Metallian Heavy

Germany-based extreme band ANTRISCH has a demo called Expedition II : Die Passage out since April 7th. The release’s concept revolves around Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition of the Northwest Passage that took place in the Canadian Arctic more than 170 years ago.

Calgary, Canada-based WIDOW’S PEAK has a video to accompany the title track for its forthcoming demo, Claustrophobe. The band plays death metal.

Italy-based VALGRIND released its Millennium Of Night Bliss album through Memento Mori in April.

LOGICAL TERROR has a video for the song The Final Nightmare. It is inspired by the sixth film in the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. The song is taken from the upcoming album Sides Of The Unknown out through Darktunes music this month.

GAEREA is touring Europe in support of its Mirage album this June.

Denmark-based thrash metal group DEMOLIZER is releasing its Post Necrotic Human album through Mighty Music in July. The album was self-produced.

Montreal, Canada-based VANTABLACK WARSHIP has a lyric video for Hunting The Recruiter, which is taken from the Last Of The Hardmouthed Poets album. It is out through BAM & Co Heavy. The band has lined up a couple of local concerts and a listening party.

Finland-based thrash metal group RADUX has released its Disaster Imminent MLP of 2018 through Golden Core on CD. It is tagged with live recordings called Crash Landings. The act is working on a new release.

ANTHRAX is in the studio recording a new album. The band, in the meantime, has again cancelled its European concerts and festival appearances. The 2023 dates were again cancelled for “logistical” reasons, which is often a euphemism for costs, low ticket sales and our drummer is in PANTERA. Rosie, the older sister of drummer Charlie Benante and mother of bassist Frank Bello died in April.

SCARLET ANGER is a thrash metal band based in Luxembourg. The band is releasing a demo called Martyr. There is a video for a song called No Time.

MACHINE HEAD has had to cancel its The Electric Happy Hour (Live) US tour of this spring as band and crew members, who are not American, have not obtained work visas.

Former MACHINE HEAD and current VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel again filled in for Willie Adler of LAMB OF GOD, this time on three South American concerts in April.

MASSACRE and NARCOTIC WASTELAND have announced a Canadian mini-tour called Canadian Madness Tour for this August. The press release reports that the bands will play their “biggest hits.” MASSACRE, which has released a digital live album performing its From Beyond release in its entirety called Submergence: Live Beyond 2019, is touring with MORTA SKULD and DRUID LORD currently.

MORBID ANGEL guitarist Trey Azagthoth collapsed on stage during a concert in Tampa, Florida, USA on April 21st. Singer and bassist Steve Tucker subsequently told the audience that Trey had injured himself before the band ended the show early. The guitarist would report that he had injured himself on the stairs of the tour bus and was also dehydrated.

I AM MORBID, featuring former MORBID ANGEL members David Vincent (vocals and bass) and Pedro “Pete” Sandoval (drums) will conduct a European tour in August. The tour will commemorate the 30th anniversary of MORBID ANGEL’s Covenant album.

Self-cover versions continue unabated: Nuclear Blast has signed CAVALERA, featuring former SEPULTURA members Max Cavalera (vocals and guitar) and Igor Cavalera (drums). The act’s first release is re-recordings of SEPULTURA’s first EP Bestial Devastation and debut album of 1986 Morbid Visions. The band is conducting the Morbid Devastation tour this autumn with INCITE and EXHUMED opening.

THE TROOPS OF DOOM, featuring former SEPULTURA guitarist Jairo Guedz, will release a compilation EP called Prelude To Blasphemy through MOONSPELL’s Alma Mater Records on May 12th.

HELLWITCH has a video for Delegated Disruption from its new album Annihilational Intercention, which will be released through Listenable Records in June.

Inspired by KEEL? FORBIDDEN has again reformed after disbanding 11 years ago. The band is playing the Alcatraz Metal Festival in Belgium in August. The band consists of guitarists Craig Locicero and Steve Smyth, bassist Matt Camacho and drummer Chris Kontos. Singer Russ Anderson is not returning and is replaced by IMAGIKA’s Norman Skinner.

Inspired by KEEL? IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT or I.C.E. has reformed and signed with Debemur Morti Productions. The band states, “A deep calling from the ONE. The continual chanting of the Astral Frost Invocation has brought us back.” The act has a Facebook account. The band will also re-release its debut.

