Metallian Heavy

Canada-based GUTVOID has a debut album Durance Of Lightless Horizons out through Blood Harvest Records on CD and cassette formats. A vinyl version is promised for next month.

Japan-based thrash metal veteran band SHELLSHOCK will release a new album, entitled Nothing Solves Nothing, in October. System Kills Records is the act’s imprint. One song features Hatori Taka, the singer of CASBAH.

CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARK FUNERAL, INGESTED and STORMRULER will tour Europe next March and April. The first two bands are touring North America this autumn as well.

9 DEAD has a self-titled debut album out on Comatose Music on November 4th. Formed in 2020 by former members of THE GURCHICK TREE, the song 115 featuring Don Campan of WAKING THE CADAVER is streaming now.

Germany-based thrash metal group HEADSHOT will release its newest album Eyes Of The Guardians through MDD Records this month. A digipak in a tin box edition is also available.

Canada-based SARKASM has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its As Empires Decay album, which will be released in early 2023. The mastering will be done by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio and Luc Lemay from GORGUTS contributed guest vocals. SARKASM was initially formed in 1990 and split up in 1994.

HELLWITCH will release a new album, entitled Annihilational Intercention, through Listenable Records in early 2023. The band is working with producer Jeremy Staska. The album will contain a song called Hellwitch, which stems from 1985 and has been reworked.

ANTHRAX has cancelled the continental Europe part of its autumn tour with MUNICIPAL WASTE due to rising costs. The act claimed costs were triple the original budget. The British part of the European tour will still proceed.

Hungary-based thrash metal band NEEDLESS has a digital single called Krononauta, which is a Hungarian version of the song Chrononaut from The Cosmic Cauldron album. This version was a bonus track on the Japanese version of the record.

Canada-based DEPLETED URANIUM has recorded a live rehearsal version of its Origins’ demo. The spoken intro is done by Norbert Suchanek and taken from The Depleted Uranium Question short film.

Poland-based black metal act WITCHMASTER will release a new album, called Kaźń, through Agonia Records in November. It was recorded at Satanic Audio (BLAZE OF PERDITION and BEHEMOTH) by Harald Grunberg and mixed and mastered by Harald Grunberg and Inferno.

Australia-based black metal act WOODS OF DESOLATION has uploaded the title track of its upcoming full-length album, The Falling Tide. The album will be released through Season Of Mist on December 9th.

They call it a single, but it’s just an mp3 uploaded onto the internet: BIZARREKULT has a “first single” called Kongen from its Den Tapte Krigen album, which will be released through Season Of Mist in early 2023.

France-based death metal group POST-MORTEM has a live music video for the song Opening Of The Underworld’s Gates. The band’s Monumental Pandemonium record is out through Great Dane Records.

Norway-based “death rock” band FÉLETH has a demo called Divine Blight coming out on November 11th. It is mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY).

DAILY INSANITY has announced it will split up following its current The Final Crusade farewell tour of Europe. Guitarist Gene and his drummer son Felix have a new band called VEIL OF THE SERPENT since 2021. The new band has a concept demo called Gallery Of Sin, which tells the story of a serial killer who paints using the blood of his victims.

Italy-based IN.SI.DIA has an album called Di Luce E D’aria through Punishment 18 Records.

Dawnbreed Records has a re-issue in CD format of the Insurrection Or Submission EP by Chile-based death metallers PHANTASMAGORE out this month.

SEPULTURA performed with the Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira (the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra) at the 2022 Rock In Rio festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on September 2nd.

DISTRÜSTER’S first full-length album will is entitled Sic Semper Tyrannis and will be released through Ossuary Records this month.

Norway-based BROTTHOGG is back and has a demo called Epicinium on October 1st. The band, which claims influences from EMPEROR and OLD MAN’S CHILD, features Kristian Larsen Moen (SUBLIRITUM) – all instruments, music, and lyrics, singers Jonas Moen (SUBLIRITUM) and Craig Furunes (CHTON) and guitar soloist Stephen Carlson (FLAMES OF FIRE).

