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KULT OV AZAZEL’s next album will be called Destroying The Sacred and due next winter through Arctic Music…One-time ENFORSAKEN guitarist Steve Stell has a new band called THE SHOTGUN SUICIDES. ENFORSAKEN disbanded in 2006 after being dropped by its label…CATAMENIA has announced a new drummer called Mikko Nevanlahti just in time for the band’s tour with ANCIENT RITES…Germany’s DARK AGE has a new album called Minus Exitus. The artwork was created by Niklas Sundin from DARK TRANQUILLITY…Singer Grant McWilliams has been booted from GENERAL SURGERY apparently due to alcoholism. His replacement is Erik Sahlström (MAZE OF TORMENT and SERPENT OBSCENE)…HIGH ON FIRE’s new album, Death Is This Communion, is due in September…AS I LAY DYING’s An Ocean Between Us album is due on August 21st through Metal Blade Records. It is produced by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz…Poland’s Metal Mind Productions will release the two BLESSED DEATH albums on CD. Kill Or Be Killed and Destined For Extinction are due in August…Guitarist Nysrok Infernalien has left ABORYM…Tony Van den Eynde from Belgian death metal band THE SEVENTH has replaced Sven as drummer in LENG TCH'E…FEAR MY THOUGHTS’ new singer is Martin Fischer…Sweden's AEON will issue an album called Rise To Dominate as the title for its new album, which is due in September through its new label Metal Blade Records…HELL WITHIN has recruited singer Brian Roy as the replacement for Matt McChesney, who left the band in June to join THE AUTUMN OFFERING…Former NILE bassist Joe Payne has joined DIVINE HERESY which features former FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares…Australia’s MORTAL SIN has signed with Riot Entertainment. The group's next album, An Absence Of Faith, will be released later this year…OVERKILL has picked Immortalis as the title for its next album, which is due out this autumn through Bodog Music. The label marks the return of Jonny and Marsha Zazula who were the proprietors of the band’s early label, Megaforce Records…Duane Timlin is out as drummer and Trey Williams is in for DYING FETUS…IMPERANON has thrown in the towel…DEICIDE Guitarist Jack Owen will tour with Ohio’s ESTUARY for the Balkans Assassination Tour this October and November alongside KRISIUN, INCANTATION and INACTIVE MESSIAH…DISMEMBER, NECROPHOBIC, DEBAUCHERY, PITCHBLACK and ILLNATH have joined forces for the Feel The Darkness Tour 2007 in August and September across parts of Western Europe…Due to neck injury, DIMMU BORGIR drummer Hellhammer will not be present at this summer’s festival dates or the European tour with AMON AMARTH and HATESPHERE. Tony Laureano who has played with the band in 2004 is taking over…Jade Simonetto is the name of the new HATE ETERNAL drummer. The band, now featuring CANNIBAL CORPSE’s Alex Webster on bass, is recording an album for Metal Blade which is due in January…Thrash, Speed, Burn, the long reported album of EXCITER has found a home at Massacre Records. The band is touring Canada and will have its album released in November…INCANTATION recently issued a statement terming South American promoter Cathedral Rock Productions con artists and rip-off. The band also noted its intention to continue its touring plans independently despite the promoters’ practices. The band is promoting its Primordial Domination album…NAER MATARON's new album, due in early 2008 on Season of Mist's new Underground Activists division, is entitled Praetorians. NAER MATARON’s new singer is Vicotnik, of DODHEIMSGARD/DHG fame. He is also producing the album…REPRISAL SCARS will enter the Watercastle studio in January to record a new 5-track demo…Colorado’s COBALT has a new album called Eater Of Birds out through Profound Lore Records…ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY’s Mere Contemplations CD is available through INRI Unlimited.

