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CORPUS MORTALE has entered the studio in order to record a new album, A New Species Of Deviant...THORIUM is entering Studio Berno in order to record a new album...A video for the title track for PANDEMIA's new album Riven is online at Records has signed New York's PYTHON. A full-length release is due in December...After wrapping up eight weeks on Gigantour ‘s main stage, Seattle ‘s NEVERMORE has been added to OPETH ‘s North American tour. The band will join the tour on October 24th in Lawrence, Kansas. The tour wraps up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Nov. 11th. The band began its headlining tour of Europe on Friday, September 16th with MERCENARY and DEW-SCENTED...The Montreal Metal Massacre Fest will feature RAZOR, PILEDRIVER, ANVIL, EXCITER, DBC, AGGRESSION and LYING TRUTH. The event will be held at Montreal's Spectrum on December 10th. Tickets are set at $35...Century Media Records has picked November 15th as the release date for SHADOWS FALL's The Art of Touring DVD, the band's first ever video. The Art of Touring features over two hours of on-the-road footage and live performances filmed between 2002 through 2004...BOLT THROWER ‘s new album is entitled Those Once Loyal and due on November 15th. Several of the song titles are Granite Wall, Those Once Loyal, Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) and Last Stand Of Humanity Selfmadegod Records has several new releases. They are the third album of ANTIGAMA entitled Zeroland, the sophomore release from Denver's trio CATHETER which is entitled Dimension 303 and the debut album Sedimente from Germany's WOJCZECH. All three records are due on November 1st, 2005 SVARTSYN ‘s Bloodline CD has just been issued by Sound Riot Records DAWN OF DEFIANCE has released an album called The Obscure Awakening which includes seven songs Crash Music has signed a four-album deal with JUNGLE ROT. A new album is due in January, while a DVD is expected in December. the band recently parted ways with guitarist Jim Genenz in favour of Geoff Bub CANNIBAL CORPSE will enter Mana studio on October 17th in order to begin recording its tenth studio album. Erik Rutan will be at the helm as producer. The recording and mixing should be complete by December and the album's release date will be sometime in March of 2006. The band has eleven songs ready and adds, "we are doing everything we can to make sure it's the heaviest, most brutal one we've ever made." Metal Blade Records will release a three-DVD set, entitled 14 Years Of No Tomorrow, by THE CROWN. The material will span the years 1990 to 2004 Canada ‘s ARCTIC CIRCLE is currently piecing together its first full-length CD for Profound Lore Records which will be unleashed in early 2006. The album is currently entitled Forcing The Astral THRALLDOM is nearing completion of its next album which is due in early 2006. The album is entitled A Shaman Steering The Vessel Of Vastness FALL OF SERENITY has signed with Lifeforce Records. The band ‘s fourth, and as yet untitled, full-length will be released in the spring of 2006 The reassembled REVEREND has a new website at has yet another singer and will no longer be working with vocalist Sean Vandegrift. The new man is Adam Cody who is also the vocalist in GLASS CASKET. Cody filled in on vocals during VEHEMENCE ‘s spring tour with THE RED DEATH and CREMATORIUM Autopsy Kitchen Records has issued DARKNESS ETERNAL ‘s Misanthropic Annihilation CD Crash Music has signed a four-album deal with Chicago death-metal band ENFORSAKEN. The band ‘s last album Forever Endeavor was released by Olympic/Century Media in 2004. The band will start working on its Crash Music debut in October with producer Chris Djuricic. A release date is being set for January or February, 2006 Debemur Morti Productions will issue a new album by TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM in 2006 and ANIMUS MORTIS ‘ Thresholds Of Insanity in November…Cudgel Has signed DISASTROUS MURMUR and will issue the Marinate Your Meat album soon. The new MASTIC SCUM CD, entitled Mind, is out now as is HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL ‘s Opus Genitalia...Texas ‘ ROTTING CORPSE is taking advantage of its current live dates to film a documentary which will be titled Circus Of Fools and released in DVD format...CRYPTOPSY has announced Chris Donaldson from MYTHOSIS as the second guitarist for the band's North American tour with SUFFOCATION, ABORTED and DESPISED ICON. Donaldson had been in rehearsal with the band for several weeks before the official announcement GOD AMONG INSECTS ‘ second album Zombienomicon is due in early 2006 through Threeman Recordings. It was recorded at Abyss Studios with producer Tommy Tägtgren SECRET SPHERE has recruited drummer Federico Pennazzato INSIDIOUS DISEASE featuring guitarists Silenoz of DIMMU BORGIR, Jardar of OLD MAN'S CHILD and drummer Tony Laureano of DIMMU BORGIR has snapped up bassist Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH…HOLY MOSES has recruited bassist Ozzy formerly of WARPATH, TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD and ELF and drummer Asgard Mausoleum Records has announced November 14th as the release date for the debut album of HYADES which is entitled Abuse Your Illusions Former LIVIDITY bassist Aaron Harper and vocalist and guitarist Matt Bishop have a new band called HUMAN ARTIFACTS. Von Young from DEADEN is the new singer for LIVIDITY MISERY INDEX has been dropped by Nuclear Blast SEVERE TORTURE will issue Fall Of The Despised on November 7th through Earache Records Fredrik Åkesson of TALISMAN, JOHN NORUM, KRUX, TIAMAT has joined ARCH ENEMY…ANNIHILATOR ‘s next album, Schizo Deluxe, is due next month through AFM Records…Brazil ‘s NEPHASTH, which most recently was on Mighty Records, has disbanded.

