Metallian Heavy

Swedish death metal band MORBUS CHRON has signed with Pulverised Records. The band is in the studio to record its full-length debut for a spring 2010 release.

HOD bassist Dirty Derrick has left the band as he continues to get treatment for cancer. His last show with the band was on November 14th at The Goregrowler’s Ball 3 in San Antonio, Texas at The Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar. Trans Am from the Texas-based grindcore band PLEASANT VALLEY is the new bassist.

MASTER will begin a five-week South American tour, called Masters Of Hate Tour, beginning on January 14th. Support comes from Brazil’s PREDATOR and Britain’s AFTER DEATH. In the meantime, MASTER is recording a new album.

The Canadian Carnage tour featuring SLAYER, MEGADETH, MACHINE HEAD and SUICIDE SILENCE was postponed last month following SLAYER singer Tom Araya’s back injury and subsequent back surgery.

OVERKILL has signed an American deal with E1 Music and will release its new album, Ironbound, in January. Peter Tägtgren of HYPOCRISY produced it. The band had previously signed with Nuclear Blast for Europe. A European tour will follow the album’s release.

EX DEO had to pull out of the HYPOCRISY and ENSIFERUM tour for visa problems last month. LAZARUS A.D. jumped on the tour. In the end, HYPOCRISY was also forced to pull out of the tour after one member failed to receive a visa. HYPOCRISY had recruited CHILDREN OF BODOM leader Alexi Laiho to tour as the second guitarist. BLACKGUARD opened the tour.

BROWN JENKINS‘ Death Obsession has just been issued through Moribund Records.

White metal band LIVING SACRIFICE will release its new album, The Infinite Order, on January 26th through Solid State Records.

Sweden’s WARFECT have signed a deal with My Kingdom Music and issued Depicting The Macabre on November 16th. The band is described as thrash metal.

Merciless Records is unable to release SEAMOUNT’s second album, Light And Truth. It is instead out on Church-Within-Records. Merciless Records will issue the band’s ntodrm in CD format instead.

Indiana black metal project PTAHIL recently released its debut MCD Ortus through Stronghold Records.

London, UK-based progressive metal band DE PROFUNDIS has signed a deal with Kolony Records to release its second album, A Bleak Reflection. The album was recorded in June and July 2009 with producer Fernando Pereira Lopes (MISANTHROPE, ORAKLE) and mastered by Tim Turan (EMPEROR, OPETH, MOTÖRHEAD).

Century Media Records has signed the Spanish thrash metal band ANGELUS APATRIDA to a worldwide deal. The abandoned angels will record an album in January and undertake shows with ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and ARCH ENEMY.

INCANTATION and HATE will tour Western Europe in January. DIVINE EVE and NOCTEM will support the band.

The Dutch band GRIND MINDED has called it a day. The group lost guitarist Mathijs Odding and bassist Gea Mulder in the summer.

California’s DREAMING DEAD is looking to record a second album this coming winter following its tour with KRISIUN and NILE. Entitled, Midnightmares, the new album should be out next summer or once the band finds a new label. Ibex Moon Records issued the band’s debut, Within One.

McGruff’s bassist? Guitarist Gio Geraca (UPON INFLICTION, WYKKED WYTCH and CRUCIFEAST) is the latest bassist in MALEVOLENT CREATION. The band is expected to release a new album in late 2010.

ARMAGEDDON, featuring ARCH ENEMY’s Chris Amott, Embrace The Mystery and Three albums are being issued by Century Media everywhere outside Japan. The two will be issued as a 2-CD package.

Dutch thrash metal band OBSIDIAN has signed a deal with Candlelight Records. A new album is expected in the winter. The label has also signed FEAR FACTORY. The American alterna-rockers’ album, Mechanize, will be issued in February.

The reformed EXUMER has been booked for next year’s MRF Festival in Oberhausen in Germany on April 4th. Other bands playing include EXCITER, SODOM and LIVING DEATH.

MISERY SPEAKS has put itself out of misery for personal reasons. The band is performing several final shows this month in Germany.

LIFELESS has signed with Ibex Moon Records. The label is planning on issuing the group’s debut, Beyond The Threshold Of Death, as well as a new full-length in 2010.

HEATHEN will release its delayed new album, The Evolution Of Chaos, on January 25th 2010 through Mascot Records. The band is touring Europe in March.

Finland’s ROTTEN SOUND has signed with Relapse Records. An EP, entitled Napalm, is the first release through the new label and will be available in March.

Members of MAYHEM and its crew were arrested last month in The Netherlands and jailed overnight. The group was accused of vandalizing a hotel room in Tilburg and causing over $7,000 CDN in damages.

DEATH SS singer Steve Sylvester is working on a horror movie called The Devil’s Graal. Former MAYHEM member Culto Prietsu is assisting him.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ will release its next album, Procella Vadens, on January 18th through the Season