Metallian Heavy

Third album on third label: watch for the new Deranged album, entitled III, on France's Listenable Records. Featuring tracks like Ripped, Raped and Randomized or Compulsive Urge to Kill, the band promise III to be their most brutal and gory release yet! Also look for the band on a new Razorback Records compilation CD...Infernal from Germany's Desaster writes that Merciless Records is releasing a Ten Years of Total Desaster double LP this month. At over 70 minutes and a double gate fold cover, the LPs feature four brand new songs. The band is also planning another split, this time a 10' split with Pentacle where beside new tracks each band will cover a song of the other band. Watch for this next winter on Iron Pegasus Records. Contact Desaster at Jahnstrasse 76, 56218 Mülheim-Karlich Germany...Belgium's Shiver Records has announced the following releases: Ulcus (Norway) will have their debut album of atmospheric thrash metal entitled Cherish the Obscure out in October. Ukraine's Winter Night Overture will have a black metal album entitled Weapons Against the God out at the same time. Finally on the label watch for Venezuela's Stratuz and their thrash metal CD...Bloodthirst is the title of the new Cannibal Corpse release recorded with Colin Richardson. Coffin Feeder and Pounded Into Dust are some of the tracks on an album which promises to be as intense as ever. The album which will appear in two (censored and original) covers will be out on Oct. 19...Death metal unit Malamor is releasing a new CD called Dead to the World. The album will feature Frank Mullen on backing vocals...Satanic Slaughter is not dead. The band is imminently releasing a new full length on Loud 'n Proud Records called Afterlife Kingdom...On the occasion of their tenth anniversary, this month will see the release of a compilation CD from Ancient Rites. Expect some rare demo tracks...Black Mark Production reports that Necrophobic's third album The Third Antichrist will finally be released very soon...Despite having unofficially disbanded, Norway's Darkthrone return with a new album on Moonfog. Ravishing Grimness features tracks like Lifeless and The Beast and is available now...Napalm Death have bolted from Earache and signed to the fledgling UK label Dream Catcher. The band's debut for the label is a covers disc...Morbid Angel's next release is due out for spring of 2000 and will centre around avant garde subjects like the universe, mind and matter...Arckanum's next album Faunaz Samgang, which is due to be recorded with James Murphy at Sound Temple Studio in Oakland has been delayed...Metal Blade reports that both Fleshcrawl and The Crown will have albums early next year. Fleshcrawl's is entitled As Blood Reigns from the Sky...We Walk the Path of Endless Fire will again feature cover versions, this time Exciter and Carnage songs...Razorback Records of the USA has announced the following releases: the debut of Machetazo described as akin to old Carcass. Catasexual Urge Motivation (aka CUM) out of Japan will re-release their debut album on the label as well...Morbid Records has a new Ashes You Leave record coming in December entitled Contraversus Inheritalice. Also both German death metal bands Obscenity and Orth are working on new albums. Also watch out for Krabathor's double CD First Alben as well as new extremity from CSSO, Agathocles and Nyctophobic...In Canada, Dedfuk Records reports that its next releases are a live tape of Kuru, Disgruntled, etc. as well as a compilation, releases by Corpus, Fuck the Facts and a