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Karmageddon has released the debut DARK FUNERAL EP using the Devil Pigs title. The new package features a couple of cover songs and music by VON as a bonus...MORBID ANGEL has been rejoined by David Vincent for a string of South American shows this month. The band's previous vocalist Steve Tucker left the band last month. MORBID ANGEL has left Earache and is reportedly negotiating with SPV...KINETIC's The Chains That Bind Us album has been postponed to October by sleaszyrider Records. The band has shot a video for the song Never Ending Winter...INTERNAL BLEEDING hits the road in the USA with SIX FEET UNDER. The former band's latest offering, Onward to Mecca, hits the stores on September 7th...Nocturno Culto and Fenriz of DARKTHRONE have founded Tyrant Syndicate Records in collaboration with Peaceville Productions. The label's first release is AURA NOIR's The Merciless...DIO is to release its latest opus, Master Of The Moon, through Sanctuary Records on September 14th...Arctic Music Group has confirmed September 21 as the US release date for live and special collection albums from MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW. The former's hour-plus Conquering South America was recorded during the band's 2001 tour of Brazil. HATEPLOW's Mosh Pit Murder features lives recordings captured on the band's 2000 tour with SOD...Italy's The Spew Records has issued BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS MCD...New Hampshire's Screaming Ferret Wreckords has joined forces with Sweden's Escapi Music and Navarre Distribution. The united labels will also be releasing a reissue of NUCLEAR ASSAULT drummer Glenn Evans' CIA release Attitude, DISMEMBER's debut live DVD Live Blasphemies, TROUBLE's new DVD Live In Stockholm, and more...DISMEMBER has announced the immediate addition of bassist Johan Bergebäck to the band's line-up...DEMONOID's Riders Of The Apocalypse described as, "Old School Death/Thrash Metal by THERION-mastermind Christofer!" is now out...C.A.H. Records has issued HEAD HITS CONCRETE's Thy Kingdom Come Undone CD and DESPITE's No Promise Of Tomorrow LP...GORGOROTH and 1349 will tour Europe in October using the Twilight Of The Idols Europe Tour 2004 name...Germany's Epistrophy Records has issued AUDIO KOLLAPS' Music From An Extreme Sick World 12" EP...Crash Music has signed a three-album deal with California death-grind band DISGORGE. The band is currently working on its Crash Music debut entitled Parallels Of Infinite Torture which will be released in early 2005...HATE ETERNAL has entered frontman Erik Rutan's own Mana Recording Studio to record the third album which is due in February...Furias Records will release the debut album of ARTES NEGRAS, Let There Be Death, a black metal band from Argentina...Drummer Marcelo Russo has left PRION...STRAPPING YOUNG LAD has entered Armoury Studio in Vancouver to record the follow-up to 2002's release, SYL. Several of the song titles are: Possessions, Landscape and Zen...KATAKLYSM was recently in conflict with ex-Hypnotic Records owner Tom Treumuth and Linus Entertainment of Toronto regarding the re-release of the band's 1998 album Victims Of The Fallen World and Northern Hyperblast Live, which were previously released through Canada's Hypnotic label. The band has now negotiated a deal whereby it receives a portion of the sales. In the meanwhile, ex-drummer Max Duhamel and the rest of the band are rerecording Victims Of This Fallen World for an independent release in October...RED STREAM RECORDS has five releases this month. The label is re-releasing KRIEG's Rise Of The Imperial Hordes, issuing ARKHON INFAUSTUS' Perdition Insanabilis and AXIS OF ADVANCE's Obey albums which are licensed from Osmose Productions, a new edition of BETHLEHEM's Dictius Te Necare and OCTOBER BURNING's Punk album...Belgium's INOCCULTA has released a new demo called Apocryphe...Upcoming Snakebite Productions releases are: GOMORY's (French thrash metal) Destruction & Misery, the debut of BLOODSHED