Metallian Heavy

Canada-based OUTRE-TOMBE will issue an album called Nécrovortex through Temple Of Mystery on 17th of October.

Australia-based TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE’s Recondemnation album shall be issued through Iron Bonehead on the 1st of November.

Turin, Italy-based NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION shall release the Symbology Of Shelter full-length on November 2nd through Moment Of Collapse Records.

Spain-based RISE TO FALL has a new video for the single Acid Drops, which was taken off the band’s upcoming full-length, Into Zero, which is set to be released on September 30th.

Decimate Music Festival is coming back for its second year in 2019. Submissions for bands playing are open until the end of November. Decimate Music Festival will take place on June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2019 in Calgary, Canada.

PIAH MATER’s The Wandering Daughter and CARPE NOCTEM’s Vitrun are out through Code666 on the 5th of October.

Iron Bonehead Productions is issuing an EP by Canada’s NECROHOLOCAUST. It is called Laudem Antichristus and is in the 7″ vinyl format. It shall be released on November 1.

UK-based technical brutal death metal group UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION has signed a new deal with Willowtip Records. The band was founded in 2010. A new album is expected for 2019.

The new CD of WIKING1940 is out. Shoganai is out through Sheep United and features ex-members of VIA DOLOROSA and DODSKAMMER.

ARSIS will release the Visitant through Nuclear Blast and Agonia on November 2nd.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES commemorated the 35th anniversary of its self-titled debut album by performing it in its entirety in Washington DC on September 8th.

Melodic black metal act SERCATI has issued an album called Devoted, Demons And Mavericks through Wormholedeath/The Orchard in September.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is issuing a SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/TRAITOR split 7” record this month.

Mexico-based XIBALBA ITZAES’ Ah Tza Xibalba Itzaes album is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 15th of December.

Romania-based DOMNITOR’s Duhul Belicos is out through Redefining Darkness Records on the 21st of September. It is in fact a four-song demo as labels are issuing demos nowadays.

This is a joke: Canada-based VISIONS OF THE NIGHT is back from a tour of Asia. The “military-inspired” band dressed up as Super Mario characters and went go carting.

USA-based thrash metal band VERMITHRAX has signed a deal with Divebomb Records and shall release an album called Imperium Draconus on October 12th.

SODOM will release an EP, called Partisan, through SPV/Steamhammer on November 23rd.

Brazil-based SODOMIZER’s Grim Tales Of The Reaper is out through Ketzer Records on 22.10.2018. The re-recorded version of Tales Of The Reaper features two bonus songs.

Mexico-based CIRROSIS have a “lyric video” for the song A Better Place To Hate. The song will appear on The Collector Of Truths album, which is out through Concreto Records in December. Like most other bands’ albums it features drummer Kevin Talley.

The Netherlands-based LEGION OF THE DAMNED is back after five years and will release an album called Slaves Of The Shadow Realm through Napalm Records in January. It was produced by Andy Classen.

AMON AMARTH will release a documentary and accompanying live albums, called The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm, next month.

PESTILENCE’s bassist Tilen Hudrap has been let go as he had little time to devote to the act. NECROVILE’s Edward Negrea is in.

The Netherlands-based INHUME‘s new 25th anniversary compilation of rarities Exhume: 25 Years Of Decomposition will be released through Xenokorp on December 7th. The band is touring Europe with PUTRID OFFAL.

Peru-based ROTTEN EVISCERATION’s Ancient Grave Ascension debut full-length is out on November 1st.

France-based ALLEGIANCE’s Beyond The Black Wave is out on October 1st.

Thrash metal group ATHROX will release Through The Mirror through Revalve Records on November 9th.

Iron Bonehead Productions’ attack of demos continues unabated. EADEM’s Luguber 12″ is out through the label on October 19th.

Nuclear War Now Productions attack of demos continues unabated. CEMETERY LIGHTS’ Lemuralia cassette tape has been issued.

Belgium-based LETHAL INJURY has signed with Wormholedeath for the release of its debut album Melancholia.

Gore metal band REINFECTION’s Breeding Hate album will be out through Deformeathing Productions on September 28th.

Black/grindcore band VUOHI’s Witchcraft Warfare is out through Saturnal on the 9th of November. The band was founded in 2002.

Thrash metal band HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN’s Effect Lucifero is out through The Goatmancer Records on November 23rd. The band is based in Italy.

Poland-based CULTES DES GHOULES’ Sinister is out through Hells Headbangers on the 31st of October.

Finland-based SACRIFICIUM CARMEN’s Hermetica is out through Saturnal on the 16th of November. Hermetica was also the title for a 2017 EP by AKEPHALOS.

