Metallian Heavy

Vocalist Steve Tucker had to miss Morbid Angel's recent trek across Europe due to "family and personal" reasons. Replacing him was Hate Eternal's Jared Anderson...Entitled Harvest Ritual, the next Necrophagia album will be released by Season Of Mist...Lars Jelleryd has left Lobotomy. Allowing for the delay caused, the new album called Dislocated will be recorded this summer and out in the autumn...Penance has signed to Martyr Music. Mary Bielich of the label is part of the line-up...Hirax has been joined by two studio members. They are Patrick Jensen of The Haunted/Witchery on drums and Shaun Ross of Excel...The next Krisiun album is called Ageless Venomous. The album and a couple of re-releases are expected this autumn. The band is booked for Wacken and as the opener for Immolation on the US tour...The forthcoming Slayer album God Hates US All is due in September...Drummer Micke has left Witchery. He is replaced by former Nifelheim and Satanic Slaughter drummer Martin Axe...Last Episode has signed Ad Inferna...Borknagar, with Vintersorg on vocals, is recording a new album featuring songs like The Genuine Pulse and Liberated...America's Impaled will travel to Sweden next winter to record its second album at Sunlight Studio...French black metallers Anteaus has emerged from hiatus and will soon release a split 7" with Triumphator...The Polish Engorged is recording an album for Necropolis Records due out later this year. Their sound is described as, "Death/Grind/Thrash/Zombie metal". Japan's Defiled was barred from entering Canada recently as part of their tour with Vintersorg. The band had not obtained Canadian visas. Finally on Necropolis the new Phobia is called Serenity Through Pain and will be out soon. Watch for the band on Fox Network's When Rock Concerts Attack TV special...French grindcore band Mental Degeneration Unit has issued a split CD with Sale Hope...Daniel Mongrain has left Gorguts. The guitarist will concentrate on Martyr and will not be replaced...Ex-Dying Fetus members drummer Kevin Talley and bassist Sparky are now part of the touring line-up for MOD. The band's US tour will focus on earlier band material...Vulgar Pigeons have asked vocalist Spencer to leave the fold in the midst of the recording sessions for the debut album Summary Execution. Bassist Paul Pontikoff and guitarist Mike Gilbert are splitting the vocals...Gore metal fans can look for Lord Gore's Dark Lords Of The Cyst and Antagony's See Through Their Eyes through Sporadicore Records...Macabre is spending June touring Europe. While the band is still taking part in the Warlock and Graspop festivals, the Scandinavian dates with Murder Squad have been cancelled...Impaled Nazarene has lost the services of Jani Lehtosaari and Alexi Laiho. In the meanwhile the band has re-signed to Osmose and finished work on Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace album...Pessimist has recorded the song Summoned To Suffer for a new SOD magazine compilation. The band will travel to Florida in July to record the sophomore effort Slaughtering The Faithful for Lost Disciple Records at Omega Studio with Derik Roddy...Burial Mound has finished the recording of Black Death and is currently mastering it with Jacob Hansen at Aanberraa Studio in Denmark...Depraved's second album Decadence & Lust is out this month through Shock Wave Records...Unseen Terror has reformed...The Haunted had to cancel its Scandinavian tour last month when singer Marco Aro was diagnosed with bleeding vocal cords. Despite orders to rest the man managed to finish four dates with Nasum and Nile...Drummer Blod is kicked out of Gehenna...A resurrected Reverend, featuring David Wayne, has a MCD entitled A Gathering Of Demons...Ancient's new album Proxima Centuari is due in October..Hades Almighty is now on Psycho Bitch Records. A new album called The Pulse Of Decay is out soon...New signings to Portugal's Sound Riot are Grayscale a goth band from Finland, Orion Riders described as pop/heavy metal band from Italy, Sweden's Eternal Grief (featuring Daniel Kvist of Sacrilege fame) and a folk rock band called Eridu Arcane...The Crown's drummer Janne Saarenpaa recently guested on God Dethroned's stool for the No Mercy tour...Imminent releases on Blackend Records are Hecate Enthroned's Miasma MCD and Reign Of Erebus Humanracist CD...Following pressure from original vocalist John Cyriis, Agent Steel are now called Masters Of Metal...Morbid Records' Hypnos has employed Harris Johns to record its next album...Belgium's Axamenta has signed to LSP. The Codex Barathri album will be out in October and feature art by Kris Verwimp...Quebec's Winter Bestowed has an EP called Within My Labyrinthine Heart. The band is playing Montreal's Cafe Campus June 10 with Spasme and Apocalyptic Script...Deadsun Records' Horrid has finished recording an album entitled Reborn In Sin. Expect it in the autumn...In Torment In Hell is the title for the next Deicide album. Expect it in September...Immortal has cancelled its appearance at the Full Force Festival, but will instead appear at the Swiss Metal Dayz Festival in August. The band's next album, and first on Nuclear Blast, will be out in October...Sodom has signed for more albums to SPV and is expected to go on a German thrash bill with Kreator and Destruction...Quebec Metal is responsible for booking and merchandising Ghoulunatics, Quo Vadis, Blinded By Faith and Asgard. For more information contact Eric Galy via has been forced to cancel its Scandinavian tour because of bad organization...In a statement Russia's Rossomahaar are denying rumours stating the band is Nazi. According to the statement, the band is not fascistic and merely against, "racial and territorial integration"...Austria's pungent Stench has reformed to record at least one more album...VoiVod has dismissed singer Eric Forrest...Montreal's Aphasia has written seven new songs and expects to enter the studio this autumn to begin recording an album with the older song Stormbound as a bonus. The new line-up has signed a Canadian deal with Grind It...Australia's Choke are calling it a day with a last show on August 4...Judas Priest's new album Demolition will now be released at the end of July to allow label time to organize a promotional campaign...Drakkar Hellfest 2001 is an event taking place in Marseilles, France on June 23, 2001. Bands set to appear are Infernal, Murder rape, etc. Grand Belial's Key was forced to cancel because of its recording session for Judeobeast Assassination which is due in September. For more information contact Brecht of D.R.I fame has opened his own on-line publishing house at metal band The Chasm is looking for a new label after leaving Dwell last December. The band is recording an album regardless and is playing several US shows with Disinter and Mayhem...Anal Cunt is working on a new album revolving around Hitler which reportedly earache will not release. The band can be reached via for Diabolic's Subterraneal Magnitude on June 23 through Hammerheart. The label will release Throneaeon's Neither Of Gods (Swedish death) and Rebaelliun's Annihilation in August. The label has also signed Necrophobic and Demons Of Dirt...Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmstrom is looking for lyricists to discuss a contribution to his upcoming album. Find him through Blast has signed Anthrax for the European territory. The band will remain with Beyond records for America...Two new signings on Earache are Rabies Caste, who are described as sludgecore, and Insision...Centinex has signed to candlelight and will record an album entitled Diabolical Desecartion in July...Steve Procopio (Human Remains) was the guitarist on Discordance Axis' recent farewell tour of Japan. Since Rob Morton was diagnosed with severe ear damage and left the band, the group decided it rather break up than recruit a new member...Lost Disciple has signed Denmark's Compos Mentis which is described as akin to Eucharist. The band will enter the studio in September...Thrashers Holy Moses have reformed and signed to Century Media. The band will have an EP this summer and appear at the Wacken festival...Jag panzer has finished recording Mechanzied Warfare at Morrisound Studio. Due in August, and featuring songs like Take To The Sky and Frozen Inn Fear, the album is described as heavier than its predecessor...A reunion of Carcass is a much-rumoured event...Ghoulunatics are entering the studio with Pierre Remillard to record their third album. Ex-Dead Horse man Michael Haaga will guest on one track...Tommy Vetterli has been replaced in Kreator by Sami Yli Simio of Waltari...After years of silence Unleashed has begun work on a new album. The band has also booked a European summer tour.

