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Swedish death metal band Dispatched has called it a day following the release of three albums. Several of the members have reconvened in Station 5...Earache has signed Deicide. The band is on a headlining European tour. Upon return to Tampa, Florida, the band will begin work on its Earache debut...Amon Amarth have issued their new album Versus The World on LP in Europe on November 18th...Negura Bunget will release its new album 'N Crugu Bradului on Code666 in January 2003...Editor Aina Eliassen recently finished working on the material to be featured on the upcoming Gorelord/Wurdulak DVD release. The DVD will contain videos from both bands, studio reports, footage of parties, photo sessions, photo gallery, and also the film Butcher Bob, which was produced by Frediablo who is in both bands. This release is due on Red Stream early next year...Anaal Nathrakh has announced a new EP called When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown which will feature former Tormentor and Mayhem singer Attila Csihar...Poland's Enter Chaos has announced a tour with NYIA and Atrophia Red Sun for March, 2003. In the meanwhile, guitarist Blasphemo has quit the band and is replaced by ex-Prophecy and NYIA guitarist Szymon. The new member is also a producer at the Polish Studio Selani...Conquer Records has issued the following albums: Hell-born's The Call Of Megiddo, Qou Vadis' The King and April Ethereal's Al Azif...France's Meat 5000 Records has issued A Grindcore Compilation featuring 47 tracks and a length of 69 minutes. For more information email the release of Alive Again, Nuclear Assault will commence a world tour in the winter of 2003 which includes the No Mercy Easter festivals in Europe with Darkane, Marduk and others...Screaming Ferret Wreckords is about to release a 1992 recording of Melliah Rage under the title Unfinished Business. The CD will feature Sully Erna of Godsmack on drums. A new album is expected in 2003...Metalblood Music has just released Vomitor's Bleeding The Priest LP/CD...Bassist Marc Charron has left Exciter...The Great Deceiver, currently supporting Napalm Death across Germany, will record its second album in Sweden at Dug Out Studio. The album's tentative title is Terror Incognito...According to Nuclear Blast Defecation (featuring Napalm Death's guitarist Mitch Harris) has reemerged and will release an album called Intention Surpassed in January...Cattle Decapitation has been forced off the current Cannibal Corpse US tour "due to a medical emergency at home.²...Divine Rapture has entered Ron Vento's Nightsky studios in order to record The Burning Passion CD. The band can also be heard on the Morbid Angel tribute CD Tyrants from the Abyss...Code666 has signed Handful Of Hate. The album entitled Vicecrown will be out in February...Aeternus are at Greighallen Studios with producer Pytten to record their new CD entitled A Darker Monument...Watch for an early 2003 release through Nocturnal Art Productions.Yattering has joined countrymen Hate on the Candlelight roster. An album entitled Genocide is due next year...Diabolic's guitarist Jerry Mortellaro has left the band and been replaced by Lord Blasphemer's Eric Hersemann...Scarlet Records has signed the reformed Invocator. The band has also signed to Intromental Management...According to Hammerheart Records, Hearse's debut album is entitled Dominion Reptilian and due in February...The Defaced has finished mixing Karma In Black. The album, slated to appear next winter through Nuclear Blast, will features songs like 10 vs. 9, Once In Between and Fumes From The Swamp...Independent artists Law Of The Plague have mixed their upcoming CD with Tracey Schroeder at Reflection Sound Studios in North Carolina...Brazil's Torture Squad is recording its fourth album...Carpathian Forest's Defending The Throne Of Evil will be released next March by Season Of Mist. The release was pushed back to avoid coinciding with the appearance of the band's new release, the We Are Going To Hell For This compilation...Pessimist has signed a management deal with