video makes several references to the lab origin of COVID-19, pivots to a faster pace. Plight Of The Warrior is Still In The Fight's version of Metallica's One, almost at least. No End In Sight's start sounds heavier and it features questioning authority type lyrics. My Brother My Friend is a low key ballad which is more or less a spoken word song. It also includes female backing vocals. Kreshier's vocals sound more refined with this slower delivery. Disacchord reverts to the earlier sounds of the album. Feeling So Numb continues with the thick riffs and cardboard sounding drums. Born Killer (Ballad Of The Sniper) starts with someone in the background claiming that the song is going to suck. The more serious theme deserves more than the opening dialogue. The vocals sound different and are more aggressive, the song itself can claim to be thrashy. Beginnings once again reverts to what is heard earlier in Deceptive. RagnaröK has a different feel and not just because of the song title. The mood is set differently with a marginally haunting sound and humming in the background accompanying the song. Every Time closes the album with a heavy rhythm dominated by a louder sounding drum and bassline. Check - Anna Tergel