Belarus-based KHANDRA’s There is No Division Outside Existence is out through Redefining Darkness Records and is out on 12.10.2018. The band’s monicker means ‘melancholy’ in Russian.

Wisconsin, USA-based based death metal band ARA has signed with Lavadome productions for the release of its album Jurisprudence.

DEATH WORSHIP’s Extermination Mass demo tape is being distributed by Nuclear War Now! Productions for some reason.

The Netherlands-based THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT is releasing a new album entitled V2 – Vergelding (‘Retaliation’) through Hammerheart Records on November 30th.

Detroit, USA-based instrumental band THOREN, featuring current and former members of IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and PYRRHON, has released its second full-length, Gwarth.

PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE from the USofA has a thrashy demo called War Metal. The vocals come from Pete Serro (ex-STRYCHNINE and ex-NORTHWINDS).

SUPERMATE’s Uniting Flaw album was released on the 21st of June. SUPREMATE was formed in Hollola, Finland by brothers Teemu and Timo Leskinen along with bass player Jarkko Laine in 1999. The band started as a cover band playing songs from bands like PANTERA, METALLICA, NIRVANA, OFFSPRING, etc.

Led By singer Pete Ponitkoff of BENUMB And AGENDA OF SWINE and backed by Former members Of JUNGLE ROT, BLOOD FREAK and 1913, TREASONIST is band whose self-titled debut album is out through Horror Pain Gore Death this month.

Speed metal band FLAGELADÖR’s Predileção Pelo Macabro is out through Helldprod Records on 02.11.2018. The band is based in Brazil.

The Netherlands-based death metal band GRIM FATE has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its debut album whose recording sessions will start in October at Triple Seis Sound. The album will be mixed and mastered by Jonny Petterson (ASHCLOUD/ WOMBBATH) at Studio Unbound for a planned release during the first months of 2019.

Ukraine-based black metal band CHAPTER V F10’s Pathogenesis album is out through Ashen Dominion on 01.10.2018. The monicker for this project refers to the tenth clause of the fifth chapter of an International disease classification, “Psychic and behaviour disorders as a result of alcohol abuse”.

Poland-based death metal band ETERITUS’ CD, Order Of Death, will be released in November through Deformeathing Production. The band was founded in 2013.

Rockshots Records has signed Italy-based melodic death metal band MANAM. The quartet’s debut album Rebirth Of Consciousness is out November 23rd.

US-based GREEN DEATH has issued a music video for I Am Eternal. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length album Hallowmass, which is in stores through Combat Records on 19.10.2018.

Spain-based PERPETUAL has signed with Suspiria Records. The band’s second album Maze Of Chaos is due on 21.11.2018.

Black Lion Records is reissuing DESOLATOR‘s EP Spawn Of Misanthropy. The band plays death metal, but was envisaged as a doom band in the early days.

Seeing Red Records is issuing ANTIVERSE’s Under The Regolith album. The project features Carl Skildum and Matthew Kirkwold of INEXORUM. The band’s bassist Jason Bauer was diagnosed with cancer during the recording but continued working. The label is donating $1 from each album sale towards the man’s treatment.

San Diego-based CATTLE DECAPITATION will release a rarities record, called Medium Rarities, through Metal Blade Records on November 23rd. Expect several demo tracks.

Inspired by KEEL? After a 25-year absence techno-thrash band SACROSANCT, which was founded by one-time PESTILENCE guitarist Randy Meinhard, has reformed and signed a multi-album deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The band’s Necropolis is out on November 30th. Kees Harrison (ex-SPHERE OF SOULS) has joined on bass.

Calgary, Canada-based BLACKRAT has an album called Dread Reverence on Shadow Kingdom on 23rd November. The thrashers were founded in 2012.

Italy-based NECROART will release Caino through The Goatmancer Records on November 30th.

Shadow Records/Regain Records is issuing VOODUS’ debut album Into The Wild next month.

Portugal-based DEGREDO’s A Noite Dos Tempos is out through Harvest Of Death on 30th of November.

Sweden-based death metal band FUEL FOR NIGHTMARES has a lyric video for the song Perception Of Dismal, which is taken from the band’s upcoming demo Implexion.

Sounds like a bunch of weak and afraid kiddies: SPEARHEAD’s Pacifism Is Cowardice is out through Invictus Productions on 23.11.2018.

Belgium-based thrash metal band DEATHTURA has signed with WormHoleDeath for the release of its debut album Division. The album has already been recorded by Wahoomi Corvi and Cristian Coruzzi at RealSound Studio in Parma, Italy. The full-length album shall be released on 26.10.2018.

ABYSMAL LORD and CRURIFRAGIUM have a split 7″ EP through Hells Headbangers.

