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France's KLANG will take a break from live activities to finalise work on its upcoming album - tentatively called After The Silence. Recording sessions will start in July, 2005 at the Lb LAB where LOUDBLAST, KAIZEN and others have recorded...Canadian label Sinister Sounds has signed MARTIAL BARRAGE to a one-disc deal. The band's forthcoming CD, as yet untitled, will be out in mid-2005. Furthermore, ETERNAL's Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age four-song MCD is on schedule for a February release...Karmageddon Media has issued OCCULT's Malevolent Rapture album. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Stage One Studio in Germany, under the supervision of producer Andy Classen...Thundering Records/Manitou Music has issued DSK's From Birth (grindcore), ANTHEMON's Dystopia (atmospheric) and DISTRESS' (doom metal) second album...Ordealis Records has six new vinyl releases. They are WITCHTRAP's Sorceress Bitch, FOG's Through The Eyes of NightWinged They Come, KERBEROS/SADISTIC GRIMNESS split, NUNSLAUGHTER's Supreme Beast, PLAGUE's Into The Deathkult and PERDITOR's In Signo Suo. The label is next issuing MÜTIILATION's (FRA) Majestas Leprosus LP...MAYHEM has announced that singer Maniac is out of the band and Attila Csihar has returned to the fold...Candlelight Records in the USA has confirmed January, 25 as the US release date for Forbidden Empathy, a 2-CD retrospective from CALLENISH CIRCLE. The CDs feature 29 songs that chronicle the five-piece's complete and previously unavailable early recordings...According to Death Row Productions PANDEMIA will start recording its third album immediately. It is named Riven and will be released in January, 2005...The INFERNAL HATRED/ANWYL split LP/CD is still in the works. The LP version will be released by Metal War Productions. A label for the CD version has not yet been found. The INFERNAL HATRED/CIANIDE split 7" is also still in the works. INFERNAL HATRED's line-up for these releases should all be the same, except Craig Smilowski of GOREAPHOBIA, IMMOLATION and RELLIK will be doing some session drum work...DISSECTION's EP has been named Maha Kali and will be released by Escapi Music/Screaming Ferret Wreckords. A full-length is due in 2005. The band is singer/guitarist Jon Nödtveidt, guitarist Set Teitan (ABORYM and BLOODLINE), bassist Brice Leclercq (NIGHTRAGE) and drummer Thomas Asklund (DARK FUNERAL, INFERNAL and DAWN)...LOUDNESS has an album out in Japan featuring covers of their '80s songs. The CD is called Rock Shocks. The band is currently recording a new album called Racing...Serial Grinder, the first full-length album by CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM, will be available next month...Earache is releasing EXMORTEM's Nihilistic Contentment, BLOOD RED THRONE's Altered Genesis and LOST SOUL's Chaostream in February...Brazil's INFERNAL BLASPHEMY has a website at Spew's DEVIANT is working on an album called Larvaeon which is due to be released around March, 2005...ABORTED will enter the studio next month with producer Tue Madsen to record its fourth full-length album. It is entitles The Archaic Abattoir...TERMINALLY YOUR ABORTED GHOST has signed to The Spew for the release of a MCD entitled Inanimately Soundless in the early months of 2005....BODIES IN THE GEAR OF THE APPARATUS and Canada's DESPISED ICON will issue a split-CD on Relapse...RIBSPREADER (featuring Dan Swanö) recently finished the recordings for its second album. The new album is entitled Congregating The Sick and due out next April through Karmageddon...EYEGOUGER is currently shopping the AssAttack CD to labels. The CD is already mixed and mastered. There are 15 "brutal ass-ripping pornus-grind songs" on the forthcoming album...DEATHBOUND, the side-project of THE DUSKFALL, ...AND OCEANS and ROTTEN SOUND members, has named its next album Doomsday Comfort. The album is due in the spring through Dynamic Arts Records. The band is also doing a split-EP with Finland's DEATHCHAIN...The principles for Torrid Records will issue a special 20th anniversary edition of EXODUS' 1985 debut album Bonded By Blood...PENTACLE's new album is called Under The Black Cross and due next month through Iron Pegasus Records...GURD has added guitarist Pat (formerly of ACID, CRIONICS and EVEREVE) to the line-up...Drummer Carsten Schmerer has left BURDEN OF GRIEF due to the usual "personal reasons."...The Hoffmann brothers have been turfed from DEICIDE for a general lack of commitment to the band. Band leader Glen Benton hopes to have VITAL REMAINS' Dave Suzuki replace them...FUNERIS NOCTURNUM has finished work on its fourth album, Existence Indifferent, which is due in early 2005 through Woodcut Records...ATOMIZER's Jason Healey has written a song with PUNGENT STENCH for a ATOMIZER versus PUNGENT STENCH seven-inch EP that is due next year...AKERCOCKE have turfed guitarist Paul Scanlan without providing an explanation...EXHUMED's next album is a covers CD entitled Regurgitated Requiems: Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated. The band has also announced the reentrance of Leon del Muerte to the rank...SPEED KILL HATE, featuring former OVERKILL members Dave Linsk (guitar), Derek Tailer (guitar), and Tim Mallare (drums), has signed to Listenable Records. The group's album, Acts Of Insanity, will be out on February 2, 2005...BOLT THROWER has been rejoined with original vocalist Karl Willetts. The band is writing a new album...CANNIBAL CORPSE singer George "Corpsegrinder" Fischer was hospitalized on Tuesday, November 16th due to an infection. He is well now...DESPAIR, featuring GRIP INC.'s guitarist Waldemar Sorychta and Century Media Records' Robert Kampf, has reformed and will record a new album next year. Markus "Makka" Freiwald, now in VOODOOCULT, is also part of the line-up...HATESPHERE has signed to SPV...KREATOR's Enemy Of God is now out...Former FIGHT members Jay Jay and Brian Tilse have a new band called GLASS PIPE SUICIDE...INFERNAL MAJESTY and HIRAX will be on a joint European tour in February...SHADOWS FALL's latest album, The War Within, has passed the 100,000 sales mark in the U.S. Nielsen SoundScan sales...Former MALEVOLENT CREATION singer Brett Hoffmann is now in a band called DOWN THE DRAIN. The singer recently preformed his first show in three years. Also in the band are drummer Shane Rizziano, bassist Scott O'Dell and guitarists TJ Suto and Chris Benbenek...FORENSICK will issue a new album, entitled Reign of Survival Horror, in February through Necromance Records...THROES OF DAWN's Quicksilver Clouds album is now out through Avantgarde.

