Metallian Heavy

CELL, a Canada-based three-piece conceptual black metal outfit, is releasing a new demo called Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos to follow up on The Frozen Moon Of Erebath from 2016. It is due on October 4th.

UK-based black metal band ARX ATRATA has a demo called The Path Untravelled.

The Netherlands-based death metal band DICTATED will issue a demo called Phobos on 25.10.2019.

Thrash metal band TOXIC HOLOCAUST will release a new album, called Primal Future: 2019, through Entertainment One in October.

EXHUMED has a new album, called Horror, through Relapse Records in October.

MAYHEM will release its next album, entitled Daemon, through Century Media on October 25.

DIMMU BORGIR, AMORPHIS and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM will tour Europe next January and February. DIMMU BORGIR was forced to pull out of its show at last month’s Bloodstock Open Air festival due to an illness in the band.

MITHRIDATIC will embark on a short European trek this December including concerts in Belgium, France and The Netherlands with label-mates AD PATRES as special guests on select dates.


The Chile-based band WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS shall release a second full-length album, entitled Conquering The Deep Cycle, through Australis Records on August 31, 2019. The band is touring Europe.

MUTILATRED’s Ingested Filth and HORRID APPARITION’s Evil Reigns were released by Redefining Darkness Records on 30.08.2019.

One-man band ENGULF’s Transcend EP is out through Everlasting Spew Records.

Montreal-based MESSORA has a demo called The Door. The band is compared to OPETH and CHILDREN OF BODOM.

Avantgarde has issued FUNERAL ORATION’s Eliphas Love and SUR AUSTRU’s Meteahna Timpurilor. The latter band features non-metal instrumentation.

SATHAMEL has a demo called Horror Vacui. The music is compared to MARDUK and HATE.

Victoria, Canada-based SCIMITAR has a demo called Shadows Of Man. The band appeared at the Vancouver Island Metal Festival last month.

NECRONOMICON has an album called Unus through Season Of Mist next month.

DEPRAVED returns with a new album, called Raped Innocence, through Music-Records on February 7th, 2020.

Lethal Scissor Records will release the debut EP from Sicilian grindcore outfit GREVIA, entitled Misophonic, on September 12th. Davide Billia is a guest drummer on the release.

ATOMIC WITCH’s Void Curse EP and SOUL OF ANUBIS’ The Last Journey were issued through Seeing Red Records on 30.08.3019.

MUNICIPAL WASTE will release a new EP, entitled The Last Rager, through Nuclear Blast in October.

Poland-based melodic death black metal band DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS has signed with Non Serviam Records. The band is issuing the Postmortem Whispering Crows EP.

On October 11th Comatose Music will release the self-titled debut album from NECROTICGOREBEAST. The band is based in Canada.

GRAVEVIEW has issued Demos ’18 ’19 through Raw Skull Recordz in anticipation of releasing a full-length album in 2020.

DISMEMBER will play at Scandinavia Deathfest 2019 in October. The show will be filmed.

CATTLE DECAPITATION will headline the Geocidal Tendencies tour with ATHEIST, FULL OF HELL, PRIMITIVE MAN, AUTHOR & PUNISHER and VITRIOL in North America this November.

BEHEMOTH will release a limited-edition four-song EP called O Pentagram Ignis. it will be available during the band’s Ecclesia Diabolica Baltica tour.

DOGS FOR BREAKFAST’s Suiru is out through Promethean Fire/Kolony Records on the 4th of October. The band is compared to ENTOMBED.

EYEHATEGOD guitarist Jimmy Bower will not join the act for its upcoming tour in order to undergo surgery on his right arm. Back in is former guitarist Brian Patton.

SUNN O))) will release Pyroclasts through Southern Lord Recordings in October.

France-based deathrash veterans MORTUARY will issue a studio full-length, called The Autophagous Reign, through Xenokorp this month.

MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN and INCANTATION will tour in November.

CANNABIS CORPSE nods to CANNIBAL CORPSE’s None So Vile when it releases the Nug So Vile album through Season Of Mist in November.

