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NUCLEAR ASSAULT will release its video, Louder Harder Faster, on October 10th through Screaming Ferret Wreckords…SUN DESCENDS has asked drummer Chris Torre to leave the band. The New York thrashers are looking for a replacement at the moment and encourage anyone who is interested to contact the band at…ABORTED has been replaced by VISCERAL BLEEDING on the CRYPTOPSY trek through Europe…Former HALLOWS EVE vocalist Stacy Andersen and former RIGOR MORTIS singer Doyle Bright have a new crossover band called TWO PRONGED CROWN…ANGELCORPSE, featuring drummer Gina Ambrosio, is back and working on two new albums for Osmose Productions…Jon Nödtveidt, of DISSECTION, was found dead on Wednesday, August 16th in his apartment in Hässelby, a suburb of Stockholm. He was 31 and committed suicide next to a copy of The Satanic Bible…Nuclear Blast’s THE DUSKFALL has recruited bassist Matte Järnil, who is ex-21ST IMPACT…KOLDBORN has signed with France's Listenable Records. The band's next album, The Uncanny Valley, is scheduled for release on October 16th...SOULGRIND has parted ways with bassist JP due to "personal differences"…Guitarist Mike Turner of DECREPIT BIRTH recently spent time in jail in Canada after attempting to enter the country multiple times illegally. He was initially refused entrance due to a criminal record…The Selfmadegod Records’ reissue (with a bonus track, of course) of XXX MANIAK's album Harvesting The Cunt Nectar is now out. This 31-track pornographic disc features guest appearances from AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, PROSTHETIC CUNT, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, VILE and DIVINE RAPTURE members…After 10 years of hitting the drums with the band, Olivier has decided to leave KRISTENDOM for personal reasons. Any drumming candidates in the Paris area should contact…On October 31st, Lifeforce Records America is going to release the new album Desolation... from Bristol, UK's BURNING SKIES… TERROR SQUAD’s Chaosdragon Rising album is now out through World Chaos Production…The debut album from St. Louis, Missouri’s END OF DESTINY has officially been given the title, The Thoughtless Existence. The album is due out on October 10th through Open Grave & Red State Records…FEAR MY THOUGHTS is currently mixing Vulcanus, thits Century Media debut, with producer Jacob Hansen (ABORTED and HATESPHERE) in Denmark…EXCRUCIATION’s own Non Stop Music will issue an album, called Angels To Some Demons To Others, by the reformed ‘90s band in January…Osmose Records’ SHINING has issued a statement speculating that its missing singer Kvarforth might indeed have committed suicide. Claiming to have received a note indicating the singer as dead, though not being able to ascertain the news, the band has accepted the services of a replacement singer called Ghoul whom the band claims to not having even met yet. The band’s next show is scheduled for December…Following the announcement of its split, NOCTE OBDUCTA is recording its farewell album, Sequenzen einer Wanderung, which will be finished at the end of the year…DOWNLORD's Dave Ingram has secured permission from The Church Of Satan to use lyrical excerpts from Hymn Of The Satanic Empire in the new DOWNLORD song Wake Up & Smell The Species. The hymn was written by Anton Lavey in 1988 and was included on the Satanic Mass album. The band’s debut album, Random Dictionary Of The Damned, is due in November…NEGATIVA, the new band featuring former GORGUTS members Steve Hurdle (guitar, vocals) and Luc Lemay (guitar, vocals), along with Etienne Gallo (drums, ex-AUGURY) and Miguel Valade (bass, ex-ION DISSONANCE) is in the studio producing a three-song demo. The three songs being recorded by Pierre Remillard are Chaos In Motion, Taedium Vitae and Rebellion...CLOUDS TURNED BLACK is pleased to announce the addition of Josh Anderson on drums. The band is working on its debut album Transfixion…MORS PRINCIPIUM EST has picked Liberation = Termination as the title for its third album, tentatively due in February through Listenable Records…TERRORIZER and former NAPALM DEATH guitarist Jesse Pintando died recently in a hospital in The Netherlands. He was grappling with alcohol abuse…Metal War Productions has finally released a live album by PESTILENCE, entitled Chronicles Of The Scourge. The material stems from 1988 and 1989.

