Metallian Heavy

Erebos Productions has the following releases for January: Incestous' (featuring current Lividity drummer Derek Hoffmann, as well former and current Gorgasm and Disgorge members) Brass Knuckle Abortion MCD, Deepred's Prophetic Luster (Finnish death metal ala Suffocation), Prophecy's Our Domain, California deathsters Sepsism's Severe Carnal Butchery demo on CD (with bonus live tracks) and Sanatorium's Internal Womb Cannibalism...Bassist and manager Steve has left 7th Child due to musical and personal differences. He will continue with death metal and grindcore with his other projects Infected Disarray (on Deadsun Records) and Gorerotted...To celebrate their albums' rerelease Carnivore are getting back together for a NYC show...Satanic deathsters Throneaeon from Sweden have signed to Plague/Hammerheart and are in the Studio Underground working on a disc due in May. Also on the same label, Mangled (who were last heard on the Morbid Angel tribute album of Dwell Records) is releasing their new album Most Painful Ways in February. The vinyl version will feature Cannibal Corpse's A Skull Full of Maggots as a bonus track...Ultra brutal deathsters from Poland Dark Legion has signed to Deadsun Records and will release a debut called Bloodshed in April...Sweden's Deranged are at Berno Studio once again recording an album...Withered Earth's Into the Deepest Wounds will be released by Olympic in February...Fleshfeast Productions news: there is a split CD coming from Internal Suffering (Colombia) and Malthusia (USA), although the latter is changing monikers as the name is owned by an ex-drummer. Expect this in March. Out soon is a split 7' between Intense Hammer Rage and Neuro-Visceral Exhumation. As well the label will establish a sub-label to release Brodequin's instruments of Torture and Regurgitations' Tales of Necrophilia LP...Kevin Bottiau of Traumatism writes that the band has a new album entitled Grossly Unfair ready for release through Canada's Hypnotic Records...Former Inverted main man Joel Andersson has a new band Immersed In Blood with a new demo entitled Eine Kleine Death Musik...Halloween 2001 is slated as the release date for the next Necrophagia album Harvest Ritual...Another band with a home video imminent is Finland's Stratovarius. Entitled Infinite Visions, the video due in March will cover the band's decade of activity...Pavement is releasing the album of Murder Squad featuring Entombed members Uffe Cederlund and drummer Peter Stjarnwind, and Matti Karki and Richard of Dismember in February 2001...Darkane has signed to Nuclear Blast for the next album...Reign Forever World is the title of the next Vader EP coming February on Metal Blade. The album will feature three new tracks, a Destruction and Judas Priest cover and possibly several live songs...Ritual Carnage has lost one and gained two guitarists simultaneously: Hide Tanaka is out and the brothers Wataru and Masami from King's Evil are in. The band has three guitarists now...The title of the next Benediction album is announced as Organized Chaos. The release month is next April...After what seems like a long hiatus grindcore group Cripple Bastards is back with a new LP/CD entitled Misantropo a Senso Unico. The LP is available through Italy's E.U. '91 Produzioni and the CD via America's Deaf American...Candlelight officially announces the signing of black metal unit Zyklon (formerly Zyklon B) featuring Emperor's Samoth and Myrkskog's Destrukthor. The band's album World Ov Worms is due in February. The band is touring Europe with Morbid Angel next spring. Elsewhere Emperor has announced that the band will never again go on tour. A new album however is written (mostly by Ihsahn this time)...Biohazard has signed to SPV with the label predicting a spring release...Aborted has signed