LETHERIA’s Death – Principle debut is out through Saturnal on 23.11.2018. The band is based in Finland and was formed in 1998.

Austria-based thrash metal act HELLAVISTA has joined VADER and ENTOMBED A.D. on tour through Europe.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-based blackened death metal group SUN SPEAKER has signed with Black Lion Records. The band will release an EP called Tempestas worldwide in 2019.

Season Of Mist has signed Norway-based GAAHLS WYRD. The band is fronted by vocalist Gaahl and has recorded its debut album at the Solslottet Studio with producer Iver Sandøy (ENSLAVED). The record is set for release in early 2019. GAAHLS WYRD has also announced a European co-headliner tour with TRIBULATION and UADA for 2019.

LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler and industry businessman Jason Lekberg have launched Kintsugi Management. The management company currently manages U.K.-based death metal band DYSCARNATE.

ARTILLERY will release a new album, called The Face Of Fear, through Metal Blade on November 16th.

Metallian Hard

In support of the release of Play To Win, STRIKER will be touring Europe in November for the co-headline Maple Meltdown Tour with SKULL FIST. This is a follow-up to the North American tour with UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and HELION PRIME. TURBO VIXEN, which features STRIKER vocalist Dan Cleary, issued a demo called Drive Into The Night in early summer.

Sweden-based LION'S SHARE has a five-track EP available digitally.

Sweden-based MADISON’s Best In Show is the subject of a re-release with two bonus tracks through Pride & Joy Music on the 16th of November. It was originally issued in 1986.

USA-based hard rock band ARCHER NATION has announced January 2019 for its Mike Clink (GUNS N’ ROSES, MEGADETH, etc.) produced release Beneath The Dream. It will be issued through EMP.

Jumping on the bandwagon MEGADETH has announced plans for its own Megacruise in 2019.

Italy-based heavy metal group HEAVY GENERATION’s The Spirit Lives On was out through Sliptrick Records on September 11th.

VANIK’s II Dark Season CD is out through Shadow Kingdom on the 26th of October. The band was founded by Vanik, the live guitarist for MIDNIGHT, in 2016.

Norway-based heavy metal band GUARDIANS OF TIME shall issue its Tearing Up The World album through ROAR on October 19th. Tearing Up The World features guest performances by Abbath and Tim “Ripper” Owens.

France-based techno-death metal band BARÚS’ Drowned is out through Memento Mori on the 22nd October.

ICARUS WITCH’s Goodbye Cruel World album is out through Cleopatra Records this month.

TEXAS METAL OUTLAWS’ self-titled album is an album chock full of appearances by Texan metal musicians. Members of IGNITOR, RIOT, AGONY COLUMN, WITCHES MARK, DANGEROUS TOYS and many others appear on the album. Heaven And Hell Records is issuing the record this month.

THE MOOR’s Jupiter’s Immigrants is out independently. The Venice, Italy-based progressive band was formed by vocalist/guitarist Enrico Longhin and guitarist Davide Carraro (both ex-members of BLEED IN VAIN) in the summer of 2009.

DIRE PERIL has an album called The Extraterrestrial Compendium through Divebomb Records. The band is touring North America with SEVEN KINGDOMS next month.

Brazil-based LONESHORE’s From Presence To Silence is out through BadMoodMan Music. The band is described as dark prog metal, but nearly every news item that arrives describes the bad as “prog” nowadays.

Good to know that this label is proud of its signings (others hate their bands). Inner Wound Recordings is “proud” to announce the signing of an Italy-based melodic metal band called KALIDIA. The band's The Frozen Throne album will be released on November 23rd.

TOY CALLED GOD’s #Socialvangelism will be issued through Sliptrick Records on September 18th.

Soul In Sanctuary by Spain-based ROSSLYN was released by Sliptrick Records last month.

Valery Records is issuing MARY BRAIN's Light After Dark album. The heavy rock band is based on Italy.

The USA-based doom metal band VANISHING KIDS will issue its self-titled album through Svart Records on the 30th of November.

QUEENSRŸCHE's guitarist Parker Lundgren will miss the band's U.S. shows opening for SCORPIONS. Former guitarist Mike Stone will step back in.

CANDLEMASS has asked singer Mats Levén to leave and been re-joined by Johan Längqvist who sang on the band’s debut album, 1986's Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. Mats Levén is working on solo material.

Doom and heavy rock band PALE DIVINE’s self-titled record is out through Shadow Kingdom on 23.11.2018.

USA-based heavy metal band TOURNIQUET has a ‘lyric video’ for the song Sinister Scherzo, which is taken off the band's forthcoming album Gazing At Medusa which is scheduled to be released through Pathogenic Records mid-October. Naturally, Tim Owens guests on it.