Metallian Hard

DREAM EVIL’s next album is called United and is due in November through Century Media…QUIET RIOT is scheduled to release its latest CD, Rehab, in October. For the new recordings Kevin DuBrow (vocals) and Frankie Banali (drums) are joined by Tony Franklin on bass (ex-THE FIRM and BLUE MURDER), session guitarist Neil Citron, and Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH) who performed a vocal duet with Kevin DuBrow on the classic 1969 SPOOKY TOOTH song Evil Woman and also contributed the bass track for that song as well…The Swiss band BACKWASH, now featuring drummer Spiga Dusty, has signed with Perris Records…SEVEN WITCHES’ Years Of The Witch video will be out on September 26th. The video will feature both recent and classic live footage…3 LEGGED DOGG has signed a deal for USA and Europe with Perris Records. The band features Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT), Jimmy Bain (DIO, RAINBOW), Chas West (BONHAM, LYNCH MOB), Brian Young (DAVID LEE ROTH), Vinny Appice (DIO, OZZY, BLACK SABBATH). The band’s debut is out this month…A SLIK HELVETIKA five-song EP, entitled Krypt Kicker 5, will be issued this year through Screaming Ferret Wreckords…AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton will be sitting out several shows at the beginning of the band's The Route Of All Evil tour. Hamilton has just undergone a seven-week course of radiation treatment for his throat cancer. Filling in will be David Hull, who has played in the JOE PERRY PROJECT…PARADISE LOST has signed to Century Media. The label will issue the band’s recent self-titled album in America, as well as an up-coming 2007-8 album…Three former TOURNIQUET members guitarists Erik Mendez and Gary Lenaire and bassist Victor Macias are back together and working on a new project called 2050….Garry Dalloway, the singer for THE HANDSOME BEASTS, was found dead on August 20th from a heart attack…IN BATTLE’s former drummer Otto Wiklund committed suicide on August 13th…FIREBALL MINISTRY has cancelled its UK tour after not receiving support from Century Media…Oklahoma’s FORTE has reunited for a string of shows featuring bassist Rev Jones, former OLIVER MAGNUM vocalist James Randel and the Scott brothers…Nuclear Blast’s BELPHEGOR has sacked drummer Nefastus and is seeking a replacement…Vocalist Urban Breed (ex-TAD MOROSE) has also quit BLOODBUND in order to focus on his own project. He was also ostensibly unhappy with his hired-hand status…Guitarist Jonathan Nyberg has left CRYSTAL EYES in order to concentrate on his day job…FIREWIND’s Allegiance will be out next January through Century Media. This album marks the first album with new vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (ex-MAJESTIC and TIME REQUIEM) and drummer Mark Cross (ex-HELLOWEEN and METALIUM) whose talents had a prominent impact on the creative process. Allegiance was mixed at Studio Fredman with guitarist Gus G’s former band-mate Fredrik Nordstrom…OVERKILL singer Bobby Blitz Ellsworth has for the first time in his career stepped out of his full-time band to join a side-project. With the launch of THE CURSED, Ellsworth is joined by guitarist Dan Lorenzo (ex-HADES and NON-FICTION), bassist Job The Raver (MURDER 1), and drummer Mike Cristi (ex-NON-FICTION). Ellsworth and Lorenzo began collaborating in late 2005, and came up with a style that while still heavy, is a departure from the intense metal of OVERKILL. The band is signed to Sceaming Ferret Wreckords and will issue an album in 2007…MANOWAR will release The Sons Of Odin EP through its own Magic Circle Records in October. The EP will also feature the title track of the band’s forthcoming album, Gods Of War, as well as additional audio and video…Shrapnel Records will release Loud And Dangerous, L.A. Guns’ live album, on September 12th.Loud And Dangerous is a reference to the band’s live concert performances through which they gained a worldwide audience. This record contains not only some of the band’s biggest hits, but is also the first release of live versions of the band’s best newer material. As a bonus, the CD includes exclusive live video performances of Hollywood’s Burning and It Don’t Mean Nothing…Finnish band CATAMENIA recorded a live DVD on the 24th of August at the Stodola Club in Poland during its opening slot for Obituary. The material entitled Bringing The Cold To Poland is scheduled to be released in November and will be available in standard DVD and DVD+CD limited editions...Eagle Rock Entertainment has sold the money-losing Spitfire Records to Sheridan Square Entertainment. Eagle Rock’s future focus will be the release of films and video material…Right before the expected encore for its show in Atlanta on August 25th POISON singer Bret Michaels and bassist Bobby Dall went at it on stage in full view of the audience. The members attacked each other using a microphone and a bass guitar before they were separated.

