Metallian Heavy

GOD DETHRONED has finished recording its ninth album, Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross, at the Soundlodge Studio. The album will be released on November 22nd through Metal Blade Records.

DEICIDE’s To Hell With God album, which is due in early 2011, will be preceded by a North American headlining run titled God Is Dead – To Hell With God Tour. The trek kicks off February 15th and also features BELPHEGOR, BLACKGUARD, NEURAXIS and PATHOLOGY. To Hell With God was produced by Mark Lewis and is set for an early 2011 release.

6 is the working title for the forthcoming ARTILLERY album scheduled for release on March 21st, 2011. The new album will include 11 songs.

Metal Blade Records has signed New Haven, CT black metal band IPSISSIMUS. The band has signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records and will be entering Sonic Environments studio in Bloomfield, CT to record its first full-length album and Metal Blade debut. The full-length will include the band’s EP, Three Secrets Of Fatima, along with three new songs.

Bath, England’s IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION has changed its name to THE SOULLESS. The band is writing its sophomore album.

SUICIDAL ANGELS will release its third album, Dead Again, on November 19th through NoiseArt Records.

KATAKLYSM is hitting South Africa next May.

In tandem with HIMINBJORG‘s new album Chants d’hier… (Songs Of Yesterday, Songs Of War, Songs Of The Earth) Red Stream is re-releasing four Himinbjorg albums including, Where Ravens Fly, In The Ravens Shadow, Haunted Shores and Third before the end of this year.

DÉTENTE has announced that Xtreem Music will release its Decline album on vinyl.

GORGOROTH will embark on the second round of its European tour, Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt, in late November.

DIMMU BORGIR will undertake a 32-date North American tour in November and December. Support on the tour comes from ENSLAVED, BLOOD RED THRONE and DAWN OF ASHES. The band is touring Europe with KORN.

HEATHEN cancelled its planned Mexican shows of October 15th in Monterrey and October 16th in Mexico City because the promoter failed to fulfill its financial obligations. HEATHEN is due to hit Europe with DESTRUCTION, AFTER ALL and OVERKILL in March.

HARADWAITH, a German black metal band featuring former ENDSTILLE singer Iblis, will release its debut album Creating Hell on November 5th through Black Bards Entertainment.

Former EXODUS singer Steve “Zetro” Souza has quit DUBLIN DEATH PATROL after someone in the band repeatedly made passes at his girlfriend Vickie. In the meantime, EXODUS played its first concert in China capital city Beijing’s Mao Live House on September 23rd, 2010.

Singer and guitarist Mika Penetrator has left GALLHAMMER.

ENTOMBED has recruited bassist Victor Brandt (AEON, TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER and SATYRICON), while bassist Nico Elgstrand has moved to the second guitar position.

Finland’s DESECRESY has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its debut album, Arches Of Entropy, which is due in December.

Drummer Nils Fjellström has left AEON prompting the band to search for a replacement while calling the former member unreliable. The drummer has also been booted from DARK FUNERAL. DARK FUNERAL is also still seeking a singer.

Death metal band VITAL REMAINS last month cancelled its tour of Mexico because of the violence in that country and fear.

EVOCATION will release its third album, Apocalyptic, on October 29th through Cyclone Empire Records.

DISBELIEF has lost guitarist Witali Weber and drummer Kai Bergerin.

WORTMORD will release its self-titled debut album this month through Sunny Bastards Records. The band features early SODOM guitarist Peppi “Grave Violator” Dominik. A track from WORTMORD features KREATOR’s Mille on vocals.

DARKEST HOUR will complete a Canadian/US tour this November with VEIL OF MAYA and PERIPHERY.

Singapore’s IMPIETY has picked Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny as the title for its seventh full-length album. The album is being recorded at Music City Studio in Treviso, Italy and is due in early 2011 through Agonia Records.

FATALIST has been rejoined by drummer. Tyler returns to a recently revamped lineup featuring Matt Drexler on lead guitar and Mike Deity (CARNAL DEITY) on vocals. The band and INCANTATION are playing several shows in November.

