Metallian Heavy

Sons Of Northern Darkness, the next album of Immortal, is complete. Due in February 2002, the album was recorded over the course of September at the Abyss Studio and according to Abbath will 'rise the banner of true fucking metal up high!'...Belgium's Boiling Remains has a split demo with Pulmonary Fibrosis on Abhorrence Creations and a split 7' with Punished Earth on Uxicon Records out this year. The Belgians are also negotiating with Malaysia's Dark Coleseum Records for a possible album deal...Impaled is in negotiations to leave Necropolis Records...Earache's Insision is at Berno Studio recording for a early 2002 release...Gorguts are working on their next album due in the summer of 2002. The band expects to stay a three-piece. The band's drummer Steve MacDonald is also working on two solo projects called Obscura and Hail The Baphomet...Usurper has signed to Earache and expects to enter Nomad Studio next March to record a full-length. Earache will be rereleasing the band's Visions From The Gods and Necronemesis albums...Vomitory is recording a new album called Blood Rapture at Berno Studio. The album is expected in March through Metal Blade...Dim-Mak (featuring former Ripping Corpse members) has signed to Olympic Records. The Intercepting Fist will be released in January...Destruction has lost the service of drummer Sven who did not look forward to the band's extensive live schedule. The band has already been booked for Wacken 2002...Infernal has postponed its recording schedule following lineup problems...According to Necropolis Records Vince Cervera has left Sadistic Intent and the band, despite three years of advance publicity, will not be releasing an album on Necropolis...Drummer George Torres of Dehumanized and Mortician fame has joined Skinless...The Crown's Crowned In Terror album has now been pushed back to March 2002...Denmark's Iniquity is releasing its third album next January through Mighty Music. The albums will be called called Grime...Tim Yeugn of Agiel/Hate Eternal is recording the drums for the New Aurora Borealis album due on Diehard next year...Thrash metal act Dew-Scented has signed to Nuclear Blast. An album tentatively called Inwards is due next year...Unleashed has re-signed with Century Media and is demoing new material for a 2002 album...Throne Of Nails has signed to Pavement Music worldwide. An album is expected early 2002...Darkthrone's music will be featured in a Cyber porn movie by French director Olivier Assays...Belgium's Infernal Decay has recorded a new demo called Extreme Hateful Misanthropy...Anders Bjorler has quit The Haunted. The guitarist is going back to school...In what echoes Diehard Music's experience from a couple of years ago, Denmark's Mighty Music claims to have been ripped off by Pavement Music. Pavement Music licensed three albums for the US market from Mighty earlier...Kenneth Wiklund has left Centinex. The band promise the departure will not affect the band's recording and release schedule...Dark Horizon has been announced as the title of the forthcoming Legion album...Razor expects to record its next album Anger Management some time in 2002...Slovakia's Metal Age Productions is releasing The Profane Vulgar album of Inner War with the band's demo as a bonus...Immemoreal from Sweden has signed to Conquer Records. The band's Monologue album should be out this month...Newly-formed Misery Records from Malaysia has released the EP by local grinders Bilharzia. Bloodfluke features five original songs and is compared to Terrorizer and Napalm Death...Canada's Soul Of Darkness is releasing a MCD entitled Cry Of The Inner Pain...Bad luck hits Enthroned twice. Both the US and European tours of the band have been canceled by the respective promoters...The Forsaken is at the Abyss Studio with Tommy Tagtgren from December 1 to 23 recording a new album. No word yet on who the band's new bassist will be...Aurora is in the studio at the moment recording a new album entitled Dead Electric Nightmares. The album is due next April through Lucretia Records...Sweden's Rage Of Achilles has signed Ratad. The band's MCD Garcia is due in January. New releases are Hateworks's Broken Silence (US technical death metal), Scorched Earth Policy's debut and NDE's Fix...Carnal Forge will release its newest album Please...Die! on January 22nd, 2002. The band will tour Europe with Mortician and Yattering upon the album's release...Russia's Rakoth, described as 'Avantagarde' have signed to Elitist/Earache...Norwegian black metallers Tidfall are now on Nuclear Blast...Hatefuel is the title of the next Internal Bleeding album and is now expected in March 2002...Urn Of Might has reunited after a year of inactivity and recording a new demo...Following the lead of Death Angel last month, a reunited Vio-lence is headlining a show this month in San Fransisco...Matters Of The Dark, the next Tad Morose album is expected next April. The albums will see several guest appearances from the likes of Charles from Lefay and Stefan Zell of Wolverine...Agalloch is spending most of December in the studio working on a full length album...Daniel Bergstarnd (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, etc.) will produce the up coming Malevolence album. The album is expected to be recorded in the autumn of 2002 and released early 2003...Black metal act Athornis (formerly Weakened Beliefs) has called it a day...Belgian death metal band The Quiescent has had to postpone the recording of its debut album following the departure of guitarist Sven who is moving to The Netherlands to pursue sound engineering studies...Texas' Fall Of Empyrean are appearing on the Name Your Displeasure - The Phoenix Underground sampler CD with the track Cascading Rivers Of Black...Following Sepultura, Brujeria is also off Roadrunner...Demons Of Dirt is releasing a three-track MCD this month in advance of the full length expected in February...Opeth have had to cancel or postpone a few dates of their current European tour with Katatonia due to illness...France's Sappho Musique at is closing shop due to financial difficulties...SUP has signed to Holy Records and will release a live album/video called To Live Alone...Atrach, Double Diamond and Crusader are among the Belgian bands recording tracks for a CD designed to pay tribute to the Overdrive radio show. The metal show has been broadcast in Belgium for 20 years...In an unheard commercial move since Sigue Sigue Sputnik offered to sell the empty space on the grooves of its LP to sponsors in the eighties, underground band Divine Rapture is selling merchandise and CD jacket space to anyone who contributes money to the band! The band is entering studio with Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal) to record an EP and will use Rutan for a full length in March of 2002. The band is also filming a video for the song Spirit Storm Serenade...Now featuring new bassist Alexandre Farias, Dorsal Atlantica is demoing new material before recording the next full length album...Listenable has signed Sweden's Amaran for three albums...Ancient Rites is touring Europe with Mystic Circle all December. The Belgian rockers have also fired keyboardist Domingo Smets due to his lack of skills. His replacement is former Oblivion (Belgian goth band) man Davy Wouters...Waking The Fury is the title of the next Annihilator album expected March 2002...German thrashers Blackend have disbanded...Callenish Circle has signed a four album deal with Metal Blade. The album Flesh-Power-Dominion recorded with Andy Classen at Stage One Studio will be released in the February of 2002. The band is then scheduled to tour with label mates Amon Amarth and Vomitory

