Metallian Heavy

EXCITER is currently recording sixteen songs of which ten are from the band's back catalogue and five of which are brand new. The album is due out through Osmose in January. John Ricci is taking care of all guitars and bass on this recording...Guitarist Johan Wallin of REPUGNANT and SCURVY has joined GENERAL SURGERY...KAAMOS is entering Studio Berno in December in order to record a new album for Candlelight Records...Razorback Records has signed KUTABARE. The Australian act is described as, "nothing but the most heavy, low, down-tuned grinding death metal filth ever." The band features former members of BESTIAL WARLUST, UNDINSIM and CORPSE MOLESTATION and will release its album Finger Fetish For The Morbidly Abnormal this year...Mighty Music is due to release a new ANASARCA album called Dying in January of 2004...Colombia's MASACRE, featuring Alex (vocals), Victor (Drums), Jorge (Guitar), Rafael (Guitar) and Alvaro (Bass), will release an album called Total Death soon through Brutalized Records. The album is co-produced by Erik Rutan...DANZIG, SUPERJOINT RITUAL and MORBID ANGEL will form the core of The Blackest Of The Black Tour weaving through the USA this autumn...DECAPITATED has completed the recording of a new album, tentatively titled The Negation, at Hertz Studio in Poland. The album is expected in February...CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER has changed its name to BELOW after losing vocalist Bill Treadway (a.k.a. Bill Crooks)...DEATHWITCH has completed Violence Blasphemy Sodomy for Earache Records. It is due in February of 2004...THY PRIMORDIAL has completed the Pestilence Upon Mankind CD which is due in December through Blackend Records...Peter van Ool and Guido Heijnens, owners of Hammerheart Records, have decided to swap the name Hammerheart Records for Karmageddon Media. Says Heijenens, "We simply got a bit tired of some of the things happening in the music-industry, especially the attitude of some people was too much for us, we had to change things drastically or stopping was the only option." The label also let it be known that, due to an on-going dispute with the Schuldiner family, the final CONTROL DENIED album will further be delayed...According to Karmageddon Media, power metallers MORIFADE have recently finished the recordings for their new album. It is entitled Domi<>nation and due in November. The label has also signed UK's brother-duo FOREFATHER. The new, and meanwhile fourth FOREFATHER album, entitled Ours Is The Kingdom is currently being recorded...English death metal band CANCER has reformed. The band is touring the UK and will soon release an EP called Corporation$...Aside from a new album on Karmageddon Media called Where Ironcrosses Grow, DISMEMBER is releasing a DVD this autumn featuring both live material and home videos...MACABRE's Murder Metal is now out...Scarlet Records has the following albums coming soon: SEVEN SERAPHIM's Believe In Angels, BLINDED COLONY's Divine, ARACHNES' Primary Fear, AGENT STEEL's Earth Under Lucifer MCD, TERROR 2000's Live In Japan, THY MAJESTIE's Echoes Of War mini CD and INVOCATOR's Through The Flesh To The Soul...THY MAJESTIE has announced that it has left Scarlet Records. The band's next album, a concept revolving around Joan d'arc, is still due mid-2004...Brazil's HORNED GOD has signed with Listenable Records for the release of the new album Chaos Bringer Of All Revelations. The band features ex-REBAELLIUN guitarist Fabianno De Penna...Ruben Rosas, formerly of the disbanded group DEVOURMENT, is planning a new band. Go to for more information...The upcoming TORTURE KILLER album has been refused by the CD-factory. Featuring songs like Sadistic Violation, Motivated To Kill, Necrophag, Fuck Them When They Bleed and No Time to Bleed, the For Maggots To Devour CD will still be released this year by Karmageddon Media...CURRICULUM MORTIS, is a Swedish band featuring Fredrik Andersson (AMON AMARTH, A CANOROUS QUINTET) on drums, guitar and bass, Leo Pignon (A CANOROUS QUINTET) on guitar, and Mattias Leinikka (GUIDANCE OF SIN) on vocals. The band has a demo, entitled Into Death...9 Productions has released an EP by THE OLD ONES called Al-Azif. The release is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft...DECEMBER's Praying, Hoping, Nothing CD is now reissued by Earache...Gothenburg-based death/thrashers WITHIN Y have finished the recordings for the upcoming debut album, Extended Mental Dimensions. Expect it through Karmageddon Media in January...EXHUMED's Anatomy Is Destiny is now out through Relapse Records. The band is now touring with DIABOLIC, KATAKLYSM and MALIGNANCY in America. The band will next hit Europe with CEPHALIC CARNAGE. This, despite the said album