Denmark’s THE BURNING will release its new album, Hail The Horde, in Europe on October 25th through Massacre Records.

ROTTING CHRIST will tour North America in March and April of 2011. Support will come from MELECHESH, HATE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and LECHEROUS NOCTURNE. ROTTING CHRIST’s South American tour was recently cancelled.

Coroner Records is releasing DESTRAGE’s second album entitled The King Is Fat’N’Old. The label describes it as, “the new amazing, embarassing, controverse, ridiculous, astonishing, unpredictable, insane, bad, very bad full length (sic).”

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT has completed work on its upcoming live album Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence – Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival. A CD/DVD 2-disc set of Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence… will be released through Cruz Del Sur Music on November 8thth in a quantity of 3,000 copies.

AGALLOCH has completed work on its fourth full-length entitled Marrow Of The Spirit, the follow-up to 2006’s Ashes Against The Grain. The album will be issued November 23rd through Profound Lore Records.

INSISION has left Dental Records and is seeking a new label. The band has new songs ready.

Standard issue band members! Pulverised Records has signed MEMORAIN. The thrash metal band was founded by guitarist Ilias Papadakis and formed in 1999 and currently features Gene Hoglan, Steve Digiorgio, Ralph Santolla and Chris Valagao (ZIMMERS HOLE, MECHANISM et al). Past guest musicians on previous offerings have included Nick Menza and James Murphy.

Paragon Records will release the third album from DIMENTIANON on October 19th, 2010. It is entitled Collapse The Void.

Metallian Hard

Inspired by KEEL? '80s Finnish band OZ is at Park studio in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Nicke Andersson (HELLACOPTERS) recording a new album for the reformed band, tentatively entitled Greatezt Blitz. The album features mostly new compositions, but also vintage songs.

DORO’s September 30th show in New Hampshire, USA has been cancelled “due to a band-related family emergency.” Strangely, the shows elsewhere in the USA and Japan are still taking place.

MANOWAR has formally announced that it will not perform at the Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar on November 26th, 2010 due to contractual failures on the part of Eventos Seven Ltda (Grupo Internacional Seven).

Inspired by KEEL? Norway’s LAMENTED SOULS has reunited. The band is writing songs and looking for a label.

KATATONIA lost two guitars and other equipment due to theft in St. Paul, Minnesota last month.

POISON and solo singer Bret Michaels will undergo heart surgery in January to repair a hole in his heart. He has apparently had this condition since birth, but only recently discovered it following his recent ailments.

Singer Norman Skinner has left IMAGIKA due to "musical differences." His final show with the band will be on October 16th at Avalon in Santa Clara, California.

Blood Of The Nations, the new album from the regrouped ACCEPT, has debuted at #187 on The Billboard 200 chart, #170 on the Top Current Albums chart and on the #41 Independent (current) Albums chart. In Canada, the album debuted at #53 on the Nielsen Soundscan Top Hard Albums chart.

METALIUM has decided to throw in the towel in 2011. The band will play several farewell shows and record and release an EP through Massacre Records in the meantime.

Inspired by KEEL? PSYCHOTIC WALTZ has reunited. Original guitarist Dan Rock is not part of the fold and is replaced by Steve Cox, who had played with the band during a 1996 tour.

Portuguese goth 'metal' band HEAVENWOOD has set Abyss Masterpiece as the title for its fourth album.

DARK MOOR has picked Ancestral Romance as the title for its eighth album, which is due in November.

After 25 years in the band he co-founded drummer Mike Portnoy has left DREAM THEATER. The man apparently did not have as much fun as previously within DREAM THEATER.

EXTREMA has permanently recruited bassist Gabri Giovanna (of FUZZ FUZZ MACHINE) replacing Mattia Bigi. The new man filled in during EXTREMA's last summer tour.

MIRROR OF DECEPTION will release its fourth album, A Smouldering Fire, on October 15th through Cyclone Empire.