and OUROBOROS' full-length sometime in 2005...THE ACCURSED has signed to Screaming Ferret Wreckords. The band is working on an album which is expected in January...Nepherex Records has signed THEUDHO and MORRIGU...CRYPTOPSY will hit the road September 7th to continue it's 2004 Canadian tour. For these shows ex-member Miguel Roy, who played on Whisper Supremacy, will be filling in for guitarist Jon Levasseur. The band continues to work on a new album while its contractual dispute with Century Media gets resolved...England's THEN KAME SILENCE was number one in the metal chart of for five weeks recently. The band has organised a Halloween all-day event in Norwich for the 31st of October...Germany-based PSYKRA's new CD Terra PI is now out. The band is playing several German shows this month...On October 19th SIX FEET UNDER will do what no other metal band has done before and cover an album in its entirety. Graveyard Classics 2 is a rerecording of AC/DC's 20x platinum release Back In Black...CATTLE DECAPITATION has chosen the image on the back of its Humanure CD as the album's new cover art. The band's original cover artwork was the subject of censorship and difficult to find...BOLT THROWER has announced the departure of vocalist Dave Ingram. In a statement, the band said: "Dave has been suffering with health and personal problems for a while now and he has decided that it would be best if he left the band to concentrate on his recovery. We would like to thank him for the 6 years he dedicated to the band and we wish him all the very best for the future." The recording of a new album has been delayed...SUHRIM is touring Europe in support of its new album The Cunt Collector...This autumn Candlelight will issue the new album from Norway's RED HARVEST (Internal Punishment Programs), the debut from Sweden's GOD AMONG INSECTS (World Wide Death), plus reissues from VOIVOD and SEVERE TORTURE among others...IMPALED NAZARENE will record a live album in Italy this month. The CD is expected in February...UNDERHATE, a death metal band from Brescia in Italy, has released a mini-CD called Downcorpse Trasmigration Of The Soul...England's HFM is entering a studio in December in order to record a new demo...Jens C. Mortensen of LEECH and ex-REVOLVER and SLAPDASH has joined CARNAL FORGE as the replacement for vocalist Jonas Kjellgren who left the band in order to focus on his studio work...HALLOWS EVE will soon issue an independent single called Evil Offerings. The single features Tommy Stewart on vocals and bass, Skullator on vocals and guitar, Brandon Ottinger on guitar and Dane Jensen on drums...OMNIUM GATHERUM has signed to Nuclear Blast Records. The band's next album, Years In Waste, is scheduled for release on November 9th...US band DISGORGE has signed a three-album deal with Crash Music. The band is working on an album called Parallels Of Infinite Torture which will be released in early 2005...LIVIDITY has parted ways with drummer James Whitehurst...CALLENISH CIRCLE's recently-added session drummer Spike will not join the band for personal reasons for the four concerts supporting DISMEMBER in September. Regular drummer Gavin Harte will take over his duties. The band is also entering the studio soon...Arctic Music Group has announced September 21st as the release date of the MALEVOLENT CREATION live album, Conquering South America...CHAOSBREED cancelled its show in Jyväskylä on Friday, August 20th after singer Jarva injured his back at a THE BLACK LEAGUE show in Oulu...James Murphy has joined FOREIGN OBJECTS...AGNOSTIC FRONT has signed with Nuclear Blast...Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, DREAMS OF DAMNATION, etc.) has a solo CD, entitled Anger As Art...NILE's guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade has also joined LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, albeit as a drummer...GOREROTTED has lost the services of one of its two singers, Mr. Gore...CONSTRUCDEAD has recruited bassist Johan Magnusson who used to be the guitarist for CARNAL FORGE.

