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DEW-SCENTED has completed 12 new songs and is working with producer Andy Sneap for the upcoming album which will be released early 2007 through Nuclear Blast Records. Guitarist Flo Mueller has returned to the fold…THE ACCURSED will release Seasons Of The Scythe on Screaming Ferret Wreckords on October 31st, 2006…The new voice of EXCITER is Kenny ‘metalmouth’ Winter from Brooklyn, New York. Fans will hear Kenny’s vocal performance on the upcoming new release, Thrash Speed Burn, due in early 2007…Metal Mind Productions will re-issue over 25 albums from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, taken from the wide Roadrunner Records’ archives. The selection of bands includes SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CRIMSON GLORY, ATROPHY, HEATHEN, REALM, XENTRIX, DISINCARNATE, PESTILENCE, LAST CRACK, ZNOWHITE, SADUS, TOXIK, BULLDOZER and GORGUTS. The albums will begin appearing next month…Sweden's WITCHCRAFT which was due to start its first US tour in Seattle on October 23rd has been forced to return to Sweden for additional processing at the US Embassy in Stockholm. The tour, also featuring Portland-based DANAVA, is being reworked for a later start date with West Coast performances planned to be rescheduled at the end of the planned dates…ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian is teaming up with club owner Mike Diamond to open a rock venue in Chelsea, New York called Retox. CYPRESS HILL is scheduled to play the opening night, and Ian is slated to perform with the band FIVE FOR FIGHTING some time in November. ANTHRAX is due to issue a new album in 2007…GOD DETHRONED’s eighth release The Toxic Touch will be released on Tuesday November 7th, 2006…DESENSITISED has announced Mark Raets (ex-RIMMSHOT/DEATHFALL) as its new bassist. He also played bass on the band’s first MCD, Thriving On Carnage…Singer Sabine Weniger has joined DEADLOCK as a permanent second singer and will be heard on the band’s forthcoming album which is due in April…The new PHAZM CD, Antebellum Death'n Roll is released on a dual disc with the concert the band gave in Nancy last summer…CEREMONIUM's double disc CD, Where Roses Were Planted Thorns Grow will be issued in February through Japan’s Weird Truth Productions now…The Netherlands’ TEXTURES will support ARCH ENEMY on several European shows in December…A Reunited ABIGOR has signed with End All Life Records…A reunited SACRIFICE has begun work on a new album. The band recently played at The Day Of Equinox II show… DESTRUCTION will be joined by thrashers SADUS and MUNICIPIAL WASTE for the Thrash Til Death North American tour in January of 2007…DEICIDE’s Canadian tour had to be cancelled when the members were unable to gain access to the country due to visa and past record difficulties…Long-time singer Sabathan and ENTHRONED have parted ways due to personal differences. The singer apparently did not share the same beliefs as the other members…ABORTED has parted ways with drummer Gilles Delecroix and bass player Olivia Scemama due to financial difficulties and disagreements. The band’s new bassist is Peter Goemaere…AXAMENTA, the former band of EPICA bassist Yves Huts, will release its album, Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture which is issued by Shiver Records, in Japan through Soundholic…Former DIABOLIC/CRADLE OF FILTH and BRUTALITY Guitarist Bryan Hipp died in October with the cause of death not being immediately known…Former MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson died on October 19th following severe drug addiction and abuse over the years…Metal Mind Productions has reissued the complete discography of BULLDOZER. The Regenerated In The Grave CD book box is released in full cooperation with the band and consists of the following albums: The Day Of Wrath, The Final Separation, IX, Neurodeliri and Alive ...In Poland…AVERSE SEFIRA has signed with Candlelight Records… SCARVE has recruited Lawrence Mackrory (ex-DARKANE) to sing on its upcoming album, due in May through Listenable Records…ION DISSONANCE has recruited singer Kevin McCaughey (SHAOLIN, THE LAST FELONY and DESPISED ICON)…INFERNAL MAJESTY will release a five-song EP, entitled Demo'n God on December 1st. The MCD will feature four demo versions of songs off the group’s forthcoming Systematical Extermination that is due for a spring 2007 release. The EP will feature a new version of the song S.O.S. from the band's 1985 None Shall Defy album, with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher and Rob Barrett of CANNIBAL CORPSE guesting…TRENDKILL has been dropped by Regain Records...Michael Henggeler, former bassist for CATARACT, has joined the hardcore band VALE TUDO.

