Metallian Heavy

Canada-based ENTROPY has returned with a demo called Force Convergence. It is a science fiction horror concept.

A new band a month: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has the debut album by GHOULHOUSE, which is entitled Rigor Mortis Intermezzo. It features Rogga Johansson (too many bands to name) and Håkan Stuvemark (WOMBBATH). GHOULHOUSE Is influenced by IMPETIGO.

Grindcore/hardcore act VENOMOUS CONCEPT (featuring band members of BRUTAL TRUTH and NAPALM DEATH) has a lyric video for the track Simian Flu. The band’s fourth full-length, Politics Versus The Erection, will be released through Season Of Mist. It references Donald Trump.

SIX FEET UNDER will release its next full-length album, Nightmares Of The Decomposed, through Metal Blade Records in October.

Crawling Chaos Records will issue SVARTA’s Befreiung on 30.10.2020. The black metal band is based on Austria.

Finland-based WRATHRONE has signed with Great Dane Records. A new album is expected in 2021.

UK-based thrash metal act THRASHERWOLF has a new demo called We Are Revolution. The band was founded in 2016 and issued the Blood Moon demo in 2018.

Brute! Productions releases the debut from Indonesia-based brutal death metal act CHANCROID. It is called Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic. There is a sexy thin chick on the cover.

MISERTUS’ Daydream, Coil and Outland releases will be re-issued by Onism Productions.

L’inphantile Collective is issuing the album Hluboká Temná Modř by Czech Republic-based GRIDE.

Iceland-based black metal formation AUÐN is premiering a first track off the Vökudraumsins Fangi album. The track Eldborg is streaming now.

Hailing from London, Canada, SKYLESS AEONS bring forth a blend of extreme metal styles with its first full-length demo Drain The Sun out October 2nd.

Hungary-based band OMEGA DIATRIBE has a music video for Mirror Neuron from the forthcoming album Metanoia.

Sweden-based doom/goth sextet DRACONIAN and the melodic blackened death metal band NIGHTFALL are teaming up for a European tour in March 2021.

GORATORY has an album called Sour Grapes. It is the band’s first album in sixteen years.

Canada-based ASSIMILATION’s Tainting The Purity album is out through Reaper Metal Productions. The band is described as speedy death metal.

LG Petrov, former singer of ENTOMBED and current singer for ENTOMBED A.D., has cancer and reports that it is terminal.

Redefining Darkness is issuing several demos on cassette format. These are ENWRETCH’s Sermon Of The Dead, MAUL’s Deity Demise and CELESTIAL SANCTUARY’s Mass Extinction, which is compared to the sounds of BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER.

EVILDEAD will release a new album, entitled United $tate$ Of Anarchy, through SPV/Steamhammer on 30.10.2020.

Former SLAYER members Kerry King and Paul Bostaph have a new project. They have been writing for several months.

Sweden-based TRIBULATION will release a new album, entitled Where The Gloom Becomes Sound, through Century Media Records in January. Metal blade will handle USofA.

North Carolina, USA-based CRYPT WALK will issue an EP called Rot Gut Prophecies through Horror Pain Gore Death this month.

NERVECELL drummer Bachir Ramadan was in Beirut, Lebanon at the time of the port explosion last month. He suffered a head injury.

BENEDICTION will release a new album, called Scriptures, through Nuclear Blast on 16.10.2020.

THE TROOPS OF DOOM, which is the project featuring former SEPULTURA guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz, will release its debut EP The Rise Of Heresy through Nuclear Blast’s digital subsidiary, Blood Blast Distribution in October.

Norway-based ARCTURUS played two different live sets at Møllafestivalen in Gjerstad, Norway on August 14th and 15th, which were livestreamed.

UK-based EMPYREAL SORROW has a demo called PRÆY on 20.11.2020. The band is influenced by Swedish death metal.

DEIMLER’s Zero One was issued by Awakening Records on 18.09.2020. The band is influenced by Swedish and Finnish death metal.

Comatose Music is issuing death metal band INCINERATE’s Sacrilegivm in October.

Germany-based AEONS CONFER has a science fiction-oriented demo called Zero Elysium.

“Cyclothymic metal band” GRANADA has recently released its studio album entitled Amarre through Metal Scrap. The band is Guille Estévez on vocals and guitars, Marcos Edwards on drums and second guitarist Damian Mayster.

ACROSS THE SWARM has a new album called Projections through Time To Kill Records this month.

Portugal-based black/death metal band LAW OF CONTAGION has an album entitled Woeful Litanies From The Nether Realms through Moribund Records.

Three years following Chaos Philosophorum, Dutch unit DYSTOPIA reappears and has a release entitled Geen Weg Uit through Wolves Of Hades.

Finland-based CHURCH OF THE DEAD has released its self-titled debut record through Stay Heavy Records. The band professes to death metal.

Canada-based WRECK-DEFY is issuing a thrash metal album called Powers That Be Through Sublevel Records. Guitarist Matt Hanchuck is joined by former ANNIHILATOR singer Aaron Randall, former TESTAMENT bass player Greg Christian and drummer Dave O’Neal.

Portugal-based MORTE has a record called Demónios Abissais through Firecum Records.

JUST BEFORE DAWN’s An Army At Dawn is out through Raw Skull Recordz on 25.09.2020.

CARCASS will release an EP, entitled Despicable, through Nuclear Blast on 30.10.2020. The band’s full-length is postponed due to the pandemic.

