Metallian Heavy

Canada-based HIVE has an album called Night Cats through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The band is compared to DYSTOPIA.

MITHRIDATIC’s new album Tetanos Mystique will be issued by Xenokorp on 13.09.2019. The lyrics are based on books by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Louis-Ferdinand Celine and Charles Bukowski.

Nuclear War Now! Productions has announced May 15th as the international release date for ARES KINGDOM‘s fourth album, By The Light Of Their Destruction, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Black metallers REVENGE are on a European tour with Poland-based MGŁA.

Toronto-based CENTURIES OF DECAY has announced the Odyssey To The West Tour. The tour covers central and western Canada in July.

Horror Pain Gore Death will issue VAULT DWELLER’s Existence At A Distance album this summer. The band is compared to ASSUCK and NAPALM DEATH.

Germany-based melodic death metallers PSYCHOTOOL has a lyric video for the track Rotten Paradise, which is the title-track for the band’s upcoming debut full-length, set to be released on May 17th through Black Sunset/MDD.

Thrash metal band RED RAZOR has a new single called Born in South America. The song will be included on the band’s second full-length due in July.

Edmonton, Canada-based DISPLAY OF DECAY is setting out for its Decimate The West Tour this month. The old school death metallers strike out for eight shows in both Canada and the USA on May 31st.

DECADENCE’s upcoming album is called Six Tape through Heavy Dose this year.

The Doomed Love EP by DRUKNROLL was issued by Metal Scrap on 31.05.2019.

DEORC ABSIS’ The Nothingness Transfiguration is out through Redefining Darkness Records on 31.0.2019. The label is also issuing GRAVEFIELDS’ Embrace The Void.

Italy-based ADES NUMEN has issued an album called War through Metal Scrap Records.

“Epic Celtic death metal Spaniards” STEIGNYR have a new album called Myths Through The Shadows Of Freedom through Art Gates Records worldwide on June 14th.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed HELL BENT for its debut album Apocalyptic Lamentations. Hailing from USA, HELL BENT formed in 2015 with current and past members of DROPDEAD, ULCER, PAINDRIVER, STRAIGHT TO HELL and NEON BITCHES.

MAYHEM has signed with Century Media. An album is due in October.

ABBATH, VLTIMAS and 1349 will tour Europe in January 2020.

Art Gates Records has issued FRIJGARD’s Chapter Zero, STARBYNARY’s Divina Commedia – Purgatorio and OF FIRE’s Dräparen.

Montreal-based THRASH LA REINE released its La Foi, La Loi, La Croix demo on 31.05.2019. The band describes itself as “Francophone satirical epic thrash.”

DESCENDENCY’s Generate The Genocide is out through Horror Pain Gore Death. The band is compared to CRUMBSUCKERS and CORONER.

Greece-based thrash metal band SUICIDAL ANGELS will release a new album, called Years Of Aggression, through NoiseArt Records in August.

Switzerland-based TYRMFAR will release its second album, Renewal Through Purification, through MTAF Records this month.

KATAKLYSM, KRISIUN, EXHORDER and HATCHET will tour North America in September.

BENEDICTION and singer Dave Hunt are going their separate ways following the band’s summer festival appearances. The man’s schedule is cited as the reason. He is also in ANAAL NATHRAKH.

The second annual Monolith Festival is an all-day indoor event taking place Saturday, August 3rd at Cypress Avenue in Cork City, Ireland. Bands participating range from goth pop band ROTTING CHRIST to PUNGENT STENCH and HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN.

California-based thrashers THREE SIXES is touring the USA this month.

USA-based thrash metal band MOTIVE will issue its Fight The World album through Metal Devastation Records in July.

HELLNITE is touring Western Canada this month and next.

SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and PENTAGRAM will play at the Santiago Gets Louder festival in Santiago, Chile on the sixth of October.

NOCTEM will tour Europe using The Summer Ceremonials monicker in July.

USA-based black/deathrash band CRUSH THE ALTAR has a demo called Abhorrent oblation next month. Redefining Darkness is distributing it. The label is also distributing SANITY CONTROL’s Demo 2019.

Croatia-based black metal band TRYGLAV has a video for Evil Dead to support its album Night Of Whispering Souls, which was just released through Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records.

ENTOMBED A.D. will release a new album, called Bowels Of Earth, through Century Media on August 30th.

London, England-based black metal sextet TABLEAU MORT will issue a debut album called Veil Of Stigma Book 1: Mark Of Delusion through Loud Rage Music this summer.

BIRDFLESH’s Extreme Graveyard Tornado will be out through Everlasting Spew Records on 28.06.2019.

The Crawling Chaos Records will issue TONGUE’s What Do We Know Of Horror in July.

Grindcore band PHOBIA has an album called Generation Coward through Willowtip Records on the 9th of August 2019.

Belgium-based PUTRIFIED J releases a new EP of “barbaric death metal”, The Deep End Of Horror, through Comatose Music on June 28th.

Metallian Hard

HELIX drummer Greg "Fritz" Hinz will rejoin the band on the forthcoming Canadian concerts in June. The man was injured from a fall last autumn.

SPREAD EAGLE will release an album for the first time in over 25 years. Subway To The Stars is out through Frontiers Music in August.