Metallian Hard

THRESHOLD is currently recording the follow-up to its 2004 album, Subsurface. Recording is taking place at Thin Ice Studio and Bray Studios in the south of England, produced by Karl Groom and Richard West. The new album is called Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams, and the song titles are Slipstream, This Is Your Life, Elusive, Disappear, Fighting For Breath, Hollow, Safe To Fly, One Degree Down and Landing Lights…In support of the new album Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond, ZERO HOUR has announced a small South-to-East Coast US tour beginning this month…Winger IV is slated to hit the USA on November, 28th. This will be the first WINGER album in 14 years and will coincide with a new tour...EUROPE will issue a new album, entitled Secret Society, this month through Sanctuary Music…ROYAL HUNT’s new double live album Royal Hunt 2006 is due for release on November 22, 2006…The first new HALFORD song in four years will appear this month at Apple’s iTunes site. The song is called Forgotten Generation…Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward of BLACK SABBATH have reunited as HEAVEN AND HELL. The four are working on new music and a tour using the name of the 1980 BLACK SABBATH album as their monicker. In the meanwhile, BLACK SABBATH’s original singer Ozzy Osbourne has been quoted as asserting that BLACK SABBATH will always be with him on vocals…KISS is releasing the first instalment of a KISS Live DVD Collection this Halloween. Kissology: Volume One 1974-1977 is a six-hour 2-DVD box set…Guitarist Afzaal Nasirudeen and drummer Justin Arman, both members of the Los Angeles-based act CRISIS that went on hiatus earlier this year, will be performing with SON OF THE SOIL at the World Performing Arts Festival in Pakistan this November…CROWBAR is finishing work on a live DVD. Filmed last summer at the annual With Full Force Festival, the DVD is expected for release in early 2007…ANGRA’s Aurora Consurgens album was issued on October 10th…SLAVIOR, the new band of former FATES WARNING/WARLORD drummer Mark Zonder has inked a worldwide deal with Inside Out Music for the release of a self-titled debut album due in early 2007…CANDLEMASS has commenced searching for a new singer after accepting the definite departure of singer Messiah Marcolin. While the vocalist had announced his departure in April, the band had held out hope for his return and even promised Messiah’s participation on the next album. The rest of the band has recorded an album’s worth of material already recorded…Former PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott has announced that his new band with members of MUDVAYNE and NOTHINGFACE is called HELL YEAH…CATAMENIA has lost keyboardist Tero Nevala unexpectedly in the midst of its European tour…Frontiers Records has signed DOKKEN for the release of a new album in 2007 called Lightning Strikes Again…Drummer Maarten "Ploegbaas" Luysterburg (BRUTUS and ex-GODDESS OF DESIRE) took his own life on Tuesday, October 24th. He was 25 years old…EYEHATEGOD will re-issue the rare 99 Miles Of Bad Road 7” EP on CD through Canada's Moshpit Tragedy Records…BANG TANGO's new album, From The Hip, has finally been issued by Perris Records…Chicago doom metal act NOVEMBERS DOOM has set February 20th, 2007 as the release date for its The Novella Reservoir album through The End Records…FAITH AND FIRE, a new band featuring RIOT guitarist Mike Flyntz and ex-RIOT singer Tony Moore, has released its debut album, Accelerator…Drummer Snowy Shaw (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND and DREAM EVIL) has been announced as the new co-singer for THERION! The group's new album, Gothic Kabbalah, will be released in January…ALCATRAZZ featuring singer Graham Bonnet, Howie Simon (guitar), Time Luce and Glenn Sobel has regrouped using the name ALCATRAZZ FEATURING GRAHAM BONNET. Officially this is not the reunion of the ALCATRAZZ but a reworking of the concept...DENIM AND LEATHER is a cover band featuring Ronny Munroe (METAL CHURCH) on vocals, guitarists Geoff Gayer (LEATHERWOLF), Bob Beaudette and Ira Black (LIZZY BORDEN), Jeff Baker on bass and Rob Daley on drums…The new ICED EARTH guitarist is UK-based Tim Mills who is the owner of Bare Knuckle Pickups. Also Brent Smedley has returned to be the band’s drummer once again…SHAAMAN (formerly SHAMAN), featuring former ANGRA members André Matos (vocals), Luis Mariutti (bass) and drummer Ricardo Confessori has split up…Singer Russ North has rejoined CLOVEN HOOF…MASTERPLAN has recruited singer Mike DiMeo (RIOT and THE LIZARDS) and drummer Mike Terrana (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, AXEL RUDI PELL, METALIUM and RAGE) and is recording a new album. Uli Kusch recently vacated the drum stool in MASTERPLAN…TWISTED TOWER DIRE has parted ways with vocalist Tony Taylor after being asked by the rest of the band to take time out for his problems. His temporary replacement is Johnny Aune of the band VIPER.