New York's Alchemusic who also handle Gorguts and Withered Earth...Krisiun recorded material for an upcoming video during its recent European tour with Vader, Decapitated and Prejudice...Vader is heading to South America. The band was recently unable to enter Canada due to a criminal record of the band's drummer...Ion is the name of a new project by Borknagar's vocalist Vintersorg and guitarist Øystein G. Brun...Boiling Remains and Pulmonary Fibrosis have issued a split-CD. The CD is available via France's Cataleptic Remains Production...Tumba Records will release the debut album of Brazil's Collapse Nr. The album is called Faces of Exploration and in the same vein as Napalm Death. Also on the label, Subtera recently released its second CD called Nothing and Death and also finished a Brazilian tour. The band is going to Europe in June/July 2003...Some Code 666 news: Romania's Negura Bunget's new and third CD N'Crangul Brabului will be released in January in a hand-made CD-box. The label's Better Undead Than Alive sampler is a double-CD and out now. It features unreleased songs from Diabolicum, Aborym, Rakoth and others. Aborym has finished work on the new album entitled With No Human Intervention at Temple Of Noise Studio. Primordial singer Alan Nemtheanga has joined Italy's Void Of Silence. The band is expected to release a new album in 2003. Unmoored is recording a new album at Abyss Studio. The recording was interrupted, however, by vocalist Chris' throat infection. Regardless, Indefinite Soul-Extension will be released in the spring. Aghora has seen the exit of Sean Reinert and Sean Malone who have been replaced by Andy DeLuca formerly of Symphony X. The band is in the studio recording the album Formless. The members of Diabolicum are working on their side-project The Bloodline with help from Mysteriis of Setherial, Sethlans of Aborym and Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest. As such, the band will only enter the studio to record the next album entitled Vengeance next June...In related news Aborym's Attila Csihar has been arrested and jailed in Italy for drug possession. His trail is set for December...Forensick Music has a new Embolism album this month. The label has also signed Sordid Death and Throneaeon both from Sweden...Finland's Enter My Silence is composing music with an eye on entering the studio early next year...Mighty Music will be releasing a sampler of Iniquity's music next March...In a sharply-worded press release Dark Funeral accuse Necropolis Records of fraud. The band, along with label MNW, are seeking a new US licensee...Nephasth are in the studio recording a follow-up to last year's Immortal Unholy Triumph. The title of the next album is Conceived By Inhuman Blood. Expect the album in May...Anasarca's next album is called Terrorized. The album, expected to be a concept CD, will be recorded in the spring and released next autumn...Some news from Deepsend Records: The label has signed The Legion from Sweden. The band's Awakened Fury MCD will soon be out. The label has also signed Sect Of Execration from Texas whose Baptized Through Blasphemy MCD was just released elsewhere. Suture's Carnivorous Urge To Kill CD is now out. The Louisiana-based band is already searching for a new drummer...Ravager are entering the studio this month to record a new album. Song titles include, In The Depths, Antagonist Grim and Hades Rising...Houwitser's next album is called Damage Assessment...Slayer will issue a DVD dubbed War At The Warfield, on February 11th, 2003...Arghoslent's second album, entitled Incorrigible Bigotry, is out through The Cult/Drakkar...Fredrik Wester has left Lord Belial...Sathanas has signed a deal with Drakkar Production. A new CD called Hex Nefarious is due in 2003...The forthcoming Strapping Young Lad album is entitled SYL and due in February...Kreator's Live Kreation (Revisioned Glory) is being mixed by Andy Sneap for a March release...Nasum's next album is entitled Helvete. The album has a guest appearance by Shane Embury of Napalm Death...Rumour has it that Rigor Mortis is reforming. See for more.