DESECRATE THE FAITH returns with an album called III. It is out on Comatose Music on November 18th. The group features drummer Mike Caputo (ex-INTERNAL BLEEDING and ex-RINGS OF SATURN) and vocalist John Hull (GORGASM).

VADER is touring Poland this autumn before heading to Australia and New Zealand next year.

CARRION VAEL’s Abhorrent Obsessions album is out through Unique Leader since August.

Ukraine-based PAGANLAND has a single called Under The Black And Red Banner Of War. Band founder and keyboardist Andrii Shalai is a trooper in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade. The band was founded in 1997.

Ukraine-based black metal act DRUDKH has uploaded a song called November. The song is taken from the upcoming All Belong To The Night album, which will see the light of day on November 11th.

Black metal band TERREUR NOCTURNE has signed with Music Records and will issue an album this October.

Canada-based NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE has a song called Ceremonial Storm from the band’s Clandestine Theurgy album, which will be released through Hells Headbangers late this year.

UK-based SPIDER GOD releases its debut album, Fly In The Trap, through Repose Records on November 11th. After several demos, four split releases and a pop cover version release, the full-length is a concept album about the conspiracy theories and the underlying tragedy that surround the story of Elisa Lam, a woman who struggled with bi-polar disorder and was found dead in the rooftop water tank of her Los Angeles, California hotel in 2013.

Italy-based thrash metal band CRIMINAL MADHOUSE CONSPIRACY’s new self-titled debut album will see the light through Time to Kill Records on September 27th.

Punishment 18 Records has released MOSH-PIT JUSTICE’s Crush The Demons Inside on 30.09.2022.

Target group is issuing WAYWARD DAWN’S All-Consuming Void, TURBOCHARGED’S Alpha Beast, Omega God and EMPIRE DROWNS’ Nothing albums in this and the coming months.

Solo artist and guitarist MATT MILLER has a demo called Monument Of Velocity, which was released through Blood Blast Distribution in July. There is a video for the song The Obscurantist.

Thrash metal band EXESSUS has a demo called Asynapse on 28.10.2022. The band is based in Spain.

Chicago, USA-based AFTERMATH has a demo called No Time To Waste.

Chicago, USA-based death metal act DISINTER has a first full-length in 18 years. The band’s new album Breaker Of Bones is made of 10 new tracks and out through Pest Records on 14.11.2022.

FOUL BODY AUTOPSY releases the final part of the Shadows Without Light trilogy on November 4th. UK-based Tom Reynolds is the sole member.

Total Metal Concerts presents The Final Chapter Tour, including NECRONOMICON (Germany), 3000AD (New Zealand), STONECAST (France) and STRIDENT (Israel). The bands are touring now. The first two bands toured together in 2020.

SEVEN SPIRES’ drummer Chris Dovas played for TESTAMENT on the first six shows of its current The Bay Strikes Back Tour. He was filling in for Dave Lombardo, who was on the road with the MISFITS.

A CELTIC FROST compilation featuring the band’s first three years and important recordings is called Danse Macabre and out on 28.10.2022. The boxed set is out through Noise Records.

GAEREA issued its Mirage album through Season Of Mist on September 23rd.

BLACK LAVA will release its debut full-length, which is entitled Soul Furnace, through Season Of Mist on 25.11.2022. A video for the song Eye Of The Moon is available now. The story is of a man searching for a witch’s lair in harsh conditions.

Avantgarde Music/Unorthodox Emanations is issuing INVERTED MATTER’s (Italy/USA) Harbinger album on 11.11.2022, DEPTHS ABOVE’s Ex Nihilo and Slovakia-based KAMRA’s Cerebral Alchemy on 18.11.2022.

