Metallian Heavy

ABORTED is working on its Auricular Chronicles DVD which is set to be released in October through Listenable Records. The band is also working on Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture CD which will be issued next spring by Century Media…Bay Area doom metal band ASUNDER has completed work on its full-length album. Entitled Works Will Come Undone, the new album is due in October through Profound Lore Records…SUMMON is seeking a new singer and guitarist following a fight between bassist Necromodeus and frontman Xaphan. In an official statement, band leader Necromodeus stated, “We’re not going to quit because he did…again. We’re looking for a replacement singer.” The band had just completed a set at Detroit’s Club 2500 when it came undone…Open Grave Records has signed PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE. Hailing from England, the black metal band’s debut is due in 2007…CELTIC FROST, SAHG and 1349 will tour America in September…MELIAH RAGE’s The Deep And Dreamless Sleep will be out through Screaming Ferret Wreckords on September 12th, 2006. The band is confirmed for Locobazooka! at the Tweeter Center For The Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA. on August 13th, 2006…Open Grave Records’ newest signing is FEAST ETERNAL. The band started out in the winter of 1992 with John Greenman (ex-INFESTED) and T.J. Humlinski (also ex- INFESTED). In late 2006 the band’s Prisons Of Flesh album will be reissued in it's original form plus include two new tracks as a bonus to tie fans over for the full-length return of the band in early 2007…London’s NEEDLEYE has completed the recording of its forthcoming demo Ode To None and recruited the talents of drummer Adrian Erlandsson (AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED, etc.) while doing it. The band is still searching for a bassist…Founding singer and bassist Damian Hein has left IN BLACKEST VELVET…Candlelight Records has announced October 17th as the American release date for Above The Weeping World, the new album from Finland's INSOMINIUM…ALL THAT REMAINS' third album, The Fall Of Ideals, has sold over 14,000 copies in the USA in a week to debut at position No. 75 on The Billboard 200 chart…UNLEASHED’s next album is called Midvinterblot and will appear through SPV Records…SERPENT OBSCENE has split up…THE DUSKFALL has parted ways with bassist Marco Eronen who will concentrate on his own band RAISED FIST in the future…Guitarist MIKE SMITH has abandoned his touring activities with DECEASED. He is replaced by Shane Fuegel of BIONIC MAN and DRUGS OF FAITH…BELPHEGOR has signed to Nuclear Blast Records, which will issue the band’s Pestapokalypse VI album in November…Finland’s DEMILICH played its final show in its hometown of Kuopio on July 22nd…The German band ARCORAIS is searching for a new guitarist. The band’s former Member Torben "Hermi" Herrmann will leave the Band following the Westerode Open Air. Any candidates near the German/Netherlands border should get in touch via…On August 1st; STRAPPING YOUNG LAD welcomed James MacDonough (ex-MEGADETH and ICED EARTH) to the line-up to handle the bass duties for the remaining Ozzfest and off dates. MacDonough replaced Byron Stroud only for these remaining shows since Stroud will be hitting the road with FEAR FACTORY...HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL’s Opus Genitalia album will be issued this month by Cudgel Agency…Predictably DISSECTION has cancelled its two American shows following the inability of the band’s singer/guitarist Jon to obtain a US visa…Mike Turner, the guitarist for DECREPIT BIRTH, was not allowed to enter Canada due a criminal record and could not play at the Canadian dates of the Bloodletting North America V tour with DEEDS OF FLESH, VILE and ODIOUS MORTEM…Former GORGOROTH and OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT vocalist Pest will be singing for BLOOD STAINED DUSK at this year's Hellfire Manifest in Huntsville, Alabama!...Earache has dropped INSISION. The band already has enough material for a third record…CARNIVOLE, which now features Peter Steele (TYPE O NEGATIVE) - vocals, bass, Paul Bento (METAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION) - guitar, vocals, Joey Zampela (LIFE OF AGONY) - guitar, vocals and Steve Tobin (METAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION, ex-DUST TO DUST) - drums, vocals has two more reunion shows planned for September in New York and New Jersey.

