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In CRYPTOPSY news, guitarist Jon Levasseur now seems to have been permanently replaced with Dan Mongrain.(also of MARTYR and ALCOHOLICA). The band is hitting the USA for around 40 dates in February and there has been talk of touring with SUFFOCATION or DISMEMBER. The band is also releasing at least two DVDs. The band's recent Montreal show, with some backstage footage will be one video. Another DVD, tentatively entitled Histopsy, will feature interviews, jams and an 11-year old never-seen-before show. The latter video was directed by current drummer Flo. In the meanwhile, the band will likely record its new album in December. The album has a concept based around the emotion of human fear throughout the ages as envisaged by Flo and Lord Worm. Song titles are Adeste InFidelis, Carrionshine and Angelskingarden which is about incest and the movie Wrong Turn...Drummer Jason Lango has left THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. The band's recording for a fourth album is now delayed. The band's appearance at Ottawa's Death Festival has been cancelled...Dutch metal band MARTYR, which once appeared on a Metal Massacre compilation, has organized the re-release on CD of both its albums, For The Universe and Darkness At Time's Edge, featuring eight eight bonus songs. The two CDs are released by Metal For Muthas/High Vaultage...HORNA and Solistitium Records have reached an agreement to reissue the Haudankylmyyden Mailla CD in late 2004, possibly with new cover art...The BEHERIT/ARCHGOAT split CD has now been reissued by ISO666...America's SATANICON has begun recording for a split-demo with the other band of SATANICON drummer John which is named PUTREFY. Visit for more information...RYGEL's website has two songs ready for download from the band's new demo. The band's debut will be out next month and is produced by Rodrigo Alves formerly of VIPER...A new Canadian label called Sinister Sounds will be releasing a 4-song MCD by an up-and-coming French death metal band in February of 2005. The label is also negotiating with two additional acts. Fans and extreme bands looking for a deal should visit The label's founder is Larry Lava of Metalurgy radio show fame...Adimiron is currently writing new material for its second album, which is to be recorded in the summer of 2005. The band is planning a European tour to promote its debut album Burning Souls...SYSTEM SHOCK has recorded a video for its song Devil Wish, which is taken from the band's debut album Artic Inside. The band is planning a Scandinavian tour with several other Karmageddon Media acts. The band is also working on new material for its second album, which will be a concept album based on a science fiction story, written by two band members. Recordings are scheduled in the summer of 2005 at Tico Tico studio, Finland. Finally, drummer George Kollias (also of NIGHTFALL) has officially become the new drummer for NILE...DARK TRANQUILLITY has signed a new worldwide recording contract with Century Media for three records. As a precursor to the band's new album, Character (to be released in January), November will see DARK TRANQUILLITY issue a low-priced, four-song EP titled Lost To Apathy. The title track also serves as Character's first single. DARK TRANQUILLITY keyboardist Martin Brändström and TALISMAN guitarist Fredrik Akesson will also be touring with TIAMAT...UNHOLY GHOST has a new drummer called David Breazeal. The new man previously played in CAULDRON, a Tampa area band featuring guitarist Kelly McLauchlin as well as frontman Matt Barlow who later joined ICED EARTH. He also recorded with Kelly and PESSIMIST for a tribute to POSSESSED in 2001, and later formed his own band, TROKAR...DEVILYN entered the studio on 14th of October in order to record its newest album . Entitled 11 and being recorded at Bialystok studio in Hertz, the disc will be out through Conquer Records in December...Japan's World Chaos Production will soon release GLORIA MORTI's Lifestream Corrosion album. The band is scheduled to open for DISSECTION this winter...Czech Republic's DESPISE has parted ways with bassist Tomas Prasek and replaced him with Jarda Beavis Petrík. The independent band is playing select shows at home and in Germany...ILLDISPOSED's new album, entitled 1-800 Vindication is now out...THY MAJESTIE is working on its third album which once again will be released by Scarlet Records. The album is due in March 2005 and will feature a concept of Joan Of Arc and the liberation of France from the English oppression...NAPALM DEATH started its North American tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and others on October 20th. NAPALM DEATH vocalist Barney Greenway also used the occasion to comment on the US political situation, "Shame on you if you voted for that fucking guy"...STROMMOUSSHELD has just seen the release of its Halfdecadance EP. The band will officially have the album out on the 25th of October through Metal Mind Productions...SHAPE OF DESPAIR's guitarist Jarno Salomaa has a new project called THE MIST AND THE MORNING DEW. The band was recently signed to U.S.