Former EYEHATEGOD Guitarist Brian Patton re-joined the band for its 30th anniversary Take As Needed For Pain concert at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest on April 15th. The band is a quintet again.

Canada-based CRÈME FLESH released the humour and horror of the Casablumpkin album through Comatose Music on May 5th. The slamming album’s title is inspired by the FX adult animated sitcom, Archer.

PHLEBOTOMIZED has uploaded a song called Destined To Be Killed in advance of the band’s upcoming album Clouds Of Confusion, which will be out through Hammerheart Records on May 26th.

Six Songs With The Devil, the 1994 demo from DESTRÖYER 666, will be re-released on vinyl through Season Of Mist on June 23rd.

Time To Kill Records has signed Italy-based black metallers DEATH DIES. The band will release an album, entitled Stregoneria, in the summer of 2023. The band was founded in 1995.

Horror Pain Gore Death is working with the band INFERION again and has an album called Inequity.

Blood Is Life, the 1996 debut full-length from CRACK UP, has been re-released through MDD with the band’s 1994 demo Forsaken Dreams as a bonus.

The underground shall never remain underground: Dawnbreed Records is releasing the Anticosmic Womb demo of 2022 from DISCORDANT MEDITATION on tape. The group also has a newer demo called Interface.

Japan-based KRUELTY and SAIGAN TERROR are using the Untopia Sea Tour monicker to tour Southeast Asia in June.

Venezuela-based STRATUZ has a new live video for the song Back To The Sun. The track comes off its Osculum Pacis album, which was released in April 2022.

The young crossover group TYRANTHROPE from Krefeld, Germany, has signed with ftwctp Records to release its still untitled debut album exclusively on vinyl. Michiel Van Der Plicht (drums for PESTILENCE) is in the band.

Keyboard-laden ‘deathcore’ act THE CONVALESCENCE is touring with SUMMONER’S CIRCLE and WOR using the One Of The Dead Tour monicker. The band has a claymation video for the song No Survivors featuring CARNIFEX‘s Scott Ian Lewis. The band is stopping by the Toledo Death Fest.

The so-called “space death fusion” act with keyboards and piano WOUNDED NOT DEAD has an album called The Alchemist through LA Riot Survivor Records (UK).

The band has keyboards, piano and “orchestrations”: Canada-based VORTEX has a concept demo called The Future Remains In Oblivion in June. The band compares itself to DIMMU BORGIR.

Istanbul, Turkey-based EXNUN will release the Nutshell Studies Of Unexplained Death album through Time To Kill Records in June. The crossover band’s album title is from The Nutshell Studies Of Unexplained Death, which is a series of 19 dollhouse-style dioramas of actual murder scenes created by Frances Glessner Lee (1878–1962) a pioneer in forensic science. The lyrics of the songs are poems while the actual vocal lines are select words and lines from the poems.

Norway-based BOLVERK will release its second album, Svarte Sekunder, through Wormholedeath on May 26th.

CANTICUM DIABOLI, an Italy-based band with historical and mediaeval themes, is back and will release a demo entitled Ecce Pontifex Bonifatio on May 16th.

Listenable Records has signed The Netherlands-based GRACELESS. The band’s next album will be released in 2024. In the meantime, the GRACELESS back catalogue from Raw Skull Records will be re-released through Listenable Records with bonus tracks in June.

PROFANATICA kicked off its European headliner tour at the SWR Festival in Barroselas, Portugal on April 28th. The tour goes through 15 countries. NECROBODE from Portugal opens.

Crawling Chaos has two new signings. CURSED TO OCCULT is a solo project that was founded in 2019. An album is expected on vinyl this autumn. Founded in 2007, NEBELKRÄHE is expected to release an album this autumn as well.

Avantgarde Music is issuing VAMPYROTEUTHIS INFERNALIS’ Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (atmospheric black metal) and CLAUSTRUM’s also self-titled album (death metal from Italy).

Time To Kill Records has signed France-based death metal band LIQUID FLESH. The band is putting the finishing touches to Dolores, its third album, which will be released in 2023. The concept album was recorded in 2022.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is issuing MUSKEG CHARNEL’s Decomposition Part 3: Rigor Mortis album. The death metal act was founded and is staffed by Wretch of PACT in 2015. Decomposition Part 3: Rigor Mortis is the third in a series of seven albums each entitled after a different stage of human decomposition.

