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RAZA DE ODIO is a new project featuring NECRODEATH members Peso (drums), John (Bass) and former SADIST singer Zanna. The new act's debut, La Nueva Alarma, is scheduled for October 2004. The band has signed to Scarlet Records. The band is described as, "death/thrash assault with tribal and latin music."...TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, DEATH ANGEL and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM are part of the upcoming Thrash Domination 04 Japanese tour in September. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM is currently writing material and planning on entering the studio in August for an early 2005 release. The new material is described by drummer Craig Nielsen as "leaps and bounds heavier than the last four records combined, definitely a return to the bands roots but still with some ambient surprises that break up all the speed riffing. There seems to be an inspired vibe going on in the writing process that is taking on a life of its own."...Candlelight Records has announced October 5th as the American release date for the new album from Norway's RED HARVEST. The album is called Internal Punishment Programs...Upcoming releases on Crash Music include ILLOGICIST's Subjected album, Finland's MY FATE with Happiness Is Fiction, MORTICIAN's Zombie Massacre Live and Finland's NINNUAM with the Process Of Life Separation album...DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER has announced the name of its fifth studio album as Samurai. The album is being recorded in at the Antfarm Studio...Guitarist Bruce Greig has quit MISERY INDEX. Former guitarist/vocalist Mike Harrison (featured on 'Overthrow' and the 'Commit Suicide/Split') is filling in...EVILDEAD's Annihilation Of Civilazation has just been rereleased by Scarlet Records...MONOLITH (a.k.a. THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT) ha signed to Karmageddon Media. The band will enter the studio in August to record its second album The White Crematorium...A new DAWN OF DEFIANCE song has been posted for downloading. Head to The band is recording a new demo...THE HAUNTED has set rEVOLVEr as the title for its new album and first for Century media. The album is set for an October 19th release. rEVOLVEr also marks the return of original vocalist Peter Dolving into the fold...Germany's SPAWN has signed to Morbid Records. Following several releases and European Tours with KRISIUN and CRYPTOPSY the new album, Human Toxin, has been recorded at Dailyhero Recordings Studios and mastered at Mega Wimp Sound and will be issued in December...Peaceville is considering re-releasing AXEGRINDER's The Rise Of Serpent Men at the end of this year...Here is some news from Southern Lord: GOATSNAKE will release a new EP this month called Trampled Under Hoof. The EP features three new and unreleased songs with Scott Reeder (KYUSS, OBSESSED) on bass, as well as two cover versions. The label has signed LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR from Chicago whose Carnage album is due next month and Norway's Orcustus which features Tormentor (ex-GORGOROTH), Infernus (GORGOROTH), Dirge Rep (ENSLAVED) and singer Taipan. An album is expected next year...BLOOD OF CHRIST is in pre-Production for the band's fourth album. According to the band, "writing process is moving along like a tank on the war path." The Toronto-based band is seeking a guitarist. Contact them though Stream has issued S E A R B L I S S' Glory and Perdition album...GENERAL SURGERY has signed a three album deal with Listenable Records and plans to enter Soundlab Studio in late 2004 to record a new album which is due out in spring 2005...DEFLESHED is at Dug-Out Studio recording its fifth full-length studio album May The Flesh Be With You. Expect it next year through Regain Records...Listenable Records has announced the release of ANOREXIA NERVOSA's new album, Redemption Process, on October 11th...ATTOMICA has signed a deal with Brazil'sHellion Records and will release its live album, entitled Back And Alive, recorded in December of 2003 soon. The band will release a new studio album in 2005...DEMOLITION has inked a deal with the german label/distribution company Twillight Records. The debut album for Twillight, Existence, will be released at the end of August...NEVER AGAIN, featuring Duane Timlin of DIVINE EMPIRE, has lost the services of Scott Creekmore and James Lee, but has gained the services of singer Ruben Rojas of DEVOURMENT. The band should be recording this month. In related news, DIVINE EMPIRE's next album is complete and will be called Methods of Exicution...Crossover band WINTER SOLSTICE has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records. An album is expected in 2005... FUELBLOODED (who were once known as SACRAMENTAL SACHEM) is recording a debut album, called Inflict The Inevitable, with producer Stephen van Haestregt...INFINITED HATE, featuring members of SINISTER and HOUWITSER, has picked Heaven Termination as the name for its forthcoming album, which will be released through Displeased Records. The band is using session drummer Dirk Verbeuren for recording purposes...PUNGENT STENCH has finished recording completed its new album, Ampeauty, which is due on September 6th through Nuclear Blast Records...HELLWITCH played its first show in six years at the Culture Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday, July 24th as openers for MALEVOLENT CREATION...ETERNAL LIES' new singer is former EUCHARIST bassist Tobias Gustafsson...FALLEN has signed a deal with Aftermath Music...BRICK BATH has parted ways with bassist Pete Stone and replaced him with Scott (Rock) Rockstead...Former BLOOD FEAST drummer Kevin Kuzma has recruited guitarist John Blicharz, bassist Karl Odenwalder and unknown singer Linda Alexander for a new band called LAMENT...DEICIDE has re-signed with Earache Records, this time giving the label two albums...SHADOW CUT, which features drummer Repe F.W. Misanthrope (IMPALED NAZARENE) and bassist Mitja Harvilahti (MOONSORROW) in its ranks, has signed a deal with Firebox Records. An album is due in the winter of 2005...GOD DETHRONED has picked The Lair Of The White Worm as the name of its upcoming album. The disc is due in November through Metal Blade Records...INTO ETERNITY has announced that Pit Magazine's Adam Sagan has been recruited to tour with the band as drummer...THROCULT's new album, Stormbringer - Conjuration Of The Nighthorde, will be released on Oct. 5th...BANE OF EXISTENCE has a new guitarist called Greg Armstrong...VARATHRON is back and has signed a new deal with Greece's Black Lotus Records.