Metallian Hard

Low Frequency Records has signed Evemaster for three albums. The band is in the studio this month...Low Frequency Records has licensed Requiem's The Arrival for the Finnish territory from Sound Riot Records...Midnight Angel is in the studio recording its debut for FastLane Records. The band is described as "infectious melodic hard rock with huge hooks and a guitar driven razor edge sound."...Perris Records has signed Mad Margritt the new band of former Ted Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes...Italy's Kingcrow has recruited singer Mauro Gelsomini formerly of WindSeeker. The band expects to release a new demo in the new year...Out now on Nightmare Records is Visionary's Strange But Familiar Shores. The progressive metal band recorded the album in 1999, but had to postpone its release because of internal turmoil within the act...German power metal band Tyrant Eyes has signed to Scarlet records. The new album is entitled The Darkest Hour and due in January. The label has also signed Disharmonia Mundi whose album is expected next summer...Jackyl has a new album entitled Relentless...The new Paradise Lost album Symbol Of Life has been issued in Europe as a limited edition 13-track digipak...Fueled II Fire (formerly Wick=war=burn) is a new band featuring former Pissing Razors members singer Joe Rodriguez. and guitarists Mat Lynch (also ex-) and Cesar Soto . This band also features former Wick=war=burn drummer Danny Contreras and bassist Hector Gallardo. Bassist Rick Valles is recruiting new members for Pissing Razors...Masterplan, the band of former Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch, will be opening up for Hammerfall during their forthcoming European tour. Nostradameus and Dream Evil will each also share opening spots during at different dates...The future Avidost CD will be a full-length with possibly one demo track included in the song line-up. The band is still searching for a second guitarist...Soilwork are entering Queenstreet Recording Studios on December 16 to begin recording their fifth studio album with producer Fredrik Nordström...Y&T is issuing a live album next year in Japan...American Dog's Red, White, Black & Blue has been licensed to Ulftone Records for Germany...Nightwish's drummer Jukka Nevalainen and the band's keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen are guest musicians on the new Sethian album featuring former Wizzard singer Tapio Wilska...Nightwish's guitarist Emppu Vuorinen has joined Altaria, the band of guitarist Jani Liitmatainen of Sonata Arctica for live dates. Altaria's new band is called Foundation...Angel, the singer for Tiera Santa, has lost his voice while recording the band's next album. As such, the band's planned German tour is postponed to next spring...Malevolent Creation, Iced Earth, Stratovarius, Nile, Gamma Ray and Dark Angel are among the bands confirmed for Wacken 2003 in Germany...Brazilian heavy metal band Eterna has signed to Crash Music. TTheir album Tera Nova will be released in January...Diamond Head have completed a new album at Mad Hat Studios in England. Several songs set to appear on the as-of-yet untitled album are, Voodoo Sky, Heart Of Stone and Deep. The album is expected next summer...King Diamond bassist Hal Patino, Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Shermann and drummer Bjarne T. Holm have formed a new and as-of-yet-unnamed project. The project will soon record a demo at Konkhra's Anders Lundemark¹s studio in Denmark...Atrocity's new guitarist is Sebastian Schult formerly of From Thy Ashes. He was recently on tour with the act in Mexico...Michael Schenker did not participate in the Legends Of Rock tour in the UK due to a shoulder injury. The line-up of Frank Marino, Glenn Hughes, Uli Jon Roth and others was otherwise not affected...Michael Schenker Group's new album Reactivate - Live has been issued in a regular version and a limited edition four-CD digibox featuring live performances from the 80's with vocalist Gary Barden. The CDs are: CD 1 - Erie, Pennsylvania 1980, CD 2 - Country Club, Los Angeles 1980, CD 3 - Sidcup, United Kingdom 1980 and CD 4 - Osaka, Japan 1984...Ivory Tower's Heart of the City album will be re-released on November 12th. According to the issuing label Chavis Records the original release has been selling for as much as $150 USD on Ebay. The band is compared to Britny Fox and Cinderella...Rotting Christ is supporting its latest album, entitled Genesis, by playing shows in Poland, touring in Greece and possibly travelling to several festivals in the USA in 2003. A live video is expected next year as well...Following its performance at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta, Angra embarked on its first North American tour performing at several cities in Canada and USA with Blind Guardian and Onward. The latter band will release an album entitled New Fathoms Down on Century Media later in 2003. The album is described as, "mid-'70s Zeppelin meets Dio-era Rainbow"...Place Of Skulls has added bassist Greg Turley to its line-up...Diehard and Twah! will be distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Sony Music Import Service beginning in January of 2003. UK distribution has also moved on to Shellshock...Hammerfall's Crimson Thunder debuted at #13 on the German charts...NWOBHM band Clientelle has reformed in its original line-up. In addition to planning gigs, the band is independently issuing its 1981 LP entitled Destination Unknown on CD...Steel Attack is recording its third album, entitled Predator Of The Empire, at Studio Underground in Sweden. The album will be mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio and the cover artwork will be painted by J.P.Fournier. The album is the first album recorded with new singer Dick Johnson. Expect it next April. Also on Arise Records, Seraphim's The Equal Spirit is due in January...According to SPV, Blaze will issue a live album in the spring...Dokken, Scorpions and Whitesnake are hitting the road States-side in January...In Metal Mayhem news: Julliet's Passion CD, featuring Frankie Banali on drums, will be out this month. The CD was produced by Quiet Riot's Kevin Dubrow who also contributed some vocals. The label also has the solo album of Julliet's singer Kenny McGee out this month entitled Heartless...Halford has announced two US shows - his first in two years. Halford's shows will be on Sunday, December 29, 2002 at Mandalay Bay's House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada, and House of Blues in Anaheim, California, Thursday, January 2, 2003. These shows will also feature Vio-lence, Testament and Exhumed...According to guitarist Jeff Summers, the reformed Statetrooper (which features vocalist Gary Barden of MSG, Silver, etc.) has completed an album's worth of material. Tentative titles are: Casablanca and Love Lies Bleeding...An album's worth of recordings by outstanding NWOBHM band Weapon has been unearthed. The material will be released on CD next year. The titles being remastered include, The Townhouse, The Manor, Liar and Midnight Satisfaction...Doro Pesch, Lady Martex of Enter Chaos, Sabina Classen of Holy Moses, Jo Bench of Bolt Thrower, etc. will be a part of a book called Females In Extreme Music written by Arch Enemy front woman Angela Gossow.