Metallian Hard

The upcoming EVERGREY DVD release will feature the band answering the fans' questions. The questions can be directed to any member of EVERGREY and can be about any subject. Fans can send emails to with "EVERGREY questionnaire" in the subject line. Look for a new live CD in stores in February and the DVD in March of 2005...CORROSION OF CONFORMITY has announced a new studio album for 2005. Tentatively titled En Los Brazos Del Dios (In The Arms Of God), it will feature GALACTIC drummer Stanton Moore...Perris Records will release The Glam That Stole Christmas Vol.1. on December 1. This new Christmas CD will feature LILLIAN AXE and Here Is Christmas, KRISTY MAJORS and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), LOUD 'N' NASTY and Christmas Time among others...Bernie McMannis the owner of The McMannis Entertainment Group has updated his where he alleges royalty payment irregularities on behalf of Metal Mayhem Records...Danish band MERCENARY's Century Media debut and the band's fourth full-length overall release 11 Dreams has been scheduled for a U.S. release on February 8th, 2005...Canada's INTO ETERNITY has announced that they will be touring the U.S. with AMORPHIS and BEYOND THE EMBRACE next March...Crash Music has signed PURE SWEET HELL to a four-album deal. the band consists of Van Williams who is also the drummer in NEVERMORE, Christ Eichhorn and Jim 'Ravenfeeder' Colson who has been in bands with Christ and Van in the past. Crash Music will release its debut full-length album The Voyeurs Of Utter Destruction As Beauty on February 22nd...LIZARDS has issued its third CD. It is entitled Cold Blooded Kings. The band features former and current BLUE OYSTER CULT, RAINBOW and RIOT members Bobby Rondinelli and Mike DiMeo...RIOT is a recording new album this winter due for release in April. The band will also be marking its 25th anniversary...Old School Records has issued a collection of mostly unreleased material called Total Metal Attack - A New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Compilation. Some of the featured bands are BLACK ROSE, DISTRAINERS, E.F.BAND, BURNER and DEEP SWITCH...DARK MOOR will release its new album, which is entitled Beyond The Sea, in February 2005. Derek Gores (KAMELOT) will paint the cover artwork...NASUM's lead vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk has joined Italy's MOTHERCARE to contribute vocals to the band's forthcoming release Traumaturgic...Candlelight Records will license Rise Above Records' music for North America going forward. The first planned release is the fourth album from Canada's SHEAVY due in early April. The label has also agreed on cooperation with France's Appease Me Records. Under the agreement, Candlelight will see to the stateside release of all new recordings from the label. The first planned releases include the debut's from MONOLITHE and SPEKTR. Appease Me is owned and operated by members of the band BLUT AUS NORD...SAMAEL has signed to Nuclear Blast for the USA. The Swiss band signed a deal to release the new album Reign Of Light in 2005...The next SOILWORK release, Stabbing The Drama, has been scheduled for March 8th, 2005. An American tour with HYPOCRISY, MNEMIC and DARK TRANQUILLITY is in the beginning stages, tentatively to start in April 2005...ENTOMBED, CROWBAR and PROPAIN will tour together in the US beginning next February...Sweden's THE RING will support MOTORHEAD and SEPULTURA on their German dates...Independent band SHADOWSIDE has finished the recording of its debut full-length, Theatre of Shadows. It was produced and mixed by Fabio Haddad, at LCM Studio in Sao Paulo. The CD will be mastered at Jailhouse studios in Denmark by Tommy Hansen and