Metallian Hard

Brian O'Connor is back fronting Vicious Rumors...Expect Gamma Ray's next album No World Order this November...US HM band Onward has already completed writing for its next album Reawakening...Iced Earth have replaced bassist Steve DiGiorgio with one of his predecessors James Macdonough and are weighing their options as far as a new contract is concerned...Death & Raw is the tentative title for the upcoming live Death CD...Saxon's next album is called Killing Ground and will be out through SPV in October...Mike Vescera's new band Reign Of Terror is touring the U.S.A. in June and July...The next Queensryche album will be live and feature several older tracks...Holocaust is recording a new album called Primal this summer...Some songs are Fools, Colossus and Hell On Earth...Denmark's Diehard has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Fusion III for Canada. Upcoming releases are 2 Ton Predator's Boogie and Illdisposed's Kokaiinum. The label is also planning releases by Necrosphere and Koldborn...Wuthering Heights line-up has been augmented by bassist Lorenzo Deho (formerly of Time machine and Khali), drummer Morten Sorensen of Aurora and guitarist Henrik Flyman of Zool and Moahni Moahna...Germany's Sacred Steel has signed to Massacre. A new album entitled Slaughter Prophecy is due next January...Westworld, featuring members of TNT, Riot and Danger Danger, has signed to Z Records...Antithesis has signed to Massacre Records for Europe...Martin Walkyier has left Skyclad and been replaced by newcomer Kevin Ridley. In a surprise move and citing management differences and extreme poverty as causes, Walkyier walks away from the band he founded ten years ago. He made the decision last December because after 15 years in the business he is still unable to provide for his family and home. He is currently focusing on a Sabbat reunion show and an unnamed project...This year's Dynamo festival has been cancelled. The discovery of foot and mouth disease in a nearby field lead to the cancellation...David Germain, the drummer for Shadow's Fall, is leaving the band. The band is searching for a replacement...Crematory has called it a day. The band's last appearance will be at a farewell show and several festival appearances. A European double CD called Remind will be issued in July...Mayhem has announced select US and Canadian shows in June prior to heading to South America...Twisted Tower Dire is in the studio completing The Isle Of Hydra. The new album will again appear via Miskatonic Foundation. The band is also booked for Classic Metal festival taking place June 15-17 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Several bands booked are Cage, Jacob's Dream and New Eden, as well as older bands Exciter, Anvil and Agent Steel...Freedom Call are doing some pre-production work for their third full length...In a recent venture into Canada 2/5 members of Yngwie Malmsteen were stopped at the border due to a lack of Canadian visas. The band performed a rare instrumental set comprised mostly of Rainbow and Deep Purple tunes. In an unrelated move, the singer and keyboardist have left the fold due to unpaid wages...On the eve of beginning work on a new album, Cinderella is dropped by Portrait Records. Supposedly the Sony imprint is no longer...Former Accept/Running Wild drummer Stefan Schwarzmann is now in AFM Records' band Voice...Timo Kotipelto, the singer for Stratovarius, will release a solo album next winter which will feature Janne Warman of Children Of Bodom, Roland Grapow of Helloween, Mike Romeo of Symphony X and many others...Eidolon's Glen Dover has quit King Diamond. The decision was made to the uncertainties of the latter's schedule...Trend Music has signed Megaforce for Canadian distribution...This may qualify as the wold's first metal fan leader: the new Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi is quoted as being a s"professed heavy metal fan".