Years after promising to call it quits JUDAS PRIEST has announced that it would commemorate its 50th anniversary through touring in 2020.

UK-based THE WILDHEARTS have released a video for the single Let 'Em Go. The song is taken from the band's new album Renaissance Men, which was released on May 3rd.

ATHLANTIS, the project of bass player Steve Vawamas, has issued an album called The Way To Rock’N’Roll through Diamond Prod.

Philadelphia, USA-based female fronted crossover band THE END A.D. will release the cassette version of its upcoming album on Infernö Records in autumn of this year. Fastball Music will issue the band’s CD.

USA-based TANAGRA has a demo called Meridiem. The band has an affinity for science fiction.

SKID ROW has signed a worldwide deal with Australia-based Golden Robot Records. A new album is due this year.

DOKKEN drummer Mick Brown is "taking a break" from playing concerts. He did not perform at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland in May and was replaced by BJ Zampa of HOUSE OF LORDS. George Lynch had also pulled out from the same show due to Pneumonia.

Epicenter Festival in North Carolina was cancelled in May affecting the performance of JUDAS PRIEST and other band. Severe weather in that part of the USA has become common and was the cause of the cancellation.

HYPERSONIC will play at Brainstorm Fest, which will be held in The Netherlands on November 8th and 9th.

Final means not final: US-based rockers MANOWAR have asserted in an interview that the band’s current crop of “final” shows is not the end of MANOWAR and more is yet to come. Joey DeMaio is joining others before him in conducting a spoken word tour.

IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson will embark on the What Does This Button Do? An Evening With Bruce Dickinson spoken-word tour in Europe this autumn. In the meantime, IRON MAIDEN has filed a $2 million trademark lawsuit against a video game maker called 3D realms behind the game Ion Maiden.

Guitarist Frankie C., known for his work in VESPERIA, has issued a solo demo called Cellular Damascus.

Finland-based metal act AS I MAY shall issue an album called My Own Creation in July. The band has signed with Rockshots Records (Italy) and Spiritual Beast (Japan). The band was founded in 2016.

Sweden-based heavy metal band PRIME CREATION has a second single and music video for the track Tears Of Rage off its upcoming full-length album Tears Of Rage, which is due in the autumn.

OPETH will issue In Cauda Venenum through Nuclear Blast Entertainment this autumn.

Brazil-based all-girl heavy metal band PANNDORA will release an album entitled Uranie on Infernö Records this autumn.

Following much criticism regarding its new music NITRO has broken up. Several songs the band composed in the last four years will be used on a solo record by guitarist Michael Angelo Batio.

Lion Music has signed Finland-based heavy metal band STRIDER.

MVD Entertainment is releasing the entire catalogue of THE GREAT KAT's “Shred Classical” Singles on iTunes, Amazon and more.

Ukraine-based progressive metal band MAJESTY OF REVIVAL has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of the Timeless album. Timeless was released on 31.05.2019.

REVEAL, the Spain-based band featuring Swedish Youtuber Rob Lundgren, has signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the worldwide release of its Overlord album. The album will be out this month.

CREMATORY has signed a deal with Napalm Records. A new album is due in 2020.

Finland-based MERGING FLARE, featuring former U.D.O. guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen, will release an album called Revolt Regime through Ram It Down Records on June 14th.

GLENN HUGHES has been forced to postpone his U.K. tour, which was due to begin on May 14th, due to illness. The shows are postponed to November.

RAINBOW has released a digital single, called The Storm, through Minstrel Hall Music. The song is a rocky remake of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT Fires At Midnight, which was issued in 2001.

Doom metal band LORD VICAR has a release called The Black Powder through The Church Within Records. The label has also issued THRONEHAMMER’s Usurper Of The Oaken Throne.

Inferno Records has signed Spain-based heavy rock band BROKEN LINGERIE. The girls are working on a debut full-length album to be out by the end of the year.

Former music promoter Billy Stever’s forthcoming documentary Maritime Metal is rolling ahead with principal photography this month. The film will cover the evolution and history of metal in Atlantic Canada and is due for release in 2020. The producer is funding the documentary through an IndieGoGo campaign.

Metallian Demos

This demo from the Canadian band came out of nowhere and interrupted the lashing of several incompetent Metallian Towers’ serfs. It had better be worth it having fallen in our laps and broken up the proceedings.
It is worth it. The French Canadians deploy thrash metal, deathcore vocals and death metal to deliver eight brutal, fast and smashing tracks – albeit three tracks are an intro and acoustic interludes – that satisfy the cravings of metal fans. The disc begins with a dub of arch criminal John F. Kennedy the butcher of Vietnam talking about openness, freedoms and other concepts he didn’t practice. The band clearly has a political aspect to it. One cannot be sure whether it is just a concept or the band believes in conspiracy theories, but these are generally the domain of the uneducated and the paranoid. Major crimes and schemes are generally conducted in public and plain for all to see. Just look at Donnie two bits over in the USA.
The band is bass heavy and well produced. The group mixes its music up, which coupled with its proficiency makes for a heck of a good disc. My Disclosure is the best track here, but perhaps Ink Spell has the best guitar lead. The leads are too short and one could have used more of them and at longer lengths, but those are tributes to the act’s material. This CD and band is impressive. Dig deep. – Ali “The Metallian”