to Listenable Records and is in Studio CCR working on Engineering the Dead due in April...New on Osmose Productions is death metal band Arkhon Infaustus. Osmose is also searching for more grindcore acts...Dead and Buried the new album of Jungle Rot is ready and will be available this winter on Olympic Records. The current line up sees ex-Cyanosis man Kevin Forsythe replacing Jim Bell...German thrashers Iron Angel who had reformed and had almost finished a new album called The Rebirth scheduled for release in October through their MPD label, had to abruptly discontinue the work after the sudden death of guitarist Peter Wittke due to a car accident. MPD is re-releasing the bands' two records from 1985 and 1986...Graveworm has finished working on the third album. Recorded at Noise Art Studio, Source of Malice is due out in February...Hideous is working on an album for Repulse Records...Sanity's Void is laying down guitar and bass tracks with an eye on releasing the new album in February...Australia's Destroyer 666 is writing a new album...Mexico's Holy Noise is releasing the debut album of doom metallers Boring this winter. At the same time the band's guitarist has left the fold...Belgium's Enthroned is recording its next album entitled Armoured Bestial Hell in Germany...Vibrations is the title of the debut album of After Death featuring Mike Browning formerly of Nocturnus...Steve DiGiorgio of Sadus/Death fame is the new bassist in Iced Earth who are currently recording their next album Horror Show due in April...Mighty Music has the following new signings: thrashers Cronic Disorder from the USA. Due in March the album is called Torture Test. Also from the USA, death metallers Fleshtizied are in the studio with Jacob Hansen working on In Sickness and Wrath. Sweden's Solar Dawn (formerly Jarawynia) is a death metal band featuring Unmoored members and they will have a MCD called Frost-Work on Mighty very soon...The Silver Chord is Severed is the name of the next Mortification album. Expect it in February...Erik Rutan's Alas will have an album out only next summer...Netherland's Countess, whose new album is The Shining Swords of Hate, is working on a double album called The Revenge of the Horned One...A recent headlining show by Ancient Ceremony in the city of Hodonin in the Czech Republic was unceremoniously canceled by civic officials on the 11th of November. The band plans to be back to play in the city next year...Limbonic Art has finished writing a new album for Hammerheart Records and expects to have it recorded and out for the fall of 2001...Cathedral has a very doom album ready for release entitled Endtyme...Out very soon on Mighty Music is the second Anasarca album which will be as fast as the material on the band's Repulse debut. Also out on Might at the same time is the debut of Finland's Enter My Silence called Remotecontrolled. This should appeal to fans of the Gothenburg sound...Anthrax is suing Motley Crue for 'loss of income' as pertaining to the NY thrashers being let go of last summer's tour of the bands along with Megadeth...Phil Rind of disbanded thrashers Sacred Reich has founded his own record company...France's Belenos will have an album out imminently and will be touring in its support...Belphegor has a new album called Necrodaemon Terrorsathan. The band is also releasing a live album next spring called Infernal Live Orgasm...Former white metal band Vengeance Rising (aka Roger Martinez) which has now adopted a mixture of atheism and Satanism has a new album out as of October 31 entitled Realms of Blasphemy...Soilwork, who are now on Nuclear Blast, are recording a new album which might be called A Predator's Portrait...Athena is a new band on Noise whose album will be out very shortly...Beyond Dawn is working on a new album due out in May.

