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Deteriorate is in rehearsal for a new album tentatively entitled TheOnlyGod. The album is due in April of 2003...Drummer Daniel Romero has left Buried Dreams. The band will use the opportunity to reassess their direction and adopt a new moniker...Death metal band Nightrage, which just finished recording a demo at Studio Fredman, was joined by drummer Per Möller Jensen from The Haunted in the studio. The band also features guitarist Gus G. (Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy) and singer/guitarist Marios formerly of Exhumation...Belgium's LSP Company (formerly Shiver Records) has called it a day. The music store of the same name will continue, however. The bands on the label are all left high and dry at the moment...Grabak will enter the studio next spring to record a new album entitled The Serpent within Paradise. In the meanwhile the band has managed to catch up with its former manager and retrieve some $2000 Cdn. worth of cash and merchandise...Mystifier, whose Goetia album is re-released with bonus songs through Mutilation Records, has a new album called Emanations Of Pragmatic Thoughts And Complaint Of Desolation. The band is seeking a label...Nornagest of Enthroned has a side project called The Beast. The Fixed By Devil EP is now issued through Painkiller Records...Vocalist Johan Lindstrand has rejoined The Crown and thus officially ending the band's search for a qualified singer...Enslaved has completed work on its seventh, and as yet untitled, studio album. Produced by the band, several of the titles are As Fire Swept Clean The Earth, Ridicule Swarm and Queen of Night. Furthermore the band recently had a performance at Landmark - Bergen Kunsthall. Enslaved was invited to perform as special guests at the opening ceremony of an art exhibition featuring modern and grotesque horror art. In other news the band will have a video next year...Solar Dawn recently cancelled its Danish shows with label-mates Taetre following singer Christian Alvestam contracting severe throat inflammations...Black Cloud is the name of a new project featuring Jean-Yves 'Blacky' Thériault (Voïvod) on bass, Pierre Rémillard (Obliveon) on guitar, Daniel Mongrain (Martyr) on guitar, Flo (Cryptopsy) on drums and Patrick Mireault (Ghoulunatics) on vocals. The band recently performed a live set featuring thrash metal covers in Montreal...Some Crash Music news: Crash Music has signed a US distribution deal with PHD Canada for the latter's products. Current albums include Deceased's Up The Tombstone, Malevolent Creation's The Will To Kill and Diamond Rexx's The Evil. Brick Bath has recruited a new singer called Cody Hubbard. He replaces vocalist Joseph McCaw who left the band following a recent US tour. Brick Bath is currently demoing 17 new songs intended for an album due next year through Crash Music...Madrigal's drummer Marcus Bergman has left the band...Necrophagia has found a new drummer in Titta Tani of Italian gods Daemonia. The band is currently recording the upcoming album Devine Art of Torture in Norway. Furthermore Sigh front man, Mirai Kawashima, recently finished recording keyboards for the album. The album is scheduled for release on the 17th of February 2003...Fans will see the release of Dissection's Live Legacy on February 17th, 2003. The album will feature the band's Wacken Festival 1996. A studio album is expected in 2004...Griffin will support its latest album The Sideshow by touring across Europe with Sinergy and Dark Tranquillity...Dark Moor is undertaking The Gates Of Oblivion Tour 2002 in Europe this month...Soulreaper, featuring ex-Dissection members Johan Norman (guitar) and Tobias R. Kellgren (drums), recently finished the recordings for their second full-length album entitled Life Erazer with Andy LaRocque producing. The band has now signed with Hammerheart Records after being dropped last year by Nuclear Blast. Guitarist Karlsson had this to say about the album 'the fast parts are faster, the heavy parts more heavy and the brutal parts are crushing everything that has been done. A killer album for sure"...Disciples Of Power has released a new CD entitled In Dust We Trust...Red Stream has a new Ravenous EP called Three On A Meethook...God Dethroned has entered Berno Studios (Seance, Impiety, etc.) in Malmo, Sweden to record their new masterpiece entitled Into the Lungs of Hell...Red Stream's Bethlehem is finishing work on Suicide Radio which is an interactive CD-ROM...Witchtower has lost bassist Chaos. His replacement is none other than Sir Cock...The reformed Dark Angel has a web site at Circle's is planning to enter the studio in January of 2003 in order to record the follow-up to the Flesh_Power_Dominion album. Their fourth album will be entitled My Passion // Your Pain and will be recorded again at Germany's Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen...Fearsome Records ( has issued an underground metal sampler entitled Blown To Pieces which features fourteen bands. Several participants are Mortuary I.O.D, Kronos, Urshurark and Merendine Atomiche...Despite bassist/vocalist Robert Cardenas touring Europe with Diabolic, Coffin Texts will record a new album entitled Tomb Of Infinite Ritual at the end of this year for WWIII...Taiwanese power metal band Seraphim will release its second album The Equal Spirit in December through Arise Records. The album was mixed at Fredman Studios and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox...Blood Red Throne recently finished the recording