Italy-based MEMBRANCE will be releasing its new album Undead Island through Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records, in June. There is a video for the song Riva De Biasio featuring a cannibal butcher.

USA-based MUTUAL HOSTILITY will be releasing its Inhuman Anguish album through Lethal Scissor Records in June, making it the band’s debut to the label. MUTUAL HOSTILITY is a death metal band formed in January of 2020. The act is compared to GORGUTS.

FILTHGRAVE’s Necromantic Rituals EP from 2020 is receiving the vinyl treatment this year.

Germany-based speed metal band MESSERSCHMITT is playing select concerts this spring and summer including an appearance at Ragers Elite Festival.

NOTHINGNESS’ The Hollow Gaze Of Death album from 2019 is being reissued on vinyl by Violence In The Veins.

NOCTEM will perform at 11 festivals, including the likes of Graspop Metal Meeting, Summer Breeze, MetalDays, this spring and summer.

Germany-based “black metal punks” RANĂ will release an album, entitled Richtfeuer, through Breath Sun Bone Blood in June. The album’s title ‘Richtfeuer’ translates into Beacon. The band proclaims itself antifascist.

PERRACIDE, the solo project of drummer Per Karlsson, which released its first song, Horripilation last month has announced its full-length as Underdog. It will be issued by Emanzipation in June.

Indonesia-based DEMENTED HEART has a new album, called Frantic Epidemic, through Brutal Mind. The band is compared to HOUR OF PENANCE.

Guitarist Freddy and singer Ayumu of SERENITY IN MURDER have tied the knot.

A PRETEXT TO HUMAN SUFFERING has an album called Endless Cycle Of Suffering through Reality Fade Records. The multinational band was founded as the solo project of vocalist and guitarist Chris Mathis in 2019. Naturally, stool-for-hire Marco Pitruzzella is also in this band too.

Ottawa, Canada-based SIGNS OF CHAOS, featuring members of FUMIGATION, NORILSK and DAMNUS, has a demo called Blindsided. It is the band’s first release since the 2016 demo, Watch It Burn. The group’s sound is compared to GOJIRA and PANTERA.

ADG Records has issued an ABLAZE MY SORROW demo tape cassette box. It is limited to 100 copies and includes the For Bereavement We Cry demo 1994, the Ablaze My Sorrow demo 1995 and a patch.

Belarus-based PA VESH EN has uploaded a song called Following The Pestilent Maiden. It will be included on the band’s upcoming full-length Martyrs, which will be released through Iron Bonehead Productions in May.

CEMETERY URN has an upcoming full-length called Suffer The Fallen, which will be out through Hells Headbangers this summer. It was produced by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studio with the cover artwork created by Mark Riddick. Original singer Damon Bloodstorm (BESTIAL WARLUST and ABOMINATOR) and bassist Squiz are heard on the vinyl-only bonus track, Mass Graves Of Blood.

Nebelung, the new album by MINAS MORGUL will be released through Trollzorn Records in June. The band features guitarist Alboin who was responsible for bass, keyboards, guitars, some vocals and production and vocalist Stef who was a guest singer on the band’s previous album, Heimkehr.

USA-based SORROW has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its sophomore full-length Death Of Sorrow in August. It follows the band’s debut by more than 30 years.

Blood Blast Distribution is distributing THE BLOOD’s We Couldn’t Kill Less release. The band is based in Sweden and not to be confused by the longstanding British band with the same monicker.

Italy-based FORMALIST is the latest band to join the Brucia Records’ roster. We Inherit A World At The Seams is the new release by the sludge act.

A year after releasing To Hell Or Kingdom Come album, Denmark-based Viking-inspired act HEIDRA is back with a new video for the song Cloaks And Daggers.

Nomad Snakepit Productions is releasing INFERNÄL MÄJESTY‘s None Shall Live (In Rotterdam) album in June. The band performed its entire None Shall Defy album and more in the Dutch city while touring with MALEVOLENT CREATION, VADER and VITAL REMAINS in 1997. This recording is limited to 200 vinyl copies.

NE OBLIVISCARIS has recruited drummer Kevin Paradis (BENIGHTED, MITHRIDATIC, etc.) to drum on its upcoming concerts. Drummer Daniel Presland left the band in 2022.

