Metallian Heavy

Now called Extraction INSURRECTION’s new album is out through Galy Records on Oct 6th. The band is touring Eastern Canada.

Sliptrick Records has issued Poland-based INDIGNITY’s Realm Of Dissociation album. The band is described as death/grind. Also out is RAZGATE‘s Feral Evolution.

Loud rage Music will issue FUNERAL BAPTISM’s debut album, The Venom Of God soon.

Currently working on completing a new demo entitled Tenebrous Labyrinth to follow up the 2015 release Void To Enlightenment, Denver, USofA’s death metal trio PILE OF PRIESTS has a new video for the single Redemptionem Per Cruciatu.

MORBID ANGEL will release a new album, called Kingdoms Disdained, on December 1st through UDR Music. It was recorded at Mana Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida, USofA with former MORBID ANGEL guitarist Erik Rutan.

To celebrate their 21st anniversary, polish black metallers BLACK ALTAR are releasing a split with BEASTCRAFT featuring 12 hymns. BEASTCRAFT Occult Ceremonial Rites/BLACK ALTAR Winds Ov Decay is out this month through Odium Records.

The demo material from FUNERAL CHANT is now a self-titled CD/LP through Caverna Abismal Records. The material stems from 2014 and 2015.

Inspired by KEEL? THE ABSENCE has signed a deal with M-Theory Audio and hopes to issue a new record in early 2018.

Grindcore band COMPLETE FAILURE has an album, called Crossburner, out through Season of Mist on October 27th.

Avantgarde Music is issuing My Body, My Time by black metal act HORNWOOD FELL in November.

Belarus-based band KHANDRA has a demo called All Is Of No Avail. The band’s style is described as black metal.

Thrash metal band Seattle’s ARISEN FROM NOTHING has an EP, called Broken, released through Collective Wave Records.

BLOOD FREAK’s Total Destruction Of The Human Form alum is out on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on October 31st. The band was formed in 2003.

Aural Music is issuing WORSTENEMY’s Deception album this month. The death metal band is based in Italy.

SACRAL NIGHT’s Darkness Process CD is out through Inferno Records. Compared to early CELTIC FROST the band was founded by Amphycion (ex-NECROWRETCH).

Canadian military-themed death/black metal group VISIONS OF THE NIGHT has announced Mirai Kawashima of SIGH as a guest vocalist spot on the upcoming album Supreme Act Of War. The album will be released to coincide with the group’s South Korean shows this month.

Spain-based death metal band MASS BURIAL’s Breeding Plagues is scheduled for release on November 25th through Immortal Souls Productions.

Canada-based FERAL’s Forever Resonating In Blood is out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions now.

It is a relief that this label is proud of its signing (other labels hate their signings?) Wormholedeath is “proud to announce that dutch (sic) death metal act DAUTHUZ” which will issue its debut album Destined For Death this month.

Following a reunion in 2012 and the 2016 EP Killing Room, Marburg, Germany-based death metallers CORROSIVE will release a new album through Black Sunset this year.

MASTER and DEHUMAN have kicked off the Omens Of Death European tour during which their new split, Decay Into Inferior Conditions, will be available.

IN-DEFILADE, featuring former NILE member Jon Vesano, has a new demo called Elude.

Thuringian, Germany-based death metal band ASPHODELOS has signed with Black Sunset and will release an album this autumn.

Russia-based Grindcore band SMOTHERED BOWELS has a demo called Dead C*nt Dance.

The Netherlands-based APOTELESMA has an album called Timewrought Kings through Solitude Production.

Spain-based SARTEGOS and BALMOG have a split 7″ through Caverna Abismal.

Hailing from Australia, death/doom band THE MALEDICT has released a three-song single/MCD, called Imperilled, on October 5th. This new single features one new song, one reworked track from the band’s 2013 demo and one cover version.

Belarus-based KHANDRA has a demo called All Is Of No Avail. The band is described as black metal. Being unique the band has a Facebook page.

The Italy-based “epic/death metal” band GIGANTOMACHIA has signed a deal with Agoge Records. The group is working on a new album, which will be called Atlas with producer Gianmarco Bellumori at Wolf Recording Studio.

Swedish black metallers TYSTNAD have released a new demo called Farväl on September 15th.

AUTOPSY will issue an EP, called Puncturing The Grotesque, through Peaceville this December.

Former CELTIC FROST bassist Martin Eric Ain died on Saturday, October 21st due to a heart attack.

Netherlands-based doom/death band APOTELESMA has an album called Timewrought Kings through Solitude Production.

Germany-based AMPLIFIED MEMORY’s Vas Hermeticum album is out through Sliptrick Records.

Norway-based death metal band MECALIMB has signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of its new album XIII.

STRIKE MASTER’s self-titled demo is out now. The Mexico-based band thrashes.

More oppression and religious censorship: BEHEMOTH singer Adam “Nergal” Darski has again been brought before Polish authorities for disrespecting a symbol of Poland. The man reports that BEHEMOTH’s The Republic Of The Unfaithful shirt design is insulting to the national coat of arms of his native Poland.