Bassist Alexander Friberg was fired from NECROPHOBIC and replaced by the man who sessioned for him recently, Allan Lundholm.

Metallian Hard

BULLRING’s debut album Break Down The Gate is set for release through Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group at the end of this month. The artwork and graphics are developed by Aeglos Art.

JUDAS PRIEST will conduct a tour to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary in 2020. The band will perform at the Wacken Open Air festival in July as well.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST will release its second studio album, Revelation, through Nuclear Blast on 30.09.2019.

LEATHERWOLF is working on a new album. The band is new singer Keith Adamiak, guitarists Rob Math and Geoff Gayer, bassist Paul Carman and drummer Dean Roberts.

SEBASTIAN BACH is commemorating the 30th anniversary of SKID ROW's self-titled debut album through several shows and will be joined by drummer Rob Affuso on several dates.

BON JOVI's next album will be titled Bon Jovi: 2020.

True love revealed: Former BIOHAZARD singer Evan Seinfeld has a rap act called SVG$.

KING DIAMOND’s The Institute will be issued by Metal Blade in 2020.

EDENBRIDGE will release a new album, called Dynamind, through Steamhammer/SPV in October.

Metal Blade Records has signed ANGEL WITCH. A new album was due in 2020, but will now instead be issued in November and be called Angel Of Light.

KING'S X has cancelled its European tour due to a family emergency.

Moscow-based Stoner band MOANHAND has a live demo called Plague Sessions.

ANATHEMA has signed with Mascot Records.

PARADISE LOST guitarist Greg Mackintosh has a new act called STRIGOI. The act’s Abandon All Faith album is being issued by Nuclear Blast.

AIRBOURNE will release a new album, called Boneshaker, through Spinefarm Records in October.

THE DEAD DAISIES has recruited Glenn Hughes as its singer and bassist and vocalist replacing John Corabi and Marco Mendoza.

Astro Dragon Records first release is the debut full-length album from the band WAR GODS OF THE DEEP. It is entitled Action Space Battle and set to be released on September 17th.

MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro is working on a new solo album. The album will be the follow-up to Sounds Of Innocence, which was released in 2012.

Former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland has signed to David Ellefson's Combat Records, which will re-release the man’s 1990 solo debut record, Return To Metalopolis. Expect it in November.

ORANGE GOBLIN will play its U.S. dates without drummer Chris Turner, who was not given a US visa on time. Drummer Chad Walls takes over.

Belgium-based “epic symphonic metallers” CATHUBODUA has an album called Continuum through Massacre Records in October.

CYNIC will re-release 2008's Traced In Air. Called Traced In Air Remixed it features new dubs and remixes.

HOLY DRAGONS has a new album called Unholy and Saints. The Kazakhstan-based band has a song called The Elf, which is a tribute to Ronnie James Dio.

Black metal fans need to worship Donald Trump. Hail Satan! Hail Hatred! Hail Evil!

Metallian Demos

Following up on the quintet's full length debut in 2018 is this five song EP. It is once again inspired by HP Lovecraft and "exclusively based" on the Bloodborne video game. The said action game is set in the Victorian era. The line-up has remained constant and Jessie Grace leads the Vancouver based band. The Tool comparison is soon revealed to be true as Grace mixes in clean vocals with the screaming and the music follows along. The opener, Yharnam, is therefore anything but constant or fully metal. As is now typical with such female fronted bands screams ala The Agonist or Arch Enemy can be heard on Eyes On The Inside. Elements of progressive metal are present here as well. The clean vocals are perhaps too present in the mostly understated Clocktower. A Call Beyond features less clean vocals but musically it is mostly a continuation of the song before it. Variation is inevitable but the progressive elements keep the song rolling. Old Blood features the cliché start stop riffs that do little except disrupt a song structure. The listener is entitled to wonder that the only reason the jazzy sections exist here is because the song is nearly seven minutes long. The title track brings an end to this tale with an acoustic start and a mix of all the heard before styles later. Short seconds of relative speedy riffing lift the song to provide something slightly different. Eyes on good musicianship at – Anna Tergel