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Nuclear War Now! Productions of the USA is releasing the first album of Blasphemy in seven years. The new album entitled Live Ritual - Friday The 13th is the recording of the black metallers reunion live show and will be out on Halloween day. The vinyl-only release will be limited to 666 copies and feature a cover by Chris Moyen...Picoroco Records is releasing a live CD and video of the recent May 2001 show of Chile's original death metal band Pentagram. The show was a one-off reunion in Santiago. Pentagram's front man Anton Reisenegger, who has been active in Criminal, has moved to Spain and will tour Europe with Criminal...Olympic Records has signed Vital Remains and hopes to have the band in the studio this year. The label has also signed Diabolic...Immortal is in the Abyss Studio with Peter Tagtgren and expect to have the album out early 2002...Martin Lacroix of Spasme has been confirmed as the new Cryptopsy singer. Spasme has been featured on a Neoblast Records compilation. The new man comes with vocals deeper and more deathly than his predecessor. His first tour of duty will be shows in England...Molesting The Entrails of The Disemboweled is the title of the up coming (summer 2002) debut full length of Rupture Christ. The album will feature ten tracks and be issued by Sound Riot Records. The band has also acquired a new logo designed by Zig (Dying Fetus, Sanatorium, etc.). Brazil's Soundriot Records has asked Rusty of Rupture Christ to open its American office. Rusty also handles Sickened zine...Marduk's World Funeral Tour is underway across North America this October and November. The tour will continue in Europe for November and December...Deicide is opening for Morbid Angel (also on the bill is Zyklon, Soilent Green and an unnamed band) this November and December in the USA...Rebaelliun's Annihilation is now out through Hammerheart Records. Also on the label, Aeternus' next album is due in November. Out in the same month is Sinister's new album. Satariel has finished recording for the Phobos And Deimos album. Expect to see it released early next year. The album features a guest vocals by Messiah Marcolin...Lockup, now featuring The Crown's Tomas Lindberg on vocals, will release a second album some time next year...Montreal's Aphasia is in the studio September 22nd for the first recording with the new line up called Arcane in Thalassa...Benediction is back this November with Organised Chaos...France's Gurkkhas is in the studio recording A Life Of Suffering for Morbid Records. The death metal album is planned for November. Also expected out in November through Morbid is Disinter's third album Demonic Portraiture...Reports have it that The End Records has dropped Nokturnal Mortem. Same reports suggest the action is a response to the band's increasingly overt Nazi views...Hammerheart Records reports out of Holland that Sweden's Thyrfing is in Dug-Out Studio from 17.09 to 12.10 recording its fourth album tentatively entitled The Fourth Outrage...Italy's Horrid has finished the recording of the Reborn In Sin CD with Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio. The band is looking for an October release through Deadsun Records...A new release on Forensick records is Deepred's Prophetic Luster. The Finnish band plays death metal. The label is negotiating with more bands...Obscenity from Germany is working on its album Cold-Bloodred Murder and participating in the No Mercy tour with Destroyer 666, Vader, Hypocrisy, Immortal and others...Exodus is back together (again) and will probably write a new studio album for Century Media...Austria's Cadaverous Condition has an album on Perverted Taste entitled The Lesser Traveled Seas. The album features 13 songs and a cover version and sees collaboration by Matt Howden of Sol Invictus and Sieben...Arch Enemy recently canceled its appearance at Japan's Beast Feast due to the sudden illness of vocalist Angelo Gossow. The band had previously canceled its Wacken appearance in Germany. In parallel news, and much to the frustration of the fans, Century Media has not released the band's latest album due to band/label conflicts. The band's management is looking at moving the band to another label and so the fans have been snatching up Japanese imports this summer...Satyricon has signed to EMI for Denmark, Norway and Sweden...US porn grinders Lividity are now on Morbid Records. The band has signed on for two albums, the first of which will appear as CD and picture LP next summer...Desaster singer Okkulto has left the band. The band just appeared at Wacken...Metal Blade has dropped Immolation...Mighty Music will release Iniquity's Grime CD this month. The label, however, has postponed Solar Dawn's Equinoctium and Beheaded's Recounts Of... to next January...Guerre Nordique will be the title of the forthcoming Hecatombe CD...Germany's Solicitude is working on a new album called