Canada-based ALL ELSE FAILS’ tenth studio recording is called The Incident At Black Lake and was released on September 30th. The band mixes mallcore with metal and compared to CHIMAIRA and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

Italy-based black-thrash metal trailblazers NECRODEATH will release a new album, called Singin’ In The Pain, through Time To Kill Records. Transformer Treatment is a song written in collaboration with S.B. Reder (SCHIZO) and inspired by the ‘Ludovico Technique’ behavioural modification of the movie A Clockwork Orange.

Black metal act BLACKFIRE and grindcore group COMPULSION TO KILL have a split single through the latter band’s Repulsified Maggots Records imprint.

Spain-based death metal band CRUZ has an album called Confines De La Cordura through Nuclear Winter Records. It was released on September 26th.

Flesh For The Insatiable is the title for the new TERRIBLE SICKNESS album, which shall be released through Black Sunset/MDD in November.

Portugal-based INNARDS has signed with Memento Mori for the release of its debut full-length in 2023.

Germany-based FIRTAN has a full-length called Marter through AOP Records.

Pagan metal band FOGOS has a demo called Corpses And Ashes since July. The band is based in Spain and founded last year. The members have experience in OBSIDIAN KINGDOM, ABRAHEL, BLAZEMTH and ERIAL. Their concept as a band “embraces the ancestors, paganism, and the purification of the fire…”

This band claims to be death metal, but has a piano. Perhaps ‘death of metal’? OBSIDIAN SKIES, hailing from Colorado, USA, has a debut demo called Saturnian. Each of the songs tells a story with this first release all stories take place on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Italy-base sludge band GRIEFBRINGER will be releasing its debut album, The Horrible Wilting, through Church Of Crow Records on 18.11.2022. The members have experience in MONUMENTUM, HAUNTED, SCHIZO, HELL OBELISCO and other bands.

Dawnbreed Records has reissued the Infatuating Sickness EP by USA-based death metallers OXALATE on cassette.

DESTRÖYER 666 is streaming a song called Guillotine, which is taken from the forthcoming Never Surrender album. The album is out through Season Of Mist in early December.

Unorthodox Emanations will release TIWANAKU’S debut album, Earth Base One in November. TIWANAKU was founded by ex-NOCTURNUS musician Ed Mowery in 2003.

Israel-based DEATHSIEGE has an album called Throne Of Heresy through Everlasting Spew Records on the 28 of October. It is the death metal act’s debut record.

India-based GODLESS and Germany-based duo DIVIDE are touring India in October using the Rats Of Gomorrah monicker.

Three CHILDREN OF BODOM members, Henri “Henkka T. Blacksmith” Seppälä (bass), Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Janne Wirman (keyboards), will open the Bodom Bar & Sauna in Espoo, Finland this November. The location will combine a bar with a sauna and display CHILDREN OF BODOM memorabilia.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will celebrate the life of singer Trevor Strnad in Michigan, USA next May 11th, the anniversary of the man’s death. Founding member Brian Eschbach has moved from guitar to vocals. Guitarist Ryan Knight has returned to the line-up. DARKEST HOUR and PLAGUE YEARS will open the show.

The Armstrong Metalfest 2023 is being held in British Columbia, Canada July 14-15 2023. Bands booked thus far include ZIMMERS HOLE and OMNIA NIHIL (formerly APOLLYON).

Another label is re-pressing demos: Dawnbreed Records is re-issuing in CD format the Sepulchral Lacerations demo by Canada-based death metallers HEDONIST. The band is compared to BOLT THROWER.

Crawling Chaos Records is re-releasing TEUFELNACHT’s Ausnahmeverbrechen demo on CD this month. The label is also issuing BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION’s Festering Plagues CD on the 28th of October on CD. The first 250 copies will come with a patch.

India-based AMORPHIA has a new full-length and it is called Lethal Dose. It is out through Awakening Records. Influences include SODOM and SLAYER.

Not to be confused with the Germany-based TERATOMA which released an album earlier this year, Spain-based TERATOMA has an album called Chaosmakers through Base Record Production on 17.10.2022.

