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THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's guitarist Brian Eschbach was arrested recently for "indecent exposure" while filming footage and interviewing bands on behalf of Fuse TV's Uranium program...MYSTIC CIRCLE and drummer Necrodemon have gone separate ways although the man will produce the Germans' next album which might be entitled The Bloody Path Of God...CRYPTOPSY's fifth album, Once Was Not, is now completed. The band recorded with Sébastien Marsan at Studio Vortex and expects a release through Century Media in October...NEURAXIS' fourth album, Trilateral Progression, is due on September 13th through Willowtip Records...Unique Leader Records has announced October 18th as the North American release date for the new VILE album, The New Age Of Chaos...A reformed ONSLAUGHT will tour with EXODUS, OCCULT, KATAKLYSM, UNLEASHED, BEHEMOTH, and PRIMORDIAL for the X-Mass Festivals 2005 tour in Europe this December...HYPOCRISY has uploaded the cover artwork for its upcoming album, Virus, onto its website. In preparation for its North American release on September 20th, the band shot a video for the song Scrutinized, which bassist Mikael Hedlund admits the band "had a great time doing it...hope you gonna enjoy it as much as we do!". Some titles are, Warpath, Scrutinized, Fearless, Craving For Another Killing and Let The Knife Do The Talking...ENTHRONED has issued a live album. The Black Goat Ritual disc has been released through Napalm Records and features material recorded in South America...New releases on Displeased Records are NATTEFROST's Terrorist album, the sixth album of ARCANA which is entitled Le Serpent Rouge in LP format. INFINITED HATE's Heaven Termination, MANEGARM's Vredens Tid and INCRIMINATED's Promise Of Worse To Come will be issued next month...Brian Werking's reformed EXMORTIS has titled its upcoming demo The Resurrection...Seven years following its last release GOTMOOR is back with a new album called Pain Provider. Expect it on Lugburz Productions this month...There is much news in the AGANKAST camp. Drummer Ava Robertson and guitarist Jimmy Manningham have left the band. According to the band, "the two were not giving the sort of drive and commitment required of a professional metal band so they were out." Original Drummer Drew Gill has returned to the band. Gill was the original drummer and had recorded all of the drums on on the debut album, but was forced to leave due to a Mountain bike accident which resulted in a serious knee injury that indicated that the 17-year old would not have been able to return to the drums at all. He has made a full recovery now. Ciaran Wright from Edinburgh is the band's new second guitarist. The band's debut CD should be out soon...Crucial Blast will release the second full-length album from Oakland, California's THE MASS on September 13th, 2005. The album is entitled Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness...Evil Horde Records will issue AVERSE SEFIRA Tetragrammatical Astygmata CD this month...THINE EYES BLEED is in the midst of a tour of Eastern Canada...Profound Lore Records has signed Canada’s "ultra black thrashers" ARCTIC CIRCLE. The band is described as "Coming across as Canada’s answer to AURA NOIR/MONUMENTAL POSSESSION."...CRYPTOPSY has recorded its fifth full-length album at Vortex Studio in St-Constant with producer Sebastien Marsan. The concept album is expected for this autumn when the band, SUFFOCATION and ABORTED will tour North America...EXODUS has titled its next album Shovel Headed Kill Machine. The album was produced by Andy Sneap and will be issued on October 5th through Nuclear Blast. The album will feature former SLAYER drummer Paul Bostaph and new singer Rob Dukes...Subordinate Productions has reissued CEPHALIC CARNAGE's debut album Hydro Grind...TERROR 2000 has finished the recording of the new album Terror For Sale. Scarlet records will issue it in October...NIGHT IN GALES is currently completing the songwriting for the band's untitled fifth album. It will feature 12 new songs...MERCENARY and DEW-SCENTED have snatched the supporting slots for NEVERMORE's forthcoming European Tour, taking place in September and October. In other news, MERCENARY singer/bass player Kral will be doing guest vocals on two tracks on the upcoming album by Danish metallers URKRAFT, The Inhuman Aberration...NUCLEAR ASSAULT's Third World Genocide album , first studio album in ten years, is out this month. The band is playing several shows with TESTAMENT this month and next in the USA...GOD DETHRONED, BYZANTINE, NIGHTRAGE, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, HELL WITHIN and LILITU comprise the roster of the International Extreme Music Festival North American tour. The five-week trek is scheduled to begin in September...Unique Leader Records has signed Columbia's INTERNAL SUFFERING. The band will record a new full-length later this year at Mana Studio with Erik Rutan...Vegar "Vyl" Larsen, also in KEEP OF KALESSIN, is now the drummer of CHTON. The band is looking for a label...Former MORTAL SIN, ADDICTIVE and SLAUGHTERLORD guitarist Joe Buttigieg has formed a new band called DUBBED BLOODSTONE DARKNIGHT. Samples are available at new MORRIGAN CD Headcult is now out through Undercover Records...Metal War Productions has issued RELLIK's Deceive The Deceiving MCD. The band features ex-IMMOLATION drummer Craig Smilowski. The label has also released LAMENT's Death Of Innocence featuring drumming by Kevin Kuzma (ex-BLOOD FEAST). Upcoming releases on the label are DECEASED's As The Weird Travel On LP and CRUCIFIER/THRONEUM's From Deep Grave Dungeons split-CD...A new CARNAL REDEMPTION MCD is now out. It is entitled Cerebral Chaos.

