Metallian Heavy

GRAVE's next album is called Fiendish Regression and will be out in September through Century Media...DISSECTION is slated to perform at Klubben in Stockholm, Sweden on October 30, 2004...VADER's next album is called The Beast...THE HAUNTED has signed a worldwide multiple-album deal with Century Media Records. The band has already completed work on its, as yet still untitled, fourth album which will be released this autumn...Greece's CARNAL REDEMPTION has made a full track from the upcoming Cerebral Chaos release available on its site AMARTH's next album is called Fate Of Norns, referring to the three Norns - or goddesses of fate - Urd, Skuld and Verdandi who in Scandinavian mythology sit at the root of Yggdrasil - the world tree - weaving the fate of every man. The band is at Berno Studios in Malmo recording the new album which will have an autumn 2004 release date...NECROSADISTIC GOAT TORTURE is recording a 5-track demo which will be released soon...BAAL has finished recording of its debut album for Circulation Records. The album is entitled The Lilith Complex...EXMORTEM is at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen recording its fifth album, due later in the year. A total of nine songs will be recorded and mixed during the four-week session, including Parasite Paradise and Symbols Of Inhumanity...Earache has signed Richmond, Virginia crossover band MUNICIPAL WASTE...DECEMBER has chosen Eric Dellon as its new vocalist. A native of New York and Connecticut, Dellon has sung and played guitar and drums in such bands as SHALLOW WATER GRAVE and ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (with members of SHAI HULUD)...Ft. Lauderdale's INTO THE MOAT has signed with Metal Blade Records. The band will begin recording in August. The label has also signed Dallas crossover band LOSA and German crossover band CATARACT...Crash Music will release DISSENTER's Contamination and MUTILATION's Possessed By Reality albums in June...NAPALM DEATH has signed with Century Media. The first release for the new label is a covers album, Leaders Not Followers Volume 2...ARCH ENEMY has apologized for dropping off the Weapons Of Mass Destruction tour which featured MACHINE HEAD and GOD FORBID. The band has offered conflicting reasons for once again cancelling a tour. ARCH ENEMY's Japanese label Toy's Factory is releasing a six-track EP entitled Dead Eyes See No Future on June 9th to coincide with the band's Japanese tour...Pasi Takkula, the former drummer of the Finnish band A.R.G. died at the age of 33 on May 1st...CHILDREN OF BODOM frontman Alexi Laiho has a side-project with ex-TO/DIE/FOR drummer (and former SINERGY band mate) Tommi Lillman and KLAMYDIA singer Vesa Jokinen. The project, called KYLÄHULLUT, will release a four-song EP called Keisarinleikkaus...Swedish thrashers DENATA are no more. According to the band, "April 25 the day we never thought would come but it did. The lack of inspiration has been overwhelmed the last months and our motto has always been to do what we do because it's fun. It hasn't been fun the latest months and because of that we have decided to move on and do something totally different to get the inspiration back. You will probably see us in different bands in the future but right now we just need to settle down and do nothing for a while. Metal is our life and I'm pretty sure we'll meet again, somehow, somewhere."...REQUIEM AETERNAM featuring José Romero, Maciej Kupiszewski and IMMOLATION's Alex Hernández is recording a demo called Philosopher...SUPREME LORD has signed to Conquer Records. The first result of this deal will be the full-length album X99.9...Following being turfed from the Nuclear Blast roster, GORGOROTH has announced that the planned cooperation between the band and drummer Frost has been cancelled! The main reason was the planned Europe tour in October of GORGOROTH and 1349. Frost's dedication and full-time work with his main bands 1349 and SATYRICON makes it difficult for him to focus on GORGOROTH...JUDGMENT DAY's 40 Minutes To Impact album has just been released by Karmageddon Media...RED HARVEST is currently in studio Friedman, mixing its forthcoming album Internal Punishment Programs...THROCULT is entering Flatline Audio Studios (formerly Hellion Studios) very soon to work on the full-length album Order Of The Lunar Temple. The band describes the album as, "our fastest, blackest, most brutal material."...In a statement, CANNIBAL CORPSE has announced that, "Guitarist Jeremy Turner (ex-ORIGIN) will be replacing Jack Owen (who quit earlier this month) on our upcoming tours. It is too early to say if he will wind up being the permanent replacement, but so far he is doing very well learning the songs."...CATTLE DECAPITATION's Humanure album was recorded with producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, WASP, etc.). Humanure will feature the latest addition to the band, drummer Michael Laughlin. The band parted ways with drummer David Astor in May of 2003 due to his inability to live up to the obligations of touring and regular necessities of the band. The cover artwork is causing some trouble. Metal Blade's German distributor SPV refuses to put the album into the stores, therefore in Germany Humanure will be available via mail-order only...THE BERZERKER's The Principles And Practices Of The Berzerker DVD features over four hours of footage from the band. It Includes live and backstage footage from the band's Dissimulate world tour, interviews, and more. The video is out on June 29th...FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW, END OF ALL and ION DISSONANCE are hitting the US touring circuit in July under the US Summer Bro-Down moniker...Crash Music, Inc. has announced the signing of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM to a two-album deal. The band which consists of Eric A.K. (vocals), Craig Nielsen (drums), Jason Ward (bass), Mark Simpson (guitar) and Ed Carlson (guitar) will hit the studio this month . Crash Music hopes to release the new album in early 2005...IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER has a new album called Live at WFMU...BLOODBATH has finished recording its new album Nightmares Made Flesh. The album is due through Century Media in the autumn...DEVILYN has signed to Conquer Records. The band's fourth album will be released at the end of September, 2004. The new album will be recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland in August...IMPALED's next album, and first for Century Media, is called Death After Life...INSISION has parted ways with drummer Thomas Daun. The band is working with a new drummer called Marcus Jonsson for the European tour with SUFFOCATION. Guitarist Toob Brynedal will be unable to take part in the upcoming tour due to medical reasons!...HECATE ENTHRONED has announced the addition of keyboardist Pete to the group's ranks...CARNAL FORGE has been forced to cancel a European tour with MISERY INDEX. "Due to reasons beyond our control..." The band will issue a DVD called Destroy Live this month...MISERY INDEX has confirmed that drummer Kevin Talley is back in the band...VICIOUS ART, a new Swedish band featuring former DARK FUNERAL members Matias Mäkelä and Robert Lundin, has signed to Threeman Recordings...DRUG PIG, is a new project featuring EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt and EXODUS manager Steve Warner...MARDUK has parted ways with bassist B.War. His replacement in the group is Magnus Devo Andersson who formerly was the band's guitarist...EXTOL has parted ways with guitarists Christer Espevoll and Ole Borud...INFERNAL MAJESTY has signed to Black Lotus Records. The new album is called One Who Points To Death and is out very soon...ENSLAVED has signed to Tabu Recordings...ANOREXIA NERVOSA has signed with Listenable Records. The band is currently recording its fourth full-length album at Drudenhaus studios in France for an autumn October release...MONSTROSITY recently cancelled its European tour after only a few shows due to poor attendances.

