Metallian Heavy

KRISIUN will release a new album, called Southern Storm, next month through Century Media Records. The album was again recorded at Stage One Studios by Andy Classen.

GOREAPHOBIA has pulled out of its Canadian tour with ESTUARY and LAPIDATE due to an unexplained accident.

Sweden’s SANCTRUM will release its debut album, entitled In Harm’s Way, this month through Metalcast Records.

GOD FORBID, which is expected to issue a new album in September, will have a DVD called Beneath The Scars Of Glory And Progression out this month.

FUELBLOODED (formerly SACRAMENTAL SACHEM) is in the studio this month recording a second album tentatively entitled Off The Face Of The Earth.

HOLY MOSES! More line-up changes: Thomas Neitsch (COURAGEOUS and DESILENCE) has taken over the bass with Oliver Jaath moving over to the guitarist spot alongside Michael Hankel. The new line-up can be heard this year at Wacken.

CANNIBAL CORPSE will release a three-disc DVD, Centuries Of Torment The First 20 Years, on July 8th through Metal Blade.

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW has signed a deal with the Finnish label KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy. A new album is due this year.

Anticulture Records has issued Under The Spell Of The Unlight, by GLOOMY GRIM.

KRISIUN and ROTTING CHRIST have teamed up for shows in Iberia this summer.

Singer Kelly Shaefer of ATHEIST is guesting on the new BENEDICTION album, Killing Music. The man will appear on the Brits’ cover of AMEBIX’s Largactyl.

IMPALED NAZARENE is using the Karmageddon Canada 2008 monicker for an Eastern Canadian tour in July.

EXHORDER has reformed. The band whose line-up is singer Kyle Thomas, guitarists Vinnie Labella and Jay Ceravolo and drummer Chris Nail is working on new material and having its two albums reissued by Metal Mind Productions. Since bassist Franky Sparcello is currently in prison a new member is being sought.

Bassist Frank Healey (also of BENEDICTION) has left the recently reunited CEREBRAL FIX.

SOULDRAINER has dumped Mascot Records.

America’s DECREPIT BIRTH has signed to Nuclear Blast Records.

TYR will release its fourth full-length album, entitled Land, on June 10th through Napalm Records. The band’s drummer Kári Streymoy was forced to sit out the Paganfest North American tour with ENSIFERUM, TURISAS and ELUVEITIE due to an injury. He was temporarily replaced by an Amon Djurhuus.

Singer Boris Cornelissen has left LENG TCH’E and been replaced by Serge Kasongo from ACKROS. A split-CD with FUCK THE FACTS is due next.

Former DECAPITATED singer Wojciech Wasowicz has joined MASACHIST.

ARCKANUM will release his fourth full-length album, Antikosmos in June through Debemur Morti Productions.

Drummer Anthony Savoia has left UNDER THE GRAVE.

DARKTHRONE will release a three-CD set entitled Frostland Tapes this month through Peaceville Records. The package features early material, a 1990 live gig recorded in Denmark and old rehearsals and demos.

A reformed KHOLD will release its fifth album, Hundre År Gammal, on June 9th through Tabu Records. The band paused all activity two years ago.

FORBIDDEN has recruited drummer Mark Hernandez recently of HEATHEN and also of DEFIANCE, VIO-LENCE and TORQUE for its European tour.

ENSLAVED has left Tabu Recordings.

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore is contributing several solos to the title track for DESTRUCTION’s’s next album, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. The album was recorded in Denmark.

Following his departure from the band former CELTIC FROST main man Tom Gabriel Fischer has formed a new band, which is called TRIPTYKON. The new group is composing and recording music that is close to CELTIC FROST.

Even more line-up changes in BORKNAGAR: drummer Asgeir Mickelson has quit the band. The group is forging ahead with the new alum’s recording.

San Francisco thrashers VOETSEK (featuring Athena Dread/bass, Ami Lawless/vocals, Jef Leppard/guitar, Scotty Karate/drums and Ben Reduction/guitar) have signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records for a full-length entitled Infernal Command, which is due in July.

Ola Lindgren, frontman for GRAVE, continues his development of Studio Soulless in Stockholm. As his first complete production as producer Lindgren has worked with black metal band

SPAZMOSITY for a new recording called Promo 2008. “It feels cool to do my first thoroughly own production in the studio with raw sounding SPAZMOSITY. A band I really believe in, and the result is damn good,” says Lindgren. Studio Soulless has among other things been used to record GRAVE’s latest album, Dominion VIII.

World Chaos Production has just issued HYDROPHOBIA’s Human Shredder album. The band is from Japan and is described as gore death metal.

