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In sad news, Obscene Crisis have called it a day this spring...Kataklysm, who are contemplating calling it a day as well, are releasing an album called 1999-6661 for Hypnotic Records. The band will then look to tour Canada with Broken Hope and Internal Bleeding...Following the Dynamo Festival appearance in Holland, Iron Monkey will tour Europe as support to Pro-Pain. Replacing the departed James Rushby is ex-Acrimony guitarist Stuart O'Hara...Balstn is the name of the debut album of Potentiam a new band on Avantgarde from Iceland. The album features seven songs from the band's demo, as well as two new songs...No Fashion Records is showing a lot of activity: out now are Insania's World of Ice, Allegiance's Vrede, Lobotomy's Born in Hell and Lord Belial's Unholy Crusade. Upcoming releases include Vassago's Knights From Hell and the new Dark Funeral EP Teach Children to Worship Satan. The latter is recorded at the Abyss Studio with Peter's brother Tommy Tagtgren!...Canada's Cryptopsy recently completed a European tour with Six Feet Under, Vader, etc after their appearance at the Dynamo Festival. The band topped these shows off with two appearances in Japan and are reportedly returning to Asia for the Pollywog Tour...Underground Canucks Necromortis are searching for a second axe man and are part of the Fatal Fest with Traumatism, Neuraxis, Dissidence, etc...Brazilian veterans Dorsal Atlantica are releasing a live album this month. As a bonus to Live Terrorism, underground fans can look forward to the band's debut EP of 1985 Ultimatum as a bonus...Death metal ghouls Abominator have recently been busy both touring near their home base of Victoria, Australia and working on new material. The songs are reportedly faster; yet the compositions were delayed after singer/ bassist Damon Bloodstorm was recently injured in a car accident...Singapore's Dies Irae Productions has signed Australia's Stargazer. The Scream That Tore the Sky debut is due out this fall and will be a double CD featuring some older tracks as a bonus...Following the arguments between singer Jacques Belanger and John Ricci in Exciter and the former's departure, the new line up with ex-Dead Calm singer Steve Carter has decided not to record a remake of the band's classic Black Witch for the new album Blood of Tyrants...US underground band Twisted Tour Dire has an indie release out called The Curse of Twisted Tower. c/o 10021 Scenic View Terrace, Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA...Evil Horde Records of Brazil has announced the forthcoming releases: Grand Belial's Key's Mocking the Philanthropist, Goat Penis' Trotz Verbot-Nicht Tot, etc. Out now is the album Belicus Profanus by Ocultan which is described as raw black metal...Finland's Children of Bodom recently released Tokyo Warhearts: Live In Japan a new 11-track release from their first Japanese tour earlier this year...Following the going out of business of Misanthropy Records, Norway's Mayhem has signed to France's Season of Mist label. The band is now looking to release Grand Declaration of War in November. The band has announced their intention to tour Europe, America and Australia with label mates Nocturnes possibly in tow...Underground label Cryonics has released Vital Remains' demo Reduced to Ashes on CD. Next up is a Demonic Christ demo CD...Angelcorpse has released a split 7' with Martire of Australia...The Haunted supports Testament's US tour this month. In yet another case of wife-swapping drummer Adrian Erlandsson recently left the band to join Cradle of Filth, replacing the recently-joined drummer Cradle drummer Dave Hirscheimer! The Haunted have now recruited Per Jensen formerly of Invocator and Konkhra...Having fired their female keyboardist, Belgium's Infernal Legion has a new CD now out called (Die and Become)...A Forgotten World. Some songs are Melancholy Rains and Breeding Without Wisdom...News from the Vader camp is that long time drummer Doc is ill following the band's extensive touring schedule. His temporary replacement is the drummer from another Polish band Vattering. It is unclear whether Doc will return to the fold. Vader's debut for Metal Blade is expected out this December...Underground combo Deadspawn is set to release its long-delayed album Emissions of Reality this month in Australia...Former Misanthropy Records bands Solstice and Babylon Whores have signed to Necropolis. Solstice will release a MCD this year. Necropolis has also become the official licensee for Italy's Scarlet Records and Sweden's Black Sun for North America...In Montreal, Steve Hurdle has quit Gorguts to join the band's ex-drummer Pat to form a new band...Snake the ex-vocalist of VoiVod is involved in a project with Peter Jackson the former drummer of BARF...Original Megadeth drummer Gar Samuelson, who had gone on to Metalist and Fatal Opera, passed away at home on July 14 in Orange City, Florida. Cause of death is announced as liver complications...Grip Inc. recently canceled their scheduled U.S. tour for unannounced reasons. Openers Nevermore decided to try to complete the tour on their own.