being withdrawn from distribution by SPV Records in Germany due to pressure from a governmental ratings group which saw the inside photographs as too explicit...GORE BEYOND NECROPSY will record a brand new full-length CD for Razorback Records in 2004...AS I LAY DYING has replaced THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER as the opener on SIX FEET UNDER's Unnatural Born Killers tour. The BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will not tour before finding a permanent new vocalist...Metal Blade Records Europe is releasing the second GOREROTTED album next month. Following the release of Only Tools And Corpses the band will tour Europe with PUNGENT STENCH...Previous NO RETURN singer Steeve Petit is back with a band called ZUUL FX...FLESHCRAWL is entering Studio Underground in Sweden next month in order to record a new album...INFERNAL WAR has signed to Agonia Records...Ralph Roelvink (formerly of GENETIC WISDOM) will temporarily replace bassist Rocco in CALLENISH CIRCLE on the upcoming European Bonded By Metal Over Europe Tour...THROCULT have parted ways with bassist Cassandra "Cassie" Begay and replaced her with Rudy Hernandez of the SLAYER tribute band DIVINE INTERVENTION...LORD BELIAL have parted ways with new-ish drummer Daniel Moilanen. The band is recording a full-length, but a 2002 EP called Scythe Of Death will be out on January 11th through Metal Fortress Entertainment. That is not all, the band has a new guitarist called Hjalmar Nielsen...DISINTER has parted ways with frontman Zion who will be leaving for California. The band recently completed work on a new studio album called As We Burn...Some news from Skyscaper Music: NECRONOMICON's new album is called The Sacred Medicines. HANKER will release an album on the label in 2004. Nevent's Familiarity Breeds Contempt CD has been licensed to Crash for the US market. The band will shortly fly to Canada in order to record its second album...DARKANE guitarist Christofer Malmström has chosen NON-HUMAN LEVEL as the name of his solo project...EXMORTEM has several releases in the pipeline. Sigtyr-owned Pestifier Records is releasing the Pest Campaign 2003 MCD, Osmose is releasing a 10" by the same name, Ancient Darkness Productions is releasing a 7" called Killstorms and the band is working on a video and full-length...Former NILE members Chief Spires (bass and vocals) and John Ehlers (guitar) have formed a new band called SHAITAN MAZAR...MONSTROSITY has been confirmed to play Rock Al Parque open air festival in Bogota Colombia on October 12, 2003. The three-day event has two days of rock and a day of metal and Monstrosity will headline the metal day. The band's Rise To Power CD is now out...A CD called Goddess of Death, which contains all of DERKETA's recordings so far, will be released on Necroharmonic Productions this month. The band is currently rehearsing for its first full-length LP called In Death We Meet. The band is Sharon Bascovsky (vocals and guitars), Heather (bass) and Nunslaughter's Jim Sadist (drums). Nevertheless, Jared Altamare of EVISCIUM (which features Sharon, as well as Mark from ROTTREVORE) will complete the drums on the forthcoming In Death We Meet...DIMMU BORGIR has entered the Billboard Charts at number 169. That is the best SoundScan number in the Century family/Nuclear Blast History...According to a press release from ARTHEMESIA, "Drummer Mor Vethor had to leave the band because his skills didn't match the requirements of our music." A new drummer is being sought and a new album will be recorded next year....ARCH ENEMY has cancelled the remainder of its shows supporting NEVERMORE in Europe because of illness and a bug-infested tour bus. The band is readying itself for an American tour. Fans in affected countries - Austria, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland - are expected to receive a collectors' item from the band in lieu of their tickets...CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN's guitarist Jason Andrews and vocalist Joe Horvath have initiated a side-project called Sleepwalker. The band is also searching for a drummer...DEW-SCENTED is confirmed to play at the New Jersey Metal Fest in November...DEATH ANGEL, which is touring Europe with DISBELIEF and MYSTIC PROPHECY, has signed to Nuclear Blast Records...A new death metal side-project featuring singer Jörgen Sandström (ENTOMBED, THE PROJECT HATE, ex-GRAVE) guitarist Lord K (Keneth Philipson of THE PROJECT HATE), bassist Tomas Elofsson (SANCTIFICATION) and drummer Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY) has just been formed. No name has been announced...WHITE LION has reformed and will play at the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany next year.