Metallian Hard

Bassist Ilker Ersin has joined guitarist Cede and left FREEDOM CALL...KING'S X has announced an autumn tour of the USA beginning on October 25th in Baltimore, Maryland...BIG COCK, featuring former LYNCH MOB singer Robert Mason and former KING KOBRA guitarist David Michael Phillips, has an album called Year Of The Cock ready to be released...The new album of KIJU, Demo(n)cracy, will be released shortly. The band is looking to tour this autumn...DIAMOND HEAD has signed a UK distribution deal with Cargo Records for the release of the All Will Be Revealed album...EVENT HORIZON X's third album Far Across The Wasteland will be released this month and distributed by Nightmare Records. For more information on the Greek band go to Lotus Records has signed THE ALIEN BLAKK which is primarily the instrumental project of one Joshua Craig...All of the equipment of Russia ‘s GRENOUER was either destroyed in a recent fire at the band ‘s rehearsal place or became totally unusable due to water damage. This incident took place right at the peak of the band's preparation for its fifth full-length album with the dates for the recording sessions having already been booked at Astia studio in Finland CRISIS ‘ bassist Gia Wang has left the band ostensibly because of family commitments. Nick Weitzel, a friend of the band, will be filling in on bass guitar for the EXODUS tour following which the band will hold auditions in order to complete its line-up XYZ frontman Terry Ilous has gone into his archives and discovered eighteen songs that the public has never heard. "Some of these songs should have ended up on the first or second CD," relates Ilous. Forbidden Demos 1985/1991 will be released on September 26th through FYCO Records LION'S SHARE has announced the addition of singer Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS/WUTHERING HEIGHTS) to the group's ranks. Johansson and the rest of the current LION'S SHARE line-up are currently writing material for a fifth album to be released sometime during 2006. The songs written so far are being described as "heavier and more straight-ahead with tons of energy and attitude." CRACK OV DAWN has lost Vinnie Valentine ostensibly due to a "lack of time" Sweden ‘s TREAT which had disbanded in 1993 had reformed REQUIEM ‘s Requiem Forever album will be issued this month through Scarlet Records. The Japanese version will contain an unreleased demo track called Light No More ARAPACIS ‘ new vocalist and keyboardist Elaine Huot is already out of the band. Former member Josee is back in the band again. The group is in the studio now RIPIO from Buenos Aires, Argentina has finished the pre-production for its third CD which will feature twelve new songs A reformed BATTLE BRATT will soon record an album called Seed Of The Universe Lion Music Records has issued Full Of Fire the new album from Italy ‘s LISTERIA As predicted right here in Metallian EMPEROR will reunite in 2006 and will appear at the Inferno Festival in Oslo and headline at Wacken. The band's break was officially over when it appeared at the Scream magazine anniversary show last month DEADSOUL TRIBE will release a fourth album, The Dead Word, on November 11th through InsideOut Music Former SCORPIONS' bassist Francis Buchholz and ACCEPT ‘s drummer Stefan Schwarzmann have joined the touring line-up of ULI JON ROTH. The upcoming European tour will also feature selected SCORPIONS songs. Roth was on stage on September 10th in France with his old band for the first time since his departure from SCORPIONS recently TNT ‘s All The Way To The Sun will be released on Halloween day through MTM Music…In