Metallian Hard

DOUBLE DIAMOND has been joined by drummer Bart 'Wacko' Schenkel. Due to a neeed for new band photos and a delayed cover art, Mausoleum Records has delayed the release of the Belgians band's CD Ride The Wind to September...CATHEDRAL, whose first album for Nuclear Blast is called Seeds Of Decay and is due early next year, has welcomed long time bassist Leo Smee to the band. Some of the bands newer song titles are: Corpsecycle, Sabbadaius Sabbattum, Eripmav Moon' and This Body Thy Tomb...The string of name musicians contributing to the upcoming TRIBUZY album continues. Mat Sinner and Ralf Scheepers of PRIMAL FEAR will soon begin recording their parts for Renato Tribuzy's new album, Execution...Former HELLOWEEN and METALIUM drummer Mark Cross is the newest member of WINTERS BANE and will be performing on the band's upcoming album due at the end of 2004...According to Bernard Mc Mannis of the Mc Mannis Entertainment Group, Metal Mayhem Music has refused to issue due royalties to several of its bands, including ones managed by the Mc Mannis group. A website has been set up at Tommy Skeoch of TESLA has reportedly been checked into rehab after succumbing to drug abuse again...Singer Michael Bormann (JADED HEART, BONFIRE) and guitarist Angel Schleifer (BONFIRE, SINNER, PRETTY MAIDS, etc.) have banded together again to release a new CHARADE album simply called Charade II. The album will be released in November...THE GREAT KAT has just issued a new video called Zapateado. A sample can be viewed at Records has picked August 10th as the release date for the American edition of the new album from Sweden's ENTOMBED, called Inferno w/Averno...RUNNING WILD has announced that the title for the forthcoming album is Rogues En Vogue and that it is due in late autumn through G.U.N....Roadrunner Records has announced that CRADLE OF FILTH's next album, Nymphetamine, will be released on September 28th...KICK AXE's IV is now out through MTM Music. Kick Axe will be touring Canada and the USA starting in August...HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE will start the recordings for its third Album at the beginning of 2005. The working title is The Locust Years. The band will also be on an extensive US tour this summer...AC/DC has an alley in Melbourne named after them. The former Corporation Lane has been renamed AC/DC Lane in honour of the hard rock veterans...EISREGEN is in the studio recording a new album that will be called Wundwasser and be issued by Massacre Records...Century Media is releasing an ICED EARTH compilation CD. The double CD compilation contains 23 tracks featuring over two hours of remastered material spanning the band's Century Media career. Russian fantasy artist Leo Hao (BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH) has created the cover. The Blessed And The Damned is out this month...AGE OF SILENCE, a new band featuring SOLEFALD's Lazare and MAYHEM's Hellhammer, will release its debut album Acceleration on September 14th through The End Records...GRIFFIN has been rejoined by singer Pete Beck. The vocalist had earlier quit the band to rest and recuperate from illness...LIZZY BORDEN has changed its name to STARWOOD and has a new album on Metal Blade called If It Ain't Broke, Break It!. The band is The band is singer Lizzy, guitarist Joe Steals, bassist Marten Andersson and drummer Joey Scott-Harges...BETHLEHEM has completed work on its fifth album, called Mein Weg, which will be release through Red Stream Records in September..Sweden's PLATITUDE has parted ways with drummer Marcus Höher...GOATWHORE, the black metal band of singer L. Ben Falgoust II (SOILENT GREEN) and guitarist Sammy Duet (ACID BATH, CROWBAR), has signed with Metal Blade Records...Former TIAMAT and SUNDOWN and current LITHIUM member Johnny Hagel and THERION's Sami Karppinen have formed a new record company called Heresy Records...Glenn Hughes is releasing a double-CD and DVD, Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels, on September 20th through Frontiers Records...GARDENIAN vocalist Jim Kjell and ex-DIMENSION ZERO/IN FLAMES guitarist Glenn Ljungström have a new band called PITCHLINE...ROTTING CHRIST and guitarist Costas have parted ways due to "personal reasons."...SILVER has signed with MTM Music...Australia's DEVOLVED has set a September 6th release date for its new album Calculated...The End Records has signed NOVEMBERS DOOM. The band's fifth album is due in late autumn...SAXON's Lionheart will be out in October.