Beneath...The Jarzombek brothers (Bobby the drummer for Halford and Ron) have written two new tunes and will showcase them at Drumfest Mexico exclusively. They continue to write for the upcoming Spastic Ink album where they are now joined by Watchtower alumni Jason MacMaster and Doug Keyser, Pete Perez of Riot, Jens Johansson of Stratovarius, Sean Malone of Guardian Knot and Cynic as well as Jimmy Pitts of Scholomance. In related news, Watchtower is almost done writing for its next album entitled Mathematics. Mathematics will kick off with a track lasting 11 minutes and also feature a nine minute long instrumental...Forever Underground Records will release Beheaded's Resurgence Of Oblivion in North America this October. The label will also release the band's forthcoming full length Recounts of Disembodiment in January...Scheitan has voluntarily left Century Media. No news on where the band is headed...Australia's Vomitorial Corpulence has signed to Morbid Records. The band is described as gore/grind and is working on an album named Insalubrious Collagery of Pernicious Sepsis Infestation...Also on the label and in the same vein Haemorrhage from Spain will begin work on Morgue Sweet Morgue shortly...Following the departure of singer Edwin Kelder Altar has disbanded...2 Ton Predator is touring Europe with Cathedral (and not Crowbar as reported!) and Entombed...Obliveon has left Hypnotic and looking for another singer again...Germany's Black Abyss has lost founding member and guitarist Markus Weiser. The band has nevertheless finished work on its third album Angels Wear Black...Low Frequency Records has released Cadacross' So Pale Is The Light CD (compared to Children Of Bodom) and a sampler called Northernbreeze 2 featuring 34 bands from Finland...M-16, the next Sodom album will feature tracks like Napalm In The Morning and Cannon Fodder...Circulating rumours suggested this summer that Necropolis Records has suspended its activities. Reports suggested the label has declared bankruptcy and ceased to exist leaving behind much debt. On the other hand the label reports a functioning mail order department, promotion and releases by Witchery, Phobia, Incantation and Black Dawn among others. The label states that the offices were closed for a summer vacation and general maintenance...Martyr is touring coast to coast this September. Upon returning to Quebec, the techno metallers will begin work on a new album due next year...Due to the circumstances prevailing in the USA, Judas Priest (with openers Iced Earth) has postponed its Canada and USA tour to January...Also touring this September is Meshuggah who open for Tool across Canada and the USA. Upon returning to Sweden, the band will begin work on the next album entitled Turbulence...The Breath Of God is the tentative title for an upcoming Crusader album due to be recorded in 2002...Serberus have announced a strictly limited live split CD with Silencer...Death Angel is getting together this fall for a one-off show...Tomas Skogsberg will handle the production work on the new Necrophobic album. Entitled Bloodhymns, recording has begun for a 2002 release on Hammerheart...Blood Audio is the new band of former Overkill guitarist Merritt Grant...Blood Red Throne's Monument Of Death will be released next month after much delay due to the indecent art work. The art will be masked by a false cover...Ephal Duath who are signed to Earache have lost the singer and drummer and looking to urgently fill those positions...Divine Rapture is seeking a new drummer after playing at the Milwaukee Metal Fest without a drummer...Two new bands on Hammerheart Records are Sweden's Impious (who will begin recording next year) and Mercenary whose album is entitled Everblack...Flotsam & Jetsam's Eric A.K. has left the band, announcing himself beaten by the metal industry. The singer will continue with music however...Canada's Doris has added three new vocalists including Lou and Steph of Sang Frais...While there is no title available yet, Pungent Stench's new album is complete and will be out next winter...Picoroco Records of Chile is working on establishing a USA office...The new Macabre album Murder Metal is expected to be recorded early next year. Future plans also include a live album/video...Italy's power metal band No Fear has signed to Vitaminic...Billy Queen, the former Jacob's Dream drummer, has joined Goliath...Callenish Circle has announced that the band's Drift Of Empathy album, which was originally released by Hammerheart of The Netherlands, is to see a re-release through Painkiller Records of Belgium. The new release will see new cover art courtesy of Kris Verwimp and the bonus inclusion of the Lovelorn demo and an unreleased song...Scar Culture (formerly Scrape) has obtained a deal with Century Media. The crossover band has already completed work with Billy Milano at his Blue Meenie Studio on the Inscribe album which will be out this month.