Metallian Demos

Produced by Achim Koehler (Sinner, Primal Fear, etc.), Kaminari is a traditional hard rock band from Southern Germany. The band comes across as being influenced by Saxon and Thin Lizzy, albeit with a Teutonic singer. Roland Seidel's accent is conspicuous in the mix. Every song contains a reference to a well-known band! Fire And Dice has a lyrical reference to Motorhead, Stairway To The Galaxy features a Saxon reference while Guardian Angel nods to Iron Maiden. A couple of the songs' lyrics are also in the white metal direction. While My Black Colors could have been a tad faster, the band has used the song to cut a radio edit of and tagged it to the disc's end. Finally a special mention goes to the good guitar work on Guardian Angel. Fans of the genre will find that Kaminari is a proficient act. or - Ali "The Metallian"

Bioconstruct, the second demo of this two-year old band, is half an hour of true-to-form death metal. Beginning and ending with a distorted voice overlain with static, the CD is rife with gruff vocals, a mid-pace bias, and an overall structure which is reminiscent of Cerebral Fix, Cancer, Benediction and Pestilence (all English bands save the last) circa Testimony Of The Ancients - the latter in the execution of the rhythm guitar and the guitars' inter-play in general.
Interesting titles like Shotgun Surgery are brutal and unrelenting. These intermingle with more introvert instrumentals reminiscent of Testament's The New Order album - this pattern is oft repeated. The instrumentals have infectious guitar touches. Bioconstruct can get technical, especially in the guitar department, yet this evidently alternates with more sombre moments. The CD also features a strong drum performance which needs to be recognized. This band can play and it shows. Yes, this is shaping to be a strong demo overall and one that is all the more interesting because it refuses to yield to the corrupting influences pushed our way by other styles. It's worth the $20 Cdn. asked for so contact the band either via or Wattenscheider Hellweg 205, 44867 Bochum Germany - Ali "The Metallian"

