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Germany’s Armageddon Music has announced November 16th as the release date for the album for the reformed MORTAL SIN. The album is called An Absence Of Faith…Sweden’s AUTOPSY TORMENT has signed to Singapore’s Pulverised Records. The group's 7th Rituals For The Darkest Souls Of Hell is due out soon…DEVIL LEE ROT has signed to Pulverised Records. The group's next album, entitled Reborn For Revenge, is due out later this year…FLESH has completed work on its third album, which is entitled Worship The Soul Of Disgust. The CD was recorded at the Abyss studio with Tommy Tägtgren…ANACHRONAEON has a new release through Stygian Crypt Productions. The release is the band’s full-length demo from 2004 entitled As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies. It now has new cover art by Smerdulak. The band will be back later this year with a new release called The New Dawn…BLACK DEMENTIA, which features members of EXMORTEM, HORNED ALMIGHTY, SPECTRAL MORTUARY, GRIFFAR, etc. will release its full-length debut, Dictum Of Negation, through Aura Mystique Productions this month…GOREFEST’s Rise To Ruin will be out on the 25th of September…PRO-PAIN has parted ways with guitarist Eric Klinger and has replaced him with Marshall Stephens who is an old acquaintance of drummer JC Dwyer and was in bands like GONEMAD and SHRILL with him. The band has cancelled its appearance at the X-Mas Festival 2007 however…Former ASPHYX, PESTILENCE and BOLT THROWER singer Martin Van Drunen has a new home with Dutch doom band BUNKER. The group will issue an album called Nullify next year…Guitarist Jeremy Turner has rejoined ORIGIN and will be working with the band on its next CD, which is due in March…CORPUS MORTALE will release a second full-length album, called A New Species Of Deviant, this month through Neurotic Records…ILLDISPOSED has been dropped by Roadrunner Records and signed with AFM Records…Shaune Kelley, who was once in RIPPING CORPSE with Erik Rutan, has also joined HATE ETERNAL on guitar…DARKANE vocalist Andreas Sydow has had enough and quit the band…THORIUM’s new album Feral Creation is due out in February through Mighty Music…SAPREMIA's Hollow album is now out on Open Grave Records…CHARNEL VALLEY's sophomore album, The Igneous Race is now available through Paragon Records…Poland’s Metal Mind Productions has released an ARTILLERY box set called Through The Years. The collection features four CDs and music from the band’s entire history…Former VENOM and CARCASS guitarist Mike Hickey has a new project called GOATREIGN. The band’s self-titled album is now out through Cargo Records…EXODUS has picked The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A as the title for its new album, which is due in late October through Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded by producer Andy Sneap…California’s hardcore stalwarts ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT (later ATTITUDE) has reformed and is playing shows. The band features Keven Reed on vocals, drummer Chris Kontos (MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY), Eric Mcintire and Yapple on guitar and Greg Orr on bass…PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT’s fourth CD, Descendants Of Depravity is due in November through Neurotic Records…NEURAXIS will release the Live Progression CD on November 6th in Canada through Galy Records. The live recording features new singer Alexandre Leblanc (POINT BLANK RAGE and ATHERETIC) and guitarist William Seghers (ex-QUO VADIS)…IMPALED has signed to Willowtip Records, which will issue the band’s The Last Gap CD…DISMEMBER and NECROPHOBIC have been forced to cancel their European tour apparently due to an AWOL promoter…Dan Damgaard has left COMPOS MENTIS. Claus Tørnes (MARE CRISIUM) has replaced him.