Norway-based doom metal band HEX A.D. has an album called Netherworld Triumphant through Fresh Tea on November 9th. It features a guest appearance by former DIO guitarist Rowan Robertson on the song WarChild.

Russia-based SCALD’s Will Of The Gods Is A Great Power album of 1996 is re-issued on double vinyl through Ordo MCM on the 30th of November.

ACCEPT will release a live album, called Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017, through Nuclear Blast in November.

Bassist Fitty Wienhold is leaving UDO after 22 years of work.

A USA federal appeals court has overturned a jury's decision that LED ZEPPELIN's 1971 song Stairway To Heaven was not copied from SPIRIT’s 1968 song Taurus. The suit was launched on behalf of Randy "California" Wolfe's who has died now.

REAR NAKED CHOKE’s self-titled release is out through Sliptrick Records this month.

Original guitarist John Ricci has left EXCITER again. The band’s reformation with the original members is off again.

Doom act SEKTARISM’s Fils De Dieu is out through EAL Productions. The band is touring Europe.

France-based doom band WITCHTHROAT SERPENT’s Swallow The Venom is out through Svart Records on the 23rd of November.

OZZY OSBOURNE will go on a European tour called No More Tours 2 in early 2019. JUDAS PRIEST, which is another long retired band supposedly, will open.

Former VOIVOD bassist Blacky has accused his former band-mates of depriving him of royalties due to him. He has accused mainly drummer away and the band’s management James Maclean from Talk's Cheap Management of diverting monies owed to him.

Frontiers Music will release the Parole Denied - Tokyo 2017 CD and DVD package in December. It is billed as an ALCATRAZZ release, but was recorded at GRAHAM BONNET BAND's 2017 The Book tour.

SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST, OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK SABBATH, STATUS QUO, KISS and MOTLEY CRUE’s mini-me are embarking on the famous farewell tour in 2019. UFO recently announced a farewell tour for 2019 as well.

KISS has announced that it will embark on its latest farewell tour. This one is called One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour and will take place in 2019.

The new album by the Germany-based ONE LAST LEGACY will be released through Black Sunset on October 12th. Simply titled II, it features eight tracks.

EVERGREY has announced The Atlantic as the title for its next album, which is due through AFM in February.

Sweden-based ACOLYTES OF MOROS has issued its debut The Wellspring through Nine Records. The band is described as doom metal.

Austria-based heavy metal veterans MADOG has picked October 26th as the release date for its Raven demo. The band was founded in 1991.

Frontiers Music will release Rock'n Milan, a live album and video by STEELHEART, which was recorded at Frontiers Rock Festival IV in 2017. It will be out in December.

AOR Heaven is issuing MIDNITE CITY’s There Goes The Neighbourhood on October 19th and WHITE WIDDOW’s Victory on October 19th. The latter band was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 and centres around the Millis brothers Jules (vocals – ex-TIGERTAILZ) and Xavier (keyboards - 2 x Aria Nominee) and guitar player Enzo Almanzi.

Rapcore and mallcore band MACHINE HEAD has fallen apart. Phil Demmel (guitar), Jared MacEachern (bass) and Dave McClain (drums) have dumped Robb Flynn apparently over musical and interpersonal differences.

At RATT’s concert in New York on September 26th singer Stephen Pearcy was unable to either stand up all the time or mouth the band’s music constantly. He resorted to lying down and hanging on to the drum kick. He subsequently blamed mixing alcohol and pain killers.

There aren’t any new albums on the heavy metal scene ever. They are all exclusively a “brand new album.”

Metallian Demos

Alien Guitar Abduction is Stan Rose. That's about all the info available on the CD, of course song names and a list of those who took up vocal and drum duty is printed as well and interestingly one song lists Jason Bittner as the drummer. My Beliefs features 10 songs starting with the title track. The man is from Long Island and has been playing guitars for 30 years and has studied with more than one guitar master. At Metallian Towers this can only be discovered by following the Facebook link printed on a small piece of paper that comes with the CD. The listener can also discover that the man is prolific with numerous releases to date. Meanwhile the second song, Desperate Times, is hard rock or heavy metal unlike the laid back opener. Last Chance To Midnight is again not heavy and can perhaps be described as progressive rock. Save The Earth about a Martian invasion alternates back to something beefier. A song called Need To Shred raises expectations and it is at least not a ballad! No Mas is an odd track with vocal effects, it is different, if nothing else. Black features somewhat thick riffs and high pitched vocals and backing vocals. Limits is more pure metal sounding and Jei Doublerice is definitely not a high pitched singer. No Slave feels like a random jamming session. The 37 minutes closes with Breathe and pseudo ambient industrial sounds. Delve into for more. – Anna Tergel