Metallian Hard

ANVIL guitarist Ivan Hurd and the band’s manager Tiziania Arrigoni will wed on August 12th. ANVIL, EXCITER, ARAPACIS and other bands will perform at the wedding…HEAVY PETTIN’ has reformed and signed to Majestic Rock. The band is working on new material, but a collection of unreleased material called Prodigal Songs will surface later this summer…Cruz Del Sur Music has reached an agreement with California’s CRESCENT SHIELD for the release of its first full-length album, The Last Of My Kind. CRESCENT SHIELD is the project of ex-ONWARD singer Michael Grant and ex-DESTINY’S END guitarist Dan DeLucie. The line-up is completed with drummer Craig Anderson (ex-IGNITE/ENGINE) and bassist Melanie Sisneros (ex-NEW EDEN/THE IRON MAIDENS/SINERGY. The Last Of My Kind will be released in late October…EVEMASTER is on hold while singer Jarno spends time in South Africa and Jaska works in the USA. The band is looking at finding a label and recording its third album in the summer of 2007…A JACK FROST solo album called Out In The Cold will be out through Screaming Ferret Wreckords on August 29th…New York quintet BRAND NEW SIN’s new offering, Tequila, is set for an October 3rd release through Century Media…WARRANT is back with a new release called Born Again. The album is out through Cleopatra Records…Sweden’s LION’s SHARE is recording a new album due for release in January. The album will feature a guest appearance by KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick…MYSTERY BLUE’s Claws Of Steel will be issued in September through Mausoleum Records…BLINDED COLONY’s new album will be called Bedtime Prayers and will be released by Pivotal Rockordings…AXEMASTER has been offered contracts by four European record labels to re-release its debut album, Blessing In The Skies on CD. The album was originally released as an LP by Azra International Records. The band is going to be included on an upcoming multimedia CD-ROM called The Polishing Of Metal through Canada’s Rock Record Collectors Association…Enclave Records and WOLFCHANT are accusing one another of deceit and cheating following the German band’s contract with the label for an appearance on a compilation CD…Drummer Marius Karlsen has decided to leave GRIFFIN to pursue a career as a chef. Alessandro Elide of MANIFEST, who replaced Marius on a recent European tour, will join the band full-time…German/Canadian band JINGO DE LUNCH will play a one-off reunion show on August 25th in Berlin at the White Trash Fast Food…Doom band HARMS WAY, featuring singer and bassist Mr. Dim (of BORN OF FIRE), guitarist Fredrik "Eugene" Lindgren (ex-UNLEASHED, BORN OF FIRE, LOUDPIPES and CELESTIAL PAIN), second guitarist Erik Wallin (ex-MERCILESS) and drummer Stefan Carlsson (ex-MERCILESS, DIA PLASMA, TRANSPORT LEAGUE and BLACKSHINE), will release its full-length debut, called Oxytocin, on September 22nd through Black Lodge Records…JAGUAR has added bass player Simon Patel to the line-up. Simon made his live debut with JAGUAR at the recent Thrash Till Death Festival in Germany…New York’s SPREAD EAGLE has reunited…Due to legal pressure RHAPSODY has changed its monicker to RHAPSODY OF FIRE…Canada’s INTO ETERNITY has picked The Scattering Of Ashes as the title for its next album, which is due this autumn through Century Media Records…Former MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP singer Robin McAuley has replaced Jim Jamison as the new vocalist for SURVIVOR…Frontiers Records has snatched PRETTY MAIDS for a multi-album deal. The group's Wake Up To The Real World album will be released in November…LAKE OF TEARS has picked Moons And Mushrooms as the title for its seventh album, which is due on August 28th through Dockyard 1…KROKUS has signed with FM Records…WARMACHINE and drummer Mark Harding have parted ways due to the latter’s mental and physical health…E-FORCE has signed a three-album deal with France's Thundering Records…Montreal’s ARAPACIS has a new drummer, Ulysse Bergeron…AGENT STEEL has signed to Mascot Records. The band is entering the studio with Bill Metoyer and will issue a new album next winter…Former MARDUK musicians singer Legion (a.k.a. Erik Hagsted) and bassist B.War (a.k.a. Roger "Bogge" Svensson) have changed the name of their band to ELIZIUM from REBELANGELS…Frontiers Records will issue KINGDOM COME’s Ain't Crying For The Moon on October 20th…Former ATOMKRAFT guitarist Rob has given up the guitarist post in AGANKAST and will instead manage the band…Bassist Michael Håkansson has left EVERGREY due to his disenchantment with the band’s musical direction. Former HAMMERFALL bassist Fredrik Larsson has joined EVERGREY…HAMMERFALL’s Threshold album will be issued on October 31st through Nuclear Blast Records… THRESHOLD has signed to Nuclear Blast. The band will enter the studio next month in order to begin recording a new album…DREAM DEATH, which reformed in 2005 to release the demo compilation Back From The Dead on Psychodoomelic Records, will open for CELTIC FROST in Pennsylvania this autumn…Sebastian Bach sang for the last two songs (Night Train and Paradise City) of GUNS ‘N ROSES' set at the Wembley Arena in London, England on July 30th after singer Axl Rose was taken ill and could not finish the show.