Code666 has issued TERRA’s Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht and SYN ZE SASE TRI’s Ultimul Lup. The latter record is inspired by the bloody myth of the Dacian legends of their homeland of Transylvania.

AURORA BOREALIS has a video for the song The House Of Nimrod. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured record, which will be released through Hammerheart Records in November.

ABBATH and WATAIN are touring Europe together. TRIBULATION and BÖLZER are openers.

As the number of Japanese-influenced releases gathers steam, RIPPED TO SHREDS will release its debut full-length 劇變 (Jubian) through Relapse on October 14th. A song called 漢奸 (Race Traitor) is available now.

Turkey-based DIABOLICAL RAW (formerly DIABOLICAL) has an album called Elegy Of Fire Dusk through Base Record Production on 17.10.2022. The band is compared to DIMMU BORGIR.

DIETH, the new thrash metal project with former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, singer and guitarist Guilherme Miranda (formerly of ENTOMBED A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-DECAPITATED), has signed a deal with Napalm Records. The debut album is being recorded and due in early 2023.

EXCITER is conducting a mini-tour of the USA this October and November. The band will be joined by NIGHT COBRA for three California shows. EXCITER continues to write for a new record.

Canadian festival LOUD AS HELL is accepting band submissions for its 2023 line-up, which is being held from August 4th to 6th at the Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds in Drumheller, Alberta. This is the festival’s eleventh edition. Interested acts may go to

Metallian Hard

Scotland-based NWOBHM act MEDUSA TOUCH returns with a single called Asylum, which is taken from an upcoming album called Insaniteyes through Devil’s Clause Records. The single refers to asylum seekers seeking to enter the UK.

Keyboard-laden VICTORIA K has uploaded a song called Tower from its album Kore, which is set for release through Rockshots Records in October.

Italy-based pop/goth/melancholy band SILENTLIE has a full-length called Equilibrium through Rockshots Records. The band is compared to mainstream acts like THE CURE and OZZY OSBOURNE. There is a video for the title track.

GRAVE DIGGER’s Symbol Of Eternity is a concept album based on the knights Templar and considered a sequel to Knights Of The Cross from 1998. The record is out through Rock Of Angels Records.

FATE GEAR’s Killers In The Sky Part 2 EP is out this November. It comes with both a CD and a DVD. It continues the story that was unveiled with Killers In The Sky from April 2022. A video was shot at the Japanese Iruma air base for the song Unbreakable Wings.

NEMOPHILA singer Mayu has announced that she is pregnant and will be taking a break following the Aftershock Festival. The band is playing instrumental gigs as NEMOPHILA QUARTETTE in the meantime.

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE’s full-length How To Shroud Yourself With Night is out through SPV.

Japan-based folk metal band人間椅子 (NINGEN ISU) will release its 1990s’ albums on vinyl for the first time.

Bassist Ara Ichihiro of CERVETERI was in a severe car accident resulting in surgery. The band cancelled its two planned Tokyo shows for September.

UFO singer Phil Mogg had a heart attack last month. He is 74 years old. The band’s Last Orders farewell tour scheduled for this autumn is cancelled.

Exitus Stratagem Records will issue USA-based AITTALA’s forthcoming album Live To Regret on November 7th. The album was written by Eric Aittala "during a chaotic time in his life."

Norway-based STARGAZER has a single called Live My Dream through Mighty Music. The band is compared to DIO and DEEP PURPLE.

According to his former wife Wendy Dio, A Ronnie James Dio museum is being planned for Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, USA.

After leaving the band in 2016, guitarist Tim Chandler has returned to FORGED IN BLACK, which he helped found.

HELLOWEEN guitarist Kai Hansen’s son, Tim Hansen, joined the band on stage at the end of the group’s European tour. HELLOWEEN is touring South America currently and moving to North America with HAMMERFALL in May 2023.

MANOWAR has recruited former NITRO and current solo guitarist Michael Angelo Batio to replace Evandro "EV" Martel who has departed for personal reasons. The new man will take part in the 2023 Crushing The Enemies Of Metal tour, which features music from the band’s earlier albums. The band announced its farewell tour in 2016.

