Metallian Heavy

Canada-based DEVIANT PROCESS is releasing a second full-length and it is called Nurture. The album is scheduled for worldwide release through Season Of Mist on 15.10.2021.

Snow Wolf Records has a release called Wretched Earth: A Global Black Metal Compilation. It features 16 bands from 14 countries including SPECTRAL DANCE (Canada), AKVAN (Iran), FUNERAL (Chile) and ASTARIUM (Russia).

Spirit Coffin Publishing is issuing Japan-based MARINER’s debut demo Devastating Synergy on cassette tape on July 30th.

BlackHeavens Music is issuing the European edition of RAVNKALD’s new album, The Pagan Resistance, on CD format on 13.08.2021. It was previously released in Mexico by Sun Empire Productions. The new vocalist of the band is Martyr Lucifer, from HORTUS ANIMAE and MARTYR LUCIFER and the international project SPACE MIRRORS.

Australia-based BESOMORA has a song called Disgraced. The act was formed by Daniel Zolotic and Vlad Martynov.

EARTH ROT and THE AMENTA have announced an Australian tour for September.

USA-based DEAD EARTH has a three-track demo called All Hail The Dark. The band has clean and explicit versions of the songs Nuclear Winter. The song came to the vocalist’s mind when he found two old NUCLEAR ASSAULT LPs at a record store.

Italy-based black metal project ONIRICA has a new album, entitled Burn The Ashes, through Vacula/BMC on July 12th. The band is compared to WOODS OF DESOLATION.

Blasphemous Records has signed DARK REDEEMER. Into The Deep Black album is out this September.

GALLHAMMER’s debut and self-titled demo from 2003 is being re-issued on cassette by Gerpfast Records on 31.08.2021.

DESTRUCTION performed without its founding guitarist, Mike Sifringer, at the Area 53 Festival in Leoben, Austria on July 16th. According to singer Schmier, while a statement is forthcoming, the two have not communicated.

They call it an “album,” but it is a demo: WINTER NIGHTS’ Sky Burial demo is out this month. The band is comprised of guitarist brothers Jeremy and Efrain Farfan, bassist Martin Tune and drummer James Yarusinsky.

Guangzhou, China-based death metal band HORROR OF PESTILENCE has a new demo entitled Illiterate Construction x Inaudible Deterioration.

Japan-based KRUELTY has released a new single called Closer To Death. It is also a part of a One Scene Unite Vol. 1 compilation due through From Within Records.

MISANTHROPIK TORMENT has recruited bassist Matt Campbell. The band has also signed with Hominine Records. The band’s main man Erick Scarlet (Erick Draven) claims to have spent sixteen years in prison for attacking another man’s groin.

FLESHTORTURE releases a new LP, entitled Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad, on Brute! Productions. Enduring bassist Hanry Cano, drummer Rudy Wolf and vocalist Xhugore are joined by guitarists Lenin Galo and René Schock on the first full-length release from the band in a decade.

Thrash metal band WRAITH’s Undo The Chains album is out through Redefining Darkness Records.

GOJIRA, ALIEN WEAPONRY and EMPLOYED TO SERVE will tour Europe early next year.

Italy-based DEVOID OF THOUGHT shall issue its debut album, Outer World Graves, through Everlasting Spew this month. Sidereal Necrosis is the advance single.

Southern Italian grinders NAPOLI VIOLENTA have a new album, entitled Neapolitan Power Violence, through Time To Kill Records this autumn.

Bassist Joe Allen Trevisano has left AUTOPSY. He had joined the band in 2008.

Dallas, Texas, USA-based IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER has an album called …Vile Slobs through Horror Pain Gore Death. The band is described as grindcore, but features a guest saxophonist.

SUMMONER’S CIRCLE has a music video for Chaos Vector off its new Album Chaos Vector, which is out through Blood Blast Distribution in late August.

Finland-based BLOODY FALLS featuring singer Salla Flinkmann has a video for the song Descend from the upcoming album Burn The Witch, which is coming out through Art Gates on October 29th.

Redefining Darkness is issuing USA-based BLACK MASS’ Feast of The Forbidden Tree album in September. The band is described as speed/thrash metal.

AMALEKIM has a digital release called HIVI with Vomit Arcanus Productions as of 15.07.2021. The band is described as black metal and features members from Morocco, Poland and Italy.

Italy-based FULCI has announced its Exhumed Information record will be out this month. The album is a concept based on the film Voices From Beyond. The A side is death metal while the second side has been conceived as a soundtrack with synthesizers.

