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DEN SAAKALDTE, the new band of Sykelig formerly of NAER MATARON, was formed in May of 2006 following Sykelig’s departure from the latter band. The band’s music is described as a combination of “old black metal from acts like old GORGOROTH/old ULVER with elements from bands like THORNS or even MY DYING BRIDE.” Hellhammer (MAYHEM) and Vicotnik (VED BUENS ENDE) joined DEN SAAKALDTE in August. The band is in the process of composing songs. For more information go to…Rusty Cage Records has signed a two-record deal with Dutch band CYPHER. The band’s debut album Darkday Carnival, will be produced by TEXTURES’ guitarist Jochem Jacobs and will be released at the end of October 2006…America’s ATROCITY, which originally disbanded in 1993 after issuing a record through Metalcore Records, has teamed up with Open Grave Records to release an E.P. featuring alternate versions of previously released songs recorded during the Infected sessions of 1990…U.K. metallers BIOMECHANICAL have picked Cannibalised as the title for their upcoming album, tentatively due April 2007 through Earache Records… Germany’s FALL OF SERENITY has parted ways with singer René Betzold. The band’s new singer is in fact the group’s former bass player John Gahlert…The reunited IMMORTAL has announced two US shows for 2007. These are July 13th - New York City, NY – B.B. King Blues Club & Grill and July 15th - Los Angeles, CA - The Avalon…SABBAT’s early and most successful line-up, featuring guitarist producer Andy Sneap and singer Martin Walkyier, has reformed at the urging of CRADLE OF FILTH and will support the latter band on the road in England this year…PROJECT: FAILING FLESH has abandoned Karmageddon Media alleging a lack of payment and breach of contract. The band is seeking a home for its next album, The Conjoined…KHANATE has officially called it a day reportedly due to band members’ lack of commitment to the project…DERANGED has changed the title of its next album (due in late 2007) to The Red Light Murder Case from the previously announced 213. The disc is due in late 2007. The band is also planning a European tour with RESURRECTED next spring…Drummer Pelle Ekegren has left GRAVE and been replaced with Ronnie Bergerståhl (ex-JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE, AMARAN and CENTINEX)…FURIA has a new bassist called Fred…LORD BELIAL, whose Revelation album is due in January, has been rejoined by guitarist Niclas "Pepa" Andersson following the departure of Hjalmar Nielsen…Sweden’s CRIMSON MOONLIGHT has replaced guitarist Erik Tordsson with Jocke Malmborg of INEVITABLE END…INSISION will enter Black Lounge studio on October 16th in order to begin recording a third album, entitled Ikon. The band is still seeking a label…Denmark’s EXMORTEM is the latest band to leave Earache Records…Black Mark Productions has set an October 2nd release date for EDGE OF SANITY's sampler, When All Is Said - The Best Of Edge Of Sanity...OBSCENE GESTURE, a new Los Angeles-based band featuring George Robb and Chuck Profus (of AGENT STEEL fame), as well as Vincent "Vinsident" Dennis (STEEL PROPHET, BODY COUNT) on guitar and Guy Green on vocals/guitar, is recording a demo…Guitarist Andreas Holma has quit HYPOCRISY and temporarily been replaced with DARKANE's Klas Ideberg… INSOMNIUM’s Above The Weeping World is now out through Candlelight Records…Metal Blade has signed Sweden’s AEON. The death metal band is praised and supported by Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE…Open Grave Records will reissue FEAST ETERNAL’S, Prisons Of Flesh album. A release date of December 5th, 2006 has been set for the album, which will feature two newly recorded songs, Serpents Proclaim and Rage Of Angels. FEAST ETERNAL was formed in the winter of 1992 by ex-INFESTED members John Greenman and T.J. Humlinski. The line-up was completed in October 1993 by the addition of drummer Matt Skrzypczak…The new MELECHESH album, Emissaries, is ready and set to be released on the 30th of October through Osmose Productions…ASTARTE has finished the recordings for its fifth album, Demonized, which is due for release in December through Avantgarde Music…Open Grave Records has signed the German death metal artist A.W.A.S.. The act was founded in 1999 as Torment. The next step is the release of the band’s Hope demo by the label in January.

