Metallian Heavy

WARCALL and France-based THROUGH THE DUSK will tour eastern Canada in October.

RODENT EPOCH’s Rodentlord is out through Saturnal on the 12th of October. The group was founded in Oulu, Finland in 2009.

The France-based black metal bands MALEPESTE and DYSYLUMN have a split record called Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera through Goathorned Productions on 15.10.2018. The title translates to ‘What Once Was, What It Is, What It Will Be.’

Ukraine-based trio GOAT SPERM’s Voice In The Womb is out through Inferna Profundus Records this month.

BAEST’s debut album Danse Macabre was released through Century Media last month. The band has a video for the song Ego Te Absolvo.

Norway-based AETERNUS will release its next album, entitled Heathen, through Dark Essence Records on October 12th.

INTERNAL BLEEDING will release a new full-length album, called Corrupting Influence, through Unique Leader Records on October 19th.

NOTHGARD will release a new album, called Malady X, through Metal Blade Records in late October.

France-based black metal band THE ORDER OF APOLLYON will release its next album, entitled Moriah, through Agonia Records next month.

Germany-based black metal duo IMPERIUM DEKADENZ has signed a contract with Napalm Records. The band’s next album is due in 2019.

EINHERJER will release an album called Norrøne Spor in November.

CATTLE DECAPITATION, which is working on a new album due in late 2019, has recruited guitarist Belisario Dimuzio (EUKARYST) and bassist Olivier Pinard (CRYPTOPSY).

GOROD will release a new album, called Aethra through Overpowered Records next month.

Mexico-based thrashers CENTAURO will be hitting the road with deathcore act LACK OF REMORSE for the Northern Mexico leg of the Misfits 4 Life Tour.

US-based HOTH’s Astral Necromancy album is out through Epicurus Records.

NECRONOMICON will release a new album, called Unleashed Bastards, through El Puerto Records this month.

RADUX’s Disaster Imminent thrashy album is out through Svart Records this month. It follows the trend of small labels issuing and distributing bands’ demos.

UNLEASHED will release a full-length album, called The Hunt For White Christ, through Napalm Records next month. The band and its lyrics have been accused of racism and white supremacy in the past and the group has attracted a white power crowd as well.

WITCHES HAMMER’s Canadian Speed Metal LP is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 15th of October. The band was originally founded as OBLIVION in 1982 and changed its monicker to that of one of its songs. The LP is a compilation of the band’s eighties’ demos from 1985 and 1987.

Death Chopping North America tour is the monicker for the Canada and USA trek this autumn featuring SUFFOCATION, CATTLE DECAPITATION, KRISIUN, and SOREPTION. This will mark SUFFOCATION singer Frank Mullen’s farewell tour.

BLOODBATH shall release an album called The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn in October.

Norway-based DEATHHAMMER’s Chained To Hell album is out through Hells Headbangers next month.

Kansas City, USA-based death metal band ARES KINGDOM is at its own Very Metal Sound studio recording By The Light Of Their Destruction for NWN Productions, which has been the band’s label since 2004.

ADVERSO’s Ex Inanis tape is limited to 80 copies and out through Purodium Rekords on 15.10.2018.

The trend of labels releasing so-called demos continues. MORTE INCANDESCENTE’s Somos O Fogo Do Teu Inferno was out through War Arts Productions on the 28th of September.

Germany-based death metal band ENDSEEKER has signed with Metal Blade. The band just played at the Party.San Open Air 2018. The group expects to enter the studio in 2019.

MUNICIPAL WASTE and HIGH ON FIRE will embark on a co-headlining U.S. tour this November. HIGH ON FIRE’s Electric Messiah album is out through eOne next month.

SIEGE OF POWER Warning Blast will be released on Metal Blade this month.

EADEM’s Luguber 12″ is out through Iron Bonehead in October. The act was founded in 2009.

Mexico-based MORBID MESSIAH’s Demoniac Paroxysm is out through Memento Mori in October.

Finland-based TROLLHEIMS GROTT’s Aligned With The True Death is out through W.T.C. Productions on the 31st of October.