Former GREAT WHITE singers Jack Russell and Terry Ilous will share a stage for an acoustic storytelling show at Rockefellas bar in Corona, California on Saturday, October 29th. The two will narrate stories about their careers and discuss fan favourite songs. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Warrior Built Foundation, which serves American soldiers.

Universal Music will re-release GUNS N' ROSES' 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and II in November as "super deluxe" editions. The remastered re-release includes separate re-releases, joint set and different editions with vinyl or video. The video features the band’s 1991 performance entitled Live In New York immortalized at the Ritz Theatre on May 16, 1991.

VOIVOD will release a new EP, called Ultraman, through Century Media on 04.11.2022. The release features eight tribute tracks to the Ultraman TV serial.

Finland-based pomp rock band EVERFROST has a single called Gotta Catch 'Em All featuring Mikael Salo (THY ROW) from its forthcoming EP of anime cover songs entitled Frostbites. It is out through Rockshots Records in November. The song is a cover version taken from the Pokémon franchise.

Finland-based heavy metal band THY ROW will commemorate the anniversary of its Unchained album with the release of a limited edition vinyl along with a digital single entitled Blue Blood, which is a cover version of an X JAPAN song.

MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR and MIDNIGHT will tour North America this October and November. The headliners have not played large venues on tour in North America for two decades. MERCYFUL FATE bassist Joey Vera, who is touring with ARMORED SAINT, one of his many other acts, is replaced by Becky Baldwin of FURY.

Michael Monroe, the singer for HANOI ROCKS, celebrated his sixtieth birthday at the Helsinki Ice Hall on September 23. The original line-up of HANOI ROCKS (Andy McCoy, Sami Yaffa, Nasty Suicide, Gyp Casino and Monroe) reunited on stage for the first time since 1982 for the event. Opening the event was Monroe’s own DEMOLITION 23, which last climbed the stage in 1995.

TESLA is returning to Las Vegas for a five-night residency in March. TESLA: The Las Vegas Residency will take place at The House Of Blues.

GREAT WHITE recruited Brett Carlisle of ALL OR NOTHING, which is opening for GREAT WHITE this month, to sing at the Cannery Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on 24.09.2022. Carlisle was filling in for Andrew Freeman who was unable to make it due to a scheduling conflict with his main act LAST IN LINE.

One-time MYSTIC-FORCE and ICED EARTH bassist Keith Menser died at the age of 55 due to a seizure on September 6th. He also ran Siegen Records.

ONWARD has signed a two-album deal with Moribund Records. The vinyl version of the forthcoming album Of Epoch And Inferno will be issued by Alone Records however. The CD will be released on October 28, while the LP in 2023.

Israel-based synthesizer-heavy solo doom act DEFILED EMBRACE has issued an album called Whispers Of The Forest through Another Side Records. The project was founded in 2021, but the songs were written over the course of eleven years.

KRYUHM has an album called Only In My Mind distributed by Black Widow Records this month. The act has shot a video for the song Danze Macabre Tra I Fuochi.

STRIDER is supporting its Into Glory Stride album by appearing on Finland’s Alfa TV on October 1st and conducting a tour of the Baltics.

Denmark-based hard rock band MERIDIAN has a new album called The 4th Dimension through From The Vaults. It was produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s guitarist Marco Angioni who has done production work with bands like TYGERS OF PAN TANG, STEEL INFERNO and IRON FIRE.

Their brain was doomed long ago? Doom metal band THE OBSESSED cancelled a concert at The Knockout in San Francisco, California, USA due to vaccination requirements last month. Singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich had done his own research (Tiktok?) and determined that the vaccine is useless.

PARADISE LOST has lost drummer Waltteri Väyrynen and replaced him with Guido Montanarini (STRIGOI). Väyrynen jumped ship to join OPETH replacing Sami Karppinen who, in turn, had replaced Martin Axenrot. This last man was also in BLOODBATH with PARADISE LOST singer Nick Holmes. OPETH singer Mikael Akefeldt was in BLOODBATH previously. OPETH and PARADISE LOST are managed by Northern Music Co.

