Metallian Heavy

Canada-based grindcore group BONE TOWER has an EP called, We All Will Die One Day, which is out through No Funeral Records and Fresh Outbreak Records on November 5th. The band is compared to PIG DESTROYER. The band, Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar/bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar/bass/vocals) was founded in February.

DESCENT (featuring members of SNORLAX, RESIN TOMB, FECULENT and more) are once again joining forces with Redefining Darkness Records for the release of an album, Order Of Chaos, which is out on January 14th, 2022. The label is also issuing the self-titled album by VATICINAL RITES this month.

Finland-based BENOTHING has an EP called Temporal Bliss Surrealms through Everlasting Spew in November.

GORE BRIGADE has a self-titled EP through Redefining Darkness Records in December. The band features Jonny Pettersson of WOMBBATH, MASSACRE, etc.).

UK-based JACKAL’S BACKBONE has a demo called Red Mist Descending. The band has played at the Bloodstock Open Air and Beermageddon festivals.

A band with bagpipes that is “folk.” A new album from XHAMAIN, called Na Alma, is out through Suspiria Records now. Na Alma is the first part of a trilogy called No Ser.

EMBER SUN has an album called On Earth and Heaven through code666. EMBER SUN is the solo project of Lorthar, founder of the black metal band ORDER OF THE EBON HAND from Greece, playing atmospheric funeral doom death with influences from the gothic scene. The band is compared to SLOW and CANAAN. The label has also issued IN CRUCEM AGERE’s Calling The Void album described as black metal in the vein of DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

Featuring members of FLESH HOARDER, SCATTERED REMAINS and NEPHILIM GRINDER, Texas, USA-based death metal band STABBING has signed with Comatose Music and will issue an EP called Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught.

GENOCIDE PACT has an eponymous full-length through Relapse Records next month. “This album reflects on the feeling of watching the world crumble while dealing with personal tragedy,” according to the band.

VOIDHRA, which has just issued its Sorrow Guides Us All album, has been augmented by guitarist Olli G. Witchhammer, bassist Andy Skullcrusher and drummer Jonas Stormblast. Singer and guitarist Chris Horseblood was thus far the only member.

Featuring current and former members of BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS, ABGOTT, BLOODSHOT DAWN and THE DROWNING, the death metal band ANAKIM has a new demo called The Elysian Void.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES has a song called Command For Conflict, which is taken from the band’s upcoming album An Outlaw’s Stand. The record is scheduled for world-wide release through Season Of Mist Underground Activists on January 7th.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES had its Instagram account suspended due to its monicker last month. This was resolved, but the band noted that this was not the first time this had happened.

DEATH ANGEL will release a new live album, called The Bastard Tracks, through Nuclear Blast on November 26th. It was recorded in San Francisco in May.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of singer and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, former DEATH members guitarist James Murphy and bassist Terry Butler will perform DEATH’s 1990 album Spiritual Healing in its entirety at two shows in Tampa, Florida, USA in December. Former DEATH manager Eric Greif has died. He was managing the band’s old catalogue and re-issues recently.

Following 2020’s Nebuisa EP, Romania-based black metal band ORDINUL NEGRU has an EP, called A Sojourner Wandering Through The Barren Openness, through Loud Rage Music on November 26th. It features one track clocking in at 23 minutes.

Czech Republic-based MOORAH has a debut full-length album, Marnost Nad Marnost, on 10.12.2021 through Art Gates. The band was initially called MOORA for two years before changing its monicker this year.

VAULTED has a demo called Left In Despair through bassist Nicholas Wolf’s War Fever Recordings on November 19th.

IMPENDING DOOM has issued its Hellbent EP in advance of the announced January date. Release is available through MNRK. The band has several USA shows with BURY YOUR DEAD, OV SULFUR and FOREIGN PAIN this year and OH, SLEEPER and WAR OF AGES next year.

Italy-based SADIST has signed with Agonia Records and will issue an album called Firescorchced in 2022.

Thrash metal band FRIGHTFUL has an album called Spectral Creator through Awakening Records. The band was founded in Gdansk, Poland in December 2016.

The Netherlands-based DEADSPEAK has an EP called Dissolve The Dreams through Raw Skull Recordz (digital) and Into It Records (cassette).

USA-based thrash metal duo VARNOK has a new demo called Anthropogenic.