Metallian Hard

Original GIRLSCHOOL guitarist Kelly Johnson died due to the cancer of the spine on July 15th…EDENBRIDGE has recruited live guitarist Robert Schoenleitner as a full-time member and added Sebastian Lanser. The band’s The Chronicles Of Eden compilation is now out…HANOI ROCKS has picked Street Poetry as the title for its new album, which is due on September 5th through WolfGang Records…IGNITOR has signed a deal with Cruz Del Sur which will distribute the band’s Road Of Bones album…DEADSOUL TRIBE’s newest album, A Lullaby For The Devil, will be out on September 11th through InsideOut Music…Bassist Mikael Goding has decided to Leave WOLF citing a lack of fun as his reason…ANTHEM’s Immortal album is due for release in Europe in October through France's Replica Records a year after appearing in Japan. A bonus DVD called Anthem 20th Anniversary Tour 2005 will be included…THERION has signed again with Nuclear Blast Records of Germany. The band and label will work together for another five albums…SINNER has signed with AFM Records following the band, and its leader’s, departure from Nuclear Blast Records…Dan Campbell of Global Artists Management, the former manager for Zak Stevens and CIRCLE II CIRCLE, is suing the band for “breach of contract” following the termination of his services…BIOMECHANICAL has had to pull out of the upcoming SIKTH tour due to a fire at its recording studio. As a result, the mixing of the band’s forthcoming album, Cannibalised, is rescheduled for roughly the same time as the SIKTH tour…Swedish hard rockers FATAL SMILE have lost singer H.B. Anderson and replaced him with Thomas E. Blade…BONEBAG is a Dutch band featuring SIEGES EVEN singer Arno Menses on drums which will release its first CD, Noli Me Tangere, in the autumn through QuiXote Records…Guitarist Mark Adams has left DECEASED after 22 years in the band. Shane Fuegel is taking over for the recording of the band’s Surreal Overdose album…Former FIREWIND singer Chity Somapala has left DOMAIN a mere six months after joining the latter band…Bassist Andreas Mailänder has left BRAINSTORM…WAYSTED has picked The Harsh Reality as the title for its new album, which is due in October through Livewire Records…Don Arden (born Harry Levy), the former manager for BLACK SABBATH, and the father of Sharon Osbourne died on July 21st at the age of 81…Following an attempt at a drunkard performance at the Rock & Blues Custom Show in Pentrich, England, Michael Schenker of MSG came to blows with his brother Rudy of SCORPIONS whose band was also on the bill. The altercation came to an end only with security’s intervention…U.K. progressive metal band THRESHOLD has issued the following statement: "THRESHOLD singer Andrew 'Mac' McDermott has astonished his fellow band members by deciding not to perform at this weekend's Metalcamp and Earthshaker festivals in Slovenia and Germany. Fortunately, the band's previous singer Damian Wilson has come to the rescue and will perform at the festivals with the band for the first time since 1997. Damian Wilson is currently lead singer for the band HEADSPACE who recently supported OZZY OSBOURNE for U.K. shows, including Wembley Arena." More recently, McDermott quit the band hinting at financial difficulties. THRESHOLD will have Damian Wilson join the band for all upcoming shows, although the group has been removed from its slot at Norway's Subtacto Progfest apparently due to the festival’s financial difficulties…SOILWORK, which recently added guitarist Daniel Antonsson of Dimension Zero, has picked Sworn To A Great Divide as the title for its next album, which is due on October 19th through Nuclear Blast Records. Devin Townsend is working on production…DRYLL (formerly billed as DRILL), the new project of former VENOM guitarist Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn, will play at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary on August 8th…U.D.O. and PRIMAL FEAR are touring Europe this autumn…KISS recently performed as a three-piece in California when singer and guitarist Paul Stanley’s heart began beating at twice the normal rate. Stanley was forced to pull out of the show following receiving medical advice that performing would be dangerous and the band appeared without him…In advance of the 2008 release of BIOMECHANICAL’s Cannibalised album the band’s musicians have quit leaving singer John K. (i.e. Yiannis Koutselinis) as the sole member. Apparently, the singer had notified the rest of the band that he would run the band as his solo project in the future. Drummer Matt C. had quit the band earlier in the year…HELIX will release a new studio CD called The Power Of Rock And Roll through Capital Records/EMI in September. The band is singer Brian Vollmer, Jeff Fountain (bass), Steve Georgakopoulos (lead Guitar) and Rob MacEachern (drums)…THE OLD DEAD TREE will issue a new album called The Water Fields on September 17th through Season Of The Mist.

Metallian Demos

“For professional abuse only” reads a line inside the case for this demo. How appropriate given the raw heaviness of Exist To Extinct and the band’s Finnish origin. Thankfully, Incarnate has nothing to do with the pop mainstream of Finland except the one member and his silly Amorphis T-shirt. Oh well, can’t have it all one supposes.
Incarnate cliché name and all – at first listen is a death metal band with gargled vocals and a rush to go places. The simple construct and crude metal attack is reminiscent of early Carcass until repeated listens bring more and more thrashing riffs to one’s attention. Carcass yes, but thrash metal a la Kreator and Darkness as well. The better songs included are Raped Humanity, Us Mere Beholders with its solo and Deathsigns with its chilling scream. Incarnate is missing a better sound and more ripping solos like on the aforementioned track, but this is above average as is – especially for the land of a thousand wimps. Visit or e-mail for information. – Ali “The Metallian”

Veritas Mentis (Latin for ‘truth of the mind’) is an extreme metal band from Austria, which now after a multi-year hiatus is back with a three-song demo. The quintet swiftly stands out for two reasons. Firstly, the band is well rather swift. Secondly, the group’s music stands in distinction to its vocals. While the latter is extremely garbled and brutal, the former combines metallic heaviness with bouts of melody. Breath Of God is not only a stand-out in this respect, but also in possession of a classy solo which would have been at home even on a power metal album. Write the band at Ali “The Metallian”

You know what destroys my mind? A bunch of young kids living in California in 2007 who are influenced by early early Iron Maiden who would form a band and put ten songs on it. Cool. At least three of the guys have long metal hair too. Cute.
Trigger Renegade (ha?) is like Iron Maiden’s self-titled 1980 album musically if Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell was the band’s singer. The title track or A.N.T. (Artificial Neural Transmitters) blatantly copy Maiden, while Anthem For The Dead has a part similar to Animals’ House Of The Rising Sun. That, and a medley of NWOBHM and Motörhead and more, is the assortment found on the CD. The disc is as professional as the band’s music. What a thoroughly interesting band. Write them at for information. – Sheila Wes Det

Did you think listening to gore/grind would worry your mother? Well, how about listening to a gore/grind song called Ladyboy Into Dark Room? It will make mommy dearest miss the days when you would crank out run-of-the-mill grindcore songs called In Deference or Four Walls!
Patologicum has markedly improved with this release. The three songs and outro are well produced, violent and vicious, but take time to include a riff or two. Naturally, the pig grunting deathvox are never out of action. A knowledge of Polish would help, but is not necessary to the enjoyment and suffering that this brings. Visit the band at or get this disc through Crude Entertainment at - Anna Tergel

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