SYMPHONY X will be performing at the Best Buy Theater (formerly The Nokia) on April 22nd and at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on May 19th. The band is working on its Nuclear Blast debut.

The Heavy Metal Maniacs festival XI is taking place on Saturday 23rd October at Manifesto, Hoorn in The Netherlands. VICIOUS RUMORS, TOKYO BLADE, BITCHES SIN, WARRANT (D), EMERALD and STEEL HORSE are booked to perform.

Former GARDENIAN/PITCHLINE man Jim Kjell has resurrected his HERA project. HERA is currently seeking a singer and musicians.

SEVENTH WONDER’s forthcoming fourth studio album is entitled The Great Escape and set for release in late 2010.

Dio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 is a new DIO release, which is due on November 9th. It is a two-CD package with photos from both concerts. Ronnie James Dio will also have a statue dedicated to him in the Bulgarian town of Kavarna. The statue will be placed in the city's central park, as part of a ‘Walk Of Rock’ project.

THE RODS, featuring Ronnie James Dio’s cousin, David "Rock" Feinstein will play at the Metal 'Cuse show on November 6th at Fusion in Syracuse, New York. All proceeds will go to the go to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund.

GAMMA RAY singer and guitarist Kai Hansen will perform with AVANTASIA on its tour of Europe this November and December.

Axl Rose and GUNS N ROSES missed two shows in England last month. The band was late for both the Reading and Leeds Festivals with the delays being attributed to singer Axl Rose being asleep. Axl Rose reportedly sacked his entire tour crew after the band’s Reading slot went late and earnt the band a fine. Apparently, the singer was not woken up as the crew was under strict orders not to. The crew was rehired for the next show as GUNS ‘N ROSES could not find alternates in time.

HELSTAR has picked Glory Of Chaos as the title for its new album, which is due on November 5th through Germany's AFM Records.

HELLOWEEN will release a new album, called 7 Sinners, in October. The CD was recorded at singer Andi Deris' Mi Sueno Studio in Tenerife, Spain.

The new AMORPHIS album Magic And Mayhem is out this month.

SHAPE OF DESPAIR, featuring ex-AMORPHIS singer Pasi Koskinen, will release an EP called Written In My Scars on October 30th through Solarfall Records.

MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil failed three sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level almost three times the legal limit during his June 27, 2010 Las Vegas arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was arraigned on September 27th.

Former KOLDBRANN drummer Tom V. "Fordervelse" Nilsen has joined a “Norwegian-Ukrainian pop black metal band” called SEMARGL.

The need to make more money! DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott has launched his own beer in Ireland Down 'N' Outz is named after Elliott's side-project. It is available at most Porterhouse bars.

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler, who recently became a judge on American Idol, has recorded the theme song to a film called Space Battleship Yamato. The track, called Love Lives, is the man’s first solo outing.

Former AEROSMITH guitarist Jimmy Crespo is back with THE JIMMY CRESPO PROJECT. The band is planning live shows including AEROSMITH tracks.

BLIND GUARDIAN’s At The Edge Of Time album has surpassed the band’s previous album’s chart achievement. BLIND GUARDIAN secured the #1 position on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and also debuted at #108 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. In Canada, At The Edge Of Time debuted at #18 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart and #108 on the Top 200 chart according to Nielsen Canadian Soundscan. BLIND GUARDIAN will complete a North American leg for the Sacred Worlds And Songs Divine 2010 World Tour beginning on November 19th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ending on December 22nd in West Springfield, Virginia. Also participating are HOLY GRAIL and SEVEN KINGDOMS.

TNT frontman Tony Mills suffered a heart attack upon arrival at the Oslo airport, Norway where he was due to sing with the band. He is now recovering.

Another tale of loyalty and brotherhood! KAMELOT singer Roy Khan was replaced with Michael of CIRCUS MAXIMUS for touring purposes last month. Roy had fallen ill and could not tour. The band was also been kind enough to also have a VIP meet ‘n greet for its tour. However, with the rehearsals not working out the new replacement singer was utilized for just one show, namely ProgPower America.

