Metallian Heavy

France-based death metal outfit BENIGHTED has entered the studio for the recording of a new album, called Obscene Repressed, which will be released through Season Of Mist in 2020.

Redefining Darkness Records will issue WRAITH’s Absolute Power, DEPRAVER’s Suffering In The Coffin | A Crippling Crush and EXORCISME’s Visceral Lifestyles records.

KREATOR has picked up former DRAGONFORCE bassist Frédéric Leclercq replacing Speesy.

Inspired by KEEL? INTOXICATE’s Cross Contamination is out through Downfall Records. The album by the reformed band is comprised of eight thrash metal tracks and is mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-LORD BELIAL) and mastered by Andy LaRoque.

DEMENZIA MORTIS’ Memento Mori album was issued by Malpermesita Records in May. The band is based in Belgium.

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION’s Enraged & Unbound is out through Willowtip Records on 22.11.2019.

WÖMIT ANGEL has an album called Under Sadistic Pressure through Reaper Metal Productions this month.

Former MORBID ANGEL guitarist Richard Brunnelle has died at age 55.

GROND and GRACELESS have a split release called Endless Spiral Of Terror through Raw Skull Records on 31.10.2019.

Comatose Music will release the debut album from PURULENT NECROSIS entitled Cadaverized Humanity on 01.11.2019.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has re-issued the debut album by VIOLENT OPPOSITION entitled Transcendent. It was originally released in 2015, but is now remixed and remastered. The band is compared to BIRDFLESH.

TALES OF THE TOMB will release a new demo called Volume Two: Mendacium on September 27th. The song Sinful Messiah’ focuses on the cult leader from the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, USA.

MOTHER’S TOMB’s Absent Not Dead is out through Redefining Darkness Records. The band was created on Father’s Day 2018 after Jason Schwartzwalder parted ways with BRUTALITY and moved from Tampa back to his home in Atlanta, USA.

The solo black metal project from the Norfolk fens, AND NOW THE OWLS ARE SMILING, will release a new album called The Comforting Grip Of Misery through Clobber Records on November 1st.

Season Of Mist has signed OMEGA INFINITY, the new project of Xen from Australia-based NE OBLIVISCARIS and Tentakel P., known from extreme metal outfit TODTGELICHTER.

Black/thrash metal band HELLIXXIR has signed with Music Records for the release of a new album called The Black Fortress.

Canada-based DESPISED ICON will release a full-length album, entitled Purgatory, through Nuclear Blast on November 15th.

PROFETUS’ The Sadness Of Time Passing is out through Avantgarde Music on 11.10.2019. The album is a concept regarding the passage of time.

USA-based THE SCOURGE will issue Warrant For Execution through Seeing Red Records on 25.20.2019.

ADE’s Rise Of The Empire is out through Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records in November. The band is based in Italy and calls its folk-ish sound Roman death metal.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has an album called Walk Beyond The Dark through Blood Music in November.

NIRNAETH has a video for the track The Crater, which comes off the band’s From Shadow To Flesh album.

Greece-based melodic death metal band EXOMNIA has a demo called Aftermath.

NECRONOMICON will be part of the A Relentless Onslaught US Tour with BELPHEGOR, SUFFOCATION and ABIOTIC in October and November.

CLERIC’s Serpent Psalms is out through Raw Skull Records on 25.10.2019.

Metallian Hard

Calgary, Canada-based WOODHAWK has a demo called Violent Nature out on November 1st. The band is playing several shows in Western Canada. The band’s sound is compared to THIN LIZZY and BLACK SABBATH.

Germany-based heavy metal band OLYMP has a self-titled demo.

While continuing work on a new album, Sweden-based MAD HATTER has a new song called The Hatter Will Arise.

KISS’ Salt Lake City concert was cancelled after gene Simmons was forced to fly to Los Angeles to undergo an operation. The band had earlier cancelled its Los Angles show.

CRASHDÏET has an album called Rust.

PRETTY MAIDS will release a new album, called Undress Your Madness, through Frontiers Music on November 8th.

QUIET RIOT singer James Durbin has quit the band. He is replaced with Jizzy Pearl who sang for the band until 2016.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG will release a new album called Ritual through Mighty Music on November 22nd.

Italy-based heavy metallers NIGHTGLOW has inked a deal with Logic Il Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group again for the release of a third album called Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society. Marco Nicoli is on bass.

SAXON singer Biff Byford is to undergo heart surgery. The band has cancelled all shows for 2019.

Original MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Larry Wallis has died. He was 70.

IRON MAIDEN, KISS and a number of mallcore bands will headline the Download festival in 2020. The concert takes place in June.