CONSECRATION from the UK has signed with Redefining Darkness Records. The band has already completed its new record.

New signees INFERNAL HATE has named its album The Order Of The Black Kestrel. It is coming out through Art Gates Records worldwide on November 26th.

USA-based black metal band FERAL LORD has a demo called Purity Of Corruption.

Greece-based grind/black metal act STHENO has its Wardance album out through 7 Degrees Records (LP) and Chaos & Hell Productions (CD, MC) on October 8th 2021. The band has experienced line-up changes and played in Greece, Germany, France and Switzerland recently.

Season Of Mist has signed BASTARÐUR, the crust punk project of SÓLSTAFIR singer/guitarist Aðalbjörn “Addi” Tryggvason and Birgir Jónsson. The band will be releasing its debut album, Satan’s Loss Of Son, on October 29th.

NECROFIER will be releasing the debut full-length record Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness through Season Of Mist’s Underground Activists on 22.10.2021.

Death metal outfit VIRVUM has tour dates in the UK during October 2021. The band will be supporting VENOM PRISON.

Death Metal band OCCULSED is issuing its debut album Crepitation Of Phlegethon on 17.09.2021. OCCULSED is the latest project of Justin (FATHER BEFOULED and ENCOFFINATION) and Jared (GASTRIC PHANTASM).

Spain-based INSIGHT AFTER DOOMSDAY has signed with Suspiria Records. The band is working on a new album.

Thrash metal quartet TEUTONIC SLAUGHTER has released its second album, Puppeteer Of Death, through ftwctp records on July 30th.

Beijing, China-based ANCESTOR has its debut full-length album from 2018, entitled Lords Of Destiny, re-issued on vinyl by Awakening Records.

Italy-based EVIL SPELL’s Padre Vostro album will be released through Blasphemous Records on October, 22nd. The band is compared to HELLHAMMER and early SODOM. The band is Filo guitar, Paul guitar/vocals, Gigi bass/vocals and drummer/singer Igor.

Solo act SORROW ENTHRONED’s The Grave Of Endless Writhing is a 2021 demo by the black/death metal band. The Grave Of Endless Writhing is an EP which tells a story conceptually of hell coming to the surface of the earth and infecting the cosmos.

Art Gates Records has signed Spain-based “Symphonic Black Metal” act ERZSEBET. This four-piece combo was formed by members of bands such as PERENNIAL ISOLATION, ACID BLOOD, ARCHETYPE X and LVX IN TENEBRIS in 2019.

USA-based BLASPHEMOUS CREATION has an album called Forsaken Dynasty through Horror Pain Gore Death. This release completes the band’s ancient alien trilogy.

Italy-based death metal band GRIN IN FEAR has an album called Legion through Heathen Tribes.

Edmonton, Canada-based SOPHIST has a single called Metabolic Chasm​through Niflhel Records. The band is described as industrial-tinged black grind.

Finland-based INSOMNIUM has an EP, called Argent Moon, through Century Media Records on 17.09.2021.

Canada-based ARTACH has an album called Sworn To Avenge through Depressive Illusions Records.

Metallian Hard

Shal the vocalist of THE UNCROWNED has had a new bout of cancer and has undergone surgery in July. There were complications in her kidney afterward requiring more treatment. She asked her followers to sing from the band’s Revive album to support her.

SABER TIGER’s postponed 40th anniversary concert is to take place on 20.09.2021 at Zepp in Sapporo, Japan. Several former members are expected on the stage.

Italy-based heavy metal veterans SKANNERS have a CD called The Greatest hits produced by Music For The Masses, which is scheduled for release on October 22nd. The album features a new track called Under The Grave as well.

JUDAS PRIEST will release a 42-CD box set, which includes every album to date and include 13 unreleased discs through Sony in October. The band had previously discussed the difficulty in gaining access to its Gull Records’ material, namely 1974’s Rocka Rolla and 1976’s Sad Wings Of Destiny.

KK’S PRIEST’s debut album Sermons Of The Sinner has its release date postponed to October from the previously announced August.

RAGE’s new line-up will release a new album, entitled Resurrection Day, through SPV/Steamhammer on 17.09.2021.

GAMMA RAY's upcoming live album 30 Years Live Anniversary was filmed at its only show in 2020. Due to COVID-19, the band livestreamed the show from the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany. The CD/DVD will feature an appearance by early GAMMA RAY singer Ralf Scheepers.