Mystery Blue is yet another 80's metal band reformed (albeit with only one original member in this case) and back on the scene. It is a very sad day for heavy metal when a twenty-year old band is more powerful, more exciting and yes more metal, than the whole distaff of modern acts prancing around nowadays. In fact, after being exposed to the current crop of female-fronted so-called metal bands, Mystery Blue is a god-send.
The new demo MCD features three songs of which Dark Visions, with its sombre start, is representative. Singer Nathalie has quite a wild voice lashing it at will. At other times her high pitch is almost out of control. Frenzy lives up to his name on the guitar. The rhythm section is both solid and reliable. Roller Coaster Ride is appropriately more up-beat and the CD comes to an end with Angel which is a cool hard rock tune. Fans of Judas Priest, Saxon, etc. should check Mystery Blue out. The band is not a clone however and coupled with the very good sound makes for a recommendable CD. Send $10 Cdn.. to 158, rue Hubel, 67590 Ohlungen France or browse for more details - Ali "The Metallian"

Shrine Of Scars, formerly Thirsty for Blood, is a California-based thrash metal band. The new moniker is certainly more congruous with the group's chosen musical style given how the music is void of black or death metal characteristics. While the vocals of singer/drummer Dave Leyva are raspy and reminiscent of one Mille of Kreator, the band's songs are a cross between older Sacrifice and Destruction. Songs such as Demon White, Sniper and Cutthroat Necklace maintain different tempos and moods, yet are usually linear. Still, it is the faster moments which deserve a stronger mention. Should Shrine Of Scars get some hair, an image and stick with its pure metal attitude, one can see a thrash metal contender emerging onto the scene. For more information please either write to or visit Look for a new demo called Violence Is The Answer coming soon - Ali "The Metallian"

The oddly-named north German grindcore outfit (hello Extreme Noise Terror) was formed in 1994 as Cornucopia. Soulless Something is its first demo using the new name. The demo features fourteen tracks of grinding insanity with a dual-vocal approach - termed respectively Brutal Voice Artizt and Martyr Screams - and a razor sharp guitar sound. The band is generally inspired by Napalm Death and has a very thick sound. The proceedings can get Agathocles-fast, but the music is mainly mid-paced. The opening song Soulless Something has a groove reminiscent of a rap song, but the effect is not later repeated. The band neglected to send in any pricing information, but you can write to them at and ask. For a picture of the cover or for more information is the way to go - Ali "The Metallian"

If I were to play this 60 min. long CD and describe it as the new Queensryche or Dream Theater album most listeners would agree that those bands have improved over their previous outings. Now imagine the shock when I explain All Too Human is a new band based in Texas and does not currently have a recording deal. To keep up that kind of a quality throughout the 60 minutes is a feat. The musicianship is virtuoso-quality, the production excellent and the music is a heavier version of progressive metal with guest keyboards by former Dream Theater keyboard player Derek Sherinian himself. The demo has complex moments, slower moments, technical songs and even a more direct heavy metal song called Undone. The only thing not to like is the cover which looks like a first encounter scene from the original Star Trek. Entropy is going to get All Too Human signed. - Sheila Wes Det

Sicknote is a slamming, groovy and proud three-year-old band from the northern city of Oulu in Finland. What is very cool about the band is their pride in metal and the loud proclamation of the fact. In other words, readers looking for the next Amorphis will be disappointed. Instead the five metal freaks, including Aki the drummer of Maple Cross, sound like the bastard child of Entombed and Anthrax. The singer can sound similar to the 'alternative' singers of the world. On occasion he reminds me of the singer from Our Lady Peace. But this is not to say the band is weak or poppy. Sicknote is currently looking for a label to release its recorded debut album. Until then go to or send an email to the guitarist at - Sheila Wes Det

If the title of the debut demo of this Swedish quartet seems apologetic, it is because given the limited resources available to the band the demo-CD is quite a low-budget affair. The band admits the fact and is sending this out for free in hopes of spreading its name. The sound quality is weak and the songs in need of general tightening, but Daynight has potential. The band is clearly inspired by a mixture of Rhapsody/Freedom Call and psychedelic and folk rock. The lengthy songs are sad and moody. The keyboard (never a good idea) is used liberally and second in the mix only to the vocals. The singer, while still somewhat hit or miss, can go far given his powerful range. He is an asset to each of the four songs featured. It would be interesting to see how Daynight progresses. Write to or visit - Ali "The Metallian"

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