Metallian Hard

Master Of The Moon is the title for the next DIO album...CONFESSOR has a three-song demo which it is using to shop to labels...Nightmare Records has the following imminent releases: ASCENSION THEORY's Regeneration (Melodic hard Prog album from Leon Ozug and Tim Becker of AZTEC JADE), FORCE OF HABIT's Madness By Design, PHIL VINCENT's Secrets, PYRAMAZE's Melancholy Beast and STEEL PROPHET's Beware album (due in September)...Former STEEL PROPHET members Jim Williams (guitars) and Karl Rosqvist (drums) have a new band called VINDIKATION. The debut album, Chamber Of Discontent, contains ten tracks...Esonic Entertainment is the new agency of former NoBoundrz manager Lori Easter. The site is Ferret Wreckords is releasing ANVIL's Back To Basics album in the USA. The label will soon release seven older ANVIL albums as well...Y & T's Unearthed is a new independent CD featuring over 73 minutes of previously unreleased recordings from 1974 through 2003...A new IRON SAVIOR album, entitled Battering Ram, will be released on June 21st through Sanctuary. The line-up is vocalist/guitarist Piet Sielck, guitarist Joachim Küstner, drummer Thomas Nack, and new bassist Yenz Leonhardt who takes the place of Jan S. Eckert, who joined MASTERPLAN...Ex-HELLOWEEN drummer Mark Cross will be reuniting with his former SPITFIRE bandmates for a few gigs...CRYSTAL BALL has lost the services of Tom Graber (keyboards/guitar) due to problems with his health...Ex-SLEEP members vocalist/bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Hakius have formed a new band called OM...DRAGONFORCE's sophomore effort Sonic Firestorm is out through Sanctuary/Noise Records since May 11th...HAMMERFALL's vocalist Joacim CANS has released his solo debut, Beyond The Gates, through Sanctuary/Noise Records on May 11th...The newly-formed German band DAS ROTE UNIVERSUM is looking for a keyboardist...THYRFING's Valdr Galga album has just been released by Karmageddon Media...MASTERS OF REALITY is back with a new album called Give Us Barabas...Alex Nelson, guitarist for LIZZY BORDEN, perished in a head-on collision the afternoon of May 17th, 2004...SILENT SCYTHE's Suffer and PRIMORDIAL's Dark Romanticism albums are now out through Karmageddon Music...THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG will release its fifth album Atavism on Cruz Del Sur Music in 2005...Earache is releasing CATHEDRAL's The Serpent's Gold, a 2-cd set documenting the career of the band in August...THE CREST's vocalist Nell has also joined THEATRE OF TRAGEDY...Former BLACK SHEEP singer Willie Basse has formed a new label with producer Bill Metoyer and former POISON/GUNS N ROSES/STRYPER/etc. manager Vicky Hamilton. The singer is also cutting a new studio album...QUEENSRYCHE has released a Concert CD and DVD called The Art Of Live through Sanctuary Records...STEEL ATTACK is recording its fourth album entitled Enslaved at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden. The band has two new members: Ronny Hemlin (vocals) and Johan Jalonen (guitar). The new album is planned for October, 2004...SACRED STEEL will release its latest album, Iron Blessings, on July 19th through Massacre Records...BIOMECHANICAL's The Empires Of The Worlds album will be out in early 2005...TIGER TAILZ, MAD MARGRITT and others will be featured on a new compilation CD called Hollywood Hairspray - Volume 3. The CD will be released worldwide this summer on Perris Records...Guitarist Spring has left GURD...Peder and Anders have been booted from FALCONER after an intra-band brawl. The remaining three members will be looking for new members...The End Records has issued WINDS' The Imaginary Direction Of Time, PECCATUM's Lost In Reverie and SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE's Temporary Psychotic State...MOTORHEAD's Inferno album is out this month...Austria's EDENBRIDGE is searching for a bass player to fill the vacant spot. Contact the band at if interested...According to EIDOLON, vocalist Pat Mulock has been replaced by Nils.K.Rue of PAGANS MIND...A new MEGADETH studio album called The System Has Failed is due September 14th...In ICED EARTH news, drummer Richard Christy has left the band in order to audition for the Howard Stern show as Stuttering John's replacement. Bobby Jarzombek (RIOT, HALFORD, etc) will take over behind the kit...CANDLEMASS has called it a day again due to personal and artistic differences...SONATA ARCTICA's next album is called Reckoning Night...Original JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins and PRAYING MANTIS/ex-IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton have joined together in a new band called THE DENIAL...Former HADES guitarist Ed Fuhrman and ex-DEMONSPEED drummer Jim King are in a new band called TEN TON TRUCK...METAL CHURCH's The Weight Of The World is out next month...Reunited thrashers HALLOWS EVE have already parted ways with singer Steve Cannon. Cannon, a long-time fan, was instrumental in getting the band back together...FEINSTEIN, is a new band featuring former THE RODS singer and ELF guitarist David "Rock" Feinstein and ROYAL HUNT's singer John West. The band will release its debut album Third Wish next month...Former SOLITUDE AETURNUS bassist/lyricist Lyle Steadham has resurfaced in goth act GHOULTOWN...Sweden's CRYSTAL EYES will release its third full-length album which is called Vengeance Descending in North America through Neoblast Records.