Metallian Demos

I suppose the Metallian handed this CD to me for review because the kind knight/editor figured Mindscape is a hard rock band needing my expert opinion. Now, four listens later the question still forming in my mind is whether Mindscape is a hard rock band or not. The quartet really seems to hit those chords, but there are a lot of indications here that the Ohio-based band is aligned with ‘70s rock and progressive rock. Chief among these is singer Steve bull’s harmonies and extended vocalizations. This makes Mask Of Anger comparable to Hammers Of Misfortune. Then there are the odd time changes and percussive and offbeat drum fills. This is not a band that follows convention, although characterizing them as complex or technical would not be accurate either. I do like the long hair and the rocking image though. At 10 songs and forty minutes, this is certainly value for money for fans of the sound. Find the band at or e-mail - Sheila Wes Det

Death Heaven is an Italian band that describes its music as, “technical and still aggressive death metal”. The description sounds right, although given the odd band name, the title and a cover depicting circuits and technology surrounding the planet this writer was expecting either rubbish like Fear Factory to drip out of the speakers or the whole thing would go in the direction followed by fellow Italians Chaos And Technocracy. From that much we were spared.
Death Heaven is a brutal band with harsh tones and an extreme sound, which is supplemented by two vocals – raspy gruff and growls. The songs take different twists and turns and feature samples, spoken pieces, acoustic interludes and some blasting. While guitar leads are utilized, these are not always the most successful idea for the band is still in need of improvement. The leads can be wobbly at time, which is part of a larger problem of occasional untightness. The guitar rhythm at the beginning of Sunday Of War is pure Iron Maiden however.
Techno Decomposition World appears to have it right regarding the world. Given the two-year old age of the recording perhaps the band’s music has also taken a turn towards compactness and tighter delivery in the meanwhile. For now, the disc features over fifty minutes of music as described above. For information or ordering, either write to or visit the site. The disc costs a mere 4.5 EUR inclusive of shipping charges. – Ali “The Metallian”

These Brazilians have been around for over a decade and in this six track CD explore the styles that have been around just as long. Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark starts things off and is as close as one can get to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s thrash sound without sounding overly dated. There are many comparisons here to Dark Angel. Warfare is not all that different from the song preceding it with perhaps a more traditional thrash metal chorus. The title track is next and takes a more heavy, drudging and mid-tempo approach. Legions (Forgotten By The Gods) starts off by the obviously mandatory South Of Heaven inspired riffs, subsequently the band tries to incorporate some death metal sounds but it is all hampered by the vocals of Regis F., easily the most ‘80s sounding element of the quintet. Return To The Killing Ground is disappointing at times as the band seems to lose the way and ends up sounding hardcore-ish. The sixth and final track, Hidden Roots Of Evil, begins with riffs borrowed from Megadeth’s So Far, So Good...So What! album before speeding its way into some of the fastest, most death metal-like music heard on the demo. – Anna Tergel

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