Metallian Hard

The new album of CLOVEN HOOF will be called Eye Of The Sun and will be released at the end of September through Xzec Records...WARREN APPLEBY's new CD Monsters Among Us is expected this month...The Swedish sextet SONIC SYNDICATE has completed its debut album Eden Fire. A mp3 of the song Jailbreak has been posted on the website The album is expected through PivotalRage in August...The new album for IN FLAMES has been mixed at Tonteknik studio in Umeå, Sweden. The album will not be called Crawl Through Knives as previously reported, but instead is named Come Clarity...Following regrouping in 2001, RHINO BUCKET has signed a record deal with Acetate Records. A new album is expected soon...The Second edition of '80s Italian Metal Legion Festival takes place on the first and second of October at the Music Club in Brendola (Vicenza) in north of Italy. Some of the bands featured are DARK AGES, DARK LORD, X-HERO and WYXMER. For more information visit will release Hellish Videos: The Complete Video Collection on DVD on August 16, 2005, through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment. This DVD, compiled and produced by vocalist Andi Deris, features all the promotional videos ever made by the band...The new KING's X CD, Ogre Tones will be released worldwide through Inside Out Music on September 27th. There will be two singles from the new CD, namely If and Alone. The band is currently filming a video with hip hop video producer, Dr. Teeth...VIVIAN CAMPBELL's debut solo CD Two Sides Of If will be released through Sanctuary Records on September 6th. It features a dozen covers of the guitarist's favourite songs from various blues artists...New York's SUPERVILLAIN has recruited guitarist Rocket of TOILET BOYS fame...Frontiers Records has signed BOB CATLEY, the singer of MAGNUM, to a multi-album deal. BOB CATLEY's new album, tentatively titled Temptation, is due for early 2006...VOIVOD has signed to The End Records for America. The band will enter the studio in the autumn of 2005. Release date for the band's eleventh studio album is not yet confirmed, but is expected sometime in early 2006. Drummer Michel Langevin (a.k.a. Away) confirms that the band has completed the writing of the album, describing the material as "heavy" and "experimental"...INTENSE has completed phase one of the recordings for a new album and will finish off the process in August. Complimenting THRESHOLD’s Karl Groom as producer is Rich West who is also helping with production duties. Rich has also agreed to handle the keyboards for the album...LITO Music Group is releasing IGNARUS' self-titled debut album this month...YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has just had his Unleash The Fury album issued in America through Spitfire Records...MYSTIC PROPHECY has signed a deal with Massacre Records and will record a new album called Savage Souls in October...SKYLARK's new album, Fairytales, is scheduled for October, 2005 through Scarlet Records in Europe and America and Soundholic in Japan...The sixth Heavy Metal Maniacs festival will be held on October 29th in Hoorn, The Netherlands some of the bands on the bill are BLITZKRIEG, AVENGER, WITCHFYNDE and BLACKOUT. For more information visit AVENGER's current line-up is Gary young - drums, Ian Swift - vocals, Glenn Howes - Guitar, Liam Thompson - guitar and Mick Moore on bass...Tristessa of ASTARTE has won a court dispute that began nearly two years ago by her old band's mate Kinthia, regarding the official ownership of the band's name and logo. The court case was started after the band went through a drastic line-up change before the Sirens album was written and recorded...L.A. Guns' new album, Tales From The Strip, is produced by Andy Johns and is now out this month through Shrapnel Records. The band will be on tour throughout the summer with W.A.S.P to support the new CD...STRATOVARIUS is prepared to unleash its self-titled eleventh album, on September 13th, 2005. The line-up of vocalist Timo Kotipelto, guitarist Timo Tolkki, drummer Jorg Michael and keyboardist Jens Johansson has carried on the band's legacy, along with new bassist Lauri Porra...PHANTOM-X has signed with Mausoleum Records. The band's debut CD, Rise Of The Phantom, is due for release in November...BRAND NEW SIN's new album, Recipe For Disaster, is now out...MEGADETH and Sanctuary have parted ways...ICED EARTH's next album will be a concept album based on the Something Wicked This Way Comes storyboard which appeared in 1998. It will be a three-hour and two part release...GOREFEST's new album, La Muerte, is due in Europe on October 30th through Nuclear Blast Records...PROUDFLESH is a new band featuring Erik Lannon (ex-MORDRED, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK). The band has an independent album called Deliverance...Sleaszy Rider Records has announced September 12th as the release date for the new album from HORTUS ANIMAE, The Blow Of Furious Winds...In a surprise announcement, LEATHERWOLF has recruited singer Wade Black formerly of CRIMSON GLORY and SEVEN WITCHES...DEFIANCE has added drummer Flatline of VENGINCE to the group's ranks...LOUDNESS will release a new EP, entitled The Battleship Musashi this month...TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY is a new band featuring former MEGADETH and F5 bassist David Ellefson, W.A.S.P. drummer Stet Howland, guitarist Peter Scheithauer of BELLADONNA and KILLING MACHINE and singer Todd Barnes. The band has a debut album called Lethal Agenda...ION, the project of BORKNAGAR members Oystein G. Brun and Vintersorg has changed its name to CRONIAN. Another ION featuring Duncan Patterson is currently signed and recording..DREAMTALE has parted ways with drummer Petteri Rosenbom...Mission No. X, UDO's new album, is scheduled for release on October 4th through AFM Records...FREEDOM CALL and guitarist Cede have parted ways as a result of the man's time constraints...Frederik Ehmke is the name of the new drummer for BLIND GUARDIAN...Former NEVERMORE and ANNIHILATOR guitarist Curran Murphy has joined H.A.T.E....MENTORS have a new album called Over The Top...Original CARNIVORE/PRIMAL SCREAM guitarist was killed in a bike accident on July 11th in New York...PASSAGE, featuring MOONLYGHT guitarist and vocalist Roby and former MOONLYGHT drummer Luc Gaulin, will have self-titled album on July 25th through the Portuguese Exorcize Music...ANTHRAX has a new CD/DVD called Anthralogy: The Best Of Anthrax (1985-1991)...Tomas Lindberg has quit NIGHTRAGE and been replaced by a Jimmie Strimell...Paul Nelson formerly of LIEGE LORD recently played live with the KATRINA CHESTER BAND as a replacement guitarist.

