Metallian Heavy

Horror Pain Gore Death has issued a new album by Canada-based crossover band VHS. It is called We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs.

1349 will release a new album, entitled The Infernal Pathway, through Season Of Mist on October 18th.

SONS OF FAMINE has a debut full-length album called As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves through Horror Pain Gore Death.

NO/MÁS’ Last Laugh EP is out on August 30th. The band is often compared to ASSUCK.

Edmonton, Canada-based SOPHIST has a demo called Betrothal To The Stone: Conception Of Mephisto out on August 16th. The band was formed recently and its sound is considered as a cross between MAYHEM and NAPALM DEATH.

FORMICARIUS will release its second album for Schwarzdorn Production on Friday the 13th of September. The album is called Rending The Veil Of Flesh. Drums on this album are performed by Kevin Paradis of BENIGHTED.

PESTILENCE has signed with Agonia Records’ Hadeon imprint. A new album, entitled Exitivm, is due in November.

Comatose Music will issue STRAPPADO’s Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus album in August.

CATTLE DECAPITATION will release a new album, entitled Death Atlas, through Metal Blade on November 29th.

Downfall Records is issuing GRIMTONE’s Hymner Till Döden album.

Inspired by KEEL? ANACRUSIS will reunite for a one-off concert on the occasion of the re-release of its Metal Blade Records catalogue. The St. Louis show will take place on December 7th.

EXHORDER will release a new album, called Mourn The Southern Skies, through Nuclear Blast Records on 20.09.2019.

Nuclear Blast announced and then removed the posting about a new album by AS I LAY DYING called Shaped By Fire.

INSOMNIUM will release a new album, called Heart Like A Grave, through Century Media Records in October.

EYEHATEGOD drummer Aaron Hill was robbed prior to the band’s gig in Mexico. He was wounded with a knife and the band cancelled the show.

ACID REIGN will release its first full-length album in some thirty years in September. The Age Of Entitlement is out through Dissonance Productions in September.

Following MEGADETH singer Dave Mustaine contracting cancer and the band cancelling touring KREATOR has replaced MEGADETH at the Santiago Gets Louder festival, which is taking place in Santiago, Chile on October 6th. SLAYER, ANTHRAX and PENTAGRAM are on the bill.

TESTAMENT, EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL will tour Europe together using The Bay Strikes Back 2020 monicker next winter.

KATAKLYSM, WHITECHAPEL And FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE will tour Europe in November and December.

DEMOLITION HAMMER played at the Heavy Montreal festival in Montreal, Canada on July 28th.

Season Of Mist has signed Australia-based EARTH ROT. The band expects to issue an album this year.

Redefining Darkness Records is issuing Estonia-based DECEITOME’s Flux Of Ruin and SWARN’s Black Flame Order albums.

The Netherlands-based death metal band BODYFARM has a new album, called Dreadlord, through No Dust Records in September. The artwork was done by Dan Seagrave and the record was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano.

Art Cruz is the permanent replacement for drummer Chris Adler in LAMB OF GOD. Cruz has been touring with LAMB OF GOD for the last year as Adler has been undergoing physical therapy following a motorcycle accident. Oddly, Adler has been playing with several other bands such as Hail!

BLACK CROWN INITIATE has signed with Century Media. The band will tour Europe with RIVERS OF NIHIL, MØL and ORBIT CULTURE before beginning work on a new album.

PROKAZA is a Belarus-based duo currently in studio writing a new album which will be released through Season Of Mist in 2020.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY will release its next album, entitled The Sea Of Tragic Beasts, through Nuclear Blast Records in October.

Belgium-based funeral doom project SLOW has completed the recording of its next album VI – Dantalion, which is scheduled through code666 this autumn.

Crust band CRAWLER, from USA, has an album called Womb through Horror Pain Gore Death this month.

Following the departure of singer Dave Hunt BENEDICTION has been rejoined by vocalist Dave Ingram.

Season Of Mist has signed Poland-based black metal band MEDICO PESTE to its Underground Activists sub-label. The band, featuring live members from MGŁA, has completed work on its full-length, ב :The Black Bile. The new record will be released towards the end of 2019.

