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INSISION is working on new material for a forth-coming album which will be released in early 2004. Several of the song titles are: Havoc, Plague Mass and The Foul Smell Of Humans. The band is also touring in Germany next month...Belgian death metal band PREJUDICE is at Excess Studio recording its third album. Dominion of ChAoS will be out through Painkiller Records next year...US grindcore outfit EYEGOUGER has reformed. The band, which played at the Milwaukee Metal Fest this year, is writing a new album...CARNAL LUST is now a quintet. The band has added drummer Sebastien, bassist Julien (both of MOGRADEM) and second guitarist Nico. Singer/bassist Nico will henceforth only concentrate on the vocals...SUFFOCATION has signed a deal with Relapse Records and will enter the studio in November to record a new album. Expect it tentatively in early 2004...Xtreem Music has signed Chile's DEFACING, Spain's ANVIL OF DOOM and VISCERAL DAMAGE...Noctiz (GOTMOOR and VERLOREN) has founded his own underground A CD by GALGERAS will be released this month...label. THRONEAEON is now called GODHATE. The old band's self-titled and final album will be released this month and will be entitled Godhate!...J C M Records has just released ENRAGED's Presence Of Fear CD. The band is described as sounding like KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and old SLAYER...BATTALION's Ruben Luts (vocals), AXAMENTA's Peter Meynckens (rhythm guitar), GURTHANG's Philip van Marsenille (lead guitar), SUHRIM's Johan "Jolle" Antonissen (bass) and Paul Brunson 0f SUHRIM have formed a new band called BUTCHER. A demo will be out this year...STACAST's Sven Deckers has replaced Yves in AXAMENTA...Here is some news from Supernal Records: THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL's Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua is completed and will be released in October. CAPRICORNUS, better-known for his earlier work with GRAVELAND and THOR'S HAMMER, will release his debut full-length album through Supernal Music this autumn. The label is also planning a BEWITCHED (Chile) double-CD re-release...Marvin of BLO.TORCH has joined SEVERE TORTURE as a second guitarist. The latter band has begun writing for a new album. In the meanwhile, the Dutch death metallers have pulled out of the rescheduled European HATE ETERNAL and DYING FETUS dates...DARKANE, which is entering the studio in September to record its fourth CD, recently shot a live video for the song Chaos vs. Order from the band's 2002 album Expanding Senses...DEW-SCENTED's Impact album will be out early next year. Several of the song titles are: Act Of Rage, Destination Hell and Soul Poison...MORBID ANGEL has a video for the song Enshrined By Grace...THE FALLEN and singer Mike were reported to have parted ways in early August. The California-based band was supposedly looking for a replacement and any interested parties were asked to contact the band via or call (301) 370-0109 when Metal Blade revised the news and issued a correction denying this news item...FLESHGRIND's Murder Without End is now out. through Olympic/Century Media...Belfast's DEVILMAKESTHREE have released their second demo. It is called voice Of The Underdog and can be ordered through's MERCENARY have parted ways with guitarist Signar Petersen due to "personal and musical differences." The band has replaced him with 19-year old Martin Buus Pedersen. The band is recording a new CD for Hammerheart Records...IMPALED has signed to Century Media. A new album is expected for the winter of 2004...Finland's THROES OF DAWN are at the Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki recording a fourth full-length album. THROES OF DAWN was recently joined by three new members. They are guitarist Juha Ylikoski (ex-ROTTEN SOUND), bassist Harri Huhtala (ex-CARTILAGE and ex-VOMITURITION), and drummer Jani Martikkala (BLACK DAWN, ex-...AND OCEANS and ex-ENOCHIAN CRESCENT)...HATE ETERNAL's bassist Jared Anderson has left the band in order to seek rehabilitation for a drug problem. Randy Piro, who has been filling in for Jared for the last five months, will be taking over on bass permanently. The American death metallers will be touring all autumn as support for ARCH ENEMY followed by a tour with DEICIDE...ARCH ENEMY will support SLAYER throughout North America this autumn...RUNEMAGICK has parted ways with guitarist Tomas Eriksson (ex-INTOXICATE, GROTESQUE, VALEDICTORY, etc.). The band will enter Magick Sound Studio next winter in order to record a new album for Aftermath Music...Sweden's WITHIN Y, featuring ex-GARDENIAN drummer Thim Blom, are in Gothenburg's Meta 4 studios recording an album called Extended Mental Dimensions for Hammerheart Records...High Wind Records of Japan has released TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION's Demos For Japan 2002, a compilation of the band's three demos. The band also tours the UK this month...Norway's MADDER MORTEM have parted ways with bassist Paul (Pål Mozart Bjørke) and guitarist Eirik Ulvo Langnes...FISSION, the new thrash band featuring BORKNAGAR frontman Andreas Hedlund (a.k.a. Vintersorg) and VINTERSORG live session drummer Benny "Hägge" Hägglund, has signed with Napalm Records...Sweden's ANATA has chosen Under A Stone With No Inscription as the name for their third