THE AGONIST has cancelled its European tour for the summer citing rising costs.

TESTAMENT has brought drummer Chris Dovas’s (VITAL REMAINS, SEVEN SPIRES, etc.) back into the fold due to Dave Lombardo’s unavailability. Dovas drummed for the band at six concerts in 2022 when Lombardo was also unavailable. TESTAMENT is heading to South America.

Italy-based thrash metal band MASS CRYSIS has an album called Imposing Truck through The Goatmancer Records.

Reunion 2025? HOLY MOSES’ farewell album Invisible Queen has entered the German charts at position No. 14.

Inspired by KEEL? Germany’s Prophecy Fest has booked AGALLOCH for its reunion show in the original line-up. The line-up remains vocalist and guitarist John Haughm, guitarist Don Anderson and bassist Jason Walton. Drummer Hunter Ginn (CANVAS SOLARIS, SCULPTURED, etc.) is on drums for the event. Also appearing at the concert are NOVEMBERS DOOM, MY DYING BRIDE, GRAB at its only show ever, VEMOD, DORNENREICH and others.

The first international Transcending Obscurity Fest, named after the Indian record label, will take place at the Futurum club in Prague, Czech Republic. It will feature 16 primarily death and black metal bands from 12 European countries on May 5th and 6th. The festival will feature CUTTERRED FLESH (which helped organize the show), GODLESS TRUTH, CRAWL from Sweden, CRYPTS OF DESPAIR and SISYPHEAN.

LELAHELL singer REDOUANE AOUAMEUR has uploaded a track called Fury Flight.

Did he also offer “thoughts and prayers” for shooting victims in the USA? SUICIDAL TENDENCIES has replaced drummer Brandon Pertzborn with jazz and pop musician Greyson Nekrutman. The departed man, of course, stated that it was an “honour” to have been in SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

Metallian Hard

Toronto, Canada-based AXMINISTER has a video for the song Vlad The Impaler… Forests Of Impalement. It is taken from the new demo Vir Fortis out in May 2023. The band’s songs are said to be historically accurate.

Death is just the beginning? Despite the death of guitarist, founder and composer Bill Tsamis in 2021, WARLORD is touring in 2024. The line-up includes drummer Mark Zonder, but a guitarist has not been named yet and will include a revolving cast.

The USA-based NOVA SKELLIS has a demo called Life Amongst The Damned. The band was founded by PHANTOM singer in 2018. The band had released four songs digitally in 2022.

USA-based heavy metal band KINGDOM OF TYRANTS has issued its debut album Architects Of Power through Metal On Metal Records in April. The band is made up of singer Mike Munro and drummer Stu Dowie both of MELIAH RAGE, guitarists Kevin Curran and Mike Mooney of STEEL ASSASSIN and Dave Liolios of the WHISKEY SAINTS on bass. There is a music video for the song Ghost Of Industry.

ANUBIS GATE will release a new album, entitled Interference, through No Dust Records in June. It is the first album of new material in six years.

Former ACCEPT bassist Peter Baltes has officially reunited with former ACCEPT singer Udo Dirkschneider in U.D.O. and DIRKSCHNEIDER. Baltes has been touring with U.D.O. since last September as a replacement for Tilen Hudrap who had fallen ill due to exhaustion. Baltes had also recorded with the singer in the latter’s other project, DIRKSCHNEIDER & THE OLD GANG.

ACCEPT carried on its South American tour without guitarist Philip Shouse beginning with a concert in Chile when the man collapsed on the aeroplane on April 23rd. This was attributed to “food poisoning and dehydration.” Subsequently, and while in Chile, drummer Christopher Williams also succumbed to the disease and was replaced for the concert with roadie Daniel Douchette.

FORGED IN BLACK has an album, entitled Lightning In The Ashes, through Fighter Records on June 20th. The artwork was completed by Dan Goldsworthy (ACCEPT, HAKEN, SYLOSIS etc.) and the music was produced by James Curtis Thomas at the Essex Recording Studio.

THE QUIREBOYS’ guitarist Guy Bailey has died. The band has a new album in the works, which will be issued this year.

Inspired by KEEL? According to singer Dee Snider, TWISTED SISTER will reunite to play political rallies in the USA in 2024. Snider was recently part of an American TV show called The Masked Singer dancing as a character called Doll.