The “child abducting” Shitskin Baby Back Ribs for Satan split by Italian/English RED BIBLE BLACK and Turkish ZULMET are out now through Merdumgiriz Records. The press release slags the likes of BEHEMOTH for being wimpy and directs profanity at Allah and Muslims.

The current ENTOMBED played its 1991 album Clandestine in its entirety at Malmö Live in Malmö, Sweden alongside an orchestra on November 12, 2016. This recording is now out and is called Clandestine/Malmö as a double CD and DVD.

Ukraine-based BERGRIZEN’s Der Unsterbliche Geist (‘The Undying Ghost’) is out through Purity Through Fire. The band’s syle is black metal.

USA-based deathgrind band PUTRESCENCE has an album called Voiding Upon The Pulverized through Eclectic Productions.

Metallian Hard

The metal band AVELION will be the opening act in ANGRA’s European tour of early 2018 with OPERATION: MINDCRIME and HALCYON WAY.

Canada-based OSYRON has a demo called Kingsbane.

Inspired by KEEL? Early Swedish heavy metal band HEAVY LOAD had reunited on the fortieth anniversary of its debut and will play several festivals including Keep It True XXI and Sweden rock. No Remorse Records will re-issue the band’s albums in 2018.

POISON PILL’s Wake The Sinner single was issued on October 20th through Sliptrick Records. The band’s self-titled album is out this month.

UK-based pomp rock band MAGNUM will release a new album, called Lost On The Road To Eternity, on January 19th through Steamhammer/SPV.

UK-based doom metal band KING GOAT has an album called Conduit through Aural Music this December.

JUDAS PRIEST’s next album is called Firepower. It is out in February. SAXON and BLACK STAR RIDERS will open for the band in North America in March.

Guitarist-for-hire Ira Black will join DOKKEN for nine U.S.A. shows in November and December.

US-based CATAPULT THE DEAD has an album called A Universal Emptiness through Doom Stew Records.

Portugal-based HOOFMARK’s Stoic Winds is out through Ultraje this December. This is the magazine’s first release.

Michael Schenker has picked Resurrection as the title for his album under the MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST monicker. The album, which was produced by singer Michael Voss, is due through Nuclear Blast in February.

Melodic metalband APPARITION has signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of the album The Awakening.

RABID DOGS’ Italian Mysteries album is out through Eclectic Productions. The band is described as stoner rock/metal/grind.

KREATOR and SABOTON will tour North America next February.

ANNIHILATOR’s For The Demented album is out now through Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music.

George Young, the brother of AC/DC co-founders Malcolm and Angus Young, has died at the age of 70. He was also the band’s early producer and co-song writer.

Reunion 2020? TNT has again lost singer Tony Harnell. He had returned to TNT in May of 2016 and was working on a new album.

Swiss/Finnish/American hard rock musicians PANORAMA have signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. PANORAMA’s debut album Around The World, includes 11 tracks and is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward (UNISONIC and PINK CREAM 69).

Founding THIN LIZZY guitarist ERIC BELL will release a new solo album Standing At A Bus Stop on December 1st through Of The Edge Productions/Cargo Records UK. Standing At A Bus Stop is the guitarist’s second album for Of The Edge Productions.

DORO PESCH has released a German-language demo entitled Für Immer (‘forever’) through her own imprint, Rare Diamonds Productions. The release is named after Doro’s early ballad.

ANVIL will release a new album, called Pounding The Pavement, on January 19th through SPV/Steamhammer.

ARRAYAN PATH returns with its new album, Dawn Of Aquarius, through Pitch Black Records just a little over a year following the band’s last offering, Chronicles Of Light.

Sweden-based EGONAUT’s The Omega album is out this month through Mighty Music. The band plays hard rock and heavy metal.

Finland-based “melodic metal” band AS I MAY has a single called Hero.

DE LA MUERTE will issue Venganza through Revalve Records on December 15th. The new album is inspired by the Mexican Nuestra Señora De La Santa Muerte cult and pulp stories.

Doom metal band MONOLITH CULT’s Gospel Of Despair is out this month through Transcending Records.

Sliptrick Records has issued Italy-based ROYAL GUARD’s Lights & Dreams and THE RINN’s Stories Of The Green Fairy.

Based on Vladimir Solovyov's A Short Tale Of The Antichrist, Christofer Johnsson’s THERION will issue a three-CD concept album called Beloved Antichrist in January. The band is touring with IMPERIAL AGE, NULL POSITIV and MIDNIGHT ETERNAL in February.

MANDRAGORA’s Waves Of Steel and DRACENA’s Cursed To The Night are out through Inferno Records now.

Former PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo has yet another project. This one is called EN MINOR and hopes to release a demo on the man’s own imprint in 2018.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’s next full-length album, Grimmest Hits, will be released on January 19th through Entertainment One. The band is touring North America with CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.

The Swedish melodic metal band METALITE released its debut album Heroes In Time through Inner Wound Recordings.