full-length album. The album will appear through Earache. As of October 6 2003 the band is no longer on Season Of Mist....DAMNATION has released a compilation of the band's earlier material called Resurrection of Azarath...HELL-BORN's new album is called Legacy Of The Nephilim. It will be out next month...IMMEMORIAL's new CD is called After Deny and features new singer Karolina and a new bass player called Frost who is an ex-member of BEHEMOTH and HEFEYSTOS...TIDFALL's new album Nucleus is now out...Invictus Productions is now distributing FUNERAL MIST's Salvation CD and CONQUEROR's Hammer Of Antichrist CD. The latter is a compilation of the band's demos and the War Cult Supremacy album...KRISIUN has filmed a video for the song Murderer off the forthcoming album Works of Carnage, due in North America on October 7th...Sweden's NONEXIST, featuring ANDROMEDA guitarist Johan Reinholdz, have parted ways with former ARCH ENEMY/current HEARSE vocalist Johan Liiva. Drummer Matte Modin (DARK FUNERAL, DEFLESHED, etc.) has also exited the group due to priorities in his other bands...DEAD HEAD have re-united with singer/ bass player Tom van Dijk. The fourth album Haatland will be recorded in October...To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Moonfog Records, SATYRICON will headline Oslo's Rockefeller on October second. New signing DISIPLIN will open the show. DARKTHRONE's Nocturno Culto will join the headliners and perform DARKTHRONE songs, while Fenriz will DJ the event!...CHILDREN OF BODOM has recruited SINERGY/ex-STONE guitarist Roope Latvala, as a live replacement for Aku Kuoppala...CENTINEX will release the forthcoming album, Decadence - Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos, in January through Candlelight Records. The band has also parted ways with drummer Kennet Englund...WORLD BELOW, the band of CARNAL FORGE/CENTINEX guitarist Jonas Kjellgren, CARNAL FORGE drummer Stefan Westerberg, and former SIDEBURNERS bassist/singer Mikael Danielsson, has cancelled plans to release its debut album, Sacrifices To The Moon, through Crestfallen/Extreme Noize Records due to the label's economic situation...CANNIBAL CORPSE will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with the release of a four-disc box set containing three CDs and a DVD. It is entitled 15-Year Killing Spree and will be out in November...PATH OF MAN is a new band featuring CANNIBAL CORPSE members guitarist Jack Owen and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, along with HELSTAR/SEVEN WITCHES frontman James Rivera. The band's first gig is at a James Murphy benefit show on September 6 in St. Petersburg, Florida...THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER had to pull out of the SOILENT GREEN tour because bassist Dave Lock has quit the band. The band's new bassist is Joe Boccuto formerly of SET ABLAZE...MACHINE HEAD's new album, Through The Ashes Of Empires will be available as a special limited double-CD edition...DIMENSION ZERO has parted ways with ex-IN FLAMES guitarist Glenn Ljungström and is currently seeking a replacement. The band will shortly re-release the Penetrations From The Lost World EP with bonus tracks...There is some news from Goregiastic Records: The label has the following releases coming soon: SAPROFFAGO's Bestial Horrible Thoughts CD (Colombian death metal), PUSTULATED's Inherited Cryptorchidism CD and CAEDERE's (The Netherlands) Mass Emission CD...DIABOLIC, which recently was at The Sonic Ranch in Texas with producer Neil Kernon, is now at Morrisound Studios to begin the mastering of the Infinity Through Purification album. The band will tour with KATAKLYSM and EXHUMED in the autumn...Thomas Villa is the new KOLDBORN singer...DIVINE EMPIRE's Nostradamus is now out...HOMO IRATUS has requested and been granted release from Arctic Music Group. The band still hopes to enter the studio in order to record an album...EXODUS has signed to Nuclear Blast. The new album, Tempo Of The Damned, is due in March...MISERY INC. has signed a world-wide recording deal with German label ZYX Music. MISERY INC.'s debut album Yesterday's Grave will be mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki by Mika Jussila and be out late this year...Italian black metallers HANDFUL OF HATE are ready to release a new album through Code666 called ViceCrown...Tomas Johansson has rejoined UNMOORED. The band's new album Indefinite Soul-Extension will be out next month...THROCULT is shooting a video for the song Eclipse Of The Blood Moon. The band has also decided against recruiting a new keyboardist for the future...Sam Inzerra is MORTICIAN's new drummer...HYPNOSIS will release its next album early next year through Crash Music. The French band has signed a three-album deal with the American label...Vocalist Chris has left THROCULT. The band, which has two albums left in its contract with Crash Music, is looking for a replacement...MONSTROSITY has completed mixing the Rise To Power full-length. The album was recorded at Audio Hammer studio in Sanford Florida with engineer Jason Suceof. The album's release date is September 23, 2003 through Conquest Music. The lineup for the album is Jason Avery (vocals), Tony Norman (guitars), Lee Harrison (drums), Sam Molina (guitars) and Mike Poggione on bass...KONKHRA, COPRUS MORTALE, AND ILLNATH are touring most of Europe in November.