MORBID DEATH has signed with Art Gates Records. A new album is expected in 2020.

STORTREGN’s Evocation Of Light s out through Non Serviam Records on 20.09.2019.

CROPSY MANIAC has a mini-album called carnage on Horror Pain Gore Death. The band features former and current members of BLOOD FREAK, AKATHARTA, WOMBBATH and HENRY KANE.

HORRIFIC DEMISE’s Excruciating Extermination is out through Comatose Music next month.

UK-based grindcore band THE BROOD will issue the Democratic Warfare EP through Downfall Records next month.

Canada-based DIZASTRA will issue its Elder Sun demo later in 2019.

Metallian Hard

With the On The Hunt demo out on October 4th Vancouver-based heavy metallers IRON KINGDOM tour North America in support of the full-length. The tour will kick off in Vancouver, Canada on October 3rd and take the band on a two-month trek across Canada, the USA and Mexico, ending in Everett, WA, USA on December 1st.

PRETTY MAIDS will release a new album, entitled Undress Your Madness, through Frontiers Music in November.

THE SHIVER's album The Darkest Hour is out through Wormholedeath.

MERCYFUL FATE will be touring Europe in the summer of 2020.

AVEM’s Meridiem record was released through Wormholedeath on 29.03.2019. The hard rock band is based in Austria.

Instrumental act ANGELS ON THE BATTLEFIELD has a demo called Over Darkened Skies.

Italy-based parody band NANOWAR OF STEEL has issued a single called Norwegian Reggaeton.

Singer Karyn Crisis is in a new electronica band called SERPENT. Aural Music has signed Karyn Crisis' GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES. The label will release the band’s new album Covenant in October.

Canada-based EXES FOR EYES has a demo called Of Strength And Sorrow. The demo download for Of Strength and Sorrow will be available for only $1 at as of August 13th.

OF CHIPOTLE is a new project featuring LED ZEPPELIN bassist John Paul Jones. The band has booked two shows in Tokyo, Japan for early September.

HIGH ON FIRE has lost drummer Des Kensel.

SONATA ARCTICA will embark on The Raven Still Flies Over Europe tour with EDGE OF PARADISE and TEMPLE BALLS this autumn.

Street Symphonies Records and Burning Minds Music Group have signed hard-rock band BULLRING for the release of its official debut album, Break Down The Gate. The band was founded in 2018 following a meeting between Remo Ferrari and the core members of BIG ONES, which is an Italy-based AEROSMITH tribute band, member Dave Pola and Luca Ferraresi.

Gaby Hoffmann, the wife of guitarist Wolf, has retired and will not manage ACCEPT any longer.

METAL CHURCH cancelled its Canadian shows in Toronto and Montreal citing illness due to “family health issues.”

Singer Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, etc.) is collaborating with Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY) on a new album.

Reflections Doubt is the name of a demo by QAALM, which is a new “atmospheric doom metal band” by ACT OF DEFIANCE singer Henry Derek Elis.

Relapse Records, whose owner is Jewish, had dropped TAU CROSS prior to the release of the Messengers Of Deception album due to singer Rob “The Baron” Miller showing support for holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin in the new album’s liner notes. The rest of the band has distanced himself from the singer and expected surprise.

ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna’s rock covers’ band CHIEF BIG WAY is touring the USA.

According to singer Don Dokken Mick Brown has definitively retired from DOKKEN. The drummer has had his fill of touring including flying. The man may yet do the occasional WILD MICK BROWN AND THE BOURBON BALLET solo gig.

Former CINDERELLA singer Tom Kiefer will issue a demo called Rise next month.

Former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing will play with ROSS THE BOSS at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival in England on August 11th.

STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER shall release a new album on October 11th. It is called At The Gates.

WITCHWOOD’s Handful Of Stars is out through Jolly Roger Records.

LOGAN featuring the first LILLIAN AXE singer Johnny Vines has re-released its 1993 EP with ten never-before-released tracks through FnA Records.

Gene Simmons probably said 50 stupid things this month.