The “symphonic” death metal band HOMERIK is issuing a self-titled demo.

ENTOMBED A.D. has returned with a new single, called Fit For A King. The song is taken from the band’s untitled future album.

OBITUARY and EXMORTUS are touring the USA.

MALEVOLENT CREATION has finished recording its The 13th Beast album. The album is due through Hammerheart Records in the winter of 2019.

ANGRY NATION’s Embracing The Collapse is out through Wolfblood Productions. The band is based in Austria and Italy.

After the debut Ruins Of Oblivion, BURN DOWN EDEN is following up with Liberticidal two years later. The band’s new singer is Pether (ex-THE LAST HANGMEN).

BLACK FUNERAL (U.S.A.) has a mini-album called The Dust And Darkness through Iron Bonehead. It was recorded in Australia and the United States in 2017.

Peaceville will release a boxed set covering the singer Dead era of MAYHEM. Cursed In Eternity LP/DVD/book is out in November.

Ireland-based thrash metal band GAMA BOMB will release a new album, called Speed Between The Lines, through AFM Records on October 12th.

AMON has signed with Hammerheart Records. The former DEICIDE brothers will release new music, but the label will first reissue the early DEICIDE albums.

Blossoming From The Grave demo by GOURMAND was issued on August 17th.

US-based death metal act RUIN has an album called Human Annihilation through Memento Mori on 22.10.2018. The band was initially formed in 1991 and reformed in 2015.

Former ANNIHILATOR singer and D.O.A. bassist Randy Rampage (Randall Desmond Archibald) died at the age of 58 on August 14th. He was working at the North Vancouver harbor and died at home from an apparent heart attack.

Czech Republic-based INNERSPHERE has an album called Amnesia through Metalgate Records. The band is described as melodic death thrash metal.

Grindcore guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (GRIDLINK and MORTALIZED GRINDCORE) of RETORTION TERROR returns to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new self-titled EP Retortion Terror.

HATE ETERNAL will release a new album, called Upon Desolate Sands, through Season Of Mist on October 26th.

Chile-based black thrash metal band FLESH HUNTER AND THE ANALASSAULTERS has an album called The Plague through Hammer Of Damnation. The band is singer and guitarist Hells Profaner, bassist Nasty Oldman and drummer Vaginal Rapist.

Russia-based solo thrash act INSIDIOUS ONE has a song called The Natural Selection. The song is also planned for an upcoming EP. The act was found by Alexander Shalaev (ex-INFINITY GAP).

Sweden-based black metal band BLOOD OF SERPENTS has an album called Sulphur Sovereign through Non Serviam Records on the 25th of September.

THE ODIOUS CONSTRUCT’s Shrine Of The Obscene EP is out through The Artisan Era next month. The band is based in the USofA.

Venezuela-based deathrash band DEMISE’s De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia is out through Brutal Records.

Belarus-based death metallers OMINOUS SCRIPTURES have inked a deal with Willowtip Records to release a sophomore album called The Fall Of The Celestial Throne.

Death metal band HOUSE OF ATREUS has an album called From The Madness Of Ixion through Iron Bonehead on 12.10.2018. VIRGIN STEELE had an album called The House Of Atreus.

US-based trio MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES will issue Scripts Of Anguish through Redefining Darkness Records on the 5th of October. The band cites early CRYPTOPSY as an influence.

PA VESH EN’s Church Of Bones LP/CD shall be released on Iron Bonehead on 12.10.2018.

CRETURA is touring England, Scotland and Ireland.

ABYSSOUS’ Mesa 12″ will be released through Iron Bonehead on November first.

PUTRISECT’s Cascading Inferno EP is out through Blood Harvest on the 26th of October.

LUCIFERICON’s Al-Khem-Me is out through Invictus next month. The band was founded in 2009.

KATAPLEXIS’ Necrotic Wasteland single is out through PRC Music. The self-titled album is due in December.

Death metal band RANCORUM’s debut album The Vermin Shrine is out through Loud Rage.

Chicago-based thrash metal band from the ‘80s is back. WRATH has signed with Combat records and will release an album called Rage on October 5th.