Metallian Hard

Jeff Scott Soto has signed to Z Records...Sacred Steel has finished work on its new album Slaughter Prophecy. The album will be available in March and will not see any change of direction...Sprawl will henceforth be known as Sprawlcosm. The band underwent a name change in order to leave its record company...Tesla are following their current US tour with a visit to the studio to record the first studio album in seven years. Expect it late summer 2002...Sinphonis has ended the recording of its album The Divine Disharmony. The album is due out in February 2002...Shrapnel is releasing the new Racer X album entitled Superheroes...San Fransisco, USA's Mechanix has signed to Escape Records...Legendary US metal band Brocas Helm is hitting Europe. After twenty years of existence and two albums, the California band is playing a one-off show in Athens, Greece...Locomotive Breath (featuring ex-Overdrive guitarist Janne Stark) are in the studio recording a new album called Heavy Machinery. The album is due in March 2002...Italy's power metal veterans Wyvern have a new album entitled Lords Of Winter...Recovering The Wasted Years is the new album of Mike Tramp. Expect it before the spring of 2002...Loudness' new album The Pandemonium was released on November 21 in Japan. The group is looking at licensing the album for other territories...Royal Hunt's next release is called The Watchers and will feature live tracks, rerecordings and four new songs...Jack Russell, a founding member since 1978, has left Great White and in the process ended the band's life. Russell's decision follows the death of his father. A solo record is imminent from Russell...Metalucifer has released its new album called Heavy Metal Chainsaw in the USA through R.I.P. Records...The forthcoming album of Germany's Crack Up is entitled Buttoxin' Bloom. The album is due in February...Flotsam And Jetsam, featuring James Rivera on vocals, had to cut short their US tour due to dismal attendance and a general lack of interest from the public...Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin is the title of the album of a reunited Pungent Stench. Expected in January 2002, the album features new bassist Marius of Belphegor...Obliveon has again called it a day. Guitarists Pierre Remillard and Martin Gagne are looking for a new singer to form a new band...Cosmosquad bassist Barry Sparks is in studio in Los Angeles recording with Dokken. A message on and another on Don Dokken's confirm that Pilson is not working with the group. In subsequent news, former Dokken guitar man George Lynch has contacted Pilson for a collaboration which will result in album due next spring. According to Pilson, 'Lynch is back' and the music is vintage Dokken...A late 2002 live album/video is scheduled for Aerosmith...Eighties melodic hard rockers Shy have reformed and are releasing a MCD called Breakaway.