Metallian Demos

New Horizon is apparently a project of Canadian guitarist Mike Kischnick who plays most of the instruments, composes and even sings on the odd song. The band has a low profile – do a search on the web – despite the man’s involvement with Empyria and Thor. It is not as if the band is spectacular, but there is enough heavy metal, hard rock and commercial rock to give the band a bigger following than its present small presence. Several songs have entertaining vocals, like The Hollowness Of Winter, and respectable solos, but as many simply exist with no game plan or direction. Track three Wounded Man is atypical because it points at Ozzy and Black Sabbath. The drum computer does not help of course and the flat production defies the interesting and quintessentially metal artwork suggesting the band’s budget was quite low. The cover artwork reminds one of the days of Q5 and NWOBHM though. Visit or e-mail for information. – Anna Tergel

The forte of Agankast is to mix a bunch of styles and make them all seem coherent on one disc. From heavy metal to brutal metal to melodic rock to punk, the band mixes and matches styles into its songs. The vocals are gruff, but the melodic leads balance things out. The chord progressions and the riffs are heavy duty of course. Several of the songs are damn catchy one has to admit, although a better sound would surely benefit the group. The band has had a couple of line-up changes since the recording so the future is murky for the band, although one thing is already clear. Despite the demo’s title and the song of the same name this is not a Metallica clone band. Check out or e-mail to ask about ordering information. – Anna Tergel

Dismal Past reminds one of another independent band reviewed in these pages last month, namely Canada’s Coffin Birth. The Swedes sound up-to-date and contemporary whilst unquestionably drawing directly from older bands from headier days. The band’s sound and riffing is 2006 all right, yet the band’s music can be compared to Assassin circa 1998, albeit with melodic touches. The vocals are often comparable to Sodom’s Uncle Tom. It is not the band sounds particularly retro-German thrashy, but those are the key comparisons and indicators of Dismal Past’s sound. Perhaps the ‘past’ in the band’s monicker is more than just a coincidence. Dismal Past is a great deathrash band for fans of heavy, thrash and death metal. Write to them at or visit for information. – Ali “The Metallian”

Heavy metal has now officially penetrated Tuscany. Story Of Jade hails from the Italian area known for the renaissance and, despite its moniker, has nothing to do with Chinese or Oriental art. Similarly, there is little here to indicate a Norse black metal or lame Slipknot influences no matter what the band’s get-up looks like. Bapho Matt, Poxifer, Andy Gore and Yndy T. Witch take their horror influences and paint their heavy and power metal influences red. There are several occurrences of unusual singing and drumming, although The Factory Of Apocalypse is largely good old-fashioned violent metal with a variety of shrieks and growls. Check out the good riffs, pro sound and King Diamond-like solos on the band’s debut official release by sending an e-mail to - Anna Tergel

The demo of Italy’s Criminal Hate is called Regression Of Human Race and there is something to that. The band that was once a Metallica cover band is now a fast keyboard-oriented quartet with some elements of death and black metal. Unfortunately, the keyboards get in the way of the music, which itself is average and has a few miscues in the drum department. Given the average songs and the trendy elements it is hard to really recommend this band. Although, if you are into this kind of a thing it might be worth pointing out that Tornado Of Flames has a good pace and begins with a smashing riff, although that might be that it sounds quite close to something Anthrax created 18 years ago. The band’s website is at - Anna Tergel

With song titles like Satan & Swastika, Signs Of Bitterness or the title track the chances of the band being Christian are probably zero, although the gang had me going for a while given the name. The band’s independence is clear for the sound is erratic, although more importantly is the performance of singer Andy whose vocals (he also handles the guitar) are an acquired taste. He is not bad, more like unusual, and can sound both like a heavy metal frontman and like the singer of Doctor And The Medics. The songs too vary from a bash metal sensibility to slow and forlorn to ones charting course for pop territory as in Sorrow Descending. Honey For Christ is not easily to categorize, which can be the band’s triumph or Achilles heel. or contact - Anna Tergel

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