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PUTREFIED GENITALIA has a split-CD with ATAVISM...ANTIGAMA's Zeroland album is completed and will be out in September...BEHEMOTH has been confirmed for DANZIG's Blackest Of The Black tour...Candlelight Records has unveiled its American autumn release list. Intra, the new album from RAM-ZET, will see US release on September 6th. MASTERPLAN's Aeronautics is the first release through the newly penned cooperation with AFM Records. It is set for release on September 20th. On the same day LORD BELIAL will deliver its fifth full-length album, The Seal Of Belial. October 4th will see the release of Hellfire, the third album from Norwegian black metallers 1349. The band, featuring Frost from SATYRICON, is currently finishing up tracking and album design. Gospels For The Sick, the debut from SCUM, will conclude Candlelight's October 4th releases...Brian Werking and a reformed EXMORTIS are working on a new demo which is due in October. For more information go to EMPIRE has parted ways with bassist vocalist Jason Blachowicz "due to serious personal and legal issues." JP Soars and Duane Timlin will be pressing on supporting their latest release Methods Of Execution. A replacement has been found and will be announced at a later date...Australia's BLOOD DUSTER is touring Europe for the first time under The Shape Of Death To Come monicker...FLESHCRAWL is auditioning bassists to replace departed man Tobz. If you are into death metal and in the Ulm, Germany area e-mail Records is issuing a DEAD CD entitled Remasters featuring songs from different releases...The PUTRID PILE/DYSCRASIA split is out now. This split has been issued through Bizarre Leprous Productions...THE HAUNTED is part of Ozzfest this summer in support of rEVOLVEr, its new album. The band will also take part in a slew of off-dates alongside the likes of ARCH ENEMY, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and SHADOWS FALL...The End Records will issue HORNA's Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne album in August...Candlelight Records has issued the Ultima Thulee and Memoria Vestusta albums, the previously unavailable back catalogue from BLUT AUS NORD. The band is working on a new album called Mort...ENSLAVED will release its Return To Yggdrasil ¬ Live In Bergen DVD in September through Tabu Recordings. The DVD will feature the band's May 4th performance in Bergen...Henric Carlsson (bass) and Daniel Schöldström (vocals) have left the Swedish metal act CIPHER SYSTEM. According to the band, "Due to lack of inspiration and "fire" in the band, our friends Henric & Daniel have decided to quit! Henric will instead focus on his other band, NIGHTRAGE...DISASTERCOMPLEX has a new self-titled album which was mastered by STEVE AUSTIN of TODAY IS THE DAY...The next MANES album, possibly entitled Invention - Or How The World Came To An End And Why We Did It, is now in pre-production. The recording is set to start in the late summer. The band's 1993-1994 LP is now released through Kyrck Productions. It features the two first Manes demos (Maanens Natt '93 and Ned I Stillheten '94) which are remastered together on quality vinyl. It is limited to 600 copies with a 12-page booklet in silver print...SPV has announced August 29th as the release date for NUCLEAR ASSAULT's comeback album, Third World Genocide...OBITUARY will release its comeback album, Frozen In Time, on July 19th through Roadrunner Records. The band will tour with NAPALM DEATH this autumn...VILE's The New Age Of Chaos album will be out in September through Listenable Records...INFAMY has asked bassist and vocalist Robert Cardenas, of COFFIN TEXTS, to leave the band and has recruited Hans Faber of UNSANCTIFIED...Haakon Forwald of MYRKSKOG and DISIPLIN has joined DISSECTION...Relapse Records will reissue the entire catalogue of ATHEIST...MORBID ANGEL's guitarist Tony Norman was reported AWOL last month just prior to the band's European shows...SHAITAN MAZAR has thrown in the towel. NOXIOUS is the new band of former SHAITAN MAZAR man Chief Spires, former SHAITAN MAZAR guitarist Robert Dirr and SHAITAN MAZAR drummer Jake Axelson...Guitarist Rick Hunolt has joined the list of people who have left EXODUS...COVENANCE is the new band of former DYING FETUS singer Vince Matthews, former MISERY INDEX drummer Matt Byers and former DYING FETUS man Bruce Greig...JUNGLE ROT has recruited guitarist James Genenz who also plays bass for FLESHGRIND...GRIFFIN has recruited vocalist Rolf Bakken...Los Angeles' CERBERUS have just released a new album called The Cage Of Existence through Hell And Death Records...KAIZEN has recruited drummer Fabien Rault...NANOWAR has a new demo. It is entitled Other Bands Play Naowar Gay. The CD features 14 tracks mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar studio...Thundering/Manitou Records has four new bands for September/December release schedule. ASHURA is a death metal band whose album is called Dawn To Your Waste Away. The album was recorded by Axel Wursthorn at Walnut Groove studio. YORBLIND's album was produced and mixed at Soundsuite Studio with Terje Refnes. SKYWARD from Finland will play at Numisrock fest on the 24th of June in Finland and have an album later in the year. KRYZALID is the latest band to join the label's roster. The band's album was produced by John W Jones...Paragon Records will issue CHARNEL VALLEY's The Dark Archives CD in August...America's LIVIDITY has recruited second guitarist Shaun LaCanne, formerly of PUTRID PILE, to the group's ranks. Longtime guitarist and vocalist Matt Bishop will give up the guitar due to a hand injury and will focus full-time on lead vocals...HATESPHERE has picked The Sickness Within as the title for its next album which is due on September 26th through SPV Records...Reformed thrashers ASSASSIN recently filmed two shows for a DVD release...SUSPERIA will release a EP entitled Devil May Care in October through Tabu Recordings...IMPALED NAZARENE has re-signed with Osmose Productions for two more albums. The band will enter Sonic Pump on November 21st to begin recording a next album.