Metallian Hard

HELLOWEEN’s twelfth studio album, Gambling With The Devil, is due in November through SPV…KISS is releasing the second instalment of the KISS live DVD Collection on August 14th, 2007. KISSology: Volume Two 1978-1991 is an expanded three-disc set boasting nearly seven hours of rare or never-before-seen footage featuring notorious television interviews and early KISS music videos…U.D.O. has recruited former VANIZE and MAJESTY bassist Marcus Bielenberg as a temporary replacement for Fitty Weinhold, who is currently unable to perform "for private reasons." The band will tour Europe with PRIMAL FEAR this autumn…SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor will not sing for ANTHRAX after all ostensibly due to being busy with his other projects, in addition to contractual terms with Roadrunner Records…Former THE GATHERING singer Anneke van Giersbergen will release the debut album of her new band AGUA DE ANNIQUE, called Air, on October 30th through The End Records...Rock band EVERGREY has recruited former STRATOVARIUS bassist Jari Kainulainen. The band is negotiating with several labels for a new recording contract…FIREWIND singer Apollo is resting and dealing with back problems. As a result, METALIUM’s Henning Basse will step in and tour with the band…Italy’s ELDRITCH has replaced drummer Dave Simeone with Raffahell Dridge. The band released its seventh album, Blackenday, in April through Inside Out Music…The reunited AT WAR is working on new material and playing the World War IV Thrash Metal Festival at Club Europa in Brooklyn, New York…ICARUS WITCH's van was broken into and robbed while on the road last month. The band lost several pieces of expensive equipment. The group’s Songs For The Lost CD is out this month through Cleopatra Records…Right on the heels of the release of VII through AFM Records Germany's AT VANCE has added bassist Manuel Walther and drummer Alex Landenburg to the line-up…CAGE has parted ways with drummer Mikey Neil and is seeking a replacement…FIRES OF BABYLON is a newly formed U.S. heavy metal band which features guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE), vocalist Rob Rock (ROB ROCK band and ex-IMPELITTERRI), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH and MONSTROSITY), as well as drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH; ex-ANNIHILATOR). The band’s debut album, Devilution, will be released in early 2008 on Metal Heaven Records…SHAMAN (formerly SHAAMAN) featuring drummer Ricardo Confessori (ex-ANGRA) and singer Thiago Bianchi has signed a deal with Scarlet Records. Immortal is the confirmed title for the new effort which will be released in November…SPICE AND THE RJ BAND is the name of a new project featuring vocalist Spice (KAYSER and ex-SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) and drummer Bob Ruben (THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND), which will release its debut album The Will in October on Scarlet Records…Vancouver’s ZIMMERS HOLE has signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and is in the studio today to begin recording its third full-length release. The line-up features Byron Stroud (FEAR FACTORY and SYL) on bass and Jed Simon (TENET and SYL) on guitars, along with Chris "The Heathen" Valagao (vocals) and Steve Wheeler (drums)…Drummer Thomen Stauch has been asked to leave SAVAGE CIRCUS following multiple show and tour cancellations on the drummer’s part over the last two years…IRON FIRE and drummer Jens Berglid have gone their separate ways. The new man’s name is Fritz Wagner…Having recorded a new album PUNGENT STENCH has imploded due to personal and business disputes within the band. Drummer Alex Wank has objected to what he deems lack of credit and rumour mongering by the other members. Martin Schirenc (Herr Don Cochino) and El Gore will continue making music and the band is hoping to issue the album nonetheless…DREAM EVIL will issue a CD containing several new songs plus rare and Japan-only tracks with a live DVD recorded on November 25, 2006 at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. The package is humbly called Gold Medal In Metal and due in December…AMY SCHUGAR has set up a headlining autumn US Tour…BALTIMOORE is back with a new line-up featuring singer and guitarist Mikael Nord Andersson (PRIVATE EYE, NORD and ROXETTE), who previously sang back-up for the band, guitarist Janne Stark (OVERDRIVE, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, MOUNTAIN OF POWER), bassist Björn Lundqvist and drummer Robert Bäck…Guitarist Steve Smyth is out of NEVERMORE and will supposedly work on his band, THE ESSENESS PROJECT…On Saturday the 27th of October 2007 the next Heavy Metal Maniacs festival will be held in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Acting as a ‘best of’ edition the festival will feature GRIM REAPER, BULLET, JAGUAR, PREDATÜR and DOUBLE DIAMOND.