Kuru/Cockeyed/ Scab split...Italy's Headfucker Records is releasing the new album of Wicked Innocence entitled Worship. Due out this fall, the release which was originally due out on Napalm Records America, is billed as experimental extremism. Also look out for the 7'EP of USA's grinders Catheter, the MCD The Execution by Sweden's Retaliation (pissed-off grind) and a split EP of Impaled ( former members of Exhumed) and Cephalic Carnage (now signed to Relapse)...Out now is a new Christ Agony album entitled Elysium...Isengard's forthcoming album is called Crownless Majesty...Edge of Sanity are releasing an album of remixes and unreleased tracks to celebrate their tenth anniversary...California's Necropolis records will unleash the following releases this year: Defender's They Come Over the High Pass and a Diabolique MCD in October. November sees the release of King Fear by Babylon Whores and the long-awaited album The Second Coming of Darkness by Sadistic Intent. In other news Triumphator, which features Morgan and Fredrik of Marduk, is in studio right now recording their debut for Necropolis...Two ex-Nasty Savage men Ben Meyer and Curtis Beeson have teamed up with former Six Feet Under guitarist Allen West to form a band called Lowbrow which is releasing its debut on Crooked Records...Baphomet Records of USA has released a CD by Viking Crown, the black metal side project of Phil Anselmo of Pantera from 1994, entitled Unorthodox Steps of Ritual...Supernal music has announced the signing of The Meads of Asphodel, a black metal band, which has won several major mag 'best demo' awards...Simon Efemy (Paradise Lost, etc) is the producer of choice for the recording of the next Deceased album out April 2000 and entitled Supernatural Addiction...Out of Spain Repulse Records reports that Intestine Baalism, Abramelin and Deeds of Flesh are no longer part of the label. The label has signed Dutch death metal combo Pyaemia (album out next year). Also expected are Forensick, the second album of Mexico's Disgorge (featuring vocalist Corpsegrinder as a guest), Avulsed's second one Stabwound Orgasm, the new one from Rotten Sound called Drain (recorded at Sunlight Studio) and Adramelech's Pure Blood Doom. Additionally the much heralded forerunners Nunslaughter will release Hell's Unholy Fire imminently. The label finally reports that contrary to previous statements Lividity and Gorgasm have ended up not signing to the label...Columbia's Murder, featuring Danny Vasquez the former singer of Desertor, is in the studio working on a full length...Australia's Misery has a new album on Warhead...Argentina's Icarus Production is showing a lot of activity. The label will release the sophomore release of Finland's Fall of the Leaf in November after some delays due to a remix and altered booklet. The album is called August Wernicke. Paraguay's Sabaoth has released its gothic/ black Windjourney, while Diabolical will release a CD called Dominus Infernali. Also available are Let There be Death by Artes Negras (soon) and Argentina's Devastacion with their...Que Lo Pario which is a more socially-conscious release. The label is also licensing some Repulse releases for South America like Jesus Martyr...Canadian thrashers Disciples of Power have reformed and will be playing live soon...Montreal's Obliveon have released their new album Carnivore Mothermouth...Overkill are releasing an album of covers this fall. Entitled coverkill expect songs by Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple among others...When Autumn Ended has broken up.