7TH NEMESIS will release its debut album in limited digipack format in June. The nine tracks of Violentia Imperatrix Mundi have been re-recorded, mixed & mastered by Andrew G. at the Hybreed Studio.

The debut full-length of New York City’s “omnisexual death/grind” band COPREMESIS – entitled Muay Thai Ladyboys – has been released by Paragon Records in conjunction with their appearance at the Maryland Deathfest. The album will features guest appearances from Danny Nelson (MALIGNANCY), William Smith (BUCKSHOT FACELIFT, ex-BIOLICH), Erik Undzuis (GORGED AFTERBIRTH and SEVEN GATES) and Daniel Olivencia (ex-BIOLICH).

The Danish band THORIUM has parted ways with long-time guitarist Allan Tvedebrink. DERANGED’s’s Johan Axelsson has replaced him.

WARGASM will be performing live at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Saturday, September 13th as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the band’s Why Play Around? album. The show will be recorded for a future release as Why Play Alive!” and a DVD.

Regain Records will re-release several demos of LORD BELIAL on CD. The release is called Ancient Demons.

Texas’ VEX has recruited singer Orlando Logan Perez of AGAINST THE PLAGUES and guitarist Mike “E.D.” Day (RUINS OF HONOR and ALTERNATE15). The band hopes to issue an album called Thanatopsisin September through Aethena Records.

KATAPLEXIA’s third album, Supreme Authority, is now available. The album features a guest drummer. He is Timo Hakkinen from SOTAJUMALA.

THE DEFACED’s’s newest album, Anomaly, is out next month through Scarlet Records.

After a 14-month absence from the touring scene DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton has cleared his “legal problems” and returned to the scene. A tour with ADRIFT and MALEVOLENT CREATION is next in the USA.

HECATE ENTHRONED has confirmed an appearance at the Hard Rock Hell II festival, which takes place December 5-7, 2008 at Prestatyn Sands in Wales.

EXODUS has re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records for four albums.

Metallian Hard

MOTÖRHEAD has picked Motorizer as the title for its new album, which is due in September through SPV Records.

Guitarist Mark Kohler has returned to KROKUS. He was in the band first in the mid-‘80s and next in the mid-‘90s.

Don Dokken has announced that Lightning Strikes Again is a parting gift to fans. The frontman expects the album to be DOKKEN’s last studio recording.

VIXEN's original members, singer Janet Gardner, bassist Share Pedersen and drummer Roxy Petrucci have reformed VIXEN. Jan Kuehnemund (guitar) was unavailable.

EVERGREY has signed with SPV. The band’s next album is called Torn and due in August.

Following the introduction of singer Andreas Solveström (of WITHIN Y) Sweden’s CIPHER SYSTEM has recruited guitarist Andreas Allenmark (of ANATA) to the band.

A reunited HITTMAN will play at Germany’s Keep It True XII next year. The band is in its original line-up.

RIOT’s Thundersteel-era line-up of singer Tony Moore, guitarist Mark Reale, bassist Don Van Staven and drummer Bobby Jarzombek have come together to and will record a new album this year.

Ghost Opera - The Second Coming, is a reissue of KAMELOT's Ghost Opera album enhanced with extra features. The double-CD includes the original CD plus ten additional live tracks recorded live in Belgrade, Serbia during the band's 2007 world tour and several bonus songs.

Greg Analla has left SLAVIOR to concentrate on his other art projects. The band is seeking a singer.

Former NINE BALL/NINE STORIES HIGH singer Joe Sweet has joined BRAND NEW SIN on vocals. He replaces Joe Altier who left the band in January.

The reunited EXTREME has named its next album, Saudades De Rock. The group is touring North America.

Classical/metal band EXXPLORER has reformed with four-fifths of its original line-up. The band will appear at the Keep It True XII festival in Germany in 2009.

CHROME DIVISION, featuring DIMMU BORGIRfrontman Shagrath (Stian Thoresen) on guitar, will release its second album Booze, Broads And Beelzebub next month.

SIEGES EVEN’s’s live album Playgrounds is out next month through InsideOut Music. The band is opening for Germany for JOURNEY this month.

Original RUSH drummer John Rutsey died due to diabetes last month in Toronto. He was 55 years old.

Michelle Meldrum of MELDRUM and PHANTOM BLUE died on May 21st due to a cystic brain growth.

TAD MOROSE has recruited guitarist Markus Albertson. He replaces Daniel Olsson, who left the band last year due to the famous "personal reasons.".

Add another two to the list: BANGALORE CHOIR and TORA TORA have reunited and will play at Rocklahoma 28th this month. The latter band’s line-up is singer Anthony Corder, guitarist Keith Douglas, bassist Patrick Francis and drummer John Patterson.