U.D.O. will release a new album, entitled Game Over, through AFM Records in October.

Germany-based hard rock veteran band VICTORY will release an album called Gods Of Tomorrow through AFM Records on 26.11.2021. This is the band’s first album since 2011. The band features four new members.

Toronto, Canada-based hard rock band WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA has a demo of odds and ends called Textos Raros – Col 1 – 2001 -2011 through its own Slick Monkey Records in August. The band is compared to ZZ TOP and FRANK ZAPPA.

ZZ TOP bassist Dusty Hill has died. He was 72. The band, which is in the middle of a USA tour, has cancelled a few shows, but will continue regardless. The band is booked for a 2022 tour of Canada. The man most recently had hip trouble, according to the band. The band was also working on a new album.

Fresh off releasing its debut album Field Trip on Nomad Eel Records, CASSIUS KING has released a video for the song Cleopatra's Needle. The band is Jason McMaster – vocals, Ron Lipnicki – drums, Jimmy Schulman – bass and Dan Lorenzo – guitar.

A-Z featuring singer Ray Alder (FATES WARNING) and drummer Mark Zonder (ex-FATES WARNING, WARLORD) has signed to Metal Blade. The band’s monicker signifies the musicians’ lack of adherence to any one style.

ANIMS' second single, Like Colours Of Flowers, is taken from God Is A Witness, the self-released debut album of the Italy-based band led by former DANGER ZONE and CRYING STEEL guitarist Francesco Di Nicola. It is scheduled for a digital release on August 6th.

Spain-based SILENCH CREW has an album called Trajan through Rock-CD Records.

WHITESNAKE has recruited singer/instrumentalist Dino Jelusick of TSO. The band, FOREIGNER and EUROPE are touring Ireland and the UK next spring.

Former URIAH HEEP singer John Lawton has died at age 74. He fronted the band from 1976 to 1979 and again for shows in 2013. He was replaced by John Sloman.

Japan-based LOUDSTORM has an album called Metal Battleroyal through Slumber Records.

Japan-based ASURA has a full-length demo called realize.

OPETH singer Mikael Åkerfeldt is still working on the music for the upcoming Netflix series Clark. He is nearing completion.

QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Parker Lundgren has left the group in order to concentrate on "other business ventures."

CINDERELLA guitarist Jeff LaBar has died at the age of 58. He was found dead at his Nashville apartment. The band’s touring keyboardist Gary Corbett also died on July 14th. He had lung cancer.

MANOWAR will embark on the Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour '22, which will commemorate several MANOWAR albums and their anniversaries. The tour begins in April. No word if this will be the band’s final final tour.

METAL ALLEGIANCE’s core members Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick and Mark Menghi will be joined by Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL), Phil Demmel (VIO-LENCE) and John Bush (ARMORED SAINT) in New York on 25.09.2021. The members will perform METAL ALLEGIANCE originals and cover versions of the members’ songs.

Japan-based NINGEN-ISU has an album called 苦楽 (Kuraku or‘pain) through Tokuma Japan Communications this month.

Canada-based CROMAGNUM has an EP called Born Free through King Metal Records on 17.09.2021. The band is Maximus Rex: guitar, vocals and keyboards and Gino LaPosta on bass. M.A.D. recorded the drums here. Maximus Rex has also written and illustrated a comic book that shares a title with the EP.

ARMORED SAINT, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and PRONG will tour the USA this December.

The original line-up of BULLETBOYS appeared at the M3 Rock Festival in the USA on July 3rd. The band was Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Lonnie Vencent (bass) and drummer Jimmy D'Anda.

EXCALIBUR (UK) will have its 1985 debut mini-album The Bitter End reissued through the No Remorse label on 24th September. The newly remastered version will contain a selection of bonus material including the band’s 1984 Back Before Dawn demo and the previously unheard original mix of The Bitter End.

Japan-based white metal band IMARI TONES has an album called Nabeshima on Sliptrick Records. The band has a video for the song God Anthem. IMARI TONES features a new rhythm section.

The returned METAL CHURCH singer Mike Howe (ex-HERETIC) has died at age 55. He committed suicide as he was fighting health issues. He follows METAL CHURCH singer David Wayne who died in 2005.

WARRIOR reunited for one show in California last month to celebrate the life of its dead bassist Rob Farr. Mike Davis of LIZZY BORDEN was on bass.