Metallian Hard

HELLOWEEN has cancelled its North American tour slated for this autumn…The release of the upcoming MANOWAR album has been postponed and as a result, so has the accompanying European Demons, Dragons And Warriors Tour to March and April. The Gods Of War album has grown into a massive, multifaceted concept, similar to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, according to the band…SPV Records has confirmed W.A.S.P.'s new album, entitled Dominator, will be issued in January…After three years of separation, vocalist Dario Grillo has rejoined THY MAJESTIE and is working on the band's next album which is due in 2007. Grillo is simultaneously working on an album with the band, VIOLENT SUN…Keyboardist Bo Damgaard has left COMPOS MENTIS after seven years "due to lack of time.” The band is seeking a replacement and a label…No surprise, CYNIC (now featuring Paul Masvidal - vocals and guitar, Sean Reinert – drums, Tony Teegarden - vocals and keyboards, Chris Kringel – bass and guitarist Santiago Dobles) has reunited and will perform shows in 2007…KAYSER will release its new album, Frame The World…Hang It On The Wall, on October 16th through Scarlet Records…Former ATOMKRAFT guitarist Rob Matthew who had left AGANKAST just a month ago has now returned to the band. He will also continue to manage the band…Century Media will issue the video equivalent to ICED EARTH’s Alive In Athens from footage it reports as recently discovered. The band, in the meanwhile, calls the release a “money grab.” In the meanwhile, ICED EARTH guitarist Ernie Carletti is facing rape and kidnapping charges in Delaware…AEROSMITH will release a new compilation, entitled Devil's Got A New Disguise, on October 10th through Columbia. The disc will feature two new songs…FREEDOM CALL is recording a new album, entitled Dimensions, which is due in May…German doom mainstays MIRROR OF DECEPTION will release its third album, Shards, on October 6th through Cyclone Empire...ICARUS WITCH has parted ways with touring drummer Jere Jameson. Heavy metal drummers in the Mid-Atlantic area should e-mail in order to audition for the replacement slot…MOTÖRHEAD's Kiss Of Death album is now out…Bad Company bassist Boz Burrell recently passed away at the age of 60…BIBLE OF THE DEVIL’s first release for Cruz Del Sur Music is out soon and called The Diabolic Procession…French doom metal band INBORN SUFFERING’s album Worldless Hope will finally be issued by Soundriot Records next month…Peaceville/Snapper Music has announced October 31st as the America release date for A Line Of Deathless Kings, the new album from Yorkshire, England's MYDYING BRIDE. It is the band's ninth studio effort and introduces drummer John Bennett…Update from the band formerly known as NANOWAR: Due to copyright and trademark issues the band formerly known as NANOWAR has changed its name to NANOWAR OF STEEL. The band members consider this a great new start, reflecting the empowered and increasingly true direction that their music has taken. “The power of the power of the power of the power of the great sword will burn brighter than ever before,” says guitarist/songwriter Mohammed Abdul. Bassist/songwriter Gatto Panceri 666 adds, “The name NANOWAR OF STEEL better represents the trueness that has always been present in this band and its music.” With a new record company in True Metal Of The World Of Steel Rec., a new tour planned and a new album on the way, NANOWAR OF STEEL will continue to explore musical true metal worlds with the precision musicianship and unique lyrical concepts that their fans have come to expect and adore. Moreover, NANOWAR OF STEEL will unleash their first live album entitled Made In Naples", it will be a double-CD containing the recordings of their Metal Dayz 2006 show in Pratteln and a second disc with previously unreleased live and studio tracks, the single Christmas with NANOWAR and a live show recorded in Buenos Aires in 1983…BITCH has confirmed a one-off show in Los Angeles at Roxy on October 10th…AXEMASTER has signed a contract with the Greek label Burning Star Records to re-release the Blessing In The Skies album on CD.