for the upcoming full-length album entitled Affiliated With The Suffering. The line-up is vocalist Mr Hustler, Tchort and Død on Guitars, bassist Erlend Caspersen and Espen "Beist" Antonsen on drums...DMG Productions has issued Diamatregon's Diamatregon II - Blasphemy For Satan CD. The CD is issued by Tumult Records in the USA...Demons Of Dirt's bass player Pontus Jonsson recently left the band just as the band was entering the studio to record a new album. The session will proceed regardless...Morifade will begin the recordings for their new album in January with Andy LaRocque at Los Angered Studio...Carnal Forge will tour Japan early next year. Guitarist Jonas Kjellgren's other band Centinex is slated to open. Carnal Forge's new album is due next year and entitled The More You Suffer. In related news, Jonas Kjellgren, Carnal Forge drummer Stefan Westerberg, and former S.I.B and Turabus singer and bass player Mikael Danielsson have formed a new doom metal band called World Below. An album is promised for next year...Diamond Productions has signed Carnal Lust. The French act will head into studio in December to record an album entitled Whore Of Violence...Allegiance, featuring Marduk drummer Fredrik Andersson, have their Hymns Of Blood CD released in the USA through WWIII/Mercenary Musik...WWIII has signed Chicago's Enforsaken. The label will first release a collection of their previous works including the Embraced by Misery CD and their demos on one CD entitled Into The Everblack. James Murphy will then be producing the follow-up CD...ISO666 has released the new album of Black Death entitled Saturn Sector on CD. Originally recorded in 1998 and released via Germany's Sombre Records in 2001 on LP, this CD release features two bonus songs. The Russian act has been compared to Mayhem. The label has also released Griffar's Of Witches And Celts and Goetia's Hail Satan albums...US Black Metal band Fog has entered studio to record the follow-up to their debut. Their CD will be entitled Disturbing The Balance of the Spheres. It will be self-produced. Song titles include Avatar of Grief, From Within the Darkness Beyond Eternity, The Writ Of Keogh, and Rein Of The Iron Emperor...Aborym is completing the recording of the new album With No Human Intervention without the previously reported services of Hellhammer (Mayhem, Winds, etc.). The album is due next year on WWIII. The same label has signed Void Of Silence, featuring Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym) on vocals, for North America. The album Criteria Ov 666 has already been released in Europe and is expected shortly in North America. The label has also signed Poland's Which Heaven from Poland. Their debut album, Respawning of the Gods, will be released next year... Australia's Metal For The Brain festival was cancelled this year after the organizers failed to get Liability Insurance...Thanatos has a new album called Beyond Terror out on Baphomet Records...Hidden are working on a new album for Baphomet Records...Obscene Eulogy are having their A Portable Fire demo re-released this month by Baphomet Records. Meanwhile they are recording their debut full-length album for that label....Disgust has released a new album entitled The Horror Of It All through Crimes Against Humanity Records of America...Einherjer has finished recording a new 3-song demo...Byfist's song Mary Celests is appearing on Heavy Oder Was magazine's Metal Crusader Compilation CD...The new Grave album Back From The Grave, delayed in North America until next year, comes with a limited edition bonus disc containing three rare and classic demo songs. The band is touring Europe with Defleshed and Absorbes...To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Carpathian Forest has issued We Are Going To Hell For This a double-CD featuring ten new songs on one disc and live songs on the other...Sweet Suffering will record an EP this December entitled Morendo...D.R.I. has signed with Beer City Records. The deal includes the re-release of the band's catalogue. A new album is expected late next year...Bathory's new album Nordland I will be followed by the continuation dubbed Nordland II in February 2003...Just two months after the release of their debut album Sleeping Beneath The Ashes Of Creation, Endthisday has split up. Lifeforce Records states, 'It seems we don't have a good hand for American bands and this new split up will have a lasting influence on our decisions about signing bands from to U.S.'...Maarten Geens (also Panchrysia) has left Keltgar and been replaced by guitarist Bas Verdin who is former Excess Of Cruelty, Fuzzball and Pilotfish...Caliban has finished the recordings for their new album Shadow Hearts at Woodhouse Studio. The album is due through Lifeforce in December...Defleshed has released its new album Royal Straight Flesh: Battle Hymns In Eleven Acts...Hammerheart Records has announced the new album of Septic Flesh is entitled Sumerian Daemons and some of the song titles are Unbeliever, Red Code Cult, Dark River and Faust. The album was recorded at Studio Fredman with with producer Fredrik Nordstrom and is due in January. The band's current line-up is Set<'h> on Bass and Vocals, Sotiris on Guitars, Chris A. on Guitars and Samples, Akis K. on drums and George Z. on Keyboards...Invictus has released Gospel Of The Horns' A Call To Arms CD...Former Agathocles drummer Burt Beyens (also in charge of Uxicon Records) has joined Insanity Reigns Supreme...Atropos' Gerald M has also taken over the vocal slot with Funerarium.