Metallian Hard

New York's BLACKLACE has reunited with original members MaryAnn, Anthony, Carlo and Steve...Australia's Bleed Records will soon release a compilation of unreleased material by long defunct Swedish band CRYPT OF KERBEROS. The disc will feature the band's early demos, 7" EP and some stuff recorded after the sole album by the act World Of Myths...WARREN APPLEBY has built a digital studio and has begun work on a fourth independent CD. The man, one of the members of '80s band BLACKTASK, is setting up a commemorative website for the act at as well...Greece's STRIKELIGHT has signed to Eat Metal Records and will release its debut album this month...Inside Out has the following releases ready for release: AYREON's The Human Equation, DEAD SOUL TRIBE's The January Tree, PAIN OF SALVATION's Be and SYMPHONY X's keyboardist MIKE PINNELLA first solo effort which is entitled Enter Through The Twelfth Gate...SNAKERYDER has signed a four-year/two-album contract with Z Records. The band's self-titled debut is now out...STEEL ATTACK will release its new album, Enslaved, in October. The CD was recorded at Black Lounge Studios and mastered by Peter In de Betou...Sentinel Records' next releases are ANTIMATTER's Lights Out - Vinyl Edition and BASTARDSUN' debut album which features Stuart Anstis (Ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) and David Wayne (Ex-METAL CHURCH)...THE GREEN EVENING REQUIEM has added a new member called Chris Woods. The new man will handle the guitar and clean vocals...Boston's MELIAH RAGE will release its first studio album in over ten Years on August 24th through Screaming Ferret/Escapi Music. The album is entitled Barely Human...Metal Blade has signed Oregon's YOB. The doom metal band is prepared to release its new record, The Illusion Of Motion, through Metal Blade Records on October 19th...Sound Riot Records has issued GHOST MACHINERY's Haunting Remains" CD. The album is described as "Neo-classical Power Metal from Finland." The band features Pete Ahonen, BURNING POINT´s singer and guitar-player...Finnish heavy rockers DIVERCIA recently finished the recordings for their second album which is entitled Cycle Of Zero. Karmageddon will issue the album this month...Greece's INNERWISH has confirmed its appearance at next year's Headbangers Open Air in Germany on Friday, 8th of July 2005...MAGICAs Lightseeker album will see a limited edition release by the Divenia label featuring metallic artwork, slipcase, sticker and a poster...Reformed US metal band EDEN has set up a website at's live album Live From The Full Throttle will be released on Sanctuary Records on September 28th...Gene Simmons and Company raided Sunday's North Carolina KISS Expo looking for illegal DVD's and videos along with various other bootlegged KISS material on Sunday, Aug. 8th...CROWBAR has signed with Candlelight Records. Life's Blood For The Downtrodden, the band's label debut, is expected to see a February 8, 2005 stateside release date...THE VANILLA FUDGE is scheduled to perform a special engagement at B.B. King's Club on Sept. 8th in NYC. The band, featuring Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Bill Pascali and Teddy Rondinelli, is currently riding on the heels of the latest CD release The Return...BLISSED, featuring STRYPER's drummer Robert Sweet, has recently released its debut Recording titled Waking Up The Dead on KR Records...Chris Tsangarides has been chosen to be the producer for the forthcoming WINTERS BANE album. The band will release its new album in early 2005. Songs slated to appear on the album include Dice With Death, Seal The Light and Glory...TRANSPORT LEAGUE suffered a line-up change recently. Guitarist Dan had to be replaced shortly before the band's Waldrock Festival gig by Martin Meyerman...Toronto's CRASH KELLY has signed a North American deal with Liquor and Poker Music...EDGUY is performing four North American shows this month. These are 15.09 at BB Kings Club in NYC, NY, 16.09 at Club Soda in Montreal, 18.09 at Prog Power Festival in Atlanta, GA and on the 19th at Key Club in Los Angeles, CA...INTENSE is playing at this year's Bloodstock and also featured on the new Bloodstock Pure Blood Vol 1 DVD with the video for the song War Of Angels. The band has also replaced Adrian Lambert with Stephe Brine on bass...BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer Bobby Rondinelli has quit the group in order to pursue his work with unsigned hard rock act THE LIZARDS...MYSTERY BLUE is playing at the Guardians Of Metal Festival at La Laiterie, Strasbourg on Saturday 04, September...Reality Entertainment's Harsh Reality Tour, sponsored by Metallian, Metal Edge, Epiphone and Topham Drums features SYBREED (Switzerland), LYZANXIA (France) and FREAKHOUSE (Los Angeles). The tour will traverse North America this September and October. Get the latest dates and info at SISTER will release Still Hungry on Eagle Rock on October 5th. The new album is a rerecorded and expanded version of the 1984 album and adds seven new tracks to the original album...Guitarist Doug Stapp has a self-titled album out on Progressive Arts Music later this month. For more information head to www.DougStapp.Com...VAGH has ceased working with the Spanish distributor Rock In Spain after accusing the company of not paying due royalty and of not returning unsold CDs...BIOMECHANICAL has signed with Elitist/Earache. The deal is reportedly for four albums beginning with The Empires Of The Worlds album which is due in early 2005...EIDOLON is entering Los Angered Studio in October in order to record a new album...MEGADETH has added guitarist Glen Drover of EIDOLON to the band's touring line-up...BLACKSHINE has been dropped by SPV and has instead signed with NMS/Escapi. The group has a new album called Lifeblood due in January...CRADLE TO GRAVE, the Vancouver-based band of former AGGRESSION guitarist Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe, has signed with the Year Of The Sun label...BATTLELORE and vocalist Patrik Mennander have parted ways. EVEMASTER's Tomi Mykkänen will fill the vacant spot...DIAMOND HEAD has unceremonioulsy dumped long-time singer Sean Harris. The replacement is called Nick Tart...BRAZEN ABBOT has signed a deal with Frontiers Records...THE CLAN DESTINED is a new band featuring vocalist Martin Walkyier (ex-SKYCLAD and SABBAT) and bassist Iscariah (ex-IMMORTAL)...AFM Records has announced October 18th as the release date for the fourth NOSTRADAMEUS album, entitled Hellbound...Drummer Tim Tomaselli has left Tennessee's PLACE OF SKULLS...Current CHARON and ex-POISONBLACK singer Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto will sing for AMORPHIS on the band's upcoming U.S. tour with TYPE O NEGATIVE...HELLOWEEN has left Nuclear Blast Records and signed with SPV...TNT has parted ways with bassist Morty Black...NECROPHAGIA's Killjoy has joined a Danish industrial band called FORLIS on vocals.