VANILLA FUDGE will release a covers’ album called Vanilla Zeppelin digitally through Golden Robot Records this month.

Dave Sherman, bassist of SPIRIT CARAVAN among others, has died at age 55. A cause of death was not announced.

Home To Roost is the name of a new reality TV series for the BBC documenting the return of reality TV personality Ozzy Osbourne, and his manager-wife Sharon Osbourne, to live in the UK from the USA. OZZY OSBOURNE performed at the NFL kick off game in Los Angeles, California, USA on September 8th. OZZY OSBOURNE released a music video for One Of Those Days featuring a guest guitar solo from Eric Clapton. The song is taken from the band’s Patient Number 9 album. Clapton, formerly of CREAM, is a musician known for racism and conspiracy theories.

Former ACCEPT and recent UDO collaborator bassist Peter Baltes played bass for U.D.O. on the group's current European tour starting in Berlin, Germany on September 9th. The band’s bassist Tilen Hudrap collapsed on stage after suffering hyperventilation and exhaustion and was hospitalized. Hudrap is in multiple bands simultaneously.

AEROSMITH played its first concert since the start of the pandemic in Bangor, Maine, USA on September 4th.

Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard is a compilation of 16 songs with tracks from all the periods of the band’s tracks. It is out through FnA Records now. Original DEF LEPPARD drummer Tony Kenning can be heard on two tracks on this album with his band, SHEF LEPPARD.

Several MOTLEY CRUE fans and audience members of the recent The Stadium Tour have filed complaints for nudity with the police after the band’s drummer Tommy Lee exposed his penis to fans and encouraged the audience to join in. The drummer calls these complainants "pussy."

DEEP PURPLE has released Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs through earMUSIC. This digital compilation is available on streaming platforms. The band has made its touring guitarist Simon Mcbride permanent.

IAN GILLAN will conduct a Spanish tour in November. The DEEP PURPLE singer will be joined by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and perform cover versions as well DEEP PURPLE songs.

BMG will issue a triple black vinyl album set to commemorate the 40th anniversary of IRON MAIDEN's The Number Of The Beast on 18.11.2022. The set includes the Beast Over Hammersmith live recording stemming from 1982 as well. The song Total Eclipse replaces Gangland in this edition. It comes with expanded artwork taken from Eddie’s Archives box set and liner notes by Steve Harris.

IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson and Orquestra Sinfônica Do Estado De São Paul will performance of Jon Lord of DEEP PURPLE’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra on a four-date tour of Brazil in April. Concerto For Group And Orchestra was also performed at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City, Canada in 2019.

Frontiers Music will release an album by ENUFF Z'NUFF, entitled Finer Than Sin, on November 11. The band just wrapped up USA touring with THE DEAD DAISIES.

Former RAINBOW singer Joe Lynn Turner criticized the most recent reformation line-up of the band prompting the act’s current live singer Ronnie Romero to take exception to the characterization. Romero asks that Tuner moves on after not being in the band for so many years.

Rockshots Records has signed Italy-based RUINTHRONE for the release of its J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired album The Unconscious Mind Of Arda. The band is called power metal, but has keyboards.

SABATON has an EP trilogy entitled Echoes Of The Great War. This trilogy features songs specifically regarding World War I. The trilogy is comprised of Weapons Of The Modern Age, Heroes Of The Great War and Stories From The Western Front. SABATON also has a movie called The War To End All Wars.

Target Group has the following releases planned: MARCO MENDOZA’s New Direction, CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD’s Neon Sunrise, SILVER PHANTOM’s Crimson Cabaret and I'LL BE DAMNED’s Culture.

Legacy Recordings will release THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE’s Los Angeles Forum: April 26, 1969 on 2LP vinyl and CD this November. It roughly coincides with the guitarist’s 80th birthday. This is a complete version of this show that had not been heard before.

