Metallian Heavy

Roadrunner Records last metal band Deicide will release a new album on the 20th of June. Entitled Insineratehymn and featuring songs like Bible Basher, the album is as fast and furious as ever...New on Mexico's Oz Records is Buried Dreams' Perceptions which is recorded at Studio Fredman in Sweden. The label has also released a Oz Live CD box set and video featuring most of the label's bands...Here we go again: it is now reported that Christian thrashers Incubus have changed their name to Opprobrium and will release an album this month...Fleshcrawl drummer Bastian Herzog has joined the reformed line up of fun punk band Tauchermeister (formerly Die Taucher) on a part time basis. Fleshcrawl is crisscrossing Europe with Vader and Vital Remains...Chicago's Usurper has finished recording their new album entitled Necronemesis. Expect a guest appearance from King Diamond on the title track...Pavement is working on arranging for Defleshed to tour North America with Cannibal Corpse this July. Additionally CC is recording shows for a live album/video called Live Cannibalism...Obscenity has pulled out of Sinister's German tour and has been replaced by Apophis...The next Abigor is tentatively entitled Satanized and is due next January. The band believe the style is reminiscent of their debut. There is also a covers EP planned...Miika Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene will be tentatively singing on the next Hypnos (ex-Krabathor) album...Deranged may be releasing a live album this year...Cult German speed metallers Warrant will re-release their two albums, The Enforcer and First Strike this year with two bonus tracks...Listenable Records' Abscess claim to have been robbed of their studio down payment and recordings by engineer James Murphy. The band is rerecording all material...Flatulation, who is now joined by former Angelcorpse and Malevolent Creation drummer Tony Laureano, will release two 7'EPs this year...Furthermore rumour has it that Angelcorpse is history following the departure of Pete Helmkamp...Artch will see its back catalogue released by Metal Blade with bonus tracks...Vital Remains has parted way with original singer Jeff Gruslin again...Here is some news courtesy of Slovakia's Metal Age Productions: the label has the following two releases this summer, the second album of Protest called About Human Idols, which is described as akin to Sadist, and the second album of Erytrosy which is pure death metal. Also Lunatic Gods has a new 7' and is working on a new full length due out this fall. The band's guitarist Hirax is also working on his project called Editor. Editor has also released a split 7' with more songs coming...Rumour has it that Blasphemy has reformed and is rehearsing...Cryptic Carnage is touring Germany in July...Belgian grinders Serial Butcher has reformed...Former Massacre vocalist Kam Lee is back with two bands, both of which are signed to Necropolis. Kauldron is a deathrash band featuring former members of Equinox and Acheron; while Soulskinner is a solo project with Lee handling all instruments...Belgium's Witchsmeller Pursuivant is recording a new album for a new CD called Enter Delirium. Some tracks are Caught in the Act and Falled from Grace...Vampiric Motives (formerly Catasexual Urge Motivation) is recording for Disgorgement of Squash Bodies Records...News from Ottawa's Fuck the Facts: the band will release a split CD with the USA's Drogheda on Extremist Records, as well as appear on several compilations including All Filth...IV and Noise Overdose II on Scrotum Records. The band is also working on a split with Japan's Long Dream Dead on AxCx Records...Abyssos (formerly on Cacophonous) has been signed to Necropolis...Out next on X-Rated Records are Witch Hunt's Souls Enshrouded Fire and Desolate's Eventide of The Orb And Heavens... Canada's Dedfuk Records is putting together a new compilation of extreme metal. Please write to 50 Rue Rene Levesque, Gatineau J8P 6Z5 for an information package...Excess of Cruelty are looking for a new guitarist and searching for a new moniker...Jon Allen (Sadus) has joined Testament. The band is rehearsing for some European live action...Sweden's Maze of Torment are recording their album Death Strikes with Thomas Skogsberg...Hammerheart Records has a busy schedule: Necromicon's Peccata Mundi, Havayoth's His Creation Reversed and a Infestdead re-release are up next. Hypnosia' Extreme Hatred and Skymning's Stormscoirs are due in the summer and the fall should see Non Serviam's Between lLight and Darkness and a Scheitan double CD...Some news from The End Records: From Russia, NeChrist is the title of the new Nokturnal Mortem album. The band stay true to their symphonic sound. Odes of Ecstasy and Love History are almost done with their new recordings which will be released this summer...Nifelheim has left Necropolis and signed to Black Sun. The band is working on a new album which is 'rawer' than previous releases...Death metallers Suhrim have announced the release of the first of a planned three albums. The debut is entitled Unidentified Flying Bodyparts and will be out through Soulreaper Records...The next Enslaved is called Mardraum (Beyond the Within). It will be out this fall...Germany's Haggard have canceled their planned tour...Australia's Choke have been the subject of state prohibition, with police raiding their houses in order to confiscate the Smokin' Tailpipe Action release after it was ruled illegal in their country...French guitarist Patrick Rondat has joined Elegy...Olympic Records is in the process of sorting out its distribution ordeal following being cut loose by Mercury in the USA...Germany's Prophecy Productions has a busy season ahead with releases from Silencer, Bethlehem, Mysterium and Green Carnation....Germany's Nordic metallers Blazing Eternity will release their debut album Of Times And Unknown Waters imminently...Australia's Damaged, featuring new singer Kevin Sharp, are in the studio recording the album Purified in Pain...Doom band Artemisia has a new CD called So Legends Tell on Dawn of Sadness Records of Italy... American doom metallers Last Chapter has finished recording Paths to Always and expect to see it released in August...Blackend's new signing Reign of Erebus will shortly release an EP called Of Blackest Magick...Former Mental Aberration members have changed their name from Tremor to Deified Tremor as the former name was already taken. The new band is composing songs...Abramelin's Deadspeak album is now out...Alister Records is releasing the new Ancient Ceremony called Synagoga Diabolica...Italy's Aborym, featuring ex-Mayhem Attila, is done with their new album due out in September on Scarlet Records...Death Vomit/ Necropolis has a new grindcore band on its roster: Vulgar Pigeons. Additionally Necropolis has signed Brazil's Mental Horror who will have an album ready this fall...Monstrosity is busy putting the finishing touches on the next album before heading over to Europe to headline at the third Fuck the Commerce Festival in Germany...Mayhem is touring the US this summer...Guitarist Paul Crook is back In Anthrax...Lowlife Records is releasing the debut CD of death metallers Impedigon. The album title is tentatively Spiritual Exploitation...Peruvian thrashers Estigma are recording their debut CD...Upcoming releases on FMP are: Canada's Conqueror with War Cult Supremacy, Acheron's Compendium Diableie, Finland's Diaboli and Anthems of Sorrow, Hemlock's Lust for Fire and finally Black Witchery's Desecration of the Holy Kingdom...Death's Richard Christy is the live drummer for Incantation on their current US tour.