released next summer...A new MÖTLEY CRÜE single, If I Die Tomorrow, has been posted online in streaming audio exclusively at The band will also issue a DVD and tour US and Canada in February...Guitarist Bernie Torme (OZZY OSBOURNE, GILLAN, etc.) will have a solo CD out in early 2005. He is also working on an electronica side-project called PSYBURBIA...ROB HALFORD will enter the studio in late 2005 in order to record a new solo album. The man is recruiting musicians via his website for a special recording session...CANDLEMASS has a new compilation CD, entitled Essential Doom. It features the band's favourite songs plus the unreleased track Witches. The band is still writing new material...PARADISE LOST's self-titled album is due on February 21st through G.U.N. Records. A single, called Grey, will be out in January...KROKUS' Marc Storace will sing on the next album from Germany's BISS which is due next year through AOR Heaven...HANOI ROCKS drummer Lacu will play select shows with THE 69 EYES in Finland this month...The reformed LAST CRACK has chosen Burning Funkhouse Live as the name for its double live album which will be released on-line through Rökker Records...DEATH DESTRUCTION is the name of a metal side-project by EVERGREY members Henrik Danhage and Jonas Ekdahl... DOMAIN's next album Last Days Of Utopia is due on February 7th through Limb Music Products...TWISTED TOWER DIRE is at Killabrew Studio recording its fourth album, Netherworlds, for Germany's Remedy Records...ACTIONJACKSON is the new band of former MORGOTH members Marc Grewe and Sebastian Swart. The new band has already recorded a demo...DARKSEED has completed work on a new album, entitled Ultimate Darkness, which is due on January 24, 2005 through Massacre Records...HANKER and bassist Denis Cossette have gone separate ways...YO DIDDLEY is a blues side-project of ARMORED SAINT's Gonzo and Phil Sandoval...January 24th will see the release of Glenn Hughes' new solo album Soul Mover on Frontiers Records...GRAVE DIGGER's new album, The Last Supper, will be out next month through Nuclear Blast...Guitarist Paul Chapman has quit WAYSTED...NOTRE DAME has split up but not before recording a last album, the live Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow...MICHAEL BRUCE, the guitarist for the original ALICE COOPER group, is currently in the studio recording a new solo album due in 2005. The new album is the follow-up to 2002's Halo Of Ice...Cornelius of SOLEFALD has a new band named STURMGEIST The band has signed to Seasons Of Mist. The debut album will be entitled Meister Mefisto and is scheduled for a January 25th release...ORDER OF THE EBON HAND, which features Akis from SEPTIC FLESH, has signed a deal with Seasons Of Mist. A studio album, titled XV: The Devil is scheduled for a January 24th release...MY DYING BRIDE is currently preparing for a new DVD release, planned for Spring 2005. The band is working with David Palser again to produce a new video clip exclusively for this release. The track is The Blue Lotus. The previously available DVD For Darkest Eyes has been repackaged and will be available at a special price in March...Peaceville will release an AUTOPSY DVD next year. The band has four hours of footage so far...BRAZEN ABBOT's A Decade Of Brazen Abbot DVD and CD have just been issued...ASTARTE's Sirens album is out now...MAD MARGRITT's upcoming CD Straight Through The Heart is due on Tuesday, January 11th. The sampler will feature two new songs...The reunited DEADLY BLESSING will play at the Keep It True Festival in Germany on April 2nd, 2005. Bassist Nick Douglas is touring with DORO. 1000 EYED SLOW MACHINE, the band of former guitarist Tony Kerr, has changed its name to SEX & ANGELS.