Metallian Hard

A reunited WEAPON featuring Danny Hynes (vocals), Jeff Summers (guitar/vocals), Baz Downes (bass/vocals), Bruce Bisland (drums) has reformed to do a series of festivals to celebrate what would have been the band's 25th anniversary. The NWOBHM band is playing on Friday the 8th of July at The Headbangers-Open-Air Ball, on Thursday the 11th of August at The Venice Rock Festival and on Sunday the 4th of September at The Tsunami Charity Metal Festival in Calcutta, India...IRON MASK, which has released a new album called HORDES OF THE BRAVE, will support LOUDNESS in the USA and Japan this coming November...ULVER's Blood Inside CD is now out through The End Records...Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing is issuing MEGADETH's sampler Back To the Start in two configurations. The 17-track CD and deluxe, limited edition CD/DVD set were released June 28th, both including a package essay written by the director of The Decline of Western Civilization documentary series, Penelope Spheeris...Formed by Frederic Leclercq (vocals/guitars), plus Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson (bass), and Max Pilo (drums), the French trio MALADAPTIVE has a self-titled first demo CD with four songs mixed by Joey Vera. The band features former HEAVENLY members...Escape Music has signed Canada's EMERALD RAIN. The band's new album Sleepwalk will be released on August 15th...Perris Records has opened an office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Perris intends to expand into many markets with Mika Botfeldt heading the sales team. Mika also attended the Sweden Rock festival with label manager Tom Mathers. Mika Botfeldt started Metalized magazine in 1987. Visit for more information...Sentinel Records has issued a PRIMORDIAL/MAEL MORDHA Split 7" Picture Vinyl...Florida's KABANG is working on music for a second album which is yet to be titled...FORSAKEN's new album shall be released by Scotland's Golden Lake Productions in October, 2005 and be titled Dominaeon. Lyrically, Dominaeon will centre around a core concept that explores various spiritual themes related to the Christian faith. The band is concluding the finishing touches to the song-writing process and will start recording at Temple Studio, Mistra Bay, Malta on 4th July 2005. Song titles include Dominaeon, Obsidian Dreams, Daylight Dies, Kenosis, Wretched Of The Earth and Resurgam...MAGNUM is working on a live DVD entitled Back Street Kid which was recorded earlier this year...MTM Music is issuing the new SILVER album, entitled Gold, this month...Perris Records' MAD MARGRITT has officially added guitarist Scott Banks. Scott began working with the band back in March when Davay Ray quit in the middle of the bands southeast tour. Although Scott was only going to be a temporary replacement, he has now landed the job full-time...Pennsylvania's FEARING MIND is seeking a new singer...Renegade Sounds has issued the I'll Always Remember album by Vancouver's MATREX...The new STRYPER album Reborn will be released through Big3 Records on August 16th...Don Anderson is hard at work writing the third full-length, as yet untitled SCULPTURED album. So far he has about half the album written. The themes of the third full-length are inspired by filmmaker David Cronenberg's "body horror" films and post modern philosophy...The anticipated September NWOBHM 25th anniversary festival slated for London, England has been cancelled. The organizers were looking to DEF LEPPARD to headline, but the Sheffield band declined to participate...Powerzone Records will release an album with Carl Sentance on vocals (ex-KROKUS), Vinny Appice on drums, Carlos Cavazo on guitar (ex-QUIET RIOT), Jeff Pilson and Jimmy Bain on bass...TWISTED SISTER will release Live At Wacken The Reunion on DVDplus through Eagle Rock Entertainment on June 28, 2005. The recording features the band's set at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on August 2, 2003...AQUARIA - featuring former members of UIRAPURU - is going to release its debut album Luxaaeterna in Brazil on July 30th through Hellion Records. The album, is a 'rock opera' about the genesis of the universe...THE BACKYARD BABIES will be supporting their newest release, Tinnitus through California-based Liquor And Poker Music. It is a compilation of four tracks from previously unreleased albums...THE OLD DEAD TREE's The Perpetual Motion was recorded at Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen. Some titles are Out Of Breath, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Š and Everyday Life. The album was recorded with the new line-up of Manuel Munoz (vocals and guitars), Nicolas Chevrolier (guitars and backing vocals), Vincent Danhier (bass) and Foued Moukid on drums...BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION is shooting a video for the single White Trash...SMAXONE's debut album Regression will be released through Scarlet in August of 2005. The band features Michael Bøgballe (vocals) and Brian 'Brylle' Rasmussen (drums) from MNEMIC and Casper Skafte (guitar) and Claus Lillelund (vocals) from ELOPA...CRUACHAN has signed to Black Lotus Records...ANTIMATTER's Planetary Confinement is now out through The End Records. The album is recorded in two sessions, one in Ireland by Duncan Patterson (ex-ANATHEMA), the other in England by Mick Moss...VISION DIVINE's The Perfect Machine album will see Timo Tolkki from STRATOVARIUS working with the band behind the console as producer. The band's Stage Of Consciousness DVD has been delayed and is now scheduled for August...W.A.S.P. will headline a summer tour called the American Metal Blast Tour 2005 featuring the band's shocking stage set as first unveiled in 1984. Joining W.A.S.P. - vocalist/guitarist Blackie Lawless, guitarist Darrell Roberts, bass guitarist Mike Duda and drummer Stet Howland - on tour are L.A. GUNS and former RATT vocalist Stephen Pearcy. METAL CHURCH will appear on select July dates. The second leg of the tour, which runs from August 18 to August 28, will feature all four bands. Lawless is planning on American Metal Blast becoming an annual event. After this year's inaugural tour, W.A.S.P. will finalize work on songs for a new album to be recorded by the end of the year...IRON MAIDEN will release a career-spanning two-CD and DVD compilation called The Essential Iron Maiden through Sanctuary Records on July 12th. This marks the band's gazillionth sampler/live/special package and officially breaks the past record held by Motorhead...Former ANTHRAX, ZAKK WYLDE and WHITE LION drummer Greg D'Angelo has joined ANTIPRODUCT...Following the death of David Wayne, DAVID WAYNE'S METAL CHURCH no longer exists; however, the remaining members have reformed REVEREND. The band, which claims a mandate from the singer himself is Davey Lee on guitar, Nacho Vara on guitar, Jesse Vara on drums and Brendon Kyle on bass. Any interested singers should contact Reverend, 404 Riverside Drive, Pipe Creek TX 78063 USA...LOUDNESS has signed with Drakkar Records for Europe. The label will release the band's acing album in September...AMORPHIS is intensively rehearsing and writing new songs for its upcoming album and follow-up to Far From The Sun, which came out on Nuclear Blast last September. On July first, the band will enter Sonic Pump studio in Helsinki to start the recording process. Producers will be Nino Laurenne (THUNDERSTONE) for instruments and Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH) for vocals. Mikko Karmila, who has already worked for STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH, EDGUY, LULLACRY, will take care of the mixing. "The new AMORPHIS material will be heavier than ever", the band explains. "There will be an epic theme throughout the album, influenced by Finnish tradition."...The last three stops of EYEHATEGOD’s current ³Preaching the ³End-Time² Message² tour have been cancelled due to logistical reasons. The band apologizes to the promoters and fans that were looking forward to seeing the band in Birmingham, Hickory and Johnson City...PHARAOH, the Pennsylvania-based four-piece featuring singer Tim Aymar, best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner's CONTROL DENIED, is nearing the completion of the second full-length album at MCR Studio. Entitled The Longest Night, the follow-up to 2003's After The Fire is said to take the band's traditional metal sound in a more sophisticated direction. Due in early autumn through Italy's Cruz del Sur Music, The Longest Night will feature artwork by Jean-Pascal Fournier...ENSOPH has entered the Heartbeat studio to record the follow-up of its Opus Dementiae album, released by Cruz Del Sur Music in 2004. The album's title is Project X-Katon...INFLICTION’s second album The Silencer will be issued by Cruz del Sur. Björn Goosses, singer for Germany's NIGHT IN GALES is performing with the band...ARAPACIS has recruited Ray Tessier on drums and Gab Boudreault on bass as it continues recording...Sweden-based sextet SONIC SYNDICATE, formerly known as FALLEN ANGELS, has inked a deal with Florida-based Pivotal Rockordings. The group has nearly completed its debut, Eden Fire, which will see an autumn release...MELIAH RAGE is working on its forthcoming album, The Deep And Dreamless Sleep, which is due out next year through Screaming Ferret Wreckords. The album features new singer Paul Souza...ENSIFERUM has recruited NORTHER frontman Peter Lindroos and will record an EP in November...PHANTOM-X, featuring OMEN singer Kevin Goocher, has completed the guitar tracks for its debut CD, Rise Of