Metallian Hard

Aerosmith are in studio writing and recording a new album. According to the band, a realistic schedule for an album release is no earlier than next spring...Galactic Cowboys has announced its forthcoming album, appropriately titled Let it Go, to be their final release. Not surprisingly a lack of sales is behind the band's decision. The band members will pursue different projects... Black Symphony featuring former Forte bassist Rev. Jones is working on a new full length in L.A...Primal Fear has re-signed to Nuclear Blast and is writing new songs for an album which will also feature a Thin Lizzy cover...Heavy metallers Double Diamond have a full length CD called In Danger...Iced Earth's next album is tentatively called Horror Show and will focus on the band's love for different horror characters. The band is hoping to build a stage show around the same theme. The album is expected early next year...Norway's Sentinel is in the studio...Century Media has announced that Dark Tranquillity is in Studio Fredman right now recording a new album worryingly entitled Heaven. Also finished and ready for release in July is the new Woodhouse-recorded Angel Dust called Enlighten the Darkness. Some tracks are: Let Me Live, The One You Are, Come into Resistance and Still I am Bleeding. Finally Warrel Dane of Nevermore reports that some new song titles are Engines of Hate, Believe in Nothing and Insignificant. No album title is determined yet...The new album High Proof from Vanize will be released on July 31 on Breaker Records of Udo in Germany...Arise Records reports that speed metallers Pyramid are writing new songs and that Twilight are currently in the studio with an eye for a December release...Fates Warning's new album Disconnected at Carriage will be out on July 25th...Here is a German 'super group': Steel Prophet vocalist Rick Mythiasin, Edguy vocalist/ bassist Tobias Exxe, Rough Silk's guitarist Ferdy Doernberg and drummer Frank Wolf of Squealer have gotten together for a project called Taraxacum. The band's first EP is now available independently and is not a departure from the above-mentioned's sounds...Perry Grayson the guitarist of Destiny's End has quit the band...Guitarist Gunnar Kindberg has quit Destiny...Metal Blade has picked up Agent Steel for the American territory from Candlelight Records. The reformed band is playing several shows in the USA including some with another reformed band: Armored Saint...Krokus is still together and has set up a European tour for the summer...Sinner and Dio are hitting the European live circuit this month...Ex- Sieges Even/ Angra, etc drummer Alex Holzwarth is now in Rhapsody. Rhapsody who will release their third album this fall is currently touring with Stratovarius...Taneli Jarva of Sentenced has decided to sign his side project The Black League to Nuclear Blast. An album called Ichor is due this fall...Kim Larsen has left Saturnus to concentrate on his folk band Of the Wand And the Moon...Japan's Anthem (who have roughly ten albums since 1985) have recruited Graham Bonnett (ex- Marbles/ Rainbow/ Alcatrazz) on vocals and will tour that country this summer...A reformed Babylon A.D has a new album called American Blitzkrieg ready for imminent release...Donovan Punch the guitarist for America's Soilent Green has left the band. His replacement is Goatwhore's Ben Stout...Louis Panzer the keyboardist for Florida's pop rockers Nocturnus has left the fold due to wife abuse...Italy's Thy Majestie (described as close to Rhapsody and Blind Guardian) has finished recording their first album The Lasting Power. The album is due in August. Also on Scarlet, Centurion is recording a new album with some titles being Talis Pater and Call of the Blood. Finally a new signing is Arachnes. The power metallers are expected to release their sophomore album in November...Uriah Heep's singer John Lawton is releasing a new solo album in Germany called Still Paying My Dues to the Blues...Young Australian glam band Platinum Blakk has finished the recording of their debut EP featuring tracks like I Love Sex and Rock & Roll, Shoot 'Em Down and Fuck Off... ZZ Top has ceased all activities and is headed towards a disbanding following the news that bassist Dust Hill has Hepatitis C.

