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Montreal's Scepter has released its second demo The Mystical Sabbath 2000. Billed as 'primitive satanic metal', the demo is available in exchange for $3 at Scepter c/o Bitch Sodomizer. 3445 Mayfair, St Hubert J3Y 5P3...UK distributor Vital has emerged as a censor, refusing to distribute the up coming A.C album due to 'offensive' content...California's Sepsism, who are working in a new temporary bassist, Danny Bourlier, are setting up a mini tour in support of their recent CD Purulent Decomposition. The band is also planning a re-release of the Severe Carnal Butchery demo on CD...Rumour has it that Dark Angel is following Exodus and reforming for a series of shows...Vader have managed to get signed to Metal Blade...The up-dated Mighty Music release schedule for the year reads as follows: Corpse Vomit's Drowning in Puke this summer. Albums by Iniquity, Sacrificial and Parkinson towards the fall of this year with the latter described as a hybrid of harsh styles...Germany's Casket are back with a new MCD entitled Green House Jam which is due out in July. Keyboardist Tobias Demel and drummer Steffen Klein are out, with the latter being replaced by Mario Scmitt. Klein, who was a founding member, was forced to leave the band due to hearing problems...In typical rock star fashion, Dimmu Borgir recently set fire to their hotel rooms' doors and carpeting. This after the band's album release party in German city Stuttgart which was attended by precisely 666 fans of the band...Brutal death/ grind underground favourites from Illinois Lividity has signed a three albums deal with Spain's Repulse Productions. Also on Repulse is Illinois' Gorgasm. Additionally on Repulse is the new album by Mexican Gore grinders Disgorge. The new album is called Forensick. Finally believe it or not, Nunslaughter's' debut album (after 11 years of existence) will also be out any day. It's entitled Hell's Unholy Fire...Extreme grinders Fleshgrind has signed to Pavement Music. The band's Destined For Defilement will be re released in July and a new album will be out this Fall...Rumour has it that Sinister will finally hit North America again this summer - as support to Rotting Christ!...Due out this summer is album number three of Germany's Soul Cages through Massacre Records. Matthias Black will take care of the production at Skyline Studios (Doro, etc)...Blackened/ Plastic Head has announced the following releases: Misfortune's Midnightenlightened EP which should act as a taster for the band's debut full length which will be out in the fall. The Polish band Vim Patior's Magni Nominis Umbra described as melancholic black metal. Additionally out now is the album The Apocalypse Manifesto by Enthroned which is a satanic concept based on the biblical apocalypse...The new Sodom album, tentatively entitled Code Red, will contain a bonus CD in its first pressing. The bonus CD called Tribute to Sodom will contain Sodom cover versions by bands like Impaled Nazarene, Cradle of Filth, etc...Finland's Demigod who were supposed to record for Repulse have had to abandon all plans after vocalist Esa relocated to London, England. Staying in Finland and on Repulse Adramelech have finished recording Pure Blood Doom which will see an imminent release. This one will be very heavy...This month will see the release of a new album by legendary Dutch death metal outfit Occult. Expected out on Massacre Records, the album is called Of Flesh and Blood. Pavement has licenced this for USA...Canada's supreme masters of death/ grindcore Obscene Crisis have broken up. Martin Auger replaces the departed Martin in Agony...Angelcorpse is working on their third album The Inexorable...Snowy Show's (ex-Mercyful Fate) band Notre Dame has signed to Osmose Production...Internal Bleeding release their new, Driven To Conquer, on June 22nd on Pavement Music. The band now features Guy Marchais formerly of Pyrexia...Fleshcrawl has announced the title for their forthcoming album. As Blood Rains From The Sky - We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire, is due out in August although no label has been announced following the band's departure from Black Mark...Century Media has signed Sweden's Dark Tranquillity. Their debut for the German label, Projector, will be out on August 10...Vomitory will release a split picture 7" EP together with Murder Corporation. The single contains two tracks from each band. It is planned to be released by Haengnail Productions. Vomitory´s tracks are called The Voyage and Dinga Linga Lena (a cover of an old Swedish progressive rock song). Additionally Vomitory now has recorded a video to "Forever In Gloom". The concept of the video is nuclear war...The forthcoming movie Cremaster 2 will feature Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel vocalizing and Dave Lombardo hitting the drums...Ex-My Dying Bride violinist/keyboardist Martin Powell has moved to Australia and joined Cryptal Darkness who have a new album called They whispered You Had Risen...Guitarist Miguel Roy of Cryptopsy is replaced by Alex Auburn (ex-Seism). Miguel Roy has joined forces with Ex - Gorguts man Pat Roberts to form a new band...Fadeless Records (Mangled, Vomitory, etc) will soon release a MCD by Florida's Diabolic which very recently released their debut full length on Conquest Music. Entitled City of the Dead, the MCD will feature the band's demo plus two exclusive tracks...Australia's Damaged have lost vocalist Brendan (to his main band Earth) just before recording album three Purified in Pain. Rumour has it that Kevin Sharp may do the album...Right after recording new album Ghosts, all three musicians of Rage have abandoned singer Peavey. Peavey is continuing with a new line up and a tour in the fall...Canuck thrashers Razor will reissue their first three albums ('85's Executioner's Song and Evil Invaders and '86's Malicious Intent) through Canada's Hypnotic on CD for the first time - with bonus tracks. The band will play Wacken Festival in Germany this summer and support Anvil in Canada. It will be their first tour in seven years. Next up for the band is a live record...Alchemist's classic Jar Of Kingdom is being re-released with a new cover by guitarist Roy. The album will also feature new photos, info and the band's 1991 demo. Not to live in the past, the band are working on a new video and have five new songs in the can for a new CD...Long Time death heads Misery will begin recording another brutal follow up to Revel in Blasphemy soon...Famed man Colin Richardson will produce the next Cannibal Corpse album. The band are scheduled to record in Texas in June...Iron Maiden has announced Kevin Shirley as the producer for their up coming album. The band will support Ed Hunter, the computer game, with a world tour. The band has signed to the resurrected Sony unit Portrait Records (White Snake, etc)...Australia's Dezakrate have released their debut Scabs to Scars and are heading out for an Aussie tour...Chuck Schuldiner's Control Denied will release its debut album The Fragile Art of Existence on August 2...Canada's speed metallers Exciter have recruited a new singer called Steve Carter. Steve, who is a former member of Deadcalm, replaces Jacques Belanger. The new album, Blood of Tyrants, features a remake of the classic track Black Witch...Over in Belgium the band Aborted have been signed to the label Uxicon - the label of Burt from Agathocles. The Purity of Perversion is a 32 track recording available for $17 from Uxicon Records, Vest 36 3271 Zichem Belgium...Following the recent split of doom band Count Raven, band vocalist Dan Fondelius has formed a new band by the name of Doomsday Government. The new combo's first appearance will be on the sound track of the horror movie I am Vengeance.