Former NIGHT RANGER guitarist Jeff Watson has undergone a couple of brain surgeries to drain blood from the cavities. He is at home recovering.

Internationally-based progressive act SEVENTH STATION has a music video for the song The Heart Of a Nation (Nadia), which is taken from the Heal The Unhealed demo out November 7th. The track’s title refers to Joseph Stalin’s second wife, Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluyeva (Nadia).

Ohio, USA-based hard rock group Eric Moore's THE GODZ has announced a new album called machines for this autumn. The record will feature the final recordings of the band's founder, Eric Moore, who died from cancer in 2019. The band has also announced the addition of Charlie Bonnet III on guitar and vocals. The band was signed to Casablanca after formation in 1976 and had two albums.

JUDAS PRIEST, MERCYFUL FATE, BEHEMOTH, PANTERA and STRYPER will perform at the Monterrey Metal Fest at Estadio Mobil Super in Monterrey, Mexico in December. JUDAS PRIEST is touring North America with an emphasis on tracks from Screaming For Vengeance given that it is that album’s 40th anniversary.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY will conduct a U.S. tour in November. Opening the shows will be SPIRIT ADRIFT and THE NATIVE HOWL.

SOILWORK guitarist David Andersson has died at the age of 47. Andersson was an alcoholic.

IN FLAMES will release its next album, entitled Foregone, through Nuclear Blast on 10.03.2023. The band played the Sweden Rock Festival this summer.

THE HALO EFFECT, featuring former IN FLAMES members, is planning to record a new EP later this year. The EP will follow the group’s debut album, Days Of The Lost, which topped the Swedish charts.

POISON drummer Rikki Rockett has uploaded a video in which he describes how he caught an impersonator conning the band’s fans by pretending to be the drummer.

MECHANIK WAR III has a demo called The Unholy Sin.

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group have signed hard rock band KRELL for the release of its debut album, Deserts. It is a collaboration between CRYING STEEL singer Luca Bonzagni and Francesco Di Nicola (DANGER ZONE, CRYING STEEL and ANIMS). They never played in CRYING STEEL simultaneously. The music here was written between 2013 and 2018 and previously manifested in God Is A Witness, the debut album of the ANIMS project.

Canada-based VHS’ Deep Gashes And Long Lashess is out through Horror Pain Gore Death. The record is a tribute to the Giallo Films of the 1960s, 1970s, And 1980s.

PILEDRIVER and THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER frontman Gord Kirchin has died due to lung cancer. He was 60 years old.

Conservatives are a racket. They claim to be for the people and the country, but are ripping both apart.