The Phantom...GOD FORBID has completed its new album, IV: Constitution Of Treason and is touring with FULL BLOWN CHAOS and HIMSA this month...Maurice Brouwers of ENGINE OF PAIN is the new session bassist for CALLENISH CIRCLE. The band is recording a new album which is due in November...IN FLAMES has changed the name of its upcoming album to Come Clarity. The album, previously named Crawl Through Knives, is due in November...SCAR SYMMETRY has signed with Nuclear Blast...BLEED is the name of the new band of one-time MSG vocalist Robin McAuley...ENUFF Z'NUFF's One More For The Road live reunion album from 2003 will be out this summer through Cargo Records...AZRAEL'S BANE, featuring former DISTANT THUNDER drummer Rick Ward, has signed with Chavis Records...FEAR FACTORY's Transgression album is due on August 23rd...ICARUS WITCH is completing work on its full-length album, Capture The Magic, which is due in December. The band is also looking to fill the vacant drum position...STRATOVARIUS and bassist Jari Kainulainen have parted ways...ALCHEMIST will release a compilation CD, called Embryonics, which will be accompanied by a DVD...RUFFIANS has signed with Old School Metal Records. The group will release a double-CD, entitled There & Back, featuring material from 1984 to 2004, on August 1st..Drummer Dan Laudo has left PRONG...QUEENSRCHE has signed with Rhino Records. The Operation: Mindcrime II is due this year...Former HADES and WATCHTOWER Singer Alan Tecchio has joined SEVEN WITCHES...Former PRONG drummer Dan Laudo has joined SUBSONIC...Guitarist Juppe "J.P." Sutela has left Finland's TO/DIE/FOR and been replaced with SOULRELIC's Antza Talala...Kristian Andrén (formerly of TAD MOROSE), guitarist Simon Johansson (of MEMORY GARDEN and FIREGOD) and WITHOUT GRIEF's Jonas Granvik have a new band called DEAD END WORLD...GAIA EPICUS has bassist Hans Aage Holmen formerly of ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY...THY MAJESTIE has completed work on its new album, Jean D'Arc, which is due on October 3rd through Scarlet Records. The follow-up to 2002's Hastings 1066 will be mastered at The Mastering Room...JUDAS PRIEST and WHITESNAKE will tour Mexico and South America in September...DOKKEN drummer Mick Brown is touring with TED NUGENT this summer. No word on whether he will be bombing overseas countries and/or showing his manhood by shooting defenseless animals as well...ABSOLUTE STEEL has signed with Black Lotus Records...Duncan Patterson has left ANTIMATTER following the release of current album Planetary Confinement. He will concentrate on his new project, Ion. Details regarding ION, DEATCAP and other related projects can be found at As for ANTIMATTER, Mick Moss will continue the project with a new album for 2006 entitled Leaving Eden, featuring ANATHEMA's Daniel Cavanagh...BRAND NEW SIN's Recipe For Disaster album is now out. The band is touring the USA with SOCIETY 1 and SCUM OF THE EARTH...SKYLARK and drummer Carlos Cantatore have parted ways. Former drummer Federico Ria recently played with the band at the Ragnarock Festival and will also be the drummer for the coming gigs...CHILDREN OF BODOM's Are You Dead Yet? album is scheduled for release on September 14th in Finland and September 19th elsewhere. The band's first single, called In Your Face, will be out on August 17th. The new album will feature a new set of influences according to the band...Candlelight Records has announced a North American agreement with AFM Records. Under the agreement, Candlelight will market and release several titles, including new records from MASTERPLAN, ROB ROCK and ANNIHILATOR in Canada and the USA...DEEP PURPLE has signed with Edel Records for the world outside the USA. The band has chosen Rapture Of The Deep as the title for its new studio album which is tentatively due in October. The band was part of Toronto's Live 8 concert recently...WITHIN TEMPTATION has signed with Roadrunner Records for the UK and Japan...THOR will tour Canada and the USA in support of the new album, Thor Against The World, and the DVD An-THOR-logy...BALANCE OF POWER has recruited singer Corey Brown formerly of MAGNITUDE 9, SECTION 16 and REDEMPTION...MAD DRAGZTER has finished pre-production for its second album, Killing The Devil Inside, which will be released in November .The recordings are underway at Via Musique studio. The album is being produced by Thiago Bianchi...BATTLE BRATT is getting back together for a 20th anniversary reunion CD. Both the 1985 and 1989 line-ups are reuniting a new CD entitled Seed Of The Universe. The band will also be re-releasing its 1989 self-titled CD. For more information go to HOOF's new album will not be entitled Absolute Power as announced previously. The band's XZEC Records will issue the new album in September.