Metallian Hard

The original line up of Canada's Helix recently got together long enough to record three brand new tracks for an up coming compilation CD of the band. Also look out for a video from the gang...Lost Pennsylvania doomsters Penance have announced the release of their third album in autumn. The album will be called Proving Ground and contain tracks like Cast in Grey, Never Lost and Bitter. The album will feature new vocalist 'Butch Balich'. No label has been determined yet...In a surprise move, Hammerfall drummer Patrik Rafling has left the fold. A temporary replacement is former Yngwie Malmsteen man Anders Jahansson...The new Riot album is called Sons Of Society and will be out in July in Japan and later elsewhere...Also from the 80's are Love/ Hate whose new album is called Let's Eat and Metal Church whose new one is called Masterpeace. The band have taken it upon themselves to cover Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic...Stratovarius have abandoned T&T/ Noise to join forces with Nuclear Blast Records worldwide...Platinum Road Enterprise is a new US organization dedicated to educating and networking up and coming musicians. Plugged into a network of A&R, DJs and promoters, the organization is looking to recruit unsigned bands into its fold. Please contact 516 496 0324 or 718 881 8183 in the USA for the organization's different levels of membership...The drummer and founding member of Scottish hard rockers Nazareth passed away in New Albany, Indiana USA just prior to the band's performance. The band was on tour in support of their release Boogaloo. Cause of death is reported as a heart attack...The guys at Lugburz, the Belgian metal site on the net, have released their own domestic compilation CD. Exclusive tracks from the likes of Infernal Beauty, Black Tears and Ecliptica abound. Please e mail Great Kat is shooting a video for Torture Chamber on June sixth at N.Y's Dublin Center. The guitar fatale is looking for worshipping slaves clad in leather and spikes for participation in the video. For more information please call 516 5497575 in the USA...Entitled Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan, Abigor are back with a new release on Napalm Records...Bal Sagoth have abandoned Cacophonous in favour of Nuclear Blast. The band are already in the studio, working on an album...Former Morgana boys Lefay are currently rerecording their first album, Symphony Of The Damned, which Noise will release before the end of the year. In a puzzling turn of events Black Mark now insists that Morgana Lefay is still together and will soon record...After ten years Knut Hassel has decided to leave Destiny. He is replaced by Pagan guitarist Anders Fagerstrand...D.D. Verni side project The Bronx Casket Co., which is likened to Black Sabbath mixed with Sisters of Mercy, has actually signed to Massacre and is recording a debut album to be out late summer. Also on Germany's Massacre is a reformed Raven who hope to have an album out within the same time frame. Michael Wagner is producing in the USA...Anthrax are looking for another record deal, following their disappointment with their current deal with Tommy Boy/Ignition Records...Mötley Crüe has recruited Randy Castillo, former Ozzy Osbourne drummer, who will replace the departed Tommy Lee. The band is touring with Scorpions. The latter band is signed to Koch International for the USA!...Emperor recorded a live album in England, due for release in September through Candlelight...Stormwind's new offering Heaven Can Wait features former Candlemass and Brazen Abott singer Thomas Vikstrom...Of all people pop poser Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) will be the artist depicting (loosely) ripper Owens of Judas Priest in a major movie call Metal God. The film is being produced by George Clooney, who originally was to play the part...Halfway through their recent German tour Gamma Ray vocalist Kai Hansen experienced problems with his vocals resulting in the cancellation of two shows...Vancouver producer/ song writer Bruce Fairbairn was found dead at home recently. The man who began pro life career producing the likes of Loverboy, later went on to work with everyone from Bon Jovi to Aerosmith. At time of his demise, Fairbairn was completing work on the new Yes album. foul play has been ruled out...Former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy (from mid- 80's) has returned to the band to replace Tracy G. The current new lineup also includes Dio's cousin David Feinstein (g), Larry Dennison(b), Simon Wright (d), and Scott Warren (k). The new album Magica will be out any day. In charge of the production is Dio himself...Avantgarde Records' Solefald have finished recording their Neonism album at Stockholm's Sunlight Studio. Ten tracks will appear on the album, while an eleventh will be kept for a future EP...Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kursch is suffering from tinnitus. According to reports he will only be recovering 85-90% of his hearing. All band activities are on hold...Nevermore's tour bus was almost the victim of a accident on the German highway as the band was en route to Munich on the night of the eighth of March. Two vehicles had collided on the on-coming lane and had been hurled right in the path of the band's tour bus. The band were luckily able to swerve in time to avoid a collision...Finland's Painflow (formerly Abto) have signed to Massacre Records and will release their debut very shortly...Pavement has signed Defleshed, Transport League, Endless (Canada) and Sacralis for America. This band is an all-girl pure death metal combo. Defleshed hope to tour with Cannibal Corpse...Lake of Tears' new album Forever Autumn is the label's first through its US office. Black Mark also insists that a new speed metal Necrophobic is in the can and that Bathory will release a new album akin to its 80's work.