Metallian Demos

Heruka would normally be easy to dismiss. The band uses keyboards and a drum machine and would naturally belong to the famed ' poser' category. In actuality, the Italian band has a couple of distinct factors working for it. Past the dark cover artwork and peculiar logo, the band has created a fantasy story which runs through the Italian lyrics. The shrieking and raging vocals spew fantastic stories at high speed like Dissection on a song like Monrgh: Le Due Spade. The band has gone one step further and added a number of interesting diagrams, sketches and maps inside which add to the atmosphere and narration. These might be worth investigating for fans whose mother tongue is Italian. There is some merit in the band's raging evil; alas they have chosen to copy Cradle Of Filth and gone overboard. For more information email and visit - Anna Tergel

Known for reigning terror upon the Los Angeles area, California’s own trio Eve’s Downfall strikes aggressive song material mixed with melodic death metal touches and bestows pure rage with its current self-titled demo release. Consisting of three hard driven songs one might say Eve’s Downfall has a refreshed life musically bringing a new style of musical compositions per say. Lead vocalist/guitarist Myssi Sauder shrills to new extremities in variation of growls, screams and guitar work mastery. She compiles innovated ideals which pushes the levels of a group of this caliber. Following in the creative process the rest of the band adds gusto and energy giving Myssi a backbone of concentrated metal music support with hard hitting bass lines to pounding thrash style drumming. Not bad if you ask me! Highlight of the demo is the clean vocal usage in connection with Myssi’s doom metal screams on track You Will Never Win showing a unique counterpart sound next to the music adding substance to a well-formatted piece. Along with the rest of the CD Sewer Rat and Broken Arm are well-structured songs giving the listener a taste of what this band is made of. Overall this group engulfs an impressively new kind of metal music that cannot be described. Downfall would have to be the quality of recording, but asides that the music wages a new frontier all its own. ( - Jussi