Metallian Hard

Wicked Sensation out of Germany has finished recording its debut and untitled album House Of Audio Studio and are mixing it with Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69. The band's new singer is Dutch Robert Soeterboek whose credits include Ayreon, Lana Lane and Erik Norlander...Canadian guitarist Borislav Mitic is simultaneously working on two albums for Shrapnel Records. One will be with and one without vocals...Former Symphorce guitarist Cedric Dupont is the new guitarist in Freedom Call. Gone is Sascha Gerstner...Chaos Theory has lost singer Dan Altobelli. He is returning to school and will perform for the last time with the band this Halloween...Elixires is a new all-girl Canadian band featuring a member of November's Grief...Weird rockers Solefald have signed to Century Media and are set to release a new album entitled Pills Against Ageless Ills...Andy McCoy and Michael Monroe are touring Finland as Hanoi Rocks Revisited...Germany's Primal Fear has finished writing for album number four. The band is touring South America before entering the studio in December to record Black Sun...Belgium's Double Diamond is busy recording the track Run If You Can for the compilation Overdrive 20 Year Tribute. The band is also recording two songs for a 12' split with After All...Tommi Lillman is no longer the drummer for rockers Sinergy. The band believes he could not handle his dual responsibility in Sinergy and To/Die/For...Earache has signed Nevada hardcore band December. The band has a couple of independent releases and also worked with Inzane Records in the past...Century Media's Onward has entered Audio Art Studio in Nevada to record its second offering. Entitled Reawaken some tracks are Night, Where Evil Follows, the title track and a cover of Clockwork Toy of Loudness...Savatage is undertaking this year's second US tour. This tour is seeing the band cover the West Coast of the USA with Nevermore as openers...Y&T will do several show in and near San Fransisco this autumn...Megaforce Records was just bought by its employees...Withering Surface has now completed work on its third album Walking On Phantom Ice. The album was recorded at Berno Studio and features 11 tracks clocking in at 40 minutes. The album is expected through Copro Records this autumn...Eyes Of Darkness is the title of the new Axxis album due end of September. Aside from 13 tracks the CD will feature an Axxis game called Rockmine and the video clip for Shadowman.

I've heard different opinions regarding Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (#53 - $7 to 368 Yonge St., Toronto M5B 1S5) and they mostly seem to revolve around the bands covered. Potential readers need to be assured that the content is well above average for a magazine. In fact, the writers seem to have taken our previous comments to heart and dismissed the bounce rock/mallcore/monkey music content from this issue. Sure, there is even more Cradle Of Filth in this issue, but then again who else will cover Saxon, Judas Priest, Wayne and Cadaver Inc.? A bigger concern seems to be the ever-deteriorating spelling and grammar in BW&BK. Who knows if the timing of the opening of an American office is coincidental? There are just too many instances of 'were' instead of 'we're' and 'to' instead of 'too.' Outright spelling mistakes as well as run-on sentences pop up often enough as well. The Slayer review, for example, would have brought on a heart attack to me good ol' English teacher. The writer manages to fit four sentences in one big run-on sentence. In the same review he incorrectly uses 'lots of bands' instead of 'many bands', writes 'your' when he means 'you're' and manages to include a line without a verb. Phew, one can almost be certain that the copy editing has indeed taken a leave to the USA. Still, order this sucker as the content is unbeatable. Then there is Sang Frais (#8 - $1 to C.P. Saint-André, B.P. 32111, Montreal H2L 4Y5). How can one complain when the fanzine is next to free? The coverage is from the heart and SF easily fills the void left open by the demise of Canada's pioneering Stage Dive fanzine many years ago. I would tighten up the content and ads a little, but Francophones will find articles on Annihilator, Arghoslent and God Dethroned here as well many album and show reviews.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1-Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interium - No Fashion
2-Fleshtized - Here Among Thorns - Mighty
3-Royal Hunt - The Mission - Majestic/Century Media
4-Tesla - Replugged Live - Sanctuary/EMI
5-Illdisposed - Kokaiinum - Diehard

Alex Camargo - Vocalist & bassist for Krisiun
1-Motorhead - Sacrifice - CMC
2-Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness - Earache
3-Slayer - Reign In Blood - Def American
4-AC/DC - Highway To Hell - WEA
5-Centurian - Chorozonic Chaos Gods - Full Moon

Olaf - Manager for Morbid Records
1-Psycroptic - Isle of Disenchantment - Independent
2-Disgrace - Turku - Riemu
3-Virulence -A Conflict Scenario - Morbid
4-Bad Acid Trip - For The Weird... - Independent
5-Krisiun - Ageless Venomous - Century Media