Metallian Hard

E.F. Band's Their Finest Hour will be released in November...A tour commemorating 25 years of NWOBHM is in the works. Several English bands including AVENGER and RAVEN are planned to participate...THE QUIREBOYS' 100% LIVE 2002 is now out...Reunited proto-heavy metal band BANG's new album Isle of Hope has been renamed The Maze...Rand Burkey, formerly drummer for ATHEIST, is working on a solo CD...OMEN will release a new album called ETERNAL BLACK DAWN this month on Mausoleum Records...A new HUMAN FORTRESS album is now out through Massacre Records. Defenders Of The Crown is the band's second full-length album...SACRED SIN's Hekaton - The Return To Primordial Chaos album is now out through Demolition Records...WYCKED SYNN has two new members. These are guitarist Gary Carillo and drummer Darrell White...BIOMECHANICAL, whose album Eight Moons is now out through Revolver Records, has shot a video for the song The Awakening...THUNDERSTONE has begun recording anew album for Nuclear Blast at Sonic Pump Studio. Two song titles are: Until We Touch The Burning Sun and Tin Star Man...A new MEMOIR demo is completed and is available now. It is entitled The Days We Had It All. For more information please visit TRANCE have released Season Of Seance, Science Of Silence, their debut full-length release for The Music Cartel on July 29, 2003...AC/DC, who have just ended a string of dates supporting ROLLING STONES, are entering the studio to record their last album for Elektra Records. The band is now contracted to Epic Records...ENTOMBED's Inferno will be released in North America by Koch Records this month...After criticizing one another for a year, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx have gotten together and patched things up. The two expect a new MOTLEY CRUE tour and album late next year...Former JUDAS PRIEST frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens has joined ICED EARTH permanently after joining solely for the recording of the band's upcoming album. Called The Glorious Burden, the album will be out through SPV. Fulfilling earlier speculations, the singer has already laid down vocals tracks for the said album. Owens is now aiming at creating and recording with his own band, as well as with ICED EARTH...After a decade of inactivity EQUIMANTHORN, led by Equitant (ABSU, EQUITANT) and Proscriptor (ABSU, MELECHESH), The newer members are Mark Riddick and Michael Riddick (both of THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK) and David Harbour (DAVID HARBOUR, ex-KING DIAMOND, CHASTAIN). The band's third album, Second Sephira Cella, is currently being recorded in Ashburn, Virgina and Dallas, Texas...ANDROMEDA have announced the addition of bassist Fabian Gustavsson. He replaces Jakob Tanentsapf...English glam band TIGERTAILZ has reformed and are planning to record a new album. The reunited band, featuring original singer Steevi Jaimz and drummer Ace Finchum alongside new guitarist Joolz and bassist Greg Wraith, will be opening for ENUFF Z'NUFF in England this month...SHAMRAIN, formerly TEARS, is recording a full-length for Watch Me Fall Records. The band features ENTWINE's singer Mika Tauriainen...FALCONER has completed the recordings for the third album entitled The Sceptre Of Deception. The CD is due on October 6th through Metal Blade Records...EIDOLON has completed Apostles Of Defiance, the band's latest album. It is due on October 6th through Metal Blade Records...THE HIDDEN HAND, the new band of Wino (ST. VITUS, THE OBSESSED and SPIRIT CARAVAN), will release its debut album, Divine Propaganda, on September 9th through MeteorCity Records...Former HELSTAR, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and DESTINY'S END singer James Rivera, ex-DESTINY'S END guitarist Eric Halpern and SYMPHONY X bassist Mike Lepond are in a new band called DISTANT...Ireland's CRUACHAN has once again seen the departure of flutist John O' Fathaigh...LIONSHEART HAS reformed...CREMATORY has reformed and is working on a new album for Nuclear Blast called Revolution. Expect it in the summer of 2004...Jape Perätalo has left TO/DIE/FOR "due to a lack of motivation."