Boy, this might be a case of a band begging for a name change, but the Swedish four-piece of Björn Rådström, Peter Nilsson, Anders Ström and Peppo (the last guy is Swedish for sure) probably don't give a fig. The music screams early '70s and sounds as if it comes from the Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath school of demo tapes. The vocalist hits those Ozzy-esque notes and, while occasionally straining, adds atmosphere to the songs. The other instrumentalist worth mentioning is Björn and his cracking bass guitar. Song number five, entitled Flowers, brings quite a bit of early Rush influences to the fore which coupled with the occasional early Scorpions styling firmly anchors the band in its chosen decade. This type of thing does not come around too often so if you like the sounds of it email or visit - Anna Tergel

I enjoyed moshing to Fogcrawler despite the cliche demo title and a sound that strongly suggests overt influences from Suffocation and Dying Fetus. It is true, Fogcrawler begins with a backward sample a la Morbid Angel and plays real and pure death metal with an emphasis on the mid-pace and heavy riffs. The vocals are both growly (mostly) and screamy and the guitar sound sharp as the edge of a brand new machete. The four guys do speed up which is good, for they sound really good at high speeds. They should do it more often and while at it incorporate more guitar solos. That is probably something that will come as the band improves its technical ability. They also need some sort of an image. The same old four guys standing there looking like nobodies is just not good enough. Come on, guys. Make an effort!
Excluding the occasional dreamy instrumental, this is slamming, grinding, crushing death metal with no hint of the more trendy influences. Get hold of the band by writing to or visit! - Anna Tergel

The band that Italy's Hellwrath is most comparable to is the old Nuclear Blast death/thrash entity, Revenant. The mix of gruff vocals, subdued compositions and tight angling for something extreme is reminiscent of that band, plus elements from Death. The guitars aim for technicality and variation, the drummer does not follow the other members and the singer feigns a weak growl of sorts, but the sound is rather unsound. There are only three songs here, Hellwrath, Peaceless and Anger Words, but the CD has a total running time of over 18 minutes. The band is promoted through the Necrotorture Agency and can be contacted itself through - Ali "The Metallian"

Firstly, those are two hot hunks on the cover of the demo. Secondly, despite the quintet's looks and poseur T-shirts of Danzig (the has-been rock star) and Mayhem (wimped out jokers) the band is a serious death metal act. Thirdly, the band might claim to be signed to a TAF Production, but knowing that the members' other band is called Thy Anthem Fades really explains it all.
The band delivers eight tracks of grim and dark death metal with gruff vocals, daring guitar moves and a drummer who speeds up and slows down but not on purpose. The emphasis is on speed and a dark attitude as song titles like Christfall [Putrefaction Of Life], Shade Of Noir and Freezing Womb Of Pain indicate.
This is a real underground demonpiece with a sound to match from, fourth, a new band with a clever monicker. can help you with this band. - Anna Tergel

Hateform is a young Finnish band - but don't stop reading - formed by former Morbid Dream members that veritably plays real death metal. Not only is the band for real in a sea of Finnish poseurs, but the well-crafted songs are amazing for a band that was just born a year ago! Influences from Amon Amarth, Slayer and early Death mix and match with a rhythmic base and a favourable snare sound. The Slayer riffs are a little too obvious at this point, yet Hateform has what it takes to become a serious deathrashing force on the metal scene if this is what they could come up with only a year after forming. Moreover, the band needs to increase its solos. What they have here shows they know how to go about it. Write to or visit for information. - Anna Tergel

G.L.A.S. - 18
Boy, oh boy where to start and what to say? Guys, I am really sorry, but there is no way one can recommend this. Between the weak music and sub-standard sound, a singer who according to a friend who was with me listening to this "makes the music sound good!" and does a really really bad impression of Poison's Bret Michaels and an unceremoniously unannounced and uncredited Iron Maiden rip off on the song The Sweet Sound Of The Hard Falling Rain this band has a seriously long way to go to before respectability. The band's next demo might be a one-hundred percent improvement and still be rubbish. Even the band's image seriously lacks some beautiful long hair. Come on guys, throw me a bone. You have been at it for 20 years! - Sheila Wes Det

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