-based label Vendlus Records...HOLY MOSES has signed to Armageddon Music. A new studio album is scheduled for next summer...CONSTRUCDEAD has announced that its forthcoming EP will be called Wounded...TONY DOLAN has reformed ATOMKRAFT after his departure from MANTAS. The forthcoming album is called Head Smashed In (I Couldn't Give a Fuck)...Death metal act THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT recently finished the recordings for its second album, which is entitled The White Crematorium. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ground Zero Recording Studio in Holland under the supervision of producer Pascal Altena. The band was also in the midst of a dispute with an anti-racism web site regarding its views on the topic...GOD FORBID has just completed a live video for the title track to the album Gone Forever with director Zach Merck...KINETIC's full-length CD The Chains That Bind Us is out through Sleaszy Rider Records. The CD contains a video for the song Never Ending Winter...JUMBO'S KILLCRANE kicks off a US tour with WEEDEATER starting this week in support of The Slow Decay album...NORTHER's singer Petri Lindroos is now a member of ENSIFERUM, handling both vocals and rhythm guitars...DOWN THE DRAIN is a new Buffalo-based band fronted by ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION singer Brett Hoffmann...MORIFADE has left Karmageddon and recruited singer Kristian Wallin (ex-RISING FAITH)...ENTHRONED has added drummer Glaurung to the band. The band just completed a South American tour for Xes Haereticum...HECATE ENTHRONED has added singer Dagon (now ex-HEATHEN DEITY) to the line-up...WITHERING and bassist/vocalist Raimo Crazyhorse have parted ways...HATEFRAME is a new band featuring drummer Tonmi Lillman (ex-TO/DIE/FOR and SINERGY) and guitarist Joonas Koto (MALPRACTICE and again ex-TO/DIE/FOR). The band has completed work on its debut album, Sign of Demise...TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy fronted EXODUS for one night in San Francisco on October 28th...DEICIDE has recruited one-time CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Jack Owen for the band's current European tour with ARKHON INFAUSTUS. DEICIDE's guitarist Brian Hoffman could not make the trip due to personal reasons. In the meanwhile, the same tour has had to be partly postponed due to the death of drummer Steve Asheim's father. Furthermore, Eric Hoffman has also been replaced with VITAL REMAINS's Dave Suzuki. Hoffman is seemingly MIA...INTERNAL BLEEDING has been rejoined by guitarist Chris Pervelis after the exit of Frank Buffalino...EXCITER recently cancelled a Belgian show because singer Jacques Belanger had a vocal cord in need of surgery. The band soon flew back to Canada... EXMORTEM has been rejoined by drummer Reno Kiilerich after signing to Earache Records...PSYOPUS from Buffalo is a new grindcore band that has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records...DEATH ANGEL's European tour was cancelled...FaceFront Records will issue the sophomore album of ARCH NEMESIS, Of Mind And Fantasy, this month...Guitarist Aaron Freeman has left REPULSION and been replaced by EXHUMED's Matt Harvey...AXAMENTA has signed a deal with Holland's Karmageddon Media...FORENSICK will release Reign Of Survival Horror in February, 2005 through Necromance Records...Former CARCASS singer Jeff Walker recently went to Foel Studios in Wales to record some vocals for the new NAPALM DEATH album.The CD will probably be called The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code and is expected in early 2005 through Century Media Records...OVERKILL has signed to Sweden's Regain Records for Europe...The latest line-up of the reformed DISSECTION is Jon Nödtveidt on vocals and guitar, guitarist Set Teitan (ABORYM and BLOODLINE), bassist Brice Leclercq (NIGHTRAGE) and drummer Thomas Asklund (INFERNAL, DAWN, DARK FUNERAL). The band has shot its Stockholm show in October for release as a video...USURPER had its album release party for Cryptobeast on November 6th at Delilah's in Chicago...Karmageddon has just issued THYRFING's Vannsinesvisor, IMPIOUS' The Killer and FLESH MADE SIN's Dawn Of The Stillborn albums...Red Stream Records has four new releases. They are NECROPHAGIA's Nightmare Scenerios video, ABSCESS's Damned & Mummified, BETHLEHEM's Mein Weg and the soundtrack-oriented NEKRONOLOGY's Nekromantik Sessions/Hermann Kopp...LENG TCH'E has found replacement for departed guitarist Rizzo. The new man is from the band SPLEEN and is simply called Jan. The Belgian band is scheduled to play in the USA next May...Profound Lore Records has issued the XASTHUR/LEVIATHAN mini-LP. The black metal LP can be found at