Rob Halford’s Metal God Entertainment has released Into The Pit a 4-disc FIGHT retrospective featuring the band's three audio recordings re-engineered for release. These are War Of Words - remixed & remastered, Mutations - remastered, A Small Deadly Space - remixed & remastered plus an exciting two-hour DVD Fight Live In Phoenix, a 24-page full-color booklet and a custom-designed digi-box.

Metal Blades is rereleasing FATES WARNING’s Perfect Symmetry on June 10th with Bonus material and DVD footage. This audio/visual package includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD of demo sessions from the original recording sessions, a feature from Kevin Moore (DREAM THEATER), live versions of classic tracks and concert footage from 1989 & 1990 with beautiful full colour packaging.

CRYSTAL TEARS has joined forces with Ian Parry (ELEGY and CONSORTIUM) who was invited to write the lyrics and vocal melody lines as a guest vocalist on the new CD. The band has also joined forces with R. D. Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY) who will produce the album in Germany.

MAN RAZE is set to release its debut album, Surreal on June 3rd with a US tour to follow. The newly formed rock band includes Phil Collen of DEF LEPPARD, Paul Cook of the SEX PISTOLS and Simon Laffy of GIRL.

Thundering Records has signed KARMIC LINK, which is the project of Stathis Kassios (ex-keyboard player of Sweden's SYSTEM SHOCK and Greece's NIGHTFALL) who recruited Mina G. (ex-KINETIC and The RAIN I BLEED). The first release is No Light But Rather Darkness Visible which was mixed and mastered at Tico Tico studio in Finland. It will be released later this year.

LOWBROW has reformed and will aim to tour later this year. The band is singer Rich Hornberger, guitarists Allen West and Ben Meyer, bassist Scott Carino and drummer Curt Beeson.

New label Kscope has announced August 25th as the release date for a semi-acoustic album from ANATHEMA entitled Hindsight.

CATAMENIA and singer Olli-Jukka Mustonen have parted ways after the man failed to show up for the band’s Canadian tour. Guitarist Ari Nissilä has taken over the vocal slot permanently after fronting the band in Canada.

Former DEEP PURPLE and current solo keyboardist Jon Lord will join DEEP PURPLE on the stage for this year's Sun Flower Jam in London’s Porchester Hall in London. The charity benefits medical technicians and is set up by Ian Paice’s wife, Jackie.

Epicenter Multimedia has announced the release of ICON's 1984: Live Bootleg video on DVD. The original release date was 1999.

Metallian Demos

Sin Dealer is a Canadian independent band committing the classic unsigned bands’ mistakes. The band has issued a full-length disc with no less than ten tracks that leaves nothing to imagination. Should the plan be to launch an independent career and heavily market the disc directly then this is a good move. The sound is professional, the songs complete and the packaging as good as a ‘label’ release. If the group’s motivation remains to obtain a recording contract then the audience must be left wanting more. Three or four of the band’s best songs would tease the audience and record companies whilst showcasing the band’s best.
Dying To Live is professionally put together and represents a cool mix of Kyuss, White Zombie, Motörhead (Magic Woman) and Swedish doom like Spiritual Beggars. The biography’s reference to Johnny Cash and Elvis can thankfully be ignored. The band has placed a cover version (another demo mistake) of AC/DC’s Walk All Over You on the disc as well. Dying To Live is taken care of by Toronto’s MQM and ready for bigger things. Write to the band c/o Betty Dworatschek at - Ali “The Metallian”

No, this is not the same Revenant that issued an album on Nuclear Blast Records. Everyone in the underground knows that such a band existed, except these Italians. Perhaps the Italian Revenant does not care. How irreverent.
The four-song demo is a semi-thrashy metal disc with a music that combines a rough punk sound with Iron Maiden melodies and lead guitars. The vocals are throaty screams at the world with a fair amount of anger. The whole thing reminds one Powermad (another name used by more than one group incidentally). It is not bad, but it is not the stuff of legends either. Perhaps the band will improve with time and find a more definitive style, although what is here is above average for a first demo. Contact the band through – Anna Tergel

Feedforward is a Dutch band from the Mierlo region fronted by a female singer. If that evokes images of The Gathering then the description is not inaccurate. Barefoot&Naked is a mix of synthesized melody and metal, goth and prog and pop and heavy. Like most bands with full-length of ten tracks the group carries tings too far. Half of the songs should have stayed off the disc, but stuff like Fade Away is pretty impressive for fans of The Gathering or Kamelot’s softer ballads. With a pro sound and the clear voice of Bianca/Biejanka in front the group is sure to not fade away, but grow and improve its lot. The band is likely growing softer, however, if the song Stop To Think from 2004 is an indication. Not heavy really, but oddly tuneful if that is what makes you happy. Write to or visit - Anna Tergel