Metallian Demos

If you are unlike me and read the band's biography before you insert the CD in the player and prior to listening to the music then perhaps you would notice how a singer is not listed as part of Methadrone's line-up. This is remarkable for Methadrone features none other than onetime Incantation singer and bassist Craig Pillard. Even more interesting is how the band lists a lead bassist and a rhythm bassist. Given that fact, this demo could really go in two directions. It is either an inferior musical product that uses bass to the detriment of music and quality (a la Necromantia) or is a new and provocative take on metal with dissonant bass picking and the omission of vocals. Having listened to the seven songs on the disc my inclination is towards the latter. The programmatic whine and ritualistic drone (of yeah!) of the duo traverses lands crossed and sounds parlayed by Winter, Disembowelment and Boris and convinces by a purity of purpose and suffocating drain on the ambient energy. The filthy sound and depressing imperceptible approach shuns standard mechanisms like riff and chords in favour of overall feeling and the transmission of the band's offbeat atmosphere. It is this type of music that can either be taken as new age ambience or a trip through the nether regions of the mind trapped in extreme and lethal muck! Contact the band through or visit A version of this demo can also be purchased at - Ali "The Metallian"

Guitar soloing from an ethereal plane of existence with swift fret boarding chords harmoniously tampering into an outer realm, Italy’s own Lelio Padovani dishes out his latest effort with his full-length release of The Big Picture. From an instrumental melodic score of guitar flair awakenings to ear pleasing songs this Italian gentleman of various influences, from rock/metal to fusion, bridges out with his dynamic appeal to wide audiences due to his variation in guitar sweeping leads, chorded progression and fret-detailed knowledge. Due to big named influences with the guitar community from the likes of Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani to the melodic taste of Vinnie Moore, Mr. Padovani in his own style adds a tasteful blend of radiance of modern guitar jazz compositions. Songs showing his versatile guitar takes are, for example, Escape which is an interesting tune filled with emotional touches as he weaves his fingers of magic across his instrumental six stringed counterpart. Serena’s Diary starts out with a pleasant sounding intro leading into an intricate musical lead that softly blends to the musical arrangements of the keyboards. Powerfully generating a relaxing musical timepiece is The Big Picture for which he utilizes off-time beats that gently make the way into a progressive state of Eric Johnson style riffing. Not a bad thing if you ask me. Songs in their entirety excel beautifully for this album reaches artistic merit within the guitar world, but also reaches beyond the barrier of musical labels. Downfall to this release is why Lelio Padovani did not have any backup musicians assisting him with this, expect a bass input on the track On The Beach for which a bassist helped on some of the verses to that song. Overall, The Big Picture is exceptionally well put and recorded. ( - Jussi