what has become a soap opera DREAM EVIL has been rejoined by vocalist Niklas Isfeldt and bassist Peter Stålfors who left the band two months ago citing health (read: loss of Niklas ‘ voice) and personal reasons Drummer Nigel Glockler has returned to SAXON as replacement for Jörg Michael, who is now with STRATOVARIUS again. The former band is heading out to the US this month OPETH's new album, Ghost Reveries, has entered the Swedish charts at position Number nine Former HELLOWEEN and METALIUM drummer Mark Cross, John A.B.C. Smith of GALLOWS POLE, HALLOWED and AT VANCE and guitarist Ian O'Sullivan, also of HALLOWED, have a new band called GOD'S ARMY Former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin has signed a deal with MTM Music for the release of a new solo album, Scream DISILLUSION and bassist Ralf Willis have gone separate ways ENTOMBED has been joined by drummer Olle Dahlsted formerly of MISERY LOVES CO. for live shows because Peter Stjärnvind is on stand-by for the arrival of his first child. The band recently lost guitarist Uffe Cederlund and will remain a quartet JUDAS PRIEST ‘s live DVD, Rising In The East, will be out on November 8th through Rhino/WEA...NIGHTFALL guitarist George Bokos has joined ROTTING CHRIST on tour...IAN GILLAN's upcoming album Gillan's Inn, marking Gillan's 40th musical anniversary, will be available in DualDisc format featuring a CD on one side and DVD on the other...EYEHATEGOD's singer Mike Williams has been jailed once again for violating conditions of his probation. The band is releasing a two-disc album to raise funds for his defense...WHITE SKULL is at Remaster Studio not just remastering, but also recording a new album for an early 2006 release. The next album will be a concept album about Celtic tradition and culture...HANOI ROCKS has signed to Demolition Records. The band's first release on the label will be Another Hostile Takeover which was issued recently in Sweden...STARZ, the '70s heavy metal group, will be performing every song from each of its Capitol Records albums over the weekend of November 5th and 6th at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, New Jersey...DARK ILLUSION from Sweden will issue a CD called Beyond The Shadows this month. The disc will have 14 tracks.

Metallian Demos

Faces Of Black is a deceptive band. At first listen the band's 'stoner' references and the soothing passages and vocals veer the listener towards contextual comparisons softer and more commercial than the Canadian trio warrants. The vocals of Christine Apro, in particular, can be coloured in the shade of college rock, but the truth is that the whole affair comes together incredibly well. Faces Of Black really has the groove, - how loathed that word is at Metallian Towers - the rhythm, the stamina and the music to pull it all together. A song like Streets comes across as amazingly put together. The band can play, the riffs are real, the singing packs an attitude rarely heard nowadays on our planet bland, but it is the sum of the parts that clicks for the band. This explains why doom, heavy and rock fans will all be able to appreciate FOB whereas they would normally diverge. Still, Christine goes more commercial than she needs to, the band needs more leads and, as well played and personalized as it is, covering Slayer (or any other band) is not a wise move for an unsigned band.
Faces Of Black is like a siren. It pulls you in with her conniving appeal before drawing you under its influence for a fateful encounter. No other title would have suited this demo as well as The Beckoning. or for details. - Ali "The Metallian"