...Italy's SIGMA, whose album was due last month through Shark Records, will see the debut's release at the end of September...Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT, DEATH, ICED EARTH, etc.) has laid down the bass tracks on the forthcoming and debut record of PAINMEUSEUM. The band is lead by guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak' and also features Tim Clayborne on vocals and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, RIOT) on drums...Vinnie Moore is the new guitarist for UFO. A record is being recorded and a tour is planned for 2004...Former DIO guitarist TRACY G has released The Tracy G Group album through SGT Records...INTO ETERNITY has completed the recording of its forthcoming album Buried In Oblivion. The band, which now features ex-PERICARDIUM guitarist Rob Doherty, hopes to have the album released in January...Cold Blood Industries has signed IMPERIA, featuring ex-TRAIL OF TEARS vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen. The band also features GOD DETHRONED's drummer Arien...IMAGIKA have parted ways with singer David Michael and will consequently rename the band. The California metallers still hope to have a deal and a new album by winter of 2004...HEIR APPARENT has a new singer. Former INNER RESONANCE vocalist Peter Orullian replaces former ETHERIA singer Mike Blair who joined the band in February as a replacement for Bryan Hagan. The band is touring Europe this month...HAMMERFALL has cancelled all previously-announced summer dates after guitarist Oscar Dronjak crashed his motorcycle and was rushed to the hospital on Sunday August 10th...San Diego-based metal act SEVENTRAIN has decided to postpone the release of its debut full-length album titled Moments of Clarity due to the current label negotiations. The album is due in January now...Finland's REQUIEM will enter Sonic Pump Studio this month to record a new album for Sound Riot Records...Southern Lord is releasing ATTILA CSIHARs The Beast Of... This is a fifteen-year retrospective of the work of the singer with bands like MAYHEM, ABORYM and others...KHANATE's Things Viral CD will be out in October through Southern Lord...FURTHER LO has signed a two-record deal with the New York label Power Play Records. The band is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to its ten-song debut...Italy's CONSPIRACY has changed its name to CONSPIRACY AD n order to avoid confusion with the other bands with the same name. The band's new website is at FEAR has released a DVD called The History Of Fear. It features their full Wacken 2001 performance, an October 2002 show filmed in Stuttgart, Germany on the Black Sun tour, all of the group's promo video clips and footage of their December 2002 Brazilian tour...PRIMAL FEAR and drummer Klaus Sperling have parted ways. The band has recruited ANNIHILATOR's Randy Black, who previously worked with the band on the road, and will enter the studio this month. The album is due next February. In the meanwhile, ANNIHILATOR main man Jeff Waters has relocated back to Ottawa. Elsewhere REBELLION, the drummer's other band, has asked Black to leave the fold...BRAINSTORM will hit the road together with PRIMAL FEAR. The tour will start on March third, 2004 in Europe...Listenable Records is releasing a SOILWORK MCD featuring unreleased tracks and a bonus video...VELVET REVOLVER has signed with RCA...KROKUS' singer Marc Storace has been hired to record vocals for a new album by California's WARRIOR...Singer Maija Turunen has left SILENTIUM...ILLOGICIST has signed to Crash Music. The band will enter One Voice Studio at the end of October in order to record its new release Dissonant Perspectives...Ex-DIAMOND DOGS guitarist Joe Steals has been filling in with LIZZY BORDEN until that band finds a permanent guitarist.