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Bloodthorn - Under The Reign Of Terror - Red Stream
2- Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness - Black Sun
3- Traumatism - Grossly Unfair - Indie
4- Cadaver Inc - Discipline - Earache
5- Insania Stockholm - Sunrise In Riverland... - No Fashion

Maria Abril - Manager for Martyr Music/Hammerheart USA
1- Em Sinfonia - Intimate Portrait - Martyr Music Group
2- Dido - No Angel - Arista
3- Dio - Diamonds-Best Of - Vertigo
4- Moonspell - Wolfheart - Century Media
5 - Fear of God - Within The Veil - Warner Bros.

Athera - Vocalist for Susperia
1- Testament - The Gathering - Spitfire
2- Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World - Century Media
3- Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misantrophia - Nuclear Blast
4- Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt.1 - AFM
5- Sacralis - Infera Destino - Indie

Metallian Demos

MORTUARY I.O.D. - Promo 2001
Formed as Mortuary and re-monikered Mortuary I.O.D. (Image of Death), this Dutch band has sent in this two track promo in advance of the up coming full length Distorted Massacre: Fear The Madness. The two tracks, exceptionally, paint a rather complete picture of the direction and sound of this gang. Mostly thrash and partly death metal, it is easy to detect influences ranging from Macabre and Disharmonic Orchestra (strongly) to early Prong and and The Accüsed. The vocals are snarly and sick, and the sound loud and powerful. The bass drums are too clicky, but the band has learned to command its instruments at will in the last four years of existence. All in all something a little different and devoid of the fads of the day. Johannes Keestra, Raarderweg 7, 9156 AC Bornwird, The Netherlands.

Brussels area quintet Obsidian has released this two track promotional CD single in advance of an upcoming full length entitled Breaking Rate 5.5. The band is attempting to lay down music that is original and different from many of its peers and there is some success here achieving an identity so early in the game. Sitting on the fence somewhere along the courts of rock, hard rock, heavy metal and prog rock, Obsidian's originality is augmented by both playing ability and a crystal sound. Furthering this is a natural flow that makes it all easy to digest and internalize. Having said that, Obsidian's penchant for subtly impressing is undermined by a lack of material (after all it's only two songs) and the ever obligatory female moaner who appears on Shores of Disillusion. I could have sworn the song title was chosen on purpose. It was cool when Pink Floyd employed female singers to accompany the band. But that was 1972. It's now 2001 and this type of commercialism is both abhorrent on the metal scene and the downfall of many bands. Contact the band via 22 rue Reniers, 1090 Jette Belgium.

...that these Canadian paratroopers have been together in the same line up since 1994 and have received so little attention. Traumatism continues the extreme grindcore/death metal tradition of French Canada with a brutal rush to overwhelm all senses. In amazingly tight fashion, the band swirls tempo changes at the drop of a hat, all the while having the benefit of a rabid dog growling on mike. The band has its best moments though when it goes for a slightly more original riff or introduces an unconventional rhythm. While most of this can not be called original, several songs like Painful Sensation are rendered so much more attractive due to the existence of these novel riffs. No price given, but grind/speed fans should write to 2211 Ch. Filteau, Bernieres G7A 2N4.

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