Two Romulans and a human companion have formed a trio to play “Star Trek metal.” OF ROMULUS’ Of Romulus video is available now. Heather Michele and Jason Ashcraft reunite following the 2016 debut self-titled HELION PRIME album along with ex-DIRE PERIL bassist Chelsea McMasters.

IRON MAIDEN has booked three concerts in Western Canada as part of its The Future Past tour. The concerts will take place in late September and early October.

MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars is suing the rest of the band following his departure from the act and retirement from touring due to his ankylosing spondylitis. According to Mars, he was unilaterally removed from the corporation that is the band by the other members and management. Mars accuses the band of extending the current tour contrary to earlier planning and that the live show is, in fact, mostly pre-recorded. The band insists he is being paid adequately at 5%. MÖTLEY CRÜE has recruited guitarist John 5 and insists Mick Mars was committing “constant mistakes.” The band’s manager has claimed that Mars’ lawyers and management are taking advantage of him and termed it “elder abuse.” The band played at the 2023 National Football League draft in Kansas City, Missouri, USA in April.

SAXON has recruited DIAMOND HEAD’s Brian Tatler for 2023 concerts as a replacement for founding guitarist Paul Quinn who retired from the band. Singer Byford had expressed interest in recruiting a veteran musician. SAXON is also working on a new album.

Birmingham Royal Ballet has announced Black Sabbath: The Ballet, at London, England’s Sadler’s Wells for October 18th to 21st. This follows the Birmingham run of shows. The performance features eight Black Sabbath songs, original compositions and both guitar and drums on the stage. BLACK SABBATH guitarist Iommi has supervised the planning.

DREAM THEATER will conduct the Dreamsonic 2023 North American Tour With openers DEVIN TOWNSEND and ANIMALS AS LEADERS this summer.

NODE has uploaded a lyric video for the song iGod, which features new vocalist Davide "Dave" Arri. More follow-up tracks are promised, which will be united by a concept devised by bassist Gary D'Eramo, the band's founder.

Canada-based progressive band FALL OF EARTH has a demo called From The Ashes. The band has booked two concerts with ALLEGAEON in Western Canada for May.

Finland-based hard rock group ODE IN BLACK will release an album entitled Into The Dark through its new label Rockshots Records in late 2023.

Guitarist Ivar Bjørnson of ENSLAVED is not part of the band’s line-up for its current North American tour with INSOMNIUM. He has to take care of family issues and is unavailable. The band is touring as a quartet.

Nyx Filia is the title for a new JURASSIC JADE album, which is issued through Bang The Head Records. There is a video for the song Black Cats In The Dark Room.

Aural Music has released SKINHER’s Heartstruck album. SKINHER is the hard rock project of Kyle Skinher (Haris from prog metal band HAIL SPIRIT NOIR) and is inspired by EUROPE or MALMSTEEN.

Avant-garde solo act THY CATAFALQUE has an album called Alföld through Season Of Mist in June.

One of the many bands with the monicker running around, UK-based IMPERIUM shall upload a song called Iron Thunder on May 20th. The band is compared to ARMORED SAINT and METAL CHURCH.

Influenced by MY DYING BRIDE, Germany-based VOIDHAVEN will be releasing an album, entitled Lithic, through Ardua Music in June. The band has a keyboard player.

Not to be confused with the Frankfurt-based OVERDOSE, heavy metal band OVERDOSE’s To The Top demo from 1985 has been reissued on CD through Golden Core. The band existed for three years with this being its sole release.

FORMOSA has a video for the track Burning Desire. Supporting its Bittersweet demo, the band is playing several concerts in Europe after opening for KISSING DYNAMITE and DYNAZTY on tour in March.

Former FREHLEY'S COMET bassist John Regan has died at the age of 71.

After taking offense at being related to “piss” in an interview Paul Stanley of KISS gave to shock jock Howard Stern and demanding an apology or he would release some dirt, former KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY has confirmed he was called by his former band-mate and told, “Fuck you.” No word on whether Frehley intends to release the promised dirt.

KISS was forced to pause its concert in Manaus, Brazil on April 12th after bassist Gene Simmons fell ill. This was later attributed to exhaustion. The man continued the concert sitting down. SEPULTURA and SCORPIONS are opening the trek.

Rightwing machine gun fanatic TED NUGENT has joined MANOWAR, SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST, KISS and ELTON JOHN and announced his final tour.