Metallian Demos

It was just yesterday when a video for a “metal” band on the Internet came across my monitor. The band was wearing a blue uniform, doing some kind of a Finnish – yup, that dump of a country – jig of a dance shaking their behinds in a twerk and the keyboard was so obnoxious and loud once again that several serfs at Metallian Towers were tasked with wiping the stupid smirk off the Finnish wusses’ faces whatever their stupid name was. As a self-respecting individual who listens to metal and not ‘metal’ as imagined by the limp-wristed l’il boys who inhabit the hole called Finland there is no way that video will ever be visited again so it is impossible to tell if the circus act was called Evenflow, Everfrost or Everflow or something retarded like that, but perhaps no one from Metallian Towers needs to be dispatched to put paid to the hairy ballerinas in that, er, band and their deluded fans after all. What does this have to do with Fogos, a young black metal band from Spain? It occurs to us that perhaps sending a CD of Corpses And Ashes to the namby-pamby boys will do the job. Fogos wipes the smirk off the poseurs' faces.
Corpses And Ashes comes out brandishing a club with brutality surely inspired by Marduk that is barely innovative or original and thank Beelzebub for that. The songs on the full-length demo CD are harsh with industrial-strength speed and darkness-oriented riffing all topped off with wailing subterranean vocals.
The song titles recall Greek mythology one after the other and so it is appropriate that Styx and Charon make up the cover. Regarding individual tracks, Acheron is krushing. Keres goes mid-paced and comes back up to create a sinister ambiance that never comes at the cost of power and heaviness. This song has a punky riff a la Front's Venom & Salt. A drummer is listed but my money is on the recording suffering through a drum machine, which is the record's sole weakness other than a lack of solos. The sound is heavy enough but those cymbals come across as fake. Yet, overall a good job is done here with the production. Mortis - whatever happened to that dude? He had the coolest nose in the business - slows down to add some heroic vocals to the otherwise chaos. The unnecessary synthesizers make a cameo, but are soon suppressed to make this a good song still. Khlone has a mid-paced start with a witching voice as an intro only to pick up to considerable speedy effect... like everything on this shiny disc it is no frills and so effective for it. Parenthetically, the demo may be a compendium of Greek mythology and gods, but the lyrics are in English and comprehensible for the rest of us. Dysnomia is harsh and sharp. That riff is so action-packed. Drums aside, it is a thick wall of sound that comes right at the listener extending its claws from the speakers towards the neck before clasping and squeezing. Lesser men would die. There is a Kreator-ish drum roll on Nyx, adventurous riffing and horrific/screaming vocals to boot.
This is released independently, but is 46 minutes in length. It is certainly a matter of time before a couple of anti-underground vultures swoop in for the mandatory label re-issue, but screw that and get this now. This is fully accomplished owing to the band members being experienced elsewhere. Fans of the aforementioned bands like Marduk and Front, as well as Vorga, need this. Someone get me the mailing address for those Finnish hos. It is time to rid the world of their viral infection and this CD is just the ticket. – Ali “The Metallian”

Charm School Dropout is the new demo CD of California, USA-based singer/guitarist/writer/composer/schoolgirl Ava Toton. As the CD and its cover twirled in my grasp two things went through the mind. Firstly, she is young and what would that mean stylistically. The second thing was how this could be gimmicky and, hence, easily dismissible. The mention of her attending School Of Rock in the biography did not help matters. Call me prejudiced, but canned packages are not my idea of music and art let alone metal.
There are four songs on this disc and, good news, they rock like a mix of The Donnas and Girlschool. Yes, spoiler alert. They do rock.
The title track is off first and the guitar is energetic and hard rocking. The guitar tone is hard, the energy is palpable and it is admirable how the right hand moves constantly. The lyrics rhyme too obviously, but the song is rebellious and age appropriate. Side note: presumed parents are credited as helping with the lyrics. The recording sound is quite good and there is a solo that screams. On top of all of that it is should be noted that the voice is mature for the artist’s age. Aside from the somewhat minor criticism of the lyrical rhymes the presence of a drum machine in lieu of an actual and live drum recording is the obvious miss (although Ava's mother promises this is the real article and not a machine) with Ava and her CD. I Told You So is my favourite of four tracks here. It has heavy riffing and the slower moments serve to affirm Ava's mature vocals. Case closed. One wouldn’t guess how old she is. Listen ten seconds in and a patented At The Gates riff crashes in lasting ten seconds or so. This riffing will make a comeback a little later as well. One wonders if she likes At The Gates! This is an even more likeable track than the opening cut as there is more depth to it. Eva stretches her vocal range and emotions and successfully layers on top of it. Next up is Wake Up The Neighborhood and, given the title, it makes sense that it is a loud one. The song is three minutes long, punchy and contains a good lead. Ava can sing, play rhythm and solo. Take Me With You (Acoustic) is a slow song with a forceful singer, but a let-down and poppy compared to songs that preceded it. There is a previous version of this song floating round obviously. She may be young, but has already had enough and wants to see the earth in the rear-view mirror with her new life in a UFO. Gosh, Ava, the rest of us are right with you. How old is she to already be exhausted?
Ava has the looks, the chops and the CD so go here: and oh by the way she is a seventh grader who is thirteen. – Ali “The Metallian”