Metallian Hard

In a conversation with Metallian King Diamond stated that he is working on the release of a DVD for KING DIAMOND and another for MERCYFUL FATE featuring older and vintage footage that no one has ever seen. There are also plans to shoot a new KING DIAMOND DVD during the band's next European tour. The frontman is also writing new music for KING DIAMOND...NWOBHM band Battleaxe is getting its own official website. is designed to bring the band's history to fans, offer merchandise and serve as a launching pad for the re-release of the band's albums. Dave King, the erstwhile singer for BATTLEAXE, is soon releasing a solo album called Rainbow's End. The album is not a heavy metal one. He is also working on releasing the band's catalogue, including the unreleased Mean Machine recording from 1997...DGM's Misplaced is now out through Scarlet Records... METAL CHURCH is touring the USA in support of The Weight Of The World album. 3 INCHES OF BLOOD is supporting...Robin McAuley will be signing autographs at Impulse Music in Roselle, Chicago on Saturday Nov 6th from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Robin is in Chicago to headline the Rainbow Foundation annual toy drive concert from 7:30 pm on Friday, November 5 at Synergy, located at 243 W. Roosevelt road in West Chicago. This concert features Robin McAuley, former lead singer of MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP and singer/guitarist Amy Schugar...WAYSTED has returned to the scene with an album called Back From The Dead. The album was recorded in the USA and the UK and mixed by Robin George...EMPYRIA's Mike Kischnick is completing the vocals and music for a new solo album called New Horizon III. He plays all instruments with the exception of some guest bass player spots and the vocals played by a newcomer, namely Pat Brown of TEN2NINE. Kischnick has also played on TEN2NINE's upcoming demo and writing music for THOR...CRY HAVOC is back in the studio recording the follow-up to 2002's Chavis Records release Fuel That Feeds The Fire. The album is supposed to carry on in the same vein as the debut. The new record, which will be called Caught In A Lie, features Stevie A. Durrand (vocals and guitar), Paul Logue (bass), Davey Harkness (drums) and Jimmy Johnstone (guitar). A label will be announced shortly...IRON MAIDEN will release The History Of IRON MAIDEN - Part 1; The Early Days this month. This is a 2-DVD set being issued through Sanctuary/Metal-Is Records on November 9th and features Maiden's first ever concert video Live At The Rainbow which was produced by EMI back in 1980, Beast Over Hammersmith which was filmed at the beginning of the Beast On The Road tour that to many fans at the time was the first introduction to Bruce Dickinson and other footage. Plans are currently being put together for IRON MAIDEN to play some festival and stadium dates next summer and bring the 'Early Days' back to life. The band will feature its beginnings in the stage set as well as performing some classic tracks from that time which haven't been heard live for a while...GRAVEYARD RODEO has reformed...According to drummer Chris Black, PHARAOH will begin recording the album The Longest Night in late 2004 for a projected release date in March, 2005 through Cruz Del Sur Music...According to Arise Records ARWEN will release its new album Illusions in November. The album "is more aggressive, melodic & technical than their debut album."...DARK MOOR will issue its new album Beyond The Sea in February. The band has just finished the recording sessions at New Sin Studios in Italy...Filmed in 2003, BLIND GUARDIAN's Imaginations Through The Looking Glass 2-DVD set is now out...Steve DiGiorgio has joined SEBASTIAN BACH's touring band on bass...AFM Records has announced that on December 6th the fans will see the release of an EDGUY sampler, called Hall of Flames...Toronto's CIUT has axed its metal show Lethal Mayhem. Apparently the show was not faring well during fundraising events! For more information visit has chosen a "quiet place in the middle of Denmark for the recording" of its new album. Together with producer Charlie Bauerfeind, the band is working on the follow-up to Crimson Thunder. The new album is planned for the 7th of March 2005...Terry Knight, the founding manager for GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, was found stabbed and dead at his home in Temple, Texas on November 1st. The police have charged his daughter's boyfriend...Beginning October 10th Magnus Rosèn, the bass player of HAMMERFALL, began a solo bass tour hitting Sweden, Germany, England and South America. The South American dates are not for profit as all the revenue is to be donated to homeless children...MYSTIC PROPHECY has just finished shooting a video clip for the track Burning Bridges, taken from its upcoming new album Never-Ending...QUIET RIOT is back after an eighteen month absence. The band features