Former TNT singer Tony Mills has died due to pancreatic cancer.

AEROSMITH cancelled its show in Las Vegas on September 26th after Steven Tyler lost his voice.

Former JUDAS PRIEST members K.K. Downing (guitar), Tim "Ripper" Owens (vocals) and Les Binks (drums) and will team up as MegaPriest fest to perform a set of JUDAS PRIEST tracks alongside MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom on November 3rd.

AVATARIUM will release The Fire I Long For album through Nuclear Blast in November.

SHADOW LIMB’s Burn Scar is out through Seeing Red Records on 11th of October. The band is compared to YOB.

AND OCEANS has lost singer Kim ’Kena’ Strömsholm “due to personal reasons.” A replacement has already been found in singer Mathias Lillmåns who is known from his work with FINNTROLL.

MACHINE HEAD has recruited guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka (DECAPITATED) and drummer Matt Alston (DEVILMENT) for upcoming concerts.

Graham Bonnet has pulled out of the MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST's U.K. shows slated for April 2020 because he will be undergoing and recovering from spinal surgery.

[IN MUTE]’s new album is entitled Chaos Breeder and due out through Art Gates Records worldwide on November 15th.

Power Metal act DRAGONFLY reveals details from its next album entitled Zeitgeist. It is due out through Art Gates Records worldwide on October 25th.

2ND SIGHT’s Samsara album is slated for a December release. Samsara features guest contributions by Will Shaw (HEIR APPARENT and AYREON), David Klosinski (ULI JON ROTH) and Benno Hankers (NIGHT LASER).

IN FLAMES, RED and ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN will Tour Canada and the USA in November.

TORNADO BABIES shall release an 18-song demo album through FnA Records, which contains rare unheard tunes from 1988 to 1991 featuring six incarnations of the band.

ANVIL is touring the UK in March.

Lobster metal: heavy metal musicians who deny the global climate chaos.

Metallian Demos

This Edmonton, Canada duo was "conjured" up as recently as June 2019. An EP is already here and claims to mash grindcore and black metal. An impressive achievement for Michael K Sparks and Davis R. Hay. On this three song debut the first man has taken on guitars and bass duties and the latter vocals and the dreaded programming. The EP, however, also features the same three songs again as instrumental versions. The title track starts sounding raw and speedy, like no frills black metal releases of old. The drumming blasts away while Hay screams. The guitars (and bass) are somewhat buried under the aforementioned and speed right along. May be the aforementioned mash up simply results in death metal? Choke On Your Bile provides a better showcase of the guitars but only just slightly, it includes a short solo too. The speedy metal does shine through, in a chaotic loud screams kind of way. A Captive Of Saturn's Scythe sounds more grinding to start and then blasts and destroys its way through nearly three minutes of raw metal. The instrumental versions come along and provide another look or listen at the musicianship. There is only so much that can be expected from a duo but all blasting or speedy metal are all music to a listener's ears. More esoteric and occult music is promised for the near future. Check for more at – Anna Tergel

Nine years after their debut full-length, Black Waters, this Victoria, Canada quartet is back for another war themed album. Yielding Scimitars, a form of medieval curved swords, the band start with a three minute instrumental which forebodes folk sounds and so called pagan metal. Knights Collapse declares that the fleet have landed on Normandy's shore in a hundred year war. The song is dominated by the voice of Angus Lennox and the long war tale. Indeed Scimitar offer longer lyrics than most. Musically there is nothing ground-breaking here, it is mostly simple mid-paced instruments. Flayed On The Birch Rack is much the same with some added pace, the instruments do not add much heaviness to the song. Lennox is the most aggressive part of the band so far. Wandering At The Moon has a fireside folk song beginning. When the quartet decides to snap out it an improved song peaks through. To Cultivate With Spears features early heavy metal or hard rock type guitar work and mixes it with the continued storytelling. Shadows Of Man I: Imperium is next and is rather too simplistic. Part II of the aforementioned is Cataclysm. As its name might suggest it is heavier and faster. The start of the song can catch the listener somewhat off guard and even more so when it jumps into speedy black metal sounds in its second minute. A not so full sounding production serves to lessen the impact of the songs and Shadows Of Man in general. Where Ancient Spectres Lie is surprisingly catchy at times. The closer is called Mysterium, Tremendum Et Fascinans and is over eight minutes long. Once again the band seems to be attempting to do black metal. The song starts with a kind of doomy black metal mix that shifts into progressive metal too. It can be said that the album has a better second half and the listener may hope that these latter songs are newer and represent the future direction of the band. Ask for it at Anna Tergel