Lethal Mayhem is a weekly radio show in Toronto on CIUT 89.5 and is broadcast Saturdays from 23:00 to 24:00 and features, 'blast black death grind gore extreme power metal...' Write to 303 Adelaide St West, 2nd floor, Toronto M5V 1P7 - Canada's newest metal publication Rip N' Tear has released its #4 to the public in exchange for only $1. Features this time around are Krisiun, Dismember, Therion, Kamelot, as well as a Canadian section and reviews. Write to Alex Ristic, 517-140 Elmridge Dr., Toronto M6B 1B1

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Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Impaled - The Dead Shall Dead Remain - Deathvomit/ Necropolis
2- Deathless - The Time To Be Immortal - Goldtrack
3- Impaled Nazarene - Nihil - Osmose
4- Brimstone - Carving A Crimson Career - Nuclear Blast
5- Shape of Despair - Shades Of... - Spikefarm

Marco Barbieri - Editor for Illiterature/ Manager for Century Media
1- Pantera - Reinventing The Steel - Elektra
2- The Crown - Death Race King - Metal Blade
3- Gardenian - Soulburner - Nuclear Blast
4- Cryptopsy - Pre-production demos
5- Marillion - Reissues

Sean Clark - Promotions for Folter Records
1- Impaled - The Dead Shall Dead Remain - Deathvomit/ Necropolis
2- Grond - Winterkrieger - Folter
3- Moonblood - Blut & Krieg - Sombre Records
4- Judas Iscariot - Heaven In Flames - Red Stream
5- Diabolique - The Black Flower - Black Sun

Metallian Demos

God damn it! What have I done? Why me?? I will change my ways, I promise. Stop sending me this stuff - please. I mean this CD has a dick on the cover (and no, I don't mean the drummer for Metallibore either), has four mug shots of Indian porn stars where the band member photos are meant to be and features songs like the title track, Piknik Kaskitz and Whoride! Between this and the Flatulation demo, I am ready to repent now. Oh and did I mention how the growlers roar back and forth at 1000mph all through this abomination of a disc. I remember how back in 84 we thought Motley Crue's Shout At the Devil is the most extreme thing ever. Into Canadian noisecore? $10 to 50 Rue Rene Levesque, Gatineau J8P 6Z5.

Sounds like a true story based on a visit to Taco Bell. Oh boy, it did sound promising. An ex-member of Enthroned (Dimitros) on guitars and a Sound man for many touring bands in Europe sounds like a good premise for a new death metal unit, but drummer (although the band is now joined by a former Angelcorpse body - Tony Laureano), programmed sound, eight track recording, titles like Crazy Tooth, Knickers Confession and Josette, a cover featuring a lonely piece of feces (sigh) and band photos of members sitting on the toilet demonstrating their naked truth. A world tour with Kuru perhaps?? Why me, oh gods? 55 Avenue des Pervenches, 93370 Montfermeil France.

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