Metallian Hard

Escape Music is re-releasing the 1986 debut of STATETROOPER next month. The release will feature bonus music in the form of originally unreleased song Juliet plus four more bonus tracks recorded live. These are Faster Than Light, Too Late, She Got The Look and Set Fire To The Night. This reissue is re-mastered and has the original cover artwork...According to Fastlane Records, the forthcoming album of BANG THE UNION is called American Dream and expected in November...WEAPON's vintage Set The Stage Alight album is now out through Zoom Club. The band is considering reforming for select shows, as well as releasing unreleased demo and live material...The release date for the forthcoming KING DIAMOND CD The Puppet Master is set for October 21st for both Europe and North America...DOUBLE DIAMOND is at Studio Midas recording its debut album for Mausoleum Records. The album is called Ride The Wind and will feature songs like, Warriors Of Steel, Father Of Time and Dreams...Drummer Mark Greening and bassist Tim Bagshaw have left ELECTRIC WIZARD. The band has recruited drummer Justin Greaves (IRON MONKEY, TEETH OF LION...) rhythm guitarist Liz Buckingham (13, SOURVEIN) and bassist Rob Al Issa....ANATHEMA's A Natural Disaster will be released next month through Music For Nations...The current members of Y&T have compiled a number of unreleased tracks culled from the band's many studio sessions and will release it using the Unearthed title. No label has been announced...W.A.S.P's The Neon God is a concept CD due in January through Sanctuary Records. A second CD of the concept will follow in March of 2004. W.A.S.P. is anticipating releasing an in-depth 'making of' DVD later in 2004. The upcoming albums are also planned to have massive multimedia tie-ins...DREAM EVIL has a new EP in Japan and Europe called Children Of The Night...THE QUILL has a new album called Hooray! It's A Deathtrip...German doom metal mainstay MIRROR OF DECEPTION has recruited bassist Andreas Taller and drummer Jochen Müller...Former ANGEL WITCH keyboardist/guitarist Myk Taylor has died of cancer...WYCKED SYNN has been added to the bill for the METAL THUNDER SOUTHWEST USA TOUR along with CAGE, AGENT STEEL, DREAMS OF DAMNATION and DEATH 2 ALL. The tour will begin in November...Twelve Shots On The Rocks, the new HANOI ROCKS album, has been licensed for America by Century Media imprint Liquor and Poker Music...AXENSTAR's new album Far From Heaven is now due in November...FOR MY PAIN/REFLEXION singer Juha Kylmänen will guest as a vocalist on TO/DIE/FOR's Mexican tour this month...DREAM THEATER have named their forthcoming album Train Of Thought. It is due on November 11th through Elektra Records...Mascot Records is about to release the debut of progressive hard rock band NEW MACHINE. The album is self-titled and due on October twentieth...Hustler Magazine has added a rock section to its pages and hired and VQPR's Nancy Sayle to write for them. The magazine has already featured Zakk Wylde and Nikki Sixx...Steve Smyth (TESTAMENT and DRAGONLORD) has been named NEVERMORE's touring guitarist...STARRFACTORY, featuring former NEUROTICA and ATHEIST singer Kelly Shaefer, guitarists Donny Jaurols (ex-E3 and SERRAPHINE) and Noah Thompson (ex-MEGALABLATTA) and ex-SANCTUARY and DIFFICULT drummer Dave Budbill, have written and recorded seven songs. The band is looking for a recording contract...AVIDOST has postponed the recording of their album to the winter of 2004. Entitled Of Greatness Or Madness, the independent album will be produced by Neil Kernon. Kris Verwimp has been commissioned to do the artwork...ARTHEMIS' Golden Dawn has now been released by Avalon in Japan...BON JOVI's This Left Feels Right is a reworking the band's hits on acoustic guitar. The CD will be out in November...FEMME FATALE is back and has signed with Z Records. A CD will be out in the winter of 2004...POWERGOD and singer President Evil have gone separate ways...Arise Records has signed