The disbanded and farewelled MANOWAR is playing single concerts in Turkey, Colombia, Brazil and other countries dubbed as Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour 2023 this summer.

Italy-based pomp band KALEDON has brought back former members singer Marco Palazzi and drummer David Folchitto. New in the line-up, however, is guitarist Francesco Ciancio.

ALCATRAZZ has an album called Take No Prisoners through Silver Lining in May. Doogie White is singing. The single Don't Get Mad...Get Even features members of GIRLSCHOOL contributing vocals.

THE OBSESSED has an album called Gilded Sorrow through Ripple Music this year. The album will feature a new second guitarist and bassist.

KHEMMIS has a 7” called Where The Cold Wind Blows through Nuclear Blast. The tracks were recorded with Dave Otero during the Deceiver sessions in 2021. The band is touring with CONJURER and WAKE in North America.

Durham, England’s Dominion Festival, scheduled to take place between May 5 and 7th, has been called off due to less than 5% of available tickets being pre-sold. Bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, ORANGE GOBLIN, SODOM, CIRITH UNGOL, SKINDRED and TYGERS OF PAN TANG were booked. All tickets will be refunded.

UK’s Manorefest 2023 has been cancelled as was the festival in 2022. Citing a lack of ticket sales, the company has cancelled its event, which was to feature DISMEMBER, EXHORDER, EVERGREY, OVERKILL, SOILWORK, MY DYING BRIDE and more, and rolled up its organisation.

CYNIC and ATHEIST will tour Canada and USA this June and July. CYNIC’s set is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of its Focus album. CYNIC will also appear at ProgPower USA this summer alongside DORO, KAMELOT and others.

Montreal, Canada-based pomp rock band WALK WITH TITANS will be releasing its debut album Olympian Dystopia through Rockshots Records on May 26th.

EXTREME has a single called Rise off its new album, Six, which is out through earMUSIC in June. The Thicker Than Blood tour will cover Australia, USA and Japan this summer.

L.A. PROJECT has a demo called Electric Life coming out in July. A song called Come Alive is out now. The international hard rock group includes bassist Rich Gray (ANNIHILATOR, AEON ZEN) and vocalist Lukky Sparxx (EXXOCET) who have joined guitarist Luis Amaro.

METAL CROSS has uploaded a song called Anger Distorted and made it available through From The Vaults. It speaks to social problems in Denmark.

TRADING ACES’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Homicide album is out through Ripple Music. Described as a cross between JUDAS PRIEST, CHEAP TRICK and AC/DC the band features members from WARRIOR SOUL, STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS and THE CITY KIDS.

STREET FIGHTER has a song and video that pays tribute to the “heavy metal rock festival” Nordic Noise. The song is called Nordic Noise - A Decade Of Noise. Multiple musicians like Michael Bastholm (ARTILLERY), Sofia Schmidt (ETHEREAL KINGDOMS) and Lars Märker (MERIDIAN) on lead vocals appear as guests.

Ireland-based SETTLER has issued a self-titled debut demo. The band is compared to IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST.

Sound And Action - Rare German Metal Vol. 3 through Golden Core features music by ABRAXAS, STORMWIND, VALHALLA, SHIT FOR BRAINS and others.

Barbara Schenker, the sister of Michael Schenker of MSG and Rudolf Schenker of SCORPIONS, died on April 13. She was 56 years old. Barbara was the keyboardist in her own 1980s’ band, VIVA.

THERION has signed with Napalm Records. A new album is expected this year.

Former DEEP PURPLE guitarist Steve Morse has reactivated the STEVE MORSE BAND and is playing concerts in the USA. The man left DEEP PURPLE last summer in order to care for his wife who is battling cancer. DEEP PURPLE is working on a new album with Simon McBride.

Texas, USA-based heavy rock group RADDAR has several forthcoming releases. The band reports that the Discovery demo features former MSG drummer Bodo. Find information at

Canada-based DEADWOLFF is touring the United States and Canada this May and June in support of its debut full-length Heavy Rock N' Roll released through Golden Robot Records on 31.03.2023.

The 2024 edition of The Electric Highway Festival will take place in Calgary, Canada on April 4, 5, and 6. Band submissions for the event are open and run until June 30, 2023. Bands could fill out the form at

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