Metallian Demos

Warren Appleby is a former Black Task member who over the last couple of years has issued three self-produced instrumental CDs. Appleby's music is without doubt not aimed at the heavy metal clientelle, but having said that the approach and mentality is somehow of appeal to those seeking the harder edge of things in life. For my money, The Terrible Beauty is the most guitar-oriented work of the multi-talented man. Shark's Eyes, Hawk & Dove and the title track establish the musicianship as a talented one with a colourful imagination and a sense of adventure. This is the man's motif almost. Speaking of which, track three Ghosts Of Winter would probably classify as lounge music! Once again, Appleby is talented and original, but best served to those with an open mind and a longing for something unfamiliar. This CD is written, performed, recorded, produced, packaged and shipped by Appleby. To see how that is done head over to or e-mail him at To order the disc send $6 (US) to Madkar Records, P.O. Box 3138, Maple Glen, PA. 19002 USA. - Ali "The Metallian"

The Japanese duo Gaspanic are not a new name to these pages. The band's new demo is the artists' most comprehensive release so far though. Seven songs are packaged in semi-professional packaging and shipped to the listener. The act is a little different in what it does.
The singer truly sounds like he is gasping for breathing trying to sing while being gassed during a terrorist attack in a Tokyo subway. He does vary his voice, but the preceding description holds true most of the time. The guitarist is good at what she does and tries her hand at several things a couple of which are actually pretty clever. Gaspanic does not stop there though. The band incorporates samples and electronica and, my biggest problem, a drum machine. The presence of the fake beats of a computer detract from the music and the emotion a (metal) band is supposed to create. Nevertheless, the sound is good and songs like Love, She is... and Naked (is there a theme here?) spark enough interest to make this address handy: Akira Naito, 2-4-7 Kamitakaido, Suginami-ward Tokyo 168-0074 Japan or go to for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

Skinkrawl is a new band to me which with a lack of a biography, booklet or other information makes speaking about the band difficult. The CD itself offers three professionally recorded songs which contain elements of mallcore (Skinlab and Korn), a good guitar crunch and a vocalist who, in tandem with the demented subject lines, can come across like either a horror movie character or Marilyn Manson. It is powerful, but not exactly a metal fan's dream material. The music can get intricate and aggressive. For more information head over to and find out more. - Anna Tergel

When I reviewed Holy Knight's demo last month and announced an upcoming follow-up called Take No Prisoners I did not know it would fall unto my royal lap a mere month later. Nevertheless, here it is and the 'band' has incorporated a little more guitar into its 'bass driven metal' and added a little more duration to make the CD more value for money.
Holy Knight is still quite primitive and very rough around the edges. Where the band is not struggling though is at proselytizing. Satan is a fool and in shambles whereas the Lord is almighty and victorious. White metal fans should be drooling as they read. To get this CD featuring songs like Army Of God, At The Cross and John 3 write to Holy Knight resides at 2107 Montclair Lane, Lewisville, TX. 75067 USA. - Ali "The Metallian"

My relationship with '80s bands, or at least '80s-styled bands, has always been like a moth and fire. The long hair, the beautiful mane, the gorgeous bodies and the rocking tunes were exactly what the doctor ordered for a wild girl like me. Krokus, Jackyl, Great White and the like is where Ohio's Aesthesia draws its influences from. The four Americans are certainly into the good time hard rocking sound of the glorious '80s, but there is a catch. The songs are merely average and the sound poor. Another problem with this band is the dull drummer. This type of music demands a loud drummer, raging solos and roaring vocals. These are a few things which are missing on Drawn To The Flame. Please fix those things and come back for another try. Oh, and next time send in a photograph too. - Sheila Wes Det

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