Metallian Hard

Germany's Doro Pesch has signed to SPV and is working on a new album for the spring of 2000. As part of the deal, SPV will release some older albums as well...Legacy is a new L.A band featuring Marten Andersson (ex- J.H.B. and Lizzy Borden), Jonas Hansson (ex-Silver Mountain), etc which has released an independent CD...Iron Monkey have broken up...Guitar-driven metal band Racer X has reformed, signed a major deal and is scheduled to record a new album...Following the sudden illness of Ron Reinehart, the reformed Dark Angel have had to cancel their European dates. The band hopes to reschedule for next year...In the same vein Suicidal Tendencies pulled out of the Warped tour after the extreme illness (pneumonia) of vocalist Mike Muir who is hospitalized in Detroit...Finland's Spinefarm Records has established a subsidiary by the name of Spikefarm Records. Initially dedicated to the cause of releasing Finnish acts, the label has already mapped out the following releases: Entwine's debut this month, Finntroll's debut next month, Rapture's CD in November and the second album of black metallers Thyrane next June. Also look for a compilation CD entitled True Kings of Norway this year...US heavy metal band Twisted Tower Dire are releasing a split 10' with Solstice through Sweden's Near Dark Productions and will also release their The Curse of Twisted Tower tape on vinyl through Germany's Hellion Records. The band is also working on a European tour for next summer...The Motala Metal Festival has been postponed from November to January 2000. Slated to appear are, among others, Iron Saviour and Grave Digger...Nevermore and Arch Enemy are hitting Australia for a tour this fall...The vocal less Vicious Rumours have recruited Joey Belladona to sing on their next album. The project is a one-off...Dax and Mike of Acid Bath have a new band called The Agents of Oblivion. The band has already signed to the on-again off-again Rotten Records...Dee Snider who is hosting a nationally syndicated radio show in the USA has announced the shooting of the sequel to his Strangeland movie at the beginning of 2000. According to reports the movie will feature music from Ozzy Osbourne, Coal Chamber, etc...Girlschool has reformed and will release a new studio album shortly! They are also releasing an official band biography in Europe...Fresh off her Lee Aaron & The Swingin' Barflies jazz album/tour, the Canadian singer is working on a new 'rock' album for release next year. Some previously recorded tracks will be omitted...Norway's Kovenant (formerly Covenant - name already claimed by a Swedish dance band) is releasing a new album in December called Animatronic. The band members have also suitably changed their aliases...The First annual Stryper and contemporary Christian music Expo is scheduled is Scheduled for May 1, 2000 at the Sheraton hotel in Parosspany, NJ USA. Aside from the positive message the expo will feature Stryper members and dealers...Pavement records has signed the classic CJSS and Italy's Power Symphony...Former Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann recently reported that he just finished recording a song with Sebastian Bach for the latter's solo record entitled I'll Never Turn My Back on Rock'n Roll. The man himself is writing riffs for a future release which will be 'metal'...W.A.S.P have had to postpone a US tour following a hand injury sustained by vocalist Blackie Lawless in the course of a game of baseball...Ken Hensley, the original keyboardist of Uriah Heep in the 70's, is back with a solo album entitled A Glimpse of Glory. Hensley had gone on to work with Black Sabbath and Black Foot among others...Vanize, whose new album Bootlicker is distributed by Nuclear Blast, will support Testament on their 10 date European tour...Brazil's Megahard Records has a busy schedule. Some up coming releases are: Karma's Inside the Eyes (produced by Rafael Bittencourt - Angra), Hard Hearted self-titled CD described as melodic and progressive, Hadamma's Quest which is similar to Helloween, the album Premonition by Seventh Seal ( ala Maiden but with keyboards) and Damage's Hopes and Fears which is close to Angra...Following much controversy Aerosmith and Black Sabbath are now nominated for entry into The Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame...Metal Blade has announced the signing of a new band called Super Shine featuring Jeff Olsen (d) and Bruce Franklin (g) both ex-Trouble and King's X' s Doug Pinnick...Jesse of Jackyl is working on a VH-1 (USA) appearance where he will go over Jackyl's recent record breaking 50 day/ 100 show tour...Toronto's Metal Market store has bitten the dust. However, co-owner Laurie Fortune has moved on to her own radio show Lethal Mayhem on CIUT FM. Send music to 303 Adelaide West, 2nd floor, Toronto M5V 1P7...According to an exclusive report as many as ten bands have filed fraud charges against Toronto's Attack Records. Seems the label has been charging bands as much as $25000 US to sign them up, yet promises of promotion, page/EMI distribution, etc have not been fulfilled. The label, which hasn't had a release in about a year, has been involved in everything from being faced by a suit by a Molson brewery lawyer to attempting to file harassment suites against some of its bands. This leaves around 20 bands who are expecting a release in limbo.

Dedicated to promotion of death metal exclusively, Germany's Unholy Terror is on a crusade. Issue 1 of this pro zine is available for $4US/$6CAD from Hacker at Grosser Büchel 6, 53619 Rheinbreitbach Germany. The issue features Vile, Deranged, Incantation, Fleshcrawl and so much more...Finland's number one source for metal of all sorts, Suomi Finland Perkele (no not an Impaled Nazarene sound track) has its issue 3, 99 now out. Printed in full colour, this one is recommended for all Finnish speakers, as well as parties looking for publicity in that country. Fredrikinkatu 71, 00100 Helsinki Finland...Now billing itself as 'Longest Running Metal Fanzine in America' is Metalcore #27! Yet again packed with demo/album and zine reviews, this issue features Ceremonium, Wormgear fanzine and as many girls as Chris can pack into one issue. It's yours in exchange for some postage money from PO Box 622, Marlton, NJ 08053-1109 USA...The new issue of Canada's BW&BK features Cannibal Corpse, Witchery, Iced Earth, as well as many more interviews, reviews and the plethora of the information that the mag is famous for. Issue #34 is available $6 from 354 1/2 Yonge St. #38, Toronto M5B 1S5...Without much delay, here is issue #11 of intoxicated UK's crossover source and if one thing is evident is the zine's consistent improvement. This half sizer is an easy read and if you are interested in Paradise Lost, Machine Head, WASP, etc then you may write to PO Box 2581, reading, Berks, RG1 7GT England and enclose $4.