SUBTYPE ZERO’s The Astral Awakening is out through Seeing Red Records. Forced to change their name due to a legal dispute, the Ohio thrashers were formerly known as CRINGE.

Russia-based OSSUARY ANEX has an album called Holy Blasphemition through Xtreem Music this month.

Portugal-based black metal HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS’ לָשׁוֹן הַקֹּדֶשׁ album will be released through Harvest Of Death on the 5th of October.

Mexico-base black metal band TEZCATLIPOCA will issue an album called Tlayohualtlapelani through Iron Bonehead on 19.10.

USA-based EOSPHOROS’ self-titled LP/CD is out through Iron Bonehead next month.

BEYOND CREATION’s new album Algorythm is slated for release through Season Of Mist on October 12th.

Sweden-based ARKAID has signed with Art Gates Records. An album is expected late autumn.

Yet another project by this person: GRISLY’s The Spectral Wars is out through Xtreem Music this month. GRISLY is the latest project of Rogga Johansson.

Montreal-based duo SAMSKARAS has a new demo called Lithification on October 26th.

USA-based ARCHAEOBEAST has an EP called Manifesting The Antichrist through Horror Pain Gore Death on September 7th.

A death metal documentary called The Growl is in the works. The film focuses on the ‘90s’ scene.

They call it an “EP”: Sweden-based death metal band NIGHT CROWNED has a demo called Humanity Will Echo Out in November.

SICK OF IT ALL will release a new album, entitled Wake The Sleeping Dragon!, on through Century Media on November 2nd.

SJUKDOM’s Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer is out through Osmose Productions on the 26th of October. The band was founded in 2011.

Brazil-based BRUTALLIAN’s demo Reason For Violence is out now.

Founded in 2013 and influenced by bands such as SEPULTURA, BEHEMOTH, GOJIRA, OPETH, even STEVEN WILSON and GORGUTS, AYAHUASCA has an album called Beneath The Mind this autumn.

SACRED REICH has a new drummer called Tim Radziwill (CROMLECH and DICHOTOMIZE) replacing the fired Greg Hall. The man will appear at the ForceFest festival in Mexico. An album is still due through Metal Blade in the winter.

Funeral doom band EVOKEN will issue a new album, entitled Hypnagogia, through Profound Lore Records in November.

DUNGEÖNHAMMER Infernal Moon is out through Me Saco Un Ojo. The band is compared to CELTIC FROST.

Brazil-based SAD THEORY has a demo called Entropia Humana Final. The band is compared to CARCASS and AT THE GATES.

SKEPTICISM’s Stormcrowfleet is reissued through Svart Records in October. This new edition is mixed from the original tape reels by Anssi Kippo and supervised by the band.

Avantgarde Music has issued SADNESS’ Leave (something called ‘post black metal”), SYNODIC’S Omnibus (black metal), WINDFAERER’s Alma (folk and black) and Barren Canyon’s World Of Wounds. BARREN CANYON features CIRCLE OF SALT’s Maikan.

DEEP MEMORIES, the solo project from Brazil-based multi-instrumentalist Douglas Martins, has announced September 21st as the release date for Rebuilding The Future, the band’s debut full-length. The album will be released through Heavy Metal Rock.

Ireland-based ZEALOT CULT’s Spiritual Sickness is out through Blood Harvest on the 9th of November.

The labels just cannot stop rereleasing oldies. KYPRIAN’S CIRCLE’s Noitatulen Vartija MCD is out through Werewolf Records on the 19th of October. The music was released in 1999 initially.

BENIGHTED’s forthcoming EP Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master is slated for release through Season of Mist on October 12th.

BLACKEST DAWN’s The New Guard is out through Kernkraftritter Records this autumn. BLACKEST DAWN was formed in 2005 from of the ashes of FINAL PUNCH.

BLASPHEMY’s Blood Upon the Soundspace LP is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 15th of September. The label claims this is the first official release of a rarely heard 1989 rehearsal recording called Blood Upon the Soundspace. It was recorded live at the band’s rehearsal space.