ASTERITY. Featuring Stefan Westerberg (CARNAL FORGE/ex-IN THY DREAMS) and Petri Kuusisto (CARNAL FORGE/ex-IN THY DREAMS), the band's debut album will be recorded next month at Studio Black Lounge and will be released in Febrary of 2004...Derek Pontier, drummer for GREAT WHITE was hit head-on in a collision when a woman lost control of her car and crossed the road into oncoming traffic on September, 29th. Pontier was released from the hospital with cuts and bruises...QUIET RIOT has called it a day...SHADOWCAST, a project featuring AMORTIS' keyboardist Clemens Mayr and DARKWELL/ex-ABIGOR's drummer Moritz Neuner, has recruited GRAVEWORM singer Stefan Fiori and bassist Manuel as session musicians for an upcoming live tour...SCAR CULTURE has acquired a new vocalist. His name is Roman Garbacik...SECRET SPHERE has parted ways with drummer Luca Cartasegna...Ex-VANIZE/current MAJESTY guitarist Rolf Munkes has a new band with second guitarist Chris Heun (ex-SHYLOCK), singer Stefan Berggren (ex-COMPANY OF SNAKES), bassist Marcus Bielenberg (ex-VANIZE) and drummer Pierre Fienhold (drums, ex-VANIZE). RAZORBACK is expecting to release an album in mid-2004...KROKUS singer Marc Storace has finished laying down vocal tracks for a new WARRIOR album in California, tentatively due in early 2004...HELIX are licensing tracks from the upcoming CD Rockin' In My Outer Space for the new season of Alliance-Atlantis comedy TV series Trailer Park Boys. HELIX will play a special concert, Thursday October 9th at the Hard Rock Cafe, 279 Yonge Street, Toronto...CRESCENT SHIELD is a new band featuring vocalist Michael Grant (ONWARD), guitarist Dan Delucie (DESTINY'S END), drummer Craig Anderson (ENGINE) and bassist Melanie Sisneros (SINERGY, THE IRON MAIDENS, NEW EDEN)...ATROCITY has signed to Napalm Records...Here is some news from Sleaszy Rider Records: SISTER SIN's Dance Of The Wicked (MOTLEY CRUE-meets-SKEW SISKIN), SNOWBLIND's Lord Of My Fat (featuring guitarist Mike G formerly of NIGHTFALL), WINDFALL's Time Of The Haunted and black metallers DIVA NOCTUA ENTROPIA's Transerpentual albums are all out now...Guitarist Havok has left BEHEMOTH...THE HAUNTED has parted ways with vocalist Marco Aro and have replaced him with his predecessor, the group's original singer Peter Dolving...WITHERING SURFACE have been rejoined by drummer Nikolaj Borg. His replacement was SACRIFICIAL drummer Lukas Meier...David Lee Roth has dropped his lawsuit against his former band VAN HALEN for unpaid royalties. The band had apparently excluded him from contract re-negotiations with Warner Music...BLIND GUARDIAN will release a new album, Blind Guardian - Live, in North America on October 7th. The album was recorded on the band's A Night At The Opera tour...IRON FIRE has split up...Century Media has bought Olympic Recordings...TERRA FIRMA has disbanded...SOILENT GREEN have recruited guitarist Tony White and bassist Scott Crochet...Sweden's UNCHAINED has signed with Sound Riot Records. The HM band is at Pama Studio this month recording its debut...Sanctuary Records has signed KELLY OSBOURNE. Recently dropped by Epic, Osbourne will have her Shut Up album rereleased by the new label as Changes. The album features the single Changes which is a duet between Kelly and father Ozzy Osbourne...CATHEDRAL has signed to Nuclear Blast. Expect a new album in February...PENTAGRAM's Leibling has assembled a lineup featuring guitarist Kelly Carmichael (INTERNAL VOID), bassist Adam S Heinzmann (INTERNAL VOID) and drummer Mike Smail (PENANCE) and is writing new music...J.D. Kimball, the former and original singer of OMEN, passed away on October 3rd, 2003 after a three-year battle with cancer. Kimball's family has set up an email account for fans who would like to express their condolences at OF TEARS has signed with Noise Records...EDGUY is now on Nuclear Blast Records...Monster records is planning on releasing very early and unreleased HADES material soon. The material predates the Resisting Success album.