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Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1 - Deranged - III - Listenable
2 - Centinex - Bloodhunt - Repulse
3 - Witchery - Dead, Hot and Ready - Necropolis
4 - Kadath - Cruel - Teutonic Existence
5 - Slaughter - Back To Reality - CMC/BMG

Chris Forbes - Editor for Metalcore
1 - Angel Corpse - The Inexorable - Olympic
2 - Immolation - Failures for Gods - Metal Blade
3 - Diabolic - City of the Dead - Fadeless
4 - Gardenian - Soulburner - Nuclear Blast
5 - Candiria - Process of Self-Development - MIA

Metallian Demos

I was looking for a disc by Vancouver's Mordor. Instead this popped out of the package. Seemingly the band has wisely taken my (and probably others') advice to heart and sought itself a more original moniker somewhere along the line. Whatever the case, these guys are certainly an anomaly. I am not referring to the fact that this CD was actually due out last year this time, but the fact that these guys are actually a heavy metal band on Canada's west coast! Imagine that, it must be so lonely amidst the hordes of hardcore/ alternative teenagers to be a metal band. LAM, as they are now, will certainly have to look for support and labels in Europe. No one 's going to stick his head out for them in this country; sadly then the chaps have to hope for the best with Rock Hard, Iron Curtain and Heavy Oder Was! They have moved a little towards hardcore since their three year old demo, but the quintet's image, lyrical concept and basic sound is most heavy metal. The production is adequate and the bass very prominent. Solos are still too few for the band's own good; but what bugs me the most is the vocalist. He really resembles someone (kinda like Annihilator meets Manowar) whom I can not put my finger on. Damn it, who is it?? No matter I will remember shortly in the meanwhile write to #101-1001 W. Broadway, Dept. 400, Vancouver V6H 4E4.

Alas, for there is so much lost potential in this band. Out of Australia, the firmly tongue-in-cheek, Cod Peace have now released their second demo on CD and absorbing the tracks on offer here there is little doubt that the band can raise a storm of cacophony with ease. For when these five get going, weaker souls take cover! They come at you like a locomotive - from five directions. Which takes me back to the unfortunate part: the one-too-many time changes and excessive unmetal instrumentation affect the band in a negative way. Take away the synthesizer interludes, fake kick drums and the ambient moans and I'll pay top Dollar for this. Put them back in and you merely have a great blasting grindcore band that is its worst enemy. C.P. c/o P.O. Box 481, Kippax A.C.T 2615 Australia

If the enclosed sample reviews are anything to go by this French metal/industrial band is no unknown entity in the underground. As pertinent, the band (ie the duo of Arno and D.O.D plus the drum machine of course) has been around since 1984, even going as far as releasing a demo in that very year. Musically the duo criss cross the line drawn by early Megadeth and Ministry, although the bio (and the reviews which have obviously copied the bio) prefer the Machine Head designation. It's all on one CD sung in both French and English which can be had for $5 (video for $5 as well) from D.O.D Gabillard, Le Petit Chaigné, 53200 Daon France.

Pure heavy metal, with a slow tune, from this interesting moniker which forwarded this tape to my mail box. While the sound's muffled nature left a bit to be desired, the over all impression from the band is positive given my affection for heavy metal pure and simple. Fans of the debut Iron Maiden album mixed with classic US metal will know where these bunch draw their influences and that they wear on their sleeves. The band are now working with a UK label, but this tape, I believe, is self-produced. Scott Waldrop, 10021 Scenic View Terr., Vienna, VA 22182 USA.

Here it is! A The Great Kat video clip and it is nothing short of what you would expect from the dominatrix queen of narcissistic, sadistic metal guitar. Prepare boys and girls, for this is nothing like the tame, mainstream blandness you'll see on Much crap or Money TV.Over the course of 2.5 minutes The Great Kat manages to show enough debauchery and depravity to make this worth every sick torture/ horror/ metal fanatic's while. If lightning fast guitar romps or a half nude abusing domintarix, or the sight of multiple torture devices sound anything like your cup of shed-blood, then your money's already in the mail! To order write to Thomas PR, 775 Park Ave., Suite 222, Huntington, NY 11743 USA or in that country call 1800KAT9199.

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