Sweden-based THREE DEAD FINGERS has signed with Art Gates Records. The band was founded in Sweden by Oliwer Bergman and Gustav Jakobsson in 2015 when they were 10 to 11 years old.

STRANGULIATORIUS has a new album and it is called Doctor’s Orders: Do Not Touch! through Horror Pain Gore Death. The band is based out of Lithuania.

Austria-based IN SOMNIA has a demo called Harlequin. The band is now described as “progressive modern metal.” The line-up is Simon Andreas Brunner on mike and guitar, Andreas Wibmer on guitar, Florian Bacher on bass and drummer Dominic Granegger.

NAPALM DEATH is touring the USA with GWAR.

SEPULTURA has postponed its European tour due to the pandemic.

BEHEMOTH commemorated its thirtieth year with a livestream called XXX Years Ov Blasphemy on Halloween, October 31st. The show streamed from three locations.

Pure Evil is the new demo by KFR, which is a solo act by Frenchman Maxime Taccardi. The man is involved in RIIM, SATURNIAN TEMPEL, DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS and others.

CONSECRATION will release Reanimated, a raw EP of rediscovered older tracks recorded live on Cavernous Records on 19.11.2021. The band is still due to issue a full-length on Redefining Darkness Records in 2022.

Thailand-based INTRICATED is called Apocalyptic Metamorphosis through Comatose Records in December.

Brazil-based TORMENTOR BESTIAL has an album called 13 Years Old, which is re-recordings of tracks from its discography. 13 Years Old was released on Music-Records on October 29th.

Metal Blade bands CANNIBAL CORPSE, WHITECHAPEL and REVOCATION have announced a US tour for February and March.

ENTOMBED will play at the 2022 edition of the Gefle Metal Festival in Gävle, Sweden between July 14 and 16th.

DEICIDE will embark on a tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of its legion album next year. The band will perform the album in its entirety.

JUST BEFORE DAWN’s In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow EP is out through Raw Skull Recordz on 18.12.2021. The EP features a cover version of ENTOMBED’s song Drowned and a tribute to dead musicians Sven Groß (FLESHCRAWL) and L.G. Petrov (ENTOMBED A.D.).

CURSE OF DENIAL’s The Reckoning is out through Redefining Darkness Records. The label has also issued INSINNERATOR’s Hypothermia.

MALEFIC THRONE is a new project featuring singer and bassist Steve Tucker (MORBID ANGEL and WARFATHER) guitarist Gene Palubicki (PERDITION TEMPLE, ANGELCORPSE, etc.), and drummer John Longstreth (ORIGIN, HATE ETERNAL and ex-ANGELCORPSE). A self-titled debut EP is out through Hells Headbangers next year.

Rude Awakening Records’ next release is a video by HERUKA called Dust From The Deception Sun – A Live Selection From Three Years Of Black Metal. It features the band’s studio material and a live recording. This footage will see the light as a limited edition of 50 Blu-ray and 50 DVD copies this month.

Australia-based thrash metal band AS LIGHT DECAYS has a demo called System Of Division this month.

The Shrouded Muse Of The World’s Lament is a new release by STAGWOUNDER through Crawling Chaos Records. According to the label, the album is a concept dealing with the ‘Pessimistenbrevier’ by Julius Bahnsen, a German philosopher from the 19th century. This collection of aphorisms, in the tradition of pessimism, can be understood as a poetic examination of the eternal conflict of the will – the central aspect of Bahnsen’s metaphysics.”

Japan-based crossover band SAIGAN TERROR has a live album called Live Under The State Of Emergency.

Metallian Hard

Calgary, Canada-based RAVENOUS recorded a live video at its Hubris album release show in Edmonton on October 9th.

Current BBA and one-time FAST DRAW guitarist Suzuki Jun died of cancer in September. Singer Kodama ‘Katsu’ Katsuma formerly of FAST DRAW and currently of BBA and TAKERU was a background vocalist and guest on SABER TIGER’s 40th anniversary concert in Japan this summer as well.

THE AIRWAVES have Steve Sylvester (lead singer for DEATH SS) on lead vocals on the song Devil's Man Down, which was written by Clive Jones (R.I.P) from BLACK WIDOW and AGONY BAG. Sylvester's vocals were recorded by Federico Pedichini (FP RECORDING STUDIO) and the song is for the upcoming record release Metal Heart featuring Tony Martin from Black Sabbath on lead vocals. At the same time, DEATH SS has a new album called Ten through Lucifer Rising since October 29th. DEATH SS has shot a video for the song The Temple Of The Rain.