Due to illness in singer Aaron Stainthorpe’s family MY DYING BRIDE has canceled shows at festivals in Europe including Aalborg Metal Festival in Denmark, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Madrid Is The Dark in Spain and HRH Doom vs. HRH Stoner in the UK.

Birmingham, UK-based stoner/doom metal band KROH is streaming a new EP called Pyres.

Poland-based heavy metal band PLETHORA has a demo called Age Of Changes. This is the band’s first release.

Chaosvolution by Spain-based ABSALEM is out through AGR now.

Inspired by KEEL? After a dozen years plus PIST.ON has reformed and will conduct a UK tour in June of 2018. The band has lined up seven shows which kick off in Birmingham on June 23rd. The core of the Brooklyn based outfit remains with Henry Font (vocals/guitar), Burton Gans (guitar) and Jeff McManus (drums). Joining them is new bass guitarist Jack Hanley (ex-THE DEADLYZ).

Portuguese dark metal band PAINTED BLACK has a video for the track Chamber, which is taken off from the band’s forthcoming demo Raging Light.

Italy-based metal act ASPHODELIA has a new drummer, Giuseppe Centonza, filling in for former man Ludovico. The band is soon to begin a European tour in support of the release of new album, Welcome Apocalypse.

WARRIOR SOUL will release an album, entitled Back On The Lash, through Livewire/Cargo Records UK on December 1st.

Ousted and former SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak reports he and singer Lenny Wolf are considering reforming KINGDOM COME.

THE PYRE is a new project featuring Alec Harrah on vocals, Shaun Schwanke on guitar, Ben Kuzay (ex-MONSTROSITY and WYKKED WYTCH) on bass, Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND) on drums and Erik O'Reilly on piano. The band has a song out and recording.

Swedish progressive metal band EASTERN HIGH has released a demo called Garden Of Heathens. The demo was produced, recorded and mixed by Erik "Wissard" Wiss (CREYE, CRUZH, ELEINE and GRAND SLAM).

Where is the metal fight against tyranny, against injustice, against inequality, against Trump and his followers?

Metallian Demos

To get it out of the way this Toronto-based band goes out of its way to not be Canadian. The demo is called Badder Than Brooklyn. It is not just the reference to a dump in the United States that does it, but also the disc was recorded at a studio in the US. What is more there is the obvious lack of grammar abilities. To complete the matter the band has hired Gojira’s singer Joe Duplantier to record its music. The Frenchman has done a relatively good job and the bass guitar, in particular, has received a fine treatment. The overall dynamic range of the tracks is limited, but that may be a function of the band’s instrumentation. These are not all however. Most importantly, the band’s music is influenced by Pantera, Pissing Razors and Lamb Of God. The song Vegas Girl, for instance, is Pantera’s Walk. The whole macho ‘harder than thou’ sub-genre is not this writer’s favourite, but Decatur’s delivery and musicianship is trustworthy and solid in that regard. There are a fair number of faster passages, effective riffs and the singer, Jay Sarrazin, limits his number of elongate Anselmo growls thankfully. The band has thought this thing through however and layered the music just enough to prevent boredom, but by the time the closing track Internal War Pt 2 (sequel to the opening cut) arrives the band has run out of steam a little and one can hear it repeating the same riff over and over.
The band is aggressive and above average, but suffers because this writer detests poser music like Pantera’s and the group is missing a wider acoustic range including a few guitar solos. One could find the band supposedly at, but since the site is down at time of writing they are also present on all the mainstream and corporate websites that everybody else on the planet is on. – Ali “The Metallian”

Yelept is a Utah, USA-based one man project that started making music only in 2017. Gabriel Zane describes his two singles aka EP as a work of a manic mind that is trying to find hope. The two songs feature little in the way of direction or vocals for that matter, may be it is true that the man is trying hard to make music. There is a metalcore influence here and it is turned into something almost experimental sounding. Wake Snake's and Spate are a like a jam, the latter more so than the former. The former is a bit too monotonous. Check to have a listen and may be there are more songs coming. – Anna Tergel

Circle Of Lies is this Finnish quartet's third full-length. STUD formed in 1986 and broke up in 1989. Having returned in 2011, with English lyrics, they claim to be the pioneers of Finnish heavy rock. There is some similarity to Stratovarius with catchy riffs, chorus and solos. This is easily the best comparison when starting to listen to the opening two of the ten songs, Hey You and the title track. The band plays a sometimes up-tempo hard rock. With the third song, Searching For Freedom, the band tries a heavy ballad type song and another relatively straightforward sound a la Pretty Maids' Waitin' for the Time. No Hero tries to be hard and macho and features a memorable solo. More Than A Woman is standard ‘80s hard rock a la Dokken. Eyes Of Hurricane (a hurricane has more than one?) is enjoyable but doesn't win any originality points. Seems To Be Right is also the same and delivers what the band's fans surely must expect. Real Man could be a familiar song for Cinderella fans for example. You and I is structured a la Dokken again. Face Down is the closer and takes a bit more of a ballad and anthemic route. Check for more. – Anna Tergel