TROLL - same
What do you mean bands like this still exist? really? They are playing shows all over New Hampshire too? Wow!
If years of corporate dilution and media indifference has not destroyed Troll then nothing will kill this band or heavy rock. Troll is a band which still mixes rock music with doom and heavy rock to play an organic stew of its own material. The singer is a little flat at the high end, but does a fine job instilling feeling into the music. He also induces a lot of mood into the songs. The music is reminiscent of old Scorpions, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple or the more straightforward Saint Vitus songs. The guitars are used generously, the drummer lets loose and it is only the inadequate production that lets the band down. One can hardly fault independent bands though. My favourite songs are the harder ones, Meant To Be Free and Crazy Woman, but fans of '70s heavy rock will love all of this. Visit or e-mail Tom Mayo at for information. The CD features nine songs and is available for $10 (US). - Anna Tergel

There has to be a theme around which this demo CD is built, although what it is this scribe does not know. The disc begins and ends with the sounds of a cuckoo clock, but what is sandwiched in between is growling death metal with a powerful and guttural punch, with some exceptions. The first couple of songs are trusted and true brutal. Then on the songs Living Reification and Inversion-Perversion Ivan Di Marco introduces some lame clean vocals that, especially on the latter song, sound like the child of Danzig and Jim Morrison. Most of the demo retains its heaviness and even has original guitar techniques on several songs including I Corpi Privi Di Vita. Helmet Logic has some heavy riffing and The Hate's chant of the title is hardly missing any power.
Resurrecturis has been around for many years and has seen much delay and adversity in its time. It would be a cool idea to support the band by writing to or visiting The CD comes in an original packaging by the way. - Anna Tergel

Grenouer is a nihilistic Russian band with a fifteen year history behind it. T R Y is the band's fifth CD proper and apparently the furthest the band has moved from its death metal roots. In fact, the three-song, eleven-minute disc is completely mallcore in style. Chugging mallcore a la Incubus and Coal Chamber mix with dissonant influences from Fear Factory to make Grenouer a band after acknowledgement in the world of the MTVs and Kerrangs of the world. The band does a good job of it too. The presentation, sound and fluency is apparent for all to see and hear. Just do not expect much metal here. No price given but write to or visit to find out more. - Anna Tergel

Nanowar is back with a masterpiece. There is simply no other way to describe Other Bands Play Nanowar Gay. Every single one of the fourteen tracks, intros and intermissions here is a work of genius and backed up by above average and exceptional musical ability. This is all immediately evident from the opener Tricycles Of Steel that is preceded by the very funny intro where the band recites names of a few elements and metals off the periodic table. True Metal Of The World (Ah, Ah) is a tribute of sorts to traditional heavy metal songs and ends with a fictional and funny Italian radio DJ. King pokes fun at junk food and happy meals with lines like "He ‘s the king of the happy meal gave the queen a lot of fun" A very short Power Of The Power Of The Power (Of The Great Sword) and another DJ intermission Metal-La-La-La take aim at all forms of metal and Manowar in particular. The laughs don ‘t let up there. As good as all the above songs are The Number Of The Bitch, naturally a cover of The Number Of The Beast, is a true classic. One cannot do the lyrics justice quoting a line or two but "Go and call the number of the bitch even if it is an expensive number this number is 166 166 166" gives a pretty good indication. This is easily one of the funniest songs ever. Entra Lúomo Di Sabbia is an Enter Sandman cover, and it is at this point that one really realizes that however clever the lyrics the musical execution is also worth praising. The CD ends with Outrue and a few more metal names. Nanowar can play their instruments but certainly blow away everybody in terms of sheer fun. or - Anna Tergel

Agankast is the new band of Rob Matthew erstwhile Atomkraft member. There are no explanations needed about the band's Venom influences therefore including the mix of gruff and barking vocals and the flashy solos. Yet, the more one listens to the forty minutes of metal that constitute the disc, the more one notices the melodies and the band's intent to record a straight heavy metal demo. The lead melodies and guitar work is well executed and must have taken a significant amount of time to compose. Contrast that with the howling vocals of Allan Scott and it soon becomes apparent that something different is at work.
The listed line-up is not the same as the recording line-up, which if true would not be fair, but fact remains that the quality and the production of the rhythm section could use some improvement next time. For now, it is good to see a scene veteran back, hear the extensive guitar orientation and have more real metal put onto disc. Write to and visit to find out more about the band. - Ali "The Metallian"

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