vocalist Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali, both QUIET RIOT founding members, as well as bassist Chuck Wright and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES' guitarist Alex Grossi. QUIET RIOT has reportedly entered into "an equitable and legal agreement with bassist Rudy Sarzo, now with DIO, making it possible for the continuation of the group". Former guitarist Carlos Cavazo has chosen not to participate in the reunion. The band has a new CD called Quiet Riot Live & Rare Volume I coming through Cleopatra Records in January...Perris Records has released the new BROKEN TEETH CD Blood On The Radio. The band features Jason McMaster and Paul Lidel of DANGEROUS TOYS. Blood On The Radio was recorded Live in 2004 in Austin, Texas and features 15 tracks spanning both studio albums Broken Teeth and Guilty Pleasure...Finnish doom band SILENTIUM has signed a record deal with Dynamic Arts Records. The deal calls for for two records and the band is planning on entering the studio in May...EARTH, comprised of Dylan Carlson on guitar and Adrienne Davies on percussion, has signed to Southern Lord. The band will enter the studio in January 2005 to record its debut album and the first new studio album in nine years for Southern Lord...THE GREAT KAT has a compilation DVD next month entitled Extreme Guitar Shred...Greece's NOCTA will be mixing its new album, featuring four older and nine new songs, at Hamburg's Soundlodge Studio next month...Finland's BLIND STARE has signed to Arise Records. The band will record its debut album during Christmas and hopes to have it released in May, 2005...THOR is currently filming Murder At The Presidio with Lou Diamond Philips and Jason Priestly in Victoria, British Columbia. THOR also co-wrote the title song to the film, a track called Glimmer which will appear on his upcoming album Thor Against The World...CHILDREN OF BODOM has a new EP called Trashed, Lost & Strungout. The CD will also feature a DVD EP...HAVOCHATE has added former HADES drummer Ron Lipnicki to the band...KALEDON started the recording session for its new album on October 25th at the Outer Sound Studio with producer Giuseppe Orlando in Rome. The third chapter of the Legend Of The Forgotten Reign saga is entitled The Way Of Light and will be released in January, 2005 through the Italian label Northwind Records. Jorg Michael of SAXON will drum for the band...STARWOOD will begin a world tour this month in support of its debut, If It Aint Broke, Break It!, by opening for UFO. The band has also shot a video for the song Subculture...'80s band DAMMAJ recently played its first show in fifteen years. The original line-up played at Livermore, California and is looking for more shows...Scarlet Records has issued DAMNED NATION's Sign Of Madness...CITIZEN X, a project involving members of DARKSIDE, has recorded an album called Satanation. The lyrical content is related to the world's situation after 9-11. Check for more information. H8 is also a project lead by Peter Böhm, bass player in DARKSIDE. The band has been signed for two albums by Italian label Pulsarlight. The album is entitled Dressed With Scars and will be released early next year...Former TNT bassist Morty Black has joined a serious, but part-time band called DET GURGLES...ACCEPT has reformed for a string of live shows in 2005 including Wacken Open Air. The band will feature Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Wolf Hoffman (guitars) and Peter Baltes on bass. New music is not planned...DARKANE drummer Peter Wildoer has joined a rock band called BEN...FIREWIND, featuring guitarist Gus G., has signed to Century Media Records...Singer Gabriele Grilli (formerly of FURY 'N GRACE/DOOMSWORD) has left THY MAJESTIE...One-time PESTILENCE bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling has a flamenco dance studio project called PROJEKT TABUN...MYSTIC PROPHECY has a new album called Never-Ending...Sweden's ISENGARD has recruited singer Morgan J. Johansson, formerly of CRYSTAL BLUE, to the line-up...SONATA ARCTICA's Reckoning Night has entered the Finish album chart at number 2...Glamsters CRASHDÏET have signed with Stockholm Records in Sweden...METAL CHURCH guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof has a rock project called PRESTO BALLET...Guitarist Tommy Skeoch has joined TESLA for the current USA tour with SCORPIONS...California's EDEN, featuring new singer Audie, is working on a new album called Metal For The Millennium due for release in January through Elkcips Productions. More information at Tracks include Hot Rods To Hell, The Deep and Suicide...BLACK SABBATH's performance with Rob Halford on vocals on August 26th at Ozzfest in Camden, New Jersey will be issued next month as video and audio...Montreal's Sang Frais has a new issue. The Francophone fanzine's latest edition features interviews with SUFFOCATION, HANKER, DARK TRANQUILLITY and many others. Visit for more information.