RokIsland Fest 2022 will take place in Key West, Florida, USA between January 14th and 17th. It features yet another George Lynch appearance with DOKKEN, WINGER, DEE SNIDER and JACKYL.

Horror-oriented band GRAVE LENGTH has a demo called The Unknown Terror. The band has Synthesizers.

Mexico-based JET JAGUAR has an album called Endless Nights through Pride & Joy Music since last year.

IRON MAIDEN has a new song and accompanying video called The Writing On The Wall. It was produced by Kevin Shirley. The band’s new full-length is called Senjutsu and out through BMG on September 3rd. The title refers to naturally wise tactics in Japanese. It was recorded in 2019.

MEGADETH’s next album will be called The Sick, The Dying And The Dead. A bassist has not been announced yet. The band and LAMB OF GOD will tour the USA this month using The Metal Tour Of The Year monicker.

Electronica/progressive rock side-project TUESDAY THE SKY will release a new album, entitled The Blurred Horizon, through Metal Blade Records on 03.09.2021. The act features FATES WARNING’s Jim Matheos.

Venezuela-based doom goth metal band STRATUZ has a single called Dawn taken off its next album.

Calgary, Canada-based RAVENOUS has an album called Hubris out through its own imprint Feast Beast Records (Canada) and Spiritual Beast (Asia) in October. Hubris was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström.

Bassist Lexxi Foxx has left USA-based glam metal band STEEL PANTHER.

ATHLANTIS has completed a new album at Steve Vawamas Studios in Genoa, Italy. The new album, Last But Not Least is scheduled through Diamonds Prod. on 21.09.2021. The line-up is Steve Vawamas on bass, Pier Gonella on guitars, Davide Dell’Orto on vocals, Stefano Molinari on keyboards and Mattia Stancioiu on drums.

RUNNING WILD will release a new album, entitled Blood On Blood, through Steamhammer on 29.10.2021. The album’s first single, Diamonds & Pearls, will be issued on August 13th.

Western Canada’s Loud As Hell Festival, which will take place in Drumheller at Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds from July 30th to Aug 1st has announced its all-Canadian line-up. Pandemic restrictions have forced the bands to all be Canada-based this year. A daily ticket is $80 and weekend passes are $175. Bands appearing include IMMUNIZE, QUIETUS, INTO ETERNITY and IRON KINGDOM. Information could be found at

Trend Of The Week alert: Every second band is part “folk.”

Metallian Demos

This new Polish death metal band is powerful, scary, fast and tight. The band named after a genocidal and insane Russian intercontinental missile is this good, despite RS-28 being its debut release, likely due to the members’ multitudes of experience in bands like Mortus Dei and Calm Hatchery.
Comparing a powerful Poland-based band like this to Vader could be construed as lazy, but take out Vader’s thrashier moments and one has a good approximation of Sarmat’s vocals and music. The title track’s video depicts the band’s namesake killing machine, which coupled with a nuclear mushroom and the image of the band members in a gas mask forms a scary unit. Are these men callous warmongers? No. The lyrics make that clear.
Fast and heavy, dual anguished/growled vocals and consistent power; what else does one get? The opening track Coldgrinder is true to its name and is horrific. Evilution is next and, aside from a clichéd title, begins with a lull that explodes into a still intrepid, but pounding metal. There is an eerie atmosphere here that nods at something supernatural. Amidst the heavy chugging and barbed wire strings the horrific vocals are front and centre in the mix. The Shining Of Oneiros is fast and ferocious. Incidentally, the vocals may be extreme, but Lukasz’s vocals are not difficult to decipher. RS-28, the song, is more mid-paced and has some filler background melodies, but the vocals are still on-point and evil even before the track kicking into high gear. Seeds Of Uncertainty is swift and begins with what sounds like a synth guitar. You Don’t Live In My War is chunky and barbed wire. The mid-pace heaviness drifts into Bolt Thrower territory thanks to the thick, chunky and full production. The inconsequential drum sound disappoints though. The man is bashing his kicks, but modern drums lack a lot of oomph. The album ends with Blackout (likely not Scorpions’ classic) Scenario For Tomorrow Parts I and II and it is more of the same - perhaps with more slow interludes - that is it is death metal to the hilt. The album ends and no leads were heard throughout, but the band throws several obscure melodies at the listener. Part II is a good instance of this.
This was initially promised on the Rising Nemesis Records before being taken back and released independently. This is Rising Nemesis’ loss. Find the band at and remember always, “I am the master of my faaaaate.” – Ali “The Metallian”