Metallian Demos

False Face Society is not a heavy metal demo. Why is it here? It is here because Appleby, the former front man for Blacktask, takes Deep Purple melodies, contorts and conforms them into his own intriguing vision and places them atop his many soundscapes. Think of False Face Society as the musical transcription of a journey. The journey begins in the badlands, flies into cyberspace, descends into the underground and rests in the meadows of one's imagination. Foregoing vocals for the most part, FFS has been recorded at Appleby's home studio where he has recorded guitars, keyboards, percussion and received a little assistance for the minor voice overdub. Appleby would be wise to take this material into the world of film. In the meanwhile, the curious can get this for a measly $7 (US) from Madkar Records at or by contacting the artist at At the same address one will also find sample mp3s for download. Play tips: the aggressive measure of Ultrasound, the guitar wail of Sea Serpent and the buried Neil Young rhythm of the title track.- Ali "The Metallian"

Shall we get right into the contradictions? Well, for one this Swiss trio sounds absolutely nothing like Celtic Frost. For another the band's name is Majesty Of Silence. The CD is independently produced and released, but the sound and artwork beats most label releases. The work might be self-financed, but at over seventy minutes of music the disc is nearly packed full. Finally, there is hardly any metal here.
Majesty Of Silence is an amalgamation of several sounds. Instrumental passages waltz with lush keyboard passages as they drift over spoken segments which are rudely interrupted by aggressive and screeched vocals. It is a whole world of music onto itself as Peter M., Peter P. and Christian compose music that is mysterious, moody, varied and violent. The heavy and warm drum sound, beautiful artwork and length of material works for the band. The many K&F (keyboards & Female vocals) passages and cellos do not. - Ali "The Metallian"

Veteran French metal band Mystery Blue is back with a full-length demo-CD. Featuring, among others, the three songs which have already seen release on the band's last outing Brand New Demo, Metal Slaves is another strong showing from this smoking heavy metal quartet. The CD starts with a silly intro whose memory is quickly erased by the pounding Slave To Blood. The matter of confused enslavements aside, the song demonstrates again how a twenty-year old band can wallop harder than most contemporary bands. The lead guitar works very well and is a pleasure to hear. Nathalie Geyer's voice is like a lynx in heat who is afforded a microphone. She is both aggressive and melodic at the same time. S.T.A.G.E. is up next and is the band's hymn to the live arena. A worrying keyboard interlude at the beginning aside, the song is both heavy and consecrated with an original lead guitar. Frenzy Philippon is a great soloist and would do well to do more and more solos. Nathalie too screams with gusto here. Metal Dream's subject matter is one of, well, metal dreams and comes with an infectious riff tailor-made for headbanging. Desolation could have been a penetrating power ballad, but instead is ruined by futile keyboards and a chorus which does not work. Land Of No Return has a certain Thin Lizzy feel to it and is quieter than the average Mystery Blue composition. Another noteworthy song is album closer Cry Out which is a little crazy, a little speedy and completely Mystery Blue. Nathalie impresses once again. These songs, and the aforementioned re-released tunes, add up to almost forty-five minutes of authentic HR/HM. Mystery Blue is a casebook example of this genre's foundations and hopefully future. May the walls of Metallian Towers reverberate with Metal Slaves for a long time to come! - Ali "The Metallian"

Ravencult is one of the rare breed of black metal bands - from Greek or elsewhere - that sticks to true black metal. There are no female singers or cellos filling the grooves on this release. This band has gone out of its way to get a professional sound, cover and layout and committed itself to music that can be traced back to Rotting Christ, Darkthrone and Enthroned. The band is generally good and even totally brilliant when playing riffs like the one that comes at the start of Deathcult Supremacy. My suggestion would be for the band to get a heavier drum sound though. To order either the CD or tape version just send 5 Euros to PO Box, 86530, Kallipoli 18505 Piraeus Greece or write to The band's site is at - Ali "The Metallian"

It might be a silly and stereotypical comment. Nevertheless Archaic Icon and Models Of Irony don't happen to sound like death metal names. Be that as it may Archaic Icon is a death metal band mixing sounds better associated with Suffocation and Fleshgrind. The low growls, blasting drums, tortured guitars and the multiple breaks are trademark death metal elements. The four guys hail from Bordeaux, France and have been around since 1999. To check out the CD write to Laurent at 15, rue Babin, 33000 Bordeaux France or email him at There is no indication whether the demo is free too! - Sheila Wes Det

This girl can't say if there is a false or fake headtrip out there. What she can tell you is that this band of one (or occasionally two) is all about taking a couple of metal riffs, adding the drum machine, adding synthesizers and screaming at the top of your lungs on top of it. This is hardly metal. Then again it's not industrial either. It is somewhere in between. The George Bush parody on the inner cover and back cover and the sampling of Cronos of Venom are just spices a top this spaghetti of styles. The band should add a photo next time so we can see what they look like. In the meanwhile, guys will enjoy the two girls on the cover. Send this crazy guy $7 or 7 Euros to Dries 50, B-9420 Erpe-Mere Belgium for this. One can also email for contact and information. - Sheila Wes Det

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