Australia-based IN MALICE WAKE will issue a new demo called The Blindness Of Faith on Friday, 13th November.

Scotland-based SCORDATURA releases a new album, entitled Mass Failure, through Gore House Productions on September 25th.

Egyptophile black metal unit MAAHES has a lyric video for the title track of its upcoming debut album, Reincarnation, which will be distributed by MDD.

Finland-based BLOOD RED FOG’s Fields Of Sorrow is out through Deviant Records. The digipak CD is limited to 500 copies.

INSIDIOUS DISEASE, featuring featuring former MORGOTH singer Marc Grewe, will release its After Death album through Nuclear Blast Records on 30.10.2020.

Spain-based GARTH ARUM has an album called The Fireflowers Tale through Darkness Within. GARTH ARUM is a one-man project consisting of old songs written between 1997 and 2003.

Italy-based newcomers AFFLICTION VECTOR has signed to Argento Records. The band will release the Death Comes Supreme debut EP this month.

Extreme Metal Music has signed California’s THANATOPSIS for the release of its debut album “Initiation” due out October 23rd. The band was originally formed in the ‘90s and had several demos.

Calgary, Canada-based SADISTIC EMBODIMENT is releasing a new demo called Blood Spell. The band has uploaded a song called Catherine’s Braid.

Metallian Hard

Norway-based PERFECT NME has a lyric video for Shadow Of Doubt, which is taken from the Remains To Be Seen album out through Aural Music.

Magnetic Eye has issued the single from Dirt [Redux] by Colorado-based doom metal quartet KHEMMIS. It is Down In A Hole, which is originally the fourth track on ALICE IN CHAINS' 1992 album.

Costa Rica-based WINGS OF DESTINY has an album called Ballads through Wormholedeath/The Orchard.

USA-based TANAGRA has won a legal battle with Swiss audio recording company Nagra after the said company sued to get the act to change its monicker. The band received legal help from metal fans and the company has backed off.

QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali has died at age 68 due to pancreatic cancer.

George Lynch has retired the LYNCH MOB monicker bowing to societal pressure given the name’s connotations. The man has continued to criticize the Republican party and Donald Trump.

Self-covering: Sweden-based heavy metal band LION'S SHARE has released a re-recorded version of its song Shotgun Messiah. It originally appeared on 2001’s Entrance.

Italy-based hard rock combo THE SUNRISE has an album called Brand New Disorder through Wormholedeath worldwide out on 04 09 2020.

KISS has announced a tour of the USA with David Lee Roth for the summer of 2021.

No word if it is about Trump lemmings: Y&T bassist AARON LEIGH has a solo single called Insanity.

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP’s next album, which is called Immortal, is out through Nuclear Blast on 08.01.2021.

“Groove” band GROUND MEAT has an album called Pathological Silence through Toxic Records. The band also has a cover version of PANTERA’s Power Metal.

Serbia-based “symphonic” metal band ARMAGEDDON has issued its Master Of Peace record on vinyl through TMINA Records.

Former CHILDREN OF BODOM drummer Jaska Raatikainen has joined MERCURY CIRCLE, which features SWALLOW THE SUN's Jaani Peuhu.

SOLITARY has signed a deal with German label Metalville Records to issue The Truth Behind The Lies. Metalville Records was founded in 2008 by Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger and former Nuclear Blast A&R man Holger Koch.

HELION PRIME’s new album Question Everything was produced by Jason Ashcraft and Alex Nasla and is out in October.

HAMMERFALL will release a live album, entitled Live! Against The World, through Napalm Records on 23.10.2020. It was recorded in Germany in February.

Rockshots Records has signed Los Angeles, California’s ANTHEA for the release of its debut album Illusion on October 23rd. It is the follow-up to the 2017 self-titled demo.

HELION PRIME returns with a new effort and the shorter title Question Everything set for release through its own imprint Saibot Reigns on Monday, October 5th. This is the band’s first release with new vocalist Mary Zimmer, who has accompanied the band on two tours of the United States. It also sees the band's original singer, Heather Michele, returning in a writing capacity and contributing all lyrics.

ARMORED SAINT will play a live record release concert for its new album, Punching The Sky, on Saturday, October 10th at 1 pm PST. ARMORED SAINT will be performing at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California.

Bassist Pete Way of UFO has died. He was 69.

Divebomb Records has re-issued CJSS’ World Gone Mad and Praise The Loud! albums. The label is also re-releasing CHASTAIN For Those Who Dare, which was originally issued by Roadrunner in 1990. This is the original mix of the record.

QUEENSRŸCHE singer Todd La Torre, former JOURNEY singer Steve Augeri, QUEEN/BLUE ÖYSTER CULT bassist Danny Miranda, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT drummer Jules Radino and guitarist Mike Holtzman have a project called BAD PENNY.

DEEP PURPLE's new album, entitled Whoosh!, entered the U.K. charts at position No. 4.

Martin Birch who produced classic albums by BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN and DEEP PURPLE died at age 71 on August 9th.

Vancouver, Canada’s Hyperspace Metal Festival, organized by Journeyman Productions, has been postponed to 2021.

Wimp out: Rafał Piotrowski who is the singer for DECAPITATED and a friend called Mr. G have a project called LUCY BURNS The pop band has a single called Ocooltica.

BULLETBOYS’ singer Marq Torien has relayed to an interviewer that he auditioned for the vocalist position in MÖTLEY CRÜE when Vince Neil had left the act in 1992.

Everyone is collaborating with everybody else on remote corona-songs.