Italy's Thinking About Brutality newsletter/ fanzine has its issue No. 4 now out. Available to order in exchange for postage the new issue includes interviews with Vital Remains, Internal Bleeding and Nocturnal Music. Also featured are reviews with a distinct bias towards hardcore and death metal. Please write to TAB, Via S. Rocco 31, Marano (Na) 800 16 Italy...Occult Grinder magazine #7 is released. Out of Japan the next issue contains interviews with Kadath, CSSO, Rot, Varathron, etc and can be had for $7 by writing to 2-12-49 Minami-kinomoto, Yao Osaka 581-0042 Japan.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Vomitory - Redemption - Fadeless
2- Motorhead - Everything Louder Than...- CMC/ BMG
3- Sins of Omission - The Creation - Black Sun
4- W.A.S.P. - Helldorado - CMC/ BMG
5- Solitude Aeternus - Adagio - Olympic

Matt Bower - Publicity - Century Media
1- Man-O-War - Hell On Stage Live - Metal Blade
2- Dark Tranquillity - Projector - Century Media
3- Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges - Century Media
4- Iron Savior - Unification - Noise
5- Agaloch - Pale Folklore - The End

Metallian Demos

Not to be confused with Chicago, USA's band of the same name, Montreal-area Scepter has released, what I believe, to be the band's second demo and one listen to any of the ten tracks on tape and the first names that pop into my head are Hellhammer and Venom. No, the band is not a mundane copy (especially being a one man project), but rather the mixture of the heavy gain on the guitars ala early Celtic Frost and bestial aura of the music lead me to comparisons of the first wave of death/ black metal. Songs like Our Black Father is Born (ha?), Cunt Master and War Against Children of God leave little to the imagination, but the titles are assuredly backed with a massive amount of metal power and are hence well worthy of your attention. Please contact Mr Bitch Sodomizer with a $5 bill for this demo at 3445 Mayfair, Saint-Hubert J3Y 5P3.

What we have in my tape deck is the come back of a Swedish death metal unit who under their previous monicker - which saw a split two years ago - had supposed Earache interest. Playing somewhat more aggressively than that choir, the band's new incarnation has somehow amalgamated the pure death feeling into its music, a fact probably accentuated by the muddy look and sound of this whole affair. It is not to be picky with underground output, but I believe I would have had a more pleasurable introduction with these Swedes had the sound been decent. Still, Kaamos (for all I know named after a Greek delicacy) manage to put a little originality into the confines of the three songs Desecration, Blood of Chaos and Cries of the Damned and any underground collector into mid-paced Swedish death metal, which does not sound Swedish, may write the band at Box 605, 13626 Haninge Sweden.

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