Metallian Hard

While recording an album called Hero In A World Of Demons with his as yet unsigned death metal band Nightrage, Dream Evil guitarist Gus G. took the time to contact Metallian with the following news. Dream Evil is entering Studio Fredman November 10th with Fredrik Nordstrom of the band handling production duties. The band has completed eight songs which most likely will not form a concept. A tentative song title is The Book Of Heavy Metal...FastLane Records has signed Swedish rockers Babylon Bombs who are set for a January 2003 recording date with producer Thomas Skogsberg...King Diamond has announced that the band's next album due in October of 2003 will be entitled The Puppet Master. According to King Diamond, 'The rules of censorship are being thrown out the windowŠthis is going to be the rawest story/album we have ever done.'...Portuguese heavy metal band Rebellion has issued the Ascending album. The band was formed in 1992 and has previously issued two CDs and a tape. The new CD is available via Recital Records...Omnium Gatherum's forthcoming full-length album is now recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila. Release is set for the beginning of 2003...Randy Palmer, the guitarist in the recently-reformed cult 70's doom metal band Bedemon, died recently when a vehicle failed to stop at a red light and crashed into his car. Bedemon was also a member of Pentagram in the 70's. For more information visit main man's Lemmy will see the release of his autobiography White Line Fever this month...Fastlane Records is releasing a compilation of Castle Blak music entitled Damnation And Glamour...As expected -following many rumours - Voivod has pulled out of the planned North American tour with Nile and Napalm Death. Dark Tranquillity has replaced the Canadian band...Taboo Voodoo the new band of former Rage drummer Mike Terrana has signed with Lion Records...ZZ Top drummer Beard recently underwent appendectomy. Drum technician John Douglas (ex-Kik Tracee) is to replace him for live shows while he recuperates... bassist Marcus Bielenberg, drummer Pierre Fienhold and guitarist Rolf Munkes have left Vanize. The trio will forge ahead under a new name pending the recruitment of a vocalist...Sepultura, who left Roadrunner in acrimony, has signed with SPV. A new album is due next summer...Mourning Beloveth has a new album, The Sullen Sulcus, through Aftermath Music...Dirk Beckers is no longer bass player of Domain. The band is seeking a new bassist and has used Tom Angelripper's Oliver "Henner" Jochim for live dates. For more information please visit 12 is the release date for the new Sheavy album entitled Synchronized...Dio, King's X and Hammerfall are touring in the USA this month... Bal-Sagoth will be joined by Martin Walkyier's 'Return to the Sabbat' and other special guests for its imminent tour of the UK. The band is also entering the studio in December to record its sixth album...Warhag, featuring former Witchkiller man Kurt Phillips, is working on a full-length demo...Former Helloween singer Michael Kiske has a new band called Supared whose debut will be out next year through Noise...Prong will release 100% Live, its first live album and first official recording since reforming earlier this year, on October 29 via Locomotive Music...Perris Records has signed Animal. The band features original W.A.S.P. guitarists Chris Holmes and Randy Piper and drummer Tony Richards...Skyfire have returned from the studio where they recorded the follow-up to their debut-album Timeless Departure. The new album is entitled Mind Revolution and features songs like Shapes Of Insanity and Dawn Will Break and was recorded at Abyss Studio...Saxon has announced the October 15th release of the two-CD collection Heavy Metal Thunder through SPV. While the first disc features a re-recorded collection of the band's early material, the second disc features live material recorded in the USA as well as a video for the song Killing Ground filmed at Wacken 2001. Saxon is touring Europe next January...Edenbridge has cancelled its Brazilian tour 'due to the enormous devaluation of the Brazilian currency.'