Metallian Demos

If this is the face of the new European glam scene then there is a lot to like. Let’s take it from the top guys, shall we? Silver Dirt is four young Swiss lads with the looks, image and long hair that is a pre-requisite for good rock, although one shouldn’t forget the music. Every one of the band’s thirteen songs is a winner. The songs have the riffs that would stand up to anybody. The leads are dirty and the vocals as sleazy as they come. Most bands could only manage so many songs before the tracks take a nosedive, but Sonic Boom is just that. With influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, The Ramones, AC/DC, Faster Pussycat and Thin Lizzy Silver Dirt has every ingredient needed to be the next big thing on the hard rock scene. Some of my favourite songs are Wasted Dream and its sing-along section, the slow and groovy Freedom Haven, Zeppelin-esque Angel With Silver Wings which goes over seven minutes and She’s Got To Be, which could have come from The Ramones. Room 666, ironically, is an all-out punk rock song. Guess what you guys need to do??? Contact the band through or visit - Sheila Was Det

Third Wish is surely an oddity of a formation. The band is from Arkansas, but plays hard rock with a message (or so the biography claims). This isn’t Southern rock or alternative either. Careful What U Wish For is along the lines of Thin Lizzy or Iron Maiden, without the dual harmonies, and has music that ranges from slow to hard and heavy. The singer is uneven, but shows personality and energy. The guitars show the most emotion and alternately rock or strum slowly. The weakest link is the drumming, which can occasionally sound out of sync with the rest of the band. The drummer manages the slower parts without a problem, yet gets into trouble during up-tempo parts. Calling My Name and False Sanctuary are the weakest songs, but Rise Again and Misery & Pain actually hit a good stride and do a good job of reminding one what traditional hard rock without any extras is (was?) all about. No wonder, for the band has been a unit since the late ‘80s! Two out of three guys have shoulder length hair which is always a plus. Get in touch by e-mailing or visiting - Sheila Wes Det

This new nine-track CD starts with the title track that is a mix of hard rock riffs and solos and one that maintains a good tempo throughout. Danger Revealed is a low profile, almost experimental, kind of song that is heavily influenced by the ‘80s hard rock sounds. Black Orchid is mostly just acoustic. In Invisible Invaders the keyboards make an appearance. Dust To Dust is a ballad of sorts, the arrangement following the familiar acoustic to electrical and back structure used all too often. House Of Mystery is more of the ‘80s variety hard rock. Deadeye Reckoning seems to reveal more of what goes on in Warren Appleby’s mind as the riffs and other effects seem to alternate randomly throughout. Slate Metal Racer is a song befitting a game or adventure tale, perhaps suitable for a racing console game. The bonus God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is a ‘metal arrangement’ of the classic Christmas hymn.
Contact Warren at or by visiting The CD is available at and – Anna Tergel

To be frank, it is difficult to accord California’s Hostility (not to be confused with all the other hostility in every province and country) a top mark given its mallcore tendencies. Songs like Negative Reinforcement certainly sound like the band takes a page off the suspect elements of the extreme music scenes, although the earth tones on the cover and the artwork could have provided ample clues in this regard as well.
Then again, Hostility has a lot of heavy passion that comes to boil on this full-length disc. The mention of Slipknot (now I need to wash my computer monitor!) aside, Hostility will appeal to fans of Machine Had, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Soulfly and Pantera. The vocals are full of fury. The guitar’s signature sound is the fast soloing and the loud screeches. These elements overshadow the rhythm guitar in the mix. Not afraid to make noise the band goes from crazy riffs to ripping leads to crushing breaks in a hurry. The pattern of going from screams to a stop-go riff which develops into a full speed headcharge can get repetitive, but the manic attack of Death As Leverage or the Pantera-ish lead guitar on Liquid Chaos bring home the bacon. These guys are mad as hell. Either visit the band at or e-mail them through - Anna Tergel

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