Metallian Demos

Toronto's ...Starring Janet Leigh has one of the more peculiar monikers on the scene and similarly a curious title for its demo so it will come as no surprise that the band's music is such whacked and technical grinding racket. These guys pride themselves in cramming in as many breaks, tempo changes and jazzy doodlings into their music as possible. There are only two songs on the CD, Ex-you and Fingertips Trigger The Static Touch, but they suffice to present the band as something different than most of their more straightforward peers.
Things do get spacey towards the end, but considering the band's distinct movie theme (buttons, bio, website, etc.) that is hardly a surprise. The band is striving to play as many shows as possible so catch them if you live in Central Canada somewhere. E-mail the band at or visit the band's site at - Ali "The Metallian"

It is easy to guess this bunch as a band with a slightly different bent; otherwise they probably wouldn't arm themselves with a name like The Green Evening Requiem. One supposes that Opeth is an obvious reference point for music like this. The music ebbs and flows, veers and meanders and falls in and out of favour depending on the particular point in time - or the song. Acoustic guitars intermingle with furious riffing, clean singing dukes it out with anguished screaming and the tempo varies not necessarily because convention depends on it, but because the band demands it. It is not a silly old exercise either. The proceedings can hit hard and hit hard they do. It's just that there is much else there too. The tracks are called Severance, Dawn, Tomorrow Is Just Another Day and Desolation with the second and fourth one being the better ones. The band is giving these away almost for free so either visit or e-mail the Pennsylvania boys at - Ali "The Metallian"

This relatively new Greek band was formed in 2001 and Delomelanicon, its first demo, was recorded in January, 2004. It features two full songs, an intro and an outro. There is a lot of Keyboards on this courtesy of Chris, one of the guitarists, and session member Jenny. Musically, the two songs run around seven minutes each and remind one of the likes of Therion. Both include quite a few tempo changes with the Keyboards making up good portions of the songs. The songs are all freely available for download on and the CD itself is limited to 500 copies. - Anna Tergel

DESTRUCTION 412 - same
Destruction 412 is a new and young American hardcore band with a nod to the commercial mallcore bands that are very popular nowadays. The band - whose name probably refers to the band's telephone code - is rough and angry which comes across in its music and lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, the band seems to be Christian, but also seems to support the destruction of Iraq. This is sad given how many more people have died as a result of this lawless invasion. There is something in the Bible about not killing people, but no one exactly remembers what it is. Oh well, on the musical side the band shines with its relentless frenzy and brutality. Things rumble here with a sense of purpose so if you are a fan of the styles mentioned check out the band's site at or email them at - Anna Tergel

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