SAMSKARAS is a Montreal-based Death metal duo featuring TERAMOBIL, UNHUMAN, ex-DERELICT members. The band’s Lithification EP is out on Friday, October 26th.

Metallian Hard

Canada-based STRIKER has a CD called Play To Win on October 26th.

Finland-based WOLFHEART will release an album, called Constellation Of The Black Light, through Napalm Records on September 28th.

MAXXWELL is touring the UK with THRESHOLD and also opening for GUS G in Europe.

Northpoint Productions is reissuing a re-mastered version of ROYAL HUNT’s debut album, Land of Broken Hearts. The Special Edition 2018 includes an extended booklet with rare pictures and a video.

BLACK MOLD’s Atavism is out on cassette through Helldprod Records in October.

The Essential Henry Metal Vol. 1 is a HENRY METAL compilation. It was issued late last year.

STRATOVARIUS has a compilation called Enigma: Intermission 2. It features several new songs and orchestral arrangements of older songs.

Another week another Ripper Owens project: Tim "The Ripper" Owens, JAG PANZER’s Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin and Sean Peck of white metal band CAGE have joined forces in a new project called THE THREE TREMORS, which will release its self-titled album this month.

URIAH HEEP will release a new album, called Living The Dream, through Frontiers Music this month.

AEROSMITH is joining CELINE DION and will commemorate its fiftieth anniversary with a Las Vegas residency in 2019. AEROSMITH has also signed a new management deal with ReignDeer Entertainment/Maverick's Larry Rudolph. The company has managed singer Steven Tyler separately. The band appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on US TV last month.

OCEANHOARSE has lost singer Tommy Tuovinen to hearing loss.

UK-based OSMIUM GUILLOTINE has a new demo called A Million To One.

ACE FREHLEY new album Spaceman is out through eOne next month. He appeared on stage with KISS’ Gene Simmons for some nostalgia.

UK-based hard rock band BIGFOOT will embark on a European Consider Yourself Invited tour in support of its self-titled debut album in September and October. The album was issued on Frontiers in 2017.

EGONAUT is playing select European shows this autumn. The band has a video for the song Awakenings.

HUNTRESS, THE STARBREAKERS and CHELSEA GIRLS singer JILL JANUS is dead after committing suicide. She had suffered from cancer and had mental disorders. She is survived by her boyfriend HUNTRESS guitarist Blake Meahl.

JUDAS PRIEST, KREATOR, HELLOWEEN, MASSACRE, ARCH ENEMY, REVOCATION and others are confirmed for the Colombian edition of Knotfest on October 26th. The festival will take place in Bogota the capital of Colombia.

Helloween - Starlight: The Noise Records Collection is a box set containing all of HELLOWEEN’s Noise recordings and previously issued, but rare, recordings.

UK-based hard rock band ACE MAFIA has a self-titled demo. The demo features Richie Faulkner on lead and rhythm guitars before leaving the band to join JUDAS PRIEST.

MEADS OF ASPHODEL/SONG OF CHU’s split release Imperial East-West Onslaught CD is out through Godreah Records this month. UK-based THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL and Chinese folk metal act SONG OF CHU issue this release in advance of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing, which is out in November.

Croatia-based SAGE has signed a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of its debut album Anno Domini 1573, which is being released on September 21st. The album is a concept about the peasants’ revolt that took place in England in the Middle Ages. Anno Domini 1573 is co-produced by Casey Grillo (former KAMELOT member), mixed and mastered by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording studio.

Spain-based heavy metal band VALKYRIA has an album called Tierra Hostil through Fighter Records on the 10th of October.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s Age Of Revolution is out through M-Theory Audio. The artwork for the album was created by the group's vocalist Carlos Zema (ex-OUTWORLD).

Switzerland-based all-girl band BURNING WITCHES will release its second album Hexenhammer through Nuclear Blast Records on November 9th. The album was produced at the Little Creek Studio in Switzerland again by V.O. Pulver and Schmier of DESTRUCTION.

Heavy rock band ALMS’ Act One is out through Shadow Kingdom this October.