Metallian Demos

Dawn Of Defiance is a CD single from Uruguay's underground metal activist Diego Sendra. The two songs on offer, Summoning Death and Haunted Dreams, mate death metal with doom metal and win points for the genuine atmosphere and darkness created. The man uses both clean vocals and growls and alternates the music from deep heaviness to acoustic interludes. A lot of emotion has been placed into the creation which is let-down by the drum machines. Having said that, as far as underground music goes, Dawn Of Defiance is in the proverbial abyss and well worth the time and interest. The band's site is and one can e-mail Diego at - Ali "The Metallian"

The name Arminius comes from a brutal general who fought the Romans 2,000 years ago and it is not surprising that the band bearing his name would also be a crushing death metal entity. The quintet goes about its business like pros, evoking names like Suffocation and Deicide in the process. The occasional lead darts back to early Slayer -think Hell Awaits - and the general impression is of a band which has its heart in the right place. Nevertheless, the band's drummer could use a little improvement. He must be commended for his attempt at introducing variety here and there, but he still has some ways to go before being a fully adequate death metal drummer. All the same, Arminius is a good death metal band and can be contacted by visiting or by e-mailing - Ali "The Metallian"

COVET - same
Covet is a young band - formed in January of 2004! - out of Florida whose three-song debut demo is quite promising. The mid-paced tracks have a grindish quality to them and exert a confident heaviness that belies the band's young age. The vocals are layered and brutal and depending on the segment either sounding desperate or hollering. The rhythms are simple and the drums straightforward. The band is entering Morrisound this summer to record a proper demo, so until then write to guitarist Frank Leibmann at 948 Shasta Road, Venice, FL. 34293 USA. - Ali "The Metallian"

JAW - same
Am I qualified to write this review? Truth be told, the answer is no! Winnipeg's Jaw (not to be confused with Toronto's Jaww) is not a metal band and is not exactly a hardcore band, although there definitely are elements o that genre on this CD. Perhaps this is what they call mallcore (you know Machine Head, Incubus, System Of A Down, etc.), but who knows? The vocals are completely offbeat and out of tune, the music either melodic or conversely wild and the punches off-centre, but recurring. Why don't you be the judge by visiting - Sheila Wes Det

Station Eleven is a young Greek band and the current demo is a short CD featuring the songs Suffering and Pain. Cheerful titles aside, the band's music is quite original. The music is a mix between heavy metal and progressive rock. The vocals are remarkable. They can be hardcorish and angry or poppy and shrieking. The singer seems downright demented at times. The sound is good and the presentation above average. Check it out, but don't expect an unadulterated metal band. E-mail or visit - Ali "The Metallian"

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