Finland-based INDEMON has signed with Music-Records for the release of an EP called Fear Of Living, which is scheduled for March 18th.

MAD ANTHONY’s Party Heaven Hell Whatever! is a compilation of the ‘80s’ glam band’s music being released by Eonian Records this month.

ASHES OF ARES, featuring former ICED EARTH members Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales, will release its new album Emperors And Fools through ROAR! Rock Of Angels on 21.01.2022. Van Williams was the session drummer.

In what has become a trend, W.A.S.P. is conducting a 40th-anniversary world tour, which kicks off in Milan, Italy on March 18th.

EVIL HUNTER’s Lockdown album is out through Demons Records. The band is working on an upcoming tour.

KROKUS singer Marc Storace will release his own solo album, entitled Live And Let Live, this month.

STRIKER has a new upload called Deathwish. STRIKER was scheduled to support UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on a European tour this November before the shows were cancelled. STRIKER had posted "RIP Striker 2007-2021" on its social media earlier this year.

BATTLE BEAST has announced an album called Circus Of Doom through Nuclear Blast for January. The band is touring Europe in January and February.

SAVATAGE singer Jon Oliva was arrested in Florida, USA for drunk driving and having drugs in his car on September 30th. He had crashed his vehicle. Oliva’s brother Criss, the guitarist for SAVATAGE, was killed by a drunk driver.

Founding QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield has filed a lawsuit against his former band-mates, Michael Wilton (guitar) and Eddie Jackson (bass). The drummer alleges that he took paternity leave from the band and its corporations in February 2017 and yet has been denied most of the one-third share of royalties and proceeds since as he has been let go of his board seat. He also claims that the band has hindered him from returning leading to a loss of income.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM has pulled out of its tour with ACCEPT and PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS that takes place in January. A reason was not offered.

MARDELAS is issuing the Mardelas Official Bootleg Vol.1 –Faith In Tomorrow- video immediately. It features a live Tokyo performance from July and bonus material. It is the band’s first live Blu-ray.

Formed originally as a DREAM THEATER cover band under the monicker METROTHEATER, VENUS SYNDROME's new album Cannibal Star is out through Rockshots Records since October 22nd.

DREAM THEATER singer James LaBrie has picked Beautiful Shade Of Gray as the title for his solo album, which will be released by InsideOut Music in May.

Now And Forever is a ballad by LARS ERIC MATTSSON features YNGWIE MALMSTEEN singer Göran Edman. The single is taken from Lars’ upcoming album The Outsider, which will be released on Lion Music on November 19th.

The young Czech Republic-based heavy and doom metal band THE BOOK has released a single called Sculptures Of The Gods independently. It contains two songs from an upcoming full-length called Forgotten Art Of Old.

Rockshots Records has signed AMOTH for the release of The Hour Of The Wolf album on January 28th. The new album features Pekka Montin of ENSIFERUM as the lead vocalist again and for the first time, there are also keyboards on an AMOTH recording.

Rockshots Records has signed BERIEDIR for the release of a new album called AQVA on January 21st. The band hails from northern Italy.

WARCALL has its second demo of 2021 and it is called Dead End Pt. 2. It is printed through its own Plan B Music imprint.

Former WHITESNAKE and ALASKA guitarist Bernie Marsden has announced a new album for his Inspiration series. The blues-oriented guitarist’s next album is called Chess and out through Conquest Music. The album covers bands on the Chess label, which had its heyday in the 1950s. Music includes cuts from BO DIDLEY and CHUCK BERRY.

DEEP PURPLE's next release will be a cover versions album and entitled Turning To Crime. The album is out through earMUSIC in late November and contains songs from FLEETWOOD MAC, THEYARDBIRDS and others.

HEAVEN DENIES has a new guitarist, namely Marco Politi.

More bad news in the KIX camp. Drummer Jimmy "Chocolate" Chalfant suffered a heart attack at home on September 29th. The band marched forward with replacement drummers Will Hunt (SLAUGHTER) for the Monsters On The Mountain in October and John Allen for immediate future shows.