Metallian Demos

The CD begins and ends with a sound effect that is like a heart beating. Dark Side Of The Moon? No. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Audioslave. One can be sure that the word ‘grunge’ appears nowhere on the Drift Effect website or the band’s promotional material, but that is precisely what this band is all about. With a little more emotion than average and a good amount of sonic organic effects Be Something pushes the guitars and vocals forward to mix meaningful lyrics and deep music. Soft rock also has a good home with Drift Effect given the preponderance of slow moments. Something (the loud guitar chords) tells me that Drift Effect is a strong band on stage, although some long hair always looks naff on guys. Visit or e-mail - Sheila Wes Det

Followed By Silence is a death/black metal band from Christian Colorado. With songs like Torn In ½ By Rotting Children and lines like “black vomit steams on the cross/and the armies of hell will march” or “black witchcraft conquers the light” these guys must be leading a lonely life in a state overrun by jesus freaks.
The music is offbeat. There are in fact many hints at Kreator, as on the song The October Country for instance, but the group is a technical, stop-and-go type of a band which hampers its own flow through jazzy breaks. Reportedly, at least one member even instructs jazz music at school. The more intrepid picking on Snow Falls On The forest is something the quartet needs to do more often. Speaking of gaps, the band has five cantos interspersed through the demo, which add atmosphere and enhance the mood. The production is not world-class, but not bad or unbearably weak either. The guitars could have been thicker however. The vocals are dark and growled, but remind one of the old Sabbat days of Martin Walkyier sometimes. Followed By Silence needs all the support it can get so visit or contact - Anna Tergel

This quartet formed by ex-Atomkraft guitarist Rob Matthews is now without him as he has left to pursue other interests. A ninety-minute double CD is the last to feature the said veteran and according to the band’s bio is divided into a doomy part, Walking With Angels, and a newer, Running With Devils, thrashy part signalling the band’s present and future intent. The band’s claim of “no more slow chugging songs...its full on thrash all the way” is put to the test on the second CD but the doomy first CD starts with its title track and features loud riffs, intermittent short solos, chugging rhythms, and an overall style that is reminiscent of Manowar. Insomniac sounds dated and is like a cross between doom and ‘80s crossover. Little America is a slightly updated version of the aforementioned style. March To Hell starts off sounding like a tired rock song before jumping into the chugging style. English Heart Scottish Blood is Agankast’s take on an anthem. The short instrumental Morebattle paves the way for Mortality, a song that features experimental, acid rock mold segments interspersed with the Manowar inspired heavy, slow riffs. Crematorium closes off the 52 minute CD with a slightly modernized version of what preceded it.
As evidence for their thrash claims Agnakast presents Heathen, the opener of ...Running With Devils. Somehow it is of very little surprise that one can hear a Slayer riff or two, but also of note is that the added speed to go with the heavy guitar sound that was present on the first CD, both of which combine to make an immediate impact. Razorfire sounds like a speeded up Venom. She Bleeds Blood adds even more crazy guitar solos. Driving Out The Demons is heavy ‘80’s thrash. This War is Slayer and ‘80s thrash revisited again. End It All, Contaminated, the instrumental Soulstealer and closing title track are all effective and dated to varying degrees but the total effect is positive as these Brits manage to combine speed and heaviness and come up with a decent collection of songs. – Anna Tergel

This Finnish quartet has turned to thrash and away from power, black and death metal. Having not heard their previous material one is forced to accept their assertion. This four song EP is certainly thrash, and one with a rough and loud production, all somehow befitting the vocal style of Fredrik Vikman. Whispering Voices, Face Of Evil, Sentence Of Suffering and Enemy do not offer a whole lot in terms of originality but the band does make good use of a full guitar sound that packs a punch. Musically Face Of Evil is a typical sampling of straight thrash metal with melodic, acoustic moments thrown in to add a Finnish or Scandinavian feel. – Anna Tergel

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