Reportedly Zinny Zan of his own band, EASY ACTION and SHOTGUN MESSIAH performed his last show in Sweden on September 10th at the Stockholm Rock Out.

The original line-up of Swedish hard rock band ALIEN has reunited after 22 years and will release a new single, Ready To Fly, on October 10th through Manora Records.

Metallian Demos

It barely matters that Cromm Cruac is a technical and offbeat metal band which has little to do with death metal nowadays because right about now I want to open a can of explosive brutal death on the moron who is pictured on the cover. The retarded murderer looks like your quintessential right-winger and needs to go meet his so-called god. We are here to assist and expedite – with a bullet to the head of course. And as a bonus, there will be one less right-wing/fascist/conservative/Republicrat/nazi/New Labour/nationalist voter.
Now with that said, Cromm Cruac is back after an absence of several years with what is probably its best release ever. The band has regained its original singer Rob Ahuis, but veered a sharp turn away from death metal into lands more obscure and complex.
Cromm Cruac’s music is brave and individualistic. The band’s music is alternately weird and amazing. This is the technical stuff fans of Voivod, Rush, Watchtower and late Disharmonic Orchestra would take in and enjoy. There are no solos on this “little silver disc.” Instead, there are complex patterns, astonishingly controlled drumming, disharmonic guitars and whacked riffs. Above all, the desperate grunts of Ahuis make one feel desolate and him tragic. The hair is gone, but the creativity is all here. Check out titles like The Day My Foot Fell Off, Doomy Kind Of Guy or Shit And Fan. They have that 1990 Voivod sound with a dose of added convolution. This disc is 10 Euros and can be had by contacting or visit - Ali “The Metallian”

13TH FLOOR – Same
The band – or at least whoever wrote the biography – doesn’t want to admit it, but the New York quartet is a grunge band with shades of Soundgarden and heaps of Pearl Jam. The band deems itself ‘alternative rock,” yet listen to any of the five tracks on the professionally recorded and presented digipak and the sound is nothing but grunge. Yes, there are rockier parts and harder parts, but the style is evident. The band that doesn’t exist is not bad or derivative, yet a direct line can be drawn from the songs Illusions and Breakin’s Down to Pearl Jam. The band hailing from where it does has a slightly depressing disposition and gloomy front and back cover, but those qualities probably suit the musical style just fine. Typing 13th Floor into any search engine will never yield this band’s results so here it is: or e-mail - Ali “The Metallian”

This is not a disc I could get into. The band admits it right on its biography. They are mixing styles and creating a fusion, which is a bad sign because not many groups are capable doing one thing right let alone do several things right. It turns out to be so. The band’s music isn’t engaging; the songs aren’t that appealing and the vocalist and drummer are sub-par. While the singer is often out of tune and annoying, the drummer is a mere follower and hence boring to hear. The singer could be men’s revenge upon women if he were to start speaking (whining) at his wife or girlfriend. Only the guitarist does anything interesting and is indeed very technical. On the instrumental Internal the guitars take a Joe Satriani direction and perform well, but it is the songs that fail. Speaking of which a couple are heavier, one is ambient and another is jazzy and an alternative feeling permeates throughout. If that is your thing, then go for it, but in Anna’s World there is a lot missing with A. Lostfield, which incidentally is short for the music composer and lyricist’s alias Ash Lostfield. Find the band at or e-mail - Anna Tergel

This demo CD by the Greek band Shattered Hope doesn’t just reek of or sound like doom. It is doom in essence, in core, in self, in cover, in topics and even quintessentially in the titles. The band’s monicker and album title are perfect for the sub-genre. And what about the man on the cover? He is surely as doomed as anyone has ever been.
The band has doom metal written over it inclusive of true techniques and riff of the style, but sadly succumbs to weakness and yesterday’s trend and has a keyboardist in the form of a disrespectable man called Eygenia. Past this interloper the riffs are solid, droning and deep and the vocals from deep to gruff and back. Best riffs are probably on the opener Amidst Nocturnal Silence, Enlighten The Darkness and the 19-minute closer The Utter Void. Again, aren’t these perfect doom titles? Lament, In F# Minor is a violin piece that spills into the aforementioned closer, The Utter Void. This song, in turn, goes for the speakers with the simulated subwoofer shattering sound akin to a helicopter landing (5 meters away).
Shattered Hope needs to drop the synthesizers, proclaim its seriousness and, maintain its focus on doom metal. It has what it takes. The band is at and at For promotional information write to - Ali “The Metallian”