Metallian Hard

O.P.M. Records, the distributor dedicated to heavy metal vinyl has a new catalogue out. This one is dedicated to Euro-metal, and fans looking to buy, sell or trade should write to the label at P.O. Box 956845, Duluth, GA. 30095 USA or call 1 770 4091982...People of a thousand projects (ex- Obliveon, Purulence, New World Symphony, Soundscape, etc) have a new label in Canada called GWN Production. Their first release is the CD release of the Ghoulunatics demo Mistralengine...Hot on the heels of the new Mercyful Fate 9, King Diamond is releasing a new solo album early next year. He will hit the studio no later than this November...The next Iron Savior album entitled Interlude will be out October 5. The album will feature four new songs, five songs recorded live at Wacken Open Air and a cover of Judas Priest's Desert Plains. The CD will also act as a CD ROM, with Kai Hansen only appearing on one track...Following the discovery of a brain stem tumor in guitarist/ singer Chuck Schuldiner, the man is undergoing daily therapy and is said to be responding well to treatment...Trouble in the Trouble camp - again! For the second time in the band's history, singer Eric Wagner has quit the band and is replaced by Kyle Thomas of Floodgate. This, just prior to the band's much touted Stoner festival appearance...US progressive outfit Fates Warning have had to cancel European appearances at both the Wacken Festival and the Prog power Festival due to Massacre Records unwillingness to pay for the band's air fare...Queensryche is now signed to Atlantic Records and will release the album Q2K' on September 14th...Hot on the heels of their new studio album, Warner is releasing a Dokken compilation called The Very Best of Dokken. The band is looking to tour South America and Europe and to record a live album...UK's Dirty Deeds have recorded their sophomore album Real World with Maiden's live sound man Doug Hall at Steve Harris' Barnyard Studio...Massive success, has been the recent North American reunion shows of Iron Maiden. On a sad note, guitarist Adrian Smith was forced to leave to the UK right after the N.Y.C show due to the death of his father. He returned to the fold 48 hours later...Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, Deep Purple's up coming album is a live one along with a live video. In a curious move, the CD will only be for sale on the road from the band...Remember Lillian Axe?The band has a new album called Fields Of Yesterday on a Mutiny Records...Japan's metal-gone-rock veterans Loudness have a new album called Engine ...Former Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash is working with producer Jack Douglas on a new solo LP. He is signed to Interscope...Following Dio's decision to recruit his old guitarist Craig Goldy (Dream Evil) as a second six stringer, guitarist Tracy G. has packed his bags and left the fold. Also with Dio, is cousin David 'Rock' Feinstein (who was last reported to be part of an Elf reunion - a band in which Dio was also a member), drummer Simon Wright and bassist Larry Dennyson. Although rumours state the bassist Jimmy Bain is also returning to the band! Watch for the new album Magica in October...Following years of inactivity and a motorcycle accident, Angry Anderson is taking his Rose Tattoo to Europe for a tour. The band's last Euro-appearance was 1982's Reading Festival, although the band had actually toured Australia in 1993. Angry Anderson has in the meanwhile become an Australian TV personality...Following the release of the disappointing Eye II Eye, the Scorpions have had to endure dwindling concert attendance during their current tour. As a result, the band's promoter in Stuttgart recently decided to offer half price tickets to anyone holding a recent VfB Stuttgart- FC Bayern soccer ticket. The band's full price-paying fans were none too happy.

Graham Finney has a new issue (# 10) of his Intoxicated Magazine out. Do check it out for live/ zine/ album reviews, as well as interviews with Entombed, Fear Factory, T.B.A.C and others. The asking price is no more than a couple of Dollars. c/o Graham Finney, PO Box 2581, Reading, Berks, RG1 7GT England...Now billing itself as The Rock & Metal Magazine, UK's Fire Fight has its issue number four now out. In the current issue's forty pages you will find bands like S.O.D., W.A.S.P. and Paradise Lost among others. Send £1.5 to Mike Exley, 31 William Close, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4UP UK...BW&BK #32 is Canada's only monthly metal magazine available at HMV stores or through 354 1/2 Yonge St. Suite 38, Toronto, M5B 1S5 for $6 plus shipping. The professional magazine provides massive amount of information including stories about Scorpions, Six Feet Under, Testament and Annihilator...Sporting shades of the defunct The Sepulchral Voice (in both looks and style), Metal Rules Magazine provides a hefty fanzine read in its issue 5. Well worth everyone' while (or $5 in this case), the current rag features GWAR, Hades, Overkill and lots more supportive of the metal scene. C/o 2116 Sandra Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043 USA...Here is the first anniversary issue/ #4 of Sang Frais Canada's French language fanzine. Yours in exchange for postage money, the current issue includes Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Obliveon, etc. Get it from Lou at C.P. Saint-André, B.P. 32111, Montreal, H2L 4Y5.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing - Black Sun/ Necropolis
2- War - We are War - Necropolis
3- Centurion - Arise of the Empire - Scarlet/ Necropolis
4- Enthroned - The Apocalypse Manifesto - Blackend
5- Dokken - Erase the Slate - CMC/ BMG

Lou - Editor of Sang Frais
1- Marduk - Panzer Division - Osmose
2- In Flames - Colony - Nuclear Blast
3- Hypocrisy - same - Nuclear Blast
4- Monstrosity - In Dark Purity - Conquest/ Olympic
5- ...And Ocean - The Symmetry of...- Season of Mist

Metallian Demos

Not surprisingly the independent MCD kicks off with a hell of a sample of a jet flying overhead before launching into what the band does well: the thrash of Megadeth-meets-DRI-meets-Holy Terror. Aha, it's pure thrash metal mania, and Armistice certainly make no bones about what they like in the music world. It is not exactly my first choice in the world of metal, but fans can be assured of a pro work and sound (and a very redundant Black Sabbath cover). To purchase send $15 to Stefan Fischer, Bergstr, 1c, 85567 Grafing Germany.

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