Germany-based THUNDER AND LIGHTNING has a song called A Nation Of Fools, which features MOB RULES singer Klaus Dirks and Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger (ex-OBSCURA) on solo guitar as guests.

THE HALO EFFECT is a new band featuring former members of the Swedish metal band IN FLAMES. These are Mikael Stanne (vocals), Jesper Strömblad and Niclas Engelin (guitars), Peter Iwers (bass) and drummer Daniel Svensson. The band has signed with Nuclear Blast and issuing a single called Shadowminds on November 9th. The band claims to be returning to the metal roots of IN FLAMES despite most members having been a part of IN FLAMES’ mallcore incarnation. THE HALO EFFECT has announced a European tour with AMON AMARTH and MACHINE HEAD for autumn of 2022.

Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST has revealed that he fought prostate cancer last year. He had surgery and treatment in the spring only to be given the all-clear.

KISS, STATUS QUO, OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK SABBATH and DAVID LEE ROTH. The former VAN HALEN singer DAVID LEE ROTH has announced that he will retire following his residency shows in Las Vegas, USA for New Year’s Eve and in January.

SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST, ELTON JOHN and MOTLEY CRUE. WHITESNAKE’s David Coverdale has reiterated that the band’s 2022 shows will be its last.

SATIN WHITE, is a new rock band by Carsten Kettering, the former bassist of ROSS THE BOSS, MAJESTY and IVORY NIGHT. The band will release its demo Not Grayed At All on November 25th.

Frontiers Music will release the self-titled debut album by LAND OF GYPSIES on December 10th. The band was initially called GANG OF SOULS and features Terry Ilous (XYZ and ex-GREAT WHITE), guitarist Serge Simic (THE SLAM and SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE), bassist Fabrizio Grossi (GLENN HUGHES and SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE) and drummer Tony Morra on drums. There is a video for the song Shattered.

Pomp rockers MAGNUM will release a new album, called The Monster Roars, through SPV/Steamhammer in January. A singles called I Won't Let You Down is out soon.

Keyboard-laden band SHININGSTAR has an album called Destiny through Time To Kill Records this month.

BRITISH LION, featuring IRON MAIDEN’s Steve Harris, has withdrawn from the U.K. tour with THE DARKNESS this month citing "completely unacceptable" tour protocols. In the meantime, the band has a video for the song Bible Black. The band, and openers AIRFORCE, are touring the UK in November and December instead.

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s singer Vince Neil fell off the stage and broke his ribs during a concert at the Monsters On The Mountain festival in the USA on October 15th.

Japan-based ASURA has decided to disband after eight years of activity. A show on December 5th will be its last. The singer Akina intends to continue as a solo act.

VANDENBERG has recruited Mats Levén (TSO, CANDLEMASS, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and many more) to be its singer. The singer replaces Ronnie Romero who is another project singer. The band will play at the Planet Rockstock festival at Trecco Bay, Wales on November 12th Bassist Randy Van Der Elsen (TANK) and drummer Koen Herfst (EPICA, DORO, et cetra) are still in the band. A new album is being worked on.

JAG WIRE’s sole album Made In Heaven is being re-released with five bonus tracks as Made In Heaven… Not Dead Yet by FnA Records.

DRAGONFORCE, BATTLE BEAST and SEVEN SPIRES will tour Canada and USA next March and April.

SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS has a new album called 4. The band has revealed that the members contracted COVID-19 during the recording and mixing process.

Canada-based EXES FOR EYES has uploaded a song called The End Of Summer. It features Björn Strid of SOILWORK. The band is compared to SLIPKNOT and LAMB OF GOD.

What? No triangle? HANORMALE is at the studio recording a new album. Arcanus Incubus has added several members including saxophonists and violinists.

RIE A.K.A. SUZAKU has a new album called World Journey 2 in January. The guitarist imagines travels to different countries.

Birth Ritual Records is issuing SENTENCED’s Down album on tape. It was originally issued in November of 1996. The cassettes are available in gold and silver.

Canada-based THE DESIGN ABSTRACT follows its Technotheism demo of 2021 with another concept release called Metemtechnosis. The band is compared to SOILWORK.

An epidemic has hit the metal scene. There is glass, plastic and waste everywhere on the ground. Every band is “dropping” albums. No one is releasing or issuing music anymore.