Metallian Hard

Jason Bonham has a new band called Healing Sixes...Australian thrashers Allegiance are reforming beginning with a concert in Perth, Australia...Peaceville has announced that My Dying Bride has signed to the label for three more albums. Additionally Peaceville will no longer be distributed and promoted by Music For Nations. Following six years of partnership the label will be distributed by Snapper Music...Living Sacrifice should have an album out by now called The Hammering Process...King Diamond is releasing a full length album worth of a rehearsal session dating back to 1980 of his early band Black Rose next April. In addition to the 11 original, the CD will include a cover of Golden Earring's Radar Love...The members of Necrotic Mutation have abandoned work on their new CD and have gone their separate ways. While one member is in a cover band and another is forming a progressive rock band, the band's front man will try to recruit new musicians and keep the outfit alive... On the occasion of the band's twentieth anniversaryLoudness has reformed with original members and working on new tracks...Canadian melodic rock quartet Emerald Rain have lost another drummer. Kim Mitchell's drummer Randy Cooke is working with the band on its new one...Saxon is already working on the follow up to Metalhead which will be recorded following the current US tour. Tentatively called Killing Ground, the album will feature the track In The Court of The Crimson King (cover version). The band will again tour N. America following the album release...Former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan is temporarily touring with The Presidents...Earache has signed England's Autonomy...Seven Wishes' new album Utopia features a cover of the Dokken classic track Unchain the Night...In Dokken news, with the respective band members' solo albums behind them the band is touring the USA and working on a new album. Furthermore bassist Jeff Pilson has a movie in production called Rock Star which is due in April 2001...Lynch Mob is reforming in its original line up...Just four months after the release of Encapsulation, the band's debut, progressive metal band Mindcage is in preproduction for a new release entitled Myriad Lives. Running a motif of 'human conditions and interpersonal relationships', the new release will also feature a 17-minute epic dealing with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet...Anguish Unsaid has a new album entitled Chronicle of the Restoration of the Church...Facedown is a new project featuring members of Crucified, Blamed and Deliverance...Doom band Datura from New Zealand has released its Visions For the Celestial album on Brainticket. Also on the label expect a new Last Chapter album called Paths to Always in January which will be the band's last release...NWOBHM stalwarts Demon are recording a new album for Sweden's Record Heaven. Spaced Out Monkey's release will be followed by a full European tour...Great Kat is back. Armed with a new video entitled Castration which runs for 1 minute, 12 seconds, the NY guitarist 's new video is made up of 4 segments entitled Geisha, Salome, Black Widow and Surgery...Dirk Assmuth has left Angel Dust due to time constraints...Now on Music For Nations, Opeth's next album Blackwater Park is due in February...Guitarist George Trevino has left Las Cruces. Mark Lopez has returned to the band as a result and the band is working on both a full length and an EP at the moment...Finished with writing and entering studio next March is Satyricon. The band will have its home video in February...Belgium's Soulreaper Records has released the new LP/CD of Italy's Iconoclasm Marching Evil...Von Groove is in the studio recording for Z Records with a planned release date of June 2001...Century Media has licensed the three albums of Finnish opera rockers Nightwish for North America and will have the releases with bonus tracks out at the beginning of next year...Into The Light featuring Kelly Hansen of Hurricane fame has signed to Now & Then/ Frontiers Records which will release the band's album this month...Following the swift exit of David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar has now announced again that he will not be rejoining Van Halen as he is not, 'friends with the band'. Former vocalist Gary Cherone has a solo record ready for which there will be touring...Former Vicious Rumors guitarist Mark McGhee can be heard on the demo CD of US HM band Spellbinder...Megadeth has signed to Sanctuary Music for five albums following its departure from Capitol Records...Brazil's Megahard label has the following CDs coming out: Dark Avenger's second album, Engrave's and Tailgunners' second albums and unnamed releases by Allegro, Push and Seventh Seal...Hades is entering NJ's Big Blue Meanie Studio on February 7th to record its seventh album with original bassist Jimmy Schulman as part of the fold again...The five original members of Tesla are reuniting for three concerts this month in California and Nevada...In a press release Greece's Disharmony chronicle their history with Belgium's Painkiller Records, accusing the label of theft and fraud. The band claim bands and fans should be wary of the activities of the company...Metal Blade is releasing a live album of the current David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick recorded in 1976 under the Earl Slick Band moniker...Australian MP Peter Lindsay, backbencher for North Queensland, is proposing a law that would hold bands liable for any violent actions committed as a result of their lyrics. Citing Six Feet Under as 'degrading, despicable and dangerous', the MP is asking for the law to provide for trials for any offenders. To reach the MP please e-mail In related news Six Feet Under is writing for the next album...It is now reported that Obliveon has decided not to break up and instead have Stephane Picard back at the microphone...n a move reminiscent of recent corporate mergers, German labels Nuclear Blast and Century Media have formed an alliance in the USA to merge their operations in that country. As part of the move, the struggling East Coast offices of Nuclear Blast are moving to California, and the two companies are pooling their distribution, warehousing and other administrative activities. Insiders note that While nuclear Blast has taken the lead in recent years in Europe, the American office has been losing money amid a confusing array of firings and resignations and has never really gotten off the ground. Additionally sources claim that contracts like those awarded SOD have turned out as too rich for the German Nuclear Blast. Same sources foresee a collusion in promotion, as well as intra-label tour packages as the next step. The labels will be headed by Century Media manager Marco Barbieri. It is noteworthy that Century Media is already responsible for administering Noise International, Inside Out and Olympic Records in North America.

The self-described 'The monthly rock'n'metal newsletter' is actually a monthly half sized zine by the name of Beyond #17 ($1 to Nicolas Arnaud, 22 Rue Reniers, 1090 Jette Belgium). While the focus is underground, the coverage is rather wide. The content might be a little minimal; however the design and graphics make this a very easy zine to read or scan. Notice that this one is monthly and along with the promotional work that the editor does this one demands your respect and support...No need for introductions for Canada's BW&BK #46 ($7 to 368 Yonge St., Toronto M5B 1S5) hopefully. Arguably the best metal magazine in North America, the monthly journal is packed with all the latest news, reviews, release dates with great graphics to boot. The particular issue is rather disappointing with its multitude of non-metal interviews (for a self-described 'six years still metal' magazine) with Downset, Amen, Peccatum, Styx, Saga bla bla but you can minimize your risk by subscribing for a year - a worthy investment.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Napalm Death - Enemy of the Music Business - Dream Catcher
2- Judas Iscariot - Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten - Red Stream
3- Loud 'N' Nasty - I Wanna live My Life in the Fame - Independent
4- Insision - Promo 2000 - indie
5- Fleshgrind - The Seeds of Abysmal Torment - Olympic