Guitarist Ed Archer has rejoined FIFTH ANGEL in advance of the band’s The Third Secret album, which is due through Nuclear Blast next month.

WILD’s Sin Piedad is out through Fighter records now. The band hails from Spain.

MASTODON has canceled a tour with DINOSAUR JR. The tour was dustbined "due to a critical situation of a member of the MASTODON family" according to the band.

‘80s glam band LONDON will release a new album, entitled Call That Girl, on October 12th. The band is playing at the Whisky A Go Go to promote the record.

On November 9th, Ektro Records will issue BEGRAVNINGSENTREPRENÖRERNA's debut album, Jämna Plågor.

WHITESNAKE’s Unzipped 5CD/DVD package features rare or previously unreleased acoustic songs is due In October.

Another month another George Lynch project: The new project of three DOKKEN members and former LYNCH MOB and current WARRANT singer Robert Mason is now called THE END. The band was formerly called SUPER STROKE. The group is working on an album.

SEPTICFLESH has signed with Nuclear Blast. An album is expected next year.

JETBOY's new album Born To Fly will be released through Frontiers Music in January.

Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee of MÖTLEY CRÜE are in the studio working on music.

Folk band TÝR has recruited former NEVERMORE and SATYRICON guitarist Attila Vörös. He replaces Terji Skibenæs.

PILLARS’ Onward To Nothingness is out through Seeing Red Records on the 28th of September. The band dooms.

USA-based ASYLUM’s 3-3-88 CD is out through Shadow Kingdom this month. The doom metal band was founded circa 1981.

OPETH will release a DVD and CD called Garden Of The Titans: Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre through Moderbolaget Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment on November 2nd.

The attack of “prog” bands continues. Every e-mail landing in our Inbox claims the band is “prog”: “heavy/prog” or “thrash/prog” or “death/prog” or are “prog architects.” None of them is.

Metallian Demos

This Scanner - not to be confused with the German version - originates from Pennsylvania, USA and has existed as early as 1979. Joe Brady and co claim to have been "playing old school, roots and punk inspired rock and roll since the 1970s." The main man is also heavily influenced by drag races and funny cars since his childhood and dedicates this five-song EP to two Pennsylvania based pioneers of racing, Bob and Mike Metzger. Frankenstein’s Flivver opens the EP with some simple bluesy rock. Never Go Back does have punk influences and sound. The bass line opening Switchblades And Leather forebodes something heavier, but the band keep true to their earlier rock sound with what seems to be a horror lyrical theme. Listen for a Heart influence not long before the song ends. Big Daddy Dragster Rock And Roll is the main piece of the aforementioned tribute. In Your Head closes with a low key song in TV Light, with bits that are almost a la Jackson Browne (of Running On Empty fame). Race over to for some American rock n roll. – Anna Tergel

This is an EP by the Odessa, Ukraine band. Very few details are given or available even on the band's own site. Facebook provides more and lists the band's members as Screaming while hitting things/Rage by VolK, Dance/Percussion/Drumset by Naya G and JuleZ, Ivan on Guitar and In the Box responsible for Bass/dubstep/EFX. The influences are also listed on the social media 'fan page' as Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Korn and Rammstein. The main theme of the band is the main man wearing a werewolf-esque mask with the two aforementioned ladies dressed in black and in black make up alongside him. Vovkulaka is also self-proclaimed to be dark, angry, evil and metal. Glory To The Heroes starts sounding true to the mentioned influences, the song is a tribute to the homeland of Ukraine with lines like This is our homeland and Glory to Ukraine. My Devil, like the opener features too many effects mixed with riffs that fully belong to the 'alternative metal' sound. Defy (Radio Edit) and Defy (Explicit) come next and the former is obviously a shorter version of the latter, by some 40 seconds and omitting the use of fuck. Whispered Lies continues the too many effects to qualify as metal song writing. The Dark Empty sounds heavier to start with a thick riff and angrier sounding VolK digging deeper into the void. Visit to hear the band and see their videos, don't expect much in terms of written words though. – Anna Tergel