How do you promote a fanzine which neither includes nor contains a mailing address? Safe to say if that fanzine is Nu-core #1 ($3 to Unknown) then it really doesn't matter. In actual fact you have to send me $3 for suffering through several pages of mallcore and wrestling. Not only my IQ fell several digits flipping through this trash of of mall bands like Slipknot and Disturbed, but furthermore I really have to wonder again why our American neighbours to the south just plain can't write. No money in the Education system perhaps?...The fans have to tip their hats to Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles #54 ($7 to 368 Yonge St. Toronto M5B 1S5). The Megadeth chat not only illuminates the Canadian magazine's influence, but also casts a light on its integrity. Case proven by how coming off the heels of a 'Megadeth run-in', the magazine takes the subject of the back page advertisement (Krisiun) and dishes it a bad review. Integrity like that is rare, and beside the ample news, reviews and interviews is a reason to buy BW&BK. Even though I have to be fair and point out that 90% of the reviews are very positive. Sadly the magazine is lacking a writer(s) who likes the extreme end of the metal scene (and I count 24 names on the masthead!) which translates into an unbalanced coverage. The non-metal band interviews are also irksome: questionable chats with Moonspell, Alas, Grudge, Vision Of Disorder, Blackmore's Night, Stone Temple Pilots, Last Rites, etc. suggest the editors haven't read their own Megadeth interview. This, again, is balanced by BW&BK's appreciated coverage of hard rock - one of the rare magazines to do so. BW&BK is the best English metal magazine on the stands and features metal chats with Dark Funeral, Jag Panzer and Saxon among others.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Diabolic - Vengeance Ascending - Olympic
2- Death - Live In L.A. - Nuclear Blast
3- Naglfar - Ex Inferis - WAR/Century Media
4- Gamma Ray - No World Order - Noise
5- Phobia - Serenity Through Pain - Deathvomit/Necropolis

Chris Broderick - Guitarist for Jag Panzer
1- Paco de Lucia - Siroco - Verve
2- Lily Afshar - A Jug Of Wine And Thou - Summit Records
3- Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve - Nuclear Blast
4- Greg Howe - Introspection - Guitar Nine
5- Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue - Columbia

John Tetley - Bassist for Jag Panzer
1- Lacuna Coil - Unleashed Memories - Century Media
2- Blackmore's Night - Shadow of the Moon - SPV
3- Dark Hall - Dark Hall - Independent
4- Iced Earth - Horror Show - Century Media
5- Yes - Close to the Edge - Atlantic

Tobbe - Manager for Metal Fortress Entertainment
1- Nocturnal Rites - Afterlife - Century Media
2- Persuader - Swedish Metal Triumphators Vol. 1 split w/ Freternia - LNP
3- Blot Mine - Gynocide adv. CD - Metal Fortress
4- Iced Earth - Horror Show - Century Media
5- Impale - Keeper Of The flame - Independent

Metallian Demos

'Hello Cleveland!' Hard rock is good and Canadian hard rock is even better. But this? Mix equal parts Manowar, Anvil and Europe and you get a whole Strangefields. What can one expect from tracks like Bush Galore, Skinny Metal Days or the tape's last song, the charmingly-titled Girl, I Toed You So. What is amazing is the serious recording quality and presentation of this demo. Do they really expect to launch a career with this? I think not. Which might be why the band is in the process of renting a PO Box and specifies no price for

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