...On November 26 Noise Records is releasing Virgin Steele's Virgin Steele I and Guardians Of The Flame albums on CD for the first time. Both albums are released separately, remastered and feature rare demo and live songs...Steel Attack will enter Sweden's Studio Underground in December for the recording of their their album. This will be the first release with new singer Dick Johnson...Westworld's Cyberdreams is now out through Z Records...Enuff Z Nuff is touring the USA, even though vocalist Donnie Vie was unable to make the tour due to health and personal reasons...Inside Out Records has issued the sixth album of Symphony X entitled The Odyssey. The band will support Blind Guardian across North America this month...The first annual Blind Guardian Open Air festival, which is scheduled for June 13-14, 2003 at BGS Open Air Arena in Coburg Germany now has the following partial line-up: Blind Guardian, Napalm Death, Tankard, Freedom Call, Primal Fear, Grave Digger and Subway To Sally...Manowar and Bludgeon are touring Europe this month. Furthermore Manowar has issued a new single called The Dawn of Battle with two unreleased tracks on Side B...FastLane Records has just released Zinny J Zan's City Boy Blues. This is the first solo effort from the once vocalist of Easy Action and Shotgun Messiah. The label has also signed Philadelphia's Midnight Angel. According to the label Midnight Angel is finalizing its line-up and getting set to enter the studio...Amorphis has recorded a new song called Kuusamo for the soundtrack to the upcoming Finnish film Menolippu Mombasaan...Expected to hit the cinemas in 2003 is a movie about AC/DC called Thunderstruck...AFM Records has released Dionysus' Sign Of Evil and Masterplan's Enlighten Me Maxi CD. The latter band's full-length is self-titled and due in January...Brides Of Destruction is a new band featuring Motley Crüe's Nikki Sixx on bass, L.A. Guns' Tracii Guns and former Motley Crue singer John Corabi on guitar, Adema's Kris Kohls on drums and London LeGrand on vocals...Hot on the heels of a full-length video entitled Don't Stop The Show, Golden Earring is recording a new CD in the USA. The CD will probably be released in January 2003...Guitarist Cesar Soto has left Pissing Razor...Jeff Scott Soto has a new album called Prism...Contrary to previous reports, bassist Ron Holzner (Trouble) will not be joining Place Of Skulls. He will concentrate his efforts on the Trouble reunion instead...The band Very Metal has broken up...Gotham is the name of the new band of former Anthrax and current Sebastian Bach guitarist Paul Crook...Candlemass' DVD release of their 1990 show in Sweden, issued as the Live album, is entitled Candlemass Documents Of Doom. More material is added to the package from the band's recent performances...A reformed Statetrooper is working on a new album due in 2003. This will be the band's second album and a follow-up to the debut release of 1987...Drew Masters, the erstwhile editor of Canada's M.E.A.T. Magazine, recently contacted us to announce that he has a new venture ready for launch in the first quarter 2003, but he did not specify what that venture is going to be.