Metallian Demos

This disc is not the usual fare. The amateurish demo cover might hint at something childish, but the band’s unique name and puzzling title are bearers of eight tracks of rock, hard rock and pop music. Various reports on the Internet indicated the band might be gothic or, at least, hint at that style, but there is little here that justifies the tag. Instead, Jerry Fielden and crew go after rock fans with a taste for harder than average sounds. The band is good, yet it is the guitar leads that stand out. The vocals of Shelsey Jarvis are inconsistent. They can sound weak or they can sound strong. It might be that she is inexperienced and is just finding herself. It sounds as if she needs more confidence. Ironically, for a metal girl, it is the slow song Histories and its follow-up Tale Spin that best bring out her voice. Tale Spin is a great kick ass song too. There aren’t many bands like this around nowadays – the songs were written between 1976 and 2005 - so give it a chance. E-mail or visit - Anna Tergel

So my old buddy Steve is back (still?) at it spewing the metal madness, eh? This guy has been bellowing into his microphone since the late ‘80s and is apparently not about to give up either. Not that the rest of the band s comprised of newcomers. The core of Coffin Birth is former Obscene Eulogy men Jamie and Nathan. Their new band proposes to take metal back to its extreme roots without the clichés of modern revisionism. The three songs largely fulfil that goal. The opening number, Disturbing The Earth, is the disc’s best cut with strong vocals which sound like a lynx gone berserk coupled with a strong rhythm and cool leads. The music could be compared to King Diamond, Melechesh and Kalmah. Down side? The trendy synthesizer in the background. Push up the bass sound and get rid of the keyboards and everyone will be happier. Fathered By Fiends begins in punky fashion, but soon settles into a metal rhythm. Another good lead (or two) supports this track. The material is mainly mid-paced. Listen to Steve suggest that you “diiiee”! The third and final song is called Cemetery Nights and, while not as convincing as the other two tunes, thrashes hard enough to be another tool in the band’s arsenal. The band is working on a full-length disc called The Miracle Of Death – can’t wait. E-mail for information. – Ali “The Metallian”

Look at the band and demo’s name and you will quickly come to the conclusion that this is not your average metal band. Based in Finland, the goat-worshipping quartet has recorded four old-school death metal tracks with enough underground sensibility to dig a tunnel to the centre of the earth. The band has many rough edges and does not exactly have the best sound possible, but given the lack of down and dirty death metal a la early Edge Of Sanity and Rotting Christ on the scene this would actually be a good insider’s tip for fans of the said sound. From growls to gruff and from fast to faster Capricorn, Thy Agony, Damon and Blake go for the jugular here. Listen for a blatant early Marduk rhythm on Tempus Eversionis. The disc comes with a video of the band, but the computer mainframes at Metallian Towers naturally were not able to open them. Get in touch with the band through or visit www Also ask for the band’s splendid stickers. – Ali “The Metallian”

What a demo this is. The 11 tracks on this disc are over 50 minutes of top-quality power metal with a hint of hardcore. That Core Device is an independent band can only be a function of the band’s selectivity, for on song after song the New Jersey act proves it is capable of creating music that competes well with the band’s influences, namely Nevermore and Iced Earth. While those bands may have impacted Core Device the simplistic rhythms contribute to a generally hardcore feel. Of course, there is also the matter of the band’s monicker. Aside from a weaker closer, called Torn From Within, however Our Fellowship Eternal is a serious contender with adept leads, flexible vocals and genuine riffs. Order it for yourself by e-mailing – Ali “The Metallian”

The band’s name? Misleading. The demo’s cover? Misleading? The photo of Conservative whore? Misleading? Metal? Misleading. The band’s promotional photo on the back? Misleading and fat.
Frankly, this writer had no idea what to expect given the arrival of the demo of a band called Single Point Of Failure featuring a ballerina’s feet on the cover and the mug of retarded Conservative politician Belinda Stronach inside. Neither conservative in nature nor containing Classical music, the insanity that is the band’s first demo is comprised of five songs of electronic power violence, which by definition means heavy growling, electronic interludes, rough sound and taking the piss out of society. There is even a song called Belinda here, not to mention the beat from Trio’s Da Da Da. Other song titles are Cheeze Rapeuse Genocide, Tibo Killing Machine and No Choke. Undoubtedly Belinda’s team of lawyers are looking into it. You can look into it by emailing or by visiting - Ali “The Metallian”

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