Metallian Demos

Soul Less Divine is not a new Canadian band, but the London-based boys have managed to remain as underground as possible. Until now that is. The current demo is a professional full-length CD with great artwork and a professional sound. On the disc the quartet presents a brutal and pounding metal unit with an emphasis on the low-end and the infusion of acoustic breaks here and there. The music alternates between fast and mid-paced, the growls are sinister, foreboding and interspersed with the mimicked howl of wind and the lyrics of the Cryptopsy school of sicker than sick variety. In fact, comparisons can be drawn between this band and former Londoners Blood of Christ. Then again, the band is missing a few guitar solos in its repertoire. The disc is inexpensive at $5 Canadian so write to or visit for information. - Ali "The Metallian"

Art Of Fear is a speed and power metal band from Austria that has been dishing out its wares on the unsuspecting public since 1997. The band consciously stays away from silly tricks like keyboards and female vocals (K&F), but has many of the trademarks of its contemporaries like high-pitch vocals (which sometimes remind one of Saxon) and riffs a la Annihilator and Iced Earth. There are ten tracks on the disc so it is not a shock when one, namely Another Lie, takes a different tact and sounds chunkier and less metal. The last song here has a certain Gaelic flavour and called Braveheart. Fans of real power metal will like this. Please either write to or learn more about the Austrians at - Ali "The Metallian"

Apparently the Polish outfit Spiral Madness has been around quite a few years. This would explain how The Berserk Crowning CD is already a compilation of sorts for the band which pays tribute to past members as well as showcases original work. The 15 songs date back to 1996 and give the demo a length of fifty minutes. The easiest comparison here is Vader obviously. The bonus song Koszmar is probably the more grim and morbid of the bunch here. The band loves to play fast, the singer spews hatred in his throaty fashion and the guitar mixes gratifying melodic rhythms with linear and aggressive lines. There is nothing fancy here, just meats and potato good old aggressive underground metal to blast out loud and enjoy (suffer?). Find the band at or e-mail - Ali "The Metallian"

The new demo from Tombthroat is one hell of a rabid monster. The sound is good, the artwork is good, the presentation is good and the music, well, it is good too. In fact, it encapsulates the history of death metal in one tome. The lyrics bark like a cross between Benediction and Cryptopsy, but doubled-up and spiced for pure putridity. The bass is cranked up, the drummer on a mission and the guitars blazing. Elements of Grave, Necrophobic, Autopsy and Deicide are found in the songs which is good because this makes the sixteen songs be sustained. The clear tray also explains the band's impressive monicker. Write the band at Björn Köppler, Pierstarsse 4, 67227 Frankenthal or e-mail the gang at - Ali "The Metallian"

If the title was not enough to grab you then listen to the rest of what this album has to offer. In the beginning of the track Frozen Heart...Lonely Soul the vocals share what seems to be a depth of melancholy with a voice saying "life is just a dream on the way to death," then kicking into a melodic musical tempo portraying the worst goodbye to a loved one. Sadness, despair and renewed hope only to be shattered again with the veil of death so close at hand tempting fate with a loss so incredible only a band coming from Portugal can depict such intensity. Desire, the groups second release shows promise due to the thought behind this CD's collection of emotional scarring. The concept of this material is based on the story theme of the movie The Crow. For the new listeners who are fans of Graveworm, Type O Negative and Moonspell this is a must listen. Locus Horrendus was digitally mastered by Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studios whose previous work with Nightwish, Therion and Children Of Bodom strikes a good quality pointer considering the band is not signed act. Desire's songs are well structured, but the only thing that seems to lag is the brief time in-between songs that just takes up space, but other than that the composition of this erotic yet eerie tale of emotions merging harmonious pain to the listener it embraces says it all. - Jussi

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