Metallian Demos

Another band that features Saquib Malik of Sifr, this however is a two man band where he is joined by Hammad Khan. Their stated aim is to play the most brutal, vile, twisted and sick music to ever come out of Lahore, Pakistan. The three songs on this demo surely fits their description and the vocals of Hammad Khan go a long way into achieving their stated aim. A very aggressive and raw demo much like Sifr's and the addition of the vocals make this a very interesting release and one that is worth checking out especially more so because of the band's rather unusual origin. Corpsepyre can be reached at 31 Askari Villas, North Sarwar Road Cantt. Lahore 54000 Pakistan or at Sheila Wes Det

The youngish Danish blackened act released its debut demo Enthroned In Darkness in 2002. The band revolving around Azazel and Gungnir showed boldness by devising a concept piece as its first release. Enthroned In Darkness features four songs, When Angels Die, With Black Burned Wings, I Killed God and Enthroned In Darkness, narrating the story of a very disappointed bride. It is no surprise that, given the band's Dimmu Borgir influences and concept, Granhammer is into K&F (keyboards and Female vocals). The sound is clear and the arrangements quite mature.
Unleash The Storm is a recent release and demonstrates a rougher edge to the band. The black metallers have borrowed singer Martin Steene of Iron Fire and Force Of Evil and as a linkage to the latter band have also covered King Diamond's Shrine on the demo. This demo features more variety, better guitar work and a grimmer output than Enthroned In Darkness.
Underground metal fans into Dimmu Borgir, Ilnath and Old Man's Child will find lots to enjoy here. To contact the band or order either demo for $8 write to or send cash to Thomas B Madsen, Brofennen 4,, 6270 Tønder Denmark. - Ali "The Metallian"

Inocculta is a Belgian band which has forwarded its respective 2002 and 2003 demos to Metallian Towers for an opinion. As evident from the titles, all lyrics are in French. Interestingly, the elegance of that language is not an obstacle in the way of the band's grimness. As a matter of fact, the true black metal band goes at it in the rawest of possible forms.
In over an hour of playing time, Inocculta showcases music that is low on technicality, tightness and sleekness, but makes up for all that with intent and atmosphere. While the act's material is aeons removed from the polished pose of dummy burger or cradle of hype, this writer hopes that the fans of the genre still remember what the original intent of the sub-genre was and those same people would choose to see Inocculta as the real deal. That is, the fan will not come across $10,000 promotional shots or three black-clad backing vocalists. Instead, this is harsh, cold and reckless metal with material reminiscent of early Burzum and atmosphere straight out of a Havohej release. Order this from or write to - Ali "The Metallian"

Septuagint is a fresh heavy metal band from The Netherlands. This demo is a two-song CD meant to promote the band and has both a professional sound and cover.
The band has a raw energy reseved for unsigned heavy metal bands. The intro might be reminiscent of Iron Maiden, but the vocalist will remind the listener of the first Candlemass album and Sanctuary. The band's music is also close to the heavy metal of Sanctuary, Omen et al. The band is powerful and has a wild guitar sound. All in all, a great demonstration for a true metal band which has kicked around the scene since 1991! Visit for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

What the mind perceives upon coming across this very professional ten-song CD from Beyond The Flesh is yet another potent demo this month. The quartet is inspired and influenced by late-era Carcass. The vocals, backing vocals and rhythms are English cadaver worship; yet the band uncovers enough resourcefulness to introduce a little Cannibal Corpse here and a little Opeth there. The sound might not quite tell the tale, but the band's material actually is that advanced. This band is clearly serious about its craft and should it be able to duplicate the delivery in the live context fans and labels would do well to look into this. 35 Bittern Lane, Bayville, NJ 08721 or are the addresses one needs in order to get more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

A four song 21 minute demo debut by a French quintet. Nothing like the recent stuff coming out of that country. Heol Terwen describe themselves as Celtic folk metal. The opener Mor Braz is presumably an intro because it features nothing but Irish whistles and Bretons. Dahud follows and is more of the same but includes a few traditional but derivative black metal riffs and screaming vocals interspersed with various 'Celtic' instruments. Enez Glaz starts heavier but before long the folk sounds make an appearance or two along with some awkward choirs not befitting a metal release. The last song carries on where the rest left off. If one needs to hear Irish whistles the band can be reached at Heol Telwen/Loic Courtete 50 rue Victor Basch 93150 Blanc Mesnil France or at Sheila Wes Det

Its not everyday that one gets to hear a Pakistani demo. Sifr is a one man project in every sense, Saquib Malik plays all instruments and has done all the mixing and producing on this 4 track demo. Hailing from a relatively young scene it is not unexpected to hear a demo that is very raw and the song titles clearly illustrate the style. A cacophony of guitars, bass and cymbals dominate Hell of One, Insanity Eternal, Unbeing and Inferno. Definitely of interest if one wants to listen to sounds from new places and in Saquib Malik we seem to have a person really committed to metal. Sifr can be reached at 31 Askari Villas, North Sarwar Road Cantt. Lahore 54000 Pakistan or at Sheila Wes Det

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