Metallian Demos

Placid Silence is a professional pop, rock and hard rock band from the south of Germany. The quintet plays a different brand of hard rock than most other bands in that the sound is both patient and casual. The band drifts forth with a centre of gravity in singer Sabrina Kraus who has a flat, but effective voice. Some of the bands that come to mind when listening to Autumn Skies for review purposes are Skew Siskin, Toxic Virgin, Girlschool and even Waysted. Arise! is a harsher tune with grittier vocals somehow like when punk meets metal before becoming softer with interesting trippy elements and angry sampled vocals. Honey is a ballad. Run is mostly in German. The backing vocals ruin the result somewhat and the guitars are too quiet. The Day Our Children Die is ironically poppy, but has a nice bass line and an impressive solo. The band would do well to insert more of these. For all its composure the Autumn Skies is an interesting and somewhat intriguing independent find. Visit or e-mail the band at - Ali "The Metallian"

Frozen Soil's music is somehow not what one would expect from a Dutch underground band. The four tracks on the band's professional demo present a band playing a mix of rock and hard rock with above average musicianship and enunciation. The oddly dirty cover design is apparently the visual depiction of a deep and arresting concept embedded in the lyrics and adds another layer to the band's somber and pensive performance. The first few notes of Where's My Day are reminiscent of latter day W.A.S.P., but this is a band that travels its own path and covers its own ground. In the Dawning Of An Era layered vocals and slow and penetrating rhythms are the norm. Write the band at - Ali "The Metallian"

Quo Vadis hails from Montreal, has been doing the rounds for over ten years now and has released a couple of albums in the past. The band's latest is a high-budget independent CD featuring Sadus' Steve DiGiorgio on bass guitar and boasting a mix courtesy of Jim Morris at Morrisound Studio.
The band's revamped line-up offers a techno thrash/heavy metal sound reminiscent of late Death and Sadus. The presence of those bands' bassist also explains the prominent bass guitar sound. The rest of the band is comprised of adept musicians as well. The delivery and sound are unsurprisingly clinically clean and sterile, mostly fast and often precise. It is in the nature of the sub-genre that the music loses much of its emotional appeal as a consequence of the characteristics, although the sound could have been a little thicker regardless. Other noteworthy items are the perfected guitar solos on songs like Silence Calls The Storm and To The Bitter End, the hardcore instances on Tunnel Effect, the operatic and orchestral In Articulo Mortis and outro and the slower and almost oriental Dead Man's Diary. - Ali "The Metallian"

Mors In Tabula translates to 'death on the table' which might have something to do with surgery. The group hails from the land of rising Olympic debts and is, contrary to my initial expectation, not heavy metal. The four songs show a band that is industrial or techno and will unfairly find itself painted with the same brush as Rammstein. The bands are from the same persuasion, but Mors In Tabula is clearly much less commercial. For the record the cover of the CD and the independent band's sound are quite top-notch. Write this gang at - Anna Tergel

Interesting concepts with musically diverse and perverse lyrical points gloried with sickness brutal Meatshits Shit List sums it all up. Upon receiving this latest infection of melodies the group from Ceres, California makes its mark within the grindcore adding pornographic word imagery with industrial horror-like samples added to this deathly sound. Selective Inbreeding and She Never Says No are short song examples that are brief making the listener draw inward due to the content behind the music. Meatshits history goes back to the late 1980's more or less living in the shadow of Anal Cunt, but with a lower grade of shocking material draw upon senseless inspiration. With over 7 album releases and a few split EP's this band makes another attempt at offending the weak with Shit List. One of the highlights here with this album, just like the rest is the use of sampling mixed with the stylist use of porno death metal. Downside to this are short lived songs. The album, in its entirety, is too repetitive vocal-wise making the band name for what it is a bunch of MS. - Jussi

Satanicon is a self-described black metal band from Ohio singing the praises of the horned one in songs like Blackened Evil Darkness, Raping The Christian Virgin, Bastard In The Sky and Storming The Gates Of Heaven. It must be a burden for the quartet to live in the world's most fanatical Christian country and the band's anger and obnoxious noise is probably a reflection of that reality. The singer growls and screams with hate, the band rattles on riding a wave of noise to hammer its point home and the raw and cranky sound repels all fans of false black metal like Dimmu Borgir without mercy. Visit this band's web presence at or e-mail the band at - Ali "The Metallian"

The Swiss quintet Myall-Lake has played with the likes of Bruce Dickinson, Saxon and Blind Guardian among others in the past, but is more of a rock band than a metal band. The band is quite professional and has its act together in the songwriting department which, in some ways, is not a surprise since they have been around for more than ten years with Threepoint being its third disc. The band has a smooth sound, with the clean vocalist, a pulsating bass sound and a capable lead guitarist creating fairly catchy tunes. Sad But True is a slow song, Never Come Back and Dead Or Alive start with an AC/DC riff each, but except for the Statetrooper-ish solo on the former revert back to a straight rock format. Elsewhere track seven, entitled Freeze, is patterned after the Eagles and the band has yet another of those silly hidden tracks tagged at the end. The band can be contacted via or e-mail - Ali "The Metallian"

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