Loana dP Valencia - Publicity & Video Promotions for Century Media
1-Witchery - Restless & Dead - Necropolis
2-Opeth - Blackwater Park - Koch/Music For Nations
3-Darkane - Insanity - Century Media
4-Mantra - From a Decadent World - Tu Mai Gre Records
5-The Haunted - s/t - Earache

Metallian Demos

Have you heard Fuck The Facts yet?? These guys must be the hardest working underground band out there. They rip it up every time with the ungodliest noise this side of a wailing man who just drank a pint of American beer and then finds out the bar served import! The amount of distortion on any one of their releases is enough to juice the guitars of two dozen bands alone. This Canuck band is fast in all aspects and demands your respect. Bonus: a completely redone Beach Boys cover (or so the bio says!) on this 3' CD. $5 to Topon Pas, 451 Preston St., Ottawa K1S 4N5.

We at Metallian Towers tip our hats to these young Czech bands. They seem bent on promoting themselves and nearly every zine has either received this split demo or been bombarded by their flyers. Obviously someone is working hard. Musically (and we are fortunate to be doing a review thanks presumably to the usual morons at Canada Post) Draco Hypnalis executes six tracks of accomplished and very listenable black metal. There are moments of heaviness and disciplined barbaric speed here. Only the suspect drumming takes away from the joy. May I suggest a real drummer, a little more bass in the mix and Draco Hypnalis is ready for prime time with songs like Oracle Of Inner-Bonded Blue Flame, Cycle Of Being Absurdly Reversed and Portal For The Nocturnal Weavers Of Unrest. Yes, this is indeed some cool material with the most ghoulish voices this side of Metallian Towers' coven. On the reverse side we get Romantic Love's (on tour with Summertime Daisies?) self-described 'Techno Death Metal' via songs like Return and Blindness. The trio is obviously interested in pursuing the direction of bands like Morbid Angel and Atrocity's debut. Well, they succeed to a certain extent but without portraying anything too stimulating. The band actually works better during its slower moments; suggesting a little tightening might be needed before venture into the faster space is a must. This tape (with a colour cover) or the music on a CD-R which are available for a measly $5 (US) or $7 (Cdn) is well worth the asking price. The promo tape brings more of the same with the vocals being snarlier than ever. The bass/rhythm is still lacking and are not compensated by the desultory keyboards. The promo is yours for $3. Take a look at and write to Martin Kasparek at K.Svetle 490/84, Zlin 760 01 Czech Republic.

The CD (Loneliness, The Cry Of Death) at hand is apparently the result of the Spanish band turning up winners at a rock contest in Northern Spain where as a prize they have been given the opportunity to record this material. No new entrants to the scene, the band has three previous albums and has an eight year history. The band is up front and proud of its deliberate attempt at diversity. This might be its downfall. While the sound, arrangements and feel clicks most of the times, at others Madrid's Eczema sounds particularly disjointed at best and quite schizophrenic at worst. You see, one hears three bands occupying those virtual grooves on this CD. The first one a fast speed metal act with high screams and an attacking fang which rips right into the listener. This act sounds close to Naglfar. The other act is a heavy metal band which values and emphasizes moods. With a wooden bass sound and a plethora of tempers and speeds, this incarnation sounds closest to a certain 1984 Iron Maiden song that occupies quite a length of time. The third, and most unfortunate, act is a band whose vocalist no longer screams, but hoarsely shows off his Spanish singing abilities. This act, rains on the former's parade and acts as the proverbial cold shower to everybody else. A good example of this would be none other than El Miedo where a good metal song is crash banged by some Spanish schlock. All in all though, Eczema is different, underground and may mean something to those tired of the standard. No price given but write to P.O. Box 51, 28529 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid Spain.

We had the opportunity to review Serberus' last MCD In Eternity recently and the improvement is marked and obvious. The US band features elements from both Gothenburg deathrash and heavy metal and is successful exactly because it knows how to give its music teeth and menace, and with that sense of danger keep things interesting. The vocals are gargled and sinister and the musicians clearly know a thing or two. My only complaint is the questionable kick drum sound. Most likely the sound is nothing but a good old drum machine rattling away. Otherwise the monotone sound has to go. Either way this MCD (complete with an acoustic Testament interlude and a Destruction cover) is above average and a good investment. I was going to say that the band will certainly be signed shortly. However a CD featuring good music, sound, presentation, two live videos, a bio and other added features is already well ahead of anything labels are doing for their bands and so the point is moot. Write to 3550 Everett Dr., Boulder, CO. 80305 USA.

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