Tomas Andersson - Guitarist for Denata
1- The Crown - Deathrace King - Metal Blade
2- Nifelheim - Servants Of Darkness - Black Sun
3- Defleshed - Fast Forward - War
4- King Diamond - House Of God - Metal Blade
5- Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose - Nuclear Blast

Sarah Lutz - Publicist for Song Corporation
1- Soulfly - Primitive - Roadrunner
2- Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted.. - Roadrunner
3- Brujeria - Brujerizmo - Roadrunner
4- Slipknot - digipak - Roadrunner
5- Cannibal Corpse - Live Cannibalism - Metal Blade

Metallian Demos

This is pure, unabashed, unadulterated glam metal. Everything about this CD from tracks 1 to 12, the cover which parodies Motley Crue's Too Fast For Love (that was a close up of Vince Neil, this is...well someone in a panty), the catchy all-around decadent song writing to the Crue-meets-Ratt-meets-Wrathchild (UK)-meets-Poison writing and singing screams glam! Were this 1987, Rob Nasty and the boys would be on the road with Ratt and Winger. Unfortunately today's glam is the ugly shape of the Machine Heads and Slipknots and has little to do with metal, so instead to get your dose of glam with the class of Shout At The Devil and hooks of Out of the Cellar, and more lip stick than a Stryper cover band send $10US to Bro 4, 457 93 Tanumshede Sweden.

Italian heavy metal has never been my cup of tea, and Italy's thrash metal has never been my cup of tea either. KoD are not about to change my mind with the eight tracks recorded on this tape; however, for the most part, they do put on a good showing partly due to their affinity to the bigger names of the thrash scene. I heard the tape on a loop and can't be sure which song is which, but it is clear that the band gets close to Violence vocally and mixes in Sacred Reich into its own little potpourri. Nothing is pure in the year 2000 any longer unfortunately, and so the Italians mix in some newer influences and even some psychedelic moments into their compositions too, but I don't hear enough deviation here to assume thrashers will be disappointed. Via G. Malecore 21, 73100 Lecce Italy.

Prior to acquiring this I was under the impression that Godsize is a heavy metal band. Then again with a name like Godsize and title like Death Before Dishonor (sic) I am not surprised to be banging with a thrash metal combo. The Norwegians are apparently a big underground item, having refused four offers to sign a deal, playing over 200 gigs in one year and being reviewed in most major magazines, etc. No small feat for an independent band, but what do they sound like? There is a good chunk of Metallica here. Don't stop reading, hold on there is more. While the band's arrangements and vocalist does lend itself to Geriatrica comparisons, Godsize does indeed mix (but never rips off) Morgana Lefay, Motorhead, Channel Zero, COC and a whole more into the fray. The sound is good and the CD is over 50 minutes in length. Order this from P.O. Box 459, 6501 Kristiansund N, Norway.

FUCK THE FACTS/S.M.E.S - split tape
I knew it! Dedfuk Records which is distributing this tape has an affinity for soccer. This is their second release with allusions and references to the mighty sport. As reported previously, here is the split release of the Canadian and Dutch bands and let's not mince core here, this is akin to Brutal Truth barfing their guts out on the electric chair. This is technoindustrialnoisenoisecore with the usual number of samples which, it works every time, gets friends who have out-stayed their welcome moving on like a charm. Order this DIY tape, if a fan, for $3 and enjoy titles like Untitled, Sell Out! Sell Out! Sold, I'm a Humaphobe and The Gift of Shit from 50 Rene Levesque, Gatineau J8P 6Z5.

INSISION - promo 2000
Can you imagine Immolation and Cannibal Corpse getting together, incorporating some of the bruising slashing of old Swedish death metal and releasing a demo tape with four titles like Ex Oblivion and Rewind Into Chaos? Imagine no more. With no shortage of experience - the band features former Dellamorte, Disfigured, Ildoor, etc. members - the Stockholm bunch arrive at Metallian Towers with a pro-copied/well-sounding demo tape that earns them a gracious nod and an audience with The Metallian. This is pure death metal with low vocals, sharp guitars, fast riffing and drumming all the way. The drummer could have tuned his snare lower for a heavier sound, but that's all the complaining possible here really. The only farcical detail is that Heathendom Music has already released a MCD by the band two years ago which I don't believe I have ever seen either sold or reviewed. What good is a label in such a case? No good. Write the band enclosing $5 at Thomas Daun, Tomtebogatan 24, 113 38 Stockholm Sweden.

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