Greensleeves? Perhaps the prostitutes of the Middle Ages. The Elephant Truth? Hmmmm….
Greensleeves is an unconventional band with an unconventionally long disc of 23 tracks and an unconventional artwork. The demo begins in a bland tone with the singer Gui Nogueira snoozing his way through the first five tracks erratically. That is where the disc picks up and, in fact, the second part of the disc fares better. Beginning with Come Back To Myself things look up and the band puts some fun and emotion into it all. Blind By Choice is a heavier track that shows the band can be sharp and The Blind Men And The Elephant is representative of the heart of the Greensleeves, which is progressivism. This is a group that loves arrangements and technicality.
Incidentally, do not listen to the disc in the car. The intro could be a dangerous jolt. Get hold of these Brazilians through or - Anna Tergel

If the demo’s title is atypical it is because this is not your standard run-of-the-mill band. Tears is a Greek band that has now relocated to Los Angeles, and oh the irony, argues against commercialism, money and trends. What’s next, an institute dedicated to peace and love in Tel Aviv?
Musically, metal it is not, although harder elements, shades of extremism and independence run right across the 30-minute plus compositions. The disc is divided into four broad titles, each comprised of several tracks. The fist few, while interspersed with instrumentals, feature songs that could broadly be categorized as hard rock, progressive music and New Age combined. The larger chunk of the disc is dedicated to instrumental concepts exploring de-commercialization, science fiction, human expression, money and a rage against consumerism. Unfortunately for Metallian readers here for heavy metal, the whole thing is set to ambient and techno sounds. The band is mature, intent and has a worthy purpose. The music, however, is not what one would hold in as high an esteem. Find the band at - Ali “The Metallian”

Nicht is apparently a German work meaning ‘not’ yet the band hails from France and was comprised of two people with a third being added only this year. The music is pretty skilled for a band that is only a year and a half old. Goth metal isn’t exactly my fave style, yet it is undeniable that Nicht has all the right ingredients for the style including female vocals, keys, death vocals and a good range of emotions best noticeable in the vocals of Iggy Sharpe Blake. It sounds like they have used a mix of real and fake drums. It doesn’t matter though because the vocals are upfront. Cannot tell you if these guys have the looks and image (long hair) to go with their music, but can tell you that a full-length is forthcoming, as if the title didn’t make that clear. Write to the band either through or - Sheila Wes Det

This is exactly the kind of material that every poser lives in fear of. The tracks on this rehearsal/demo are guaranteed to make all those metal magazine writers and zine editors who supposedly listen to extreme music flee back to their Biohazard CDs. Best described as absolute grinding, brutalizing noise, this Colorado quartet’s onslaught is guaranteed to kill off the last living organism in your backyard. This is untight, obnoxious and noisy and I love it. As long as there are bands out there who disregard the standard and let loose like this one will never get bored with the scene. Dismembered Fetus, 6652 W. Frost, Littleton, CO. 80123 USA. – Ali “The Metallian”

Given this band’s name many are bound to be thrown off. Comprised of four brutal tunes, the band’s second demo does go for the jugular. The guitars may be a bit thrashy (something the guys will have to rectify), but the band certainly holds its own in the heaviness sweepstakes. Vicious guitar interplay, as on Will To Die, and raging metallic speed combine to make for a raging tape. The prize, however, for the highlight of the demo goes out to vocalist Pat Masters who spews sickness at every turn. Summertime Daisies rip – and that’s no joke. Send $6 to 366 Hollywood Crescent, London, Canada. – Ali “The Metallian”