A mix of late '80s glam metal like Shotgun Messiah meeting the vocalist of Slaughter, the Philadelphia band Slik Helvetika jumps on the music scene with its latest self-entitled release. The album's musical style has an almost progressive twist of melodic thrash with aggressively fancy fret boarding on the guitar which is the strongest of all the elements of this musical bunch. Upon listening at first to the album I was skeptical in a sense when I saw the front cover and thought to myself, 'not another George Lynch carbon guitar copy', but needless to say when listening to the first track my view considerably changed. High-pitched vocals of singer/guitarist Mikhall Myers adding a slow seductive warmth adding charm to songs of Skies, War Machine and the melodic enthrall of September. Adding to this already powerful band drummer Steve Salter lends his hard hitting drumming along to the tight bass lines rhythms of Tom Zong and adding to the Slik Helvetika sound this group overall laps the current traditional acts of this vein of music today. Lyrically the band displays intellect via constructive themes of songwriting that are composed well instrumentally adding life to words that give depth to the band's meaning. Down side to this lively CD would have to be that the band should have released this album years ago for I am sure it would have added them to the higher ranks of '80s/early '90s' music. Lighthearted, serious and sexy all at once these cats reminisce of a nostalgic time when glam once ruled supreme. ( - Jussi

In the world of Russia's S.c.a.l.p. ( there is no happiness. The trio has been around for more than ten years slugging it out whilst losing singers, bassists and other members at indeterminate intervals. It is not surprising then that the keys of the intro Out Of Madness lead to music that is morose and dark. The band's generally slow stride towards the dark and empty place, through songs like A Heart Was Beating, Broken Pines and Tears And Blood, is comparable to Anathema, Celtic Frost or UK's old underground stalwarts Decomposed. The rough desolation of the music has all the basics, with synthesizers, and a good spree of distortion propagation. The vocals remain within tight confines, as does the musical pace and ability, but the box suits the band's sombre musical intent. Killing someone or killing yourself just became so much more sound. - Ali "The Metallian"

Kabang is the sound of a gun going off and it is also the chosen name for this Florida hard rock/rock band. The songs are moderately commercial with a groovy rhythm and a gruff singer that often reminds one of The Cult. The music is both calculated and wild which can be described as a mix of King's X and Velvet Revolver. The trio is capable generally speaking, a couple of members have cool long hair and the mix of commercialism and grit clicks most of the time. Track number three Listen is the weakest link here while the title track can be the best on offer given its wilder and heavier sound. Damaged bears a little rapping, but that does not last long. Ignoring a couple of solos reminiscent of Metallica, these guys know what they are doing and where they want to be. Proof of that is the commercial radio edit of Stress Me Out as the last track on the disc. Write to or visit and note that new music is coming from the band. - Sheila Wes Det

IRONY - same
The idyllic city of Heidelberg is not known for hard rock and heavy metal. That has not stopped Irony from putting together a superb three-song demo of the traditional metal kind. The band is still short of mastering its instruments, but the individuals are on the right track with the amazing melodies, heavy riffs and the affectionate voice of Nicolaj Ruhnow. The band mixes a US metal sound (Sanctuary, Heir Apparent, etc.) with elements of NWOBHM (think early Tokyo Blade) and its own inventions to reassure us that in a world of crossover crap, mallcore manure and hardcore hacks younger bands have not forgotten where it really is at. Special nod goes to song number three War whose early Iron Maiden-meets-early Pretty Maids sound is always welcome at Metallian Towers. The band's lyrics also strike a chord nowadays. To the band I say: more speed, more songs, more solos and more of the same. Visit or for more information. Fans can also e-mail (that must be one busy man) or for further enquiries. - Ali "The Metallian"

TO THE BONE - same
Experiencing New Jersey's To The Bone begins with a little confusion and apprehension when the band's biography notes that the music has, "... no ballads, soft songs or rap" but also cites nu-metal as as influence! Thankfully, there was no need to trash the CD, throw it out of the window immediately and cleanse and sterilize the whole room. Instead To The Bone is a mixture of stoner, rock, hard rock and hardcore. The songs are well done and interesting, while vocalist Jeff Bridi exudes a good amount of character. The whole affair sounds confident which is good to see in a band at this stage. A couple of solos remind the listener of old Motörhead while some lyrics ("phone, because there is no phone") seem trite. Overall, To The Bone has what it takes to succeed in a saturated market. Write the guitarist through or visit the same website. - Anna Tergel

Is it me or is the world running out of band names? Anyway, the moronic Germans's three-song demo is rather good. The band follows a pure heavy metal style with a combination of good melody and edgy chords. The band is similar to acts like Tarot, Silver Mountain and Sigma, but is of course superior to all of them owing to the fact that Moron does not use keyboards. My advice to the band is to get a manager who will explain to them why they need a new monicker and a producer who will tell them that the songs need to be shortened. The quintet has both good ideas and arrangements that get overused and overdone because the songs are too long. The repetition and the weaker riffs occasionally negate the good parts. A special nod nonetheless goes to singer Weber for his personal style. Write the band through or visit for more details. - Anna Tergel

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