Metallian Demos

Metal seemingly lives on forever in the blood. West coast's Warhag features Kurt Phillips of 80's band Witchkiller, although the band does not promote itself as such. Warhag is a white metal quartet with refined melodies and is quite pleasant to soak in. The solos are pure metal (more please!) and paint a picture. They remind one of UFO for some reason. There are early Iron Maiden harmonies on the CD and a couple of riffs which are quite different nowadays even if reminiscent of Y&T. The bass sound is full and warm - particularly on Rage Of Angels. The vocals are also pleasant to listen to if flat at the higher end. They are often accompanied by backing harmonies. The lyrics are effortlessly deciphered. Paying attention to the mix one notes how the vocals are slightly higher than the instruments. Having said all that, Warhag may be a shade too mellow for heavy metal fans. Let us say this will appeal to hard rockers and move on.
The CD ends with Witchkiller's Saxon's Return and is overall a good bet for hard rockers. The band failed to supply us with pricing information, but one can visit for more information. A full-length CD is also in the works for 2003. - Ali "The Metallian"

Everything on this CD bleeds red. The demo title, the song title And Always The Deep Red Sea... , the jacket, cover and photographs are all red. What does the colour signify for Osh? Perhaps a passion for their original and unique art. The Germans certainly are not following trends or copying anyone. That is not saying they have no influences however.
The lead-off song I.C.I begins with an exotic percussive instrument. The vocals are occasionally Voivod-inspired. There is some metal here, but more offbeat parts which are groovy too. Then comes the whacked Megadeth rhythm. Yet it is the Voivod influence which comes up most often during the course of the next twelve songs.
Osh was formed in 1992 and retains its original line-up to date. The German quartet prides itself on its unique instrumentation, but certainly keeps the proceedings heavy and fast enough (well some of the time) to retain a metalhead's interest. In fact Osh bills itself as 'masters of progressive grind rock' which is a bad description given how they are none of those things really. How about 'improv crossover?'
Osh certainly improvises often, but that is juxtaposed against the band's heavier moments which can be akin to any of the aforementioned bands or even Danzig if one listens to Threshold For An Embrace for instance. Overall Osh is a pleasure to hear even though its style is not a favourite of mine. This professional disc is yours for $10 Cdn. plus postage. For more information either visit or email - Ali "The Metallian"

Formed by former Dream Child singer Gerard Fois, who released two albums, France's Eternal Flight is a band for fans of Nevermore, Threshold and obviously Dream Child. Taking the name of a Dream Child song, some of the music here was originally meant for that band and is now being made available on this three-song demo CD.
Beyond (The Golden Gates) is akin to Nevermore. It is faster and heavier and wanders into speed metal territory. Back Into The Light (Renaissance) is keyboard-oriented and consequently a let down compared to Beyond... It is pompous. The pace is slower and the kick drums sound like they were sampled. Guardians is a mid-paced song with a nice chugging rhythm only affected by the annoyingly light weight snare sound.
Fois hits very high notes vocally throughout the demo. He is perhaps a bit higher than he needs to be coming across like a Geoff Tate on overdrive. The overall sound is good, except for the annoyingly light-sounding snare. The tunes are long which means the three songs and one intro last twenty minutes. All in all, albeit in need of modifications, Eternal Flight is a professional demo from a band ready for a record deal. Please either write to eternalflight@ifrance or send €8 or $10 Cdn to BP 259, 74007 Annecy Cedex France - Ali "The Metallian"

Here is something different for residents of readerland. Aurora K - peculiar name - hails from Finland and is currently a two-piece since the departure of other permanent members from the fold. This is not a cause for weariness though; the act is enhanced by guest musicians and remains stable.
Aurora K plays professionally-composed hard rock with a female vocalist. Before everyone runs away or moves on to the next review let us make it clear that Katriina is a rock singer not one of those dime-a-dozen Finnish opera moaners. Musically, the two songs here are divided into 11th Hour the rocking tune with cool guitar playing and The Hopeless the forlornly melodic rock song. The sound is clear and certainly has character.
As a bonus the CD features a professionally filmed video for 11th Hour. The video has a concept and is not a live footage. Apart from the cool music and acting, the viewer has to chuckle after seeing the number of cellular phones on this video. The shoot must have featured more Nokias per square centimetre than had previously been attempted. Silliness aside the band is good and recommended to rock and hard rock fans. Mail Oppipojantie 8 B, 00640 Helsinki Finland or email - Ali "The Metallian"

Based out of America's Midwest, Crush Efekt is a crossover band featuring singer and guitarist Chris Alley, guitarist Jesse Blankenship, bassist Mike Lare and drummer Mark Evans. The quartet quickly reminds the listener of the heady days of thrash metal when bands were actually ripping and vicious as opposed to holding on to their nuts while rapping (cough cough). The quartet lives off the speedy guitar rhythm too. It's particularly aggressive and blunt. Alley spews aggression and is backed by some growling making for a vocal effect rather like a cross between Obituary, The Accused and DRI! Musically the sound dwells somewhere between Malevolent Creation and DRI. Where the band is severely deficient is the drum snare sound -ouch! It's woefully light and annoying.
Last, but not least, the lyrics are antisocial and quite explicit.- swords and sorcery is but a fable to this band! It isn't different from what the moniker promised anyway! As far as names go, it does not get much more mandated than this, does it? Please send $10 to Kelly Ulrich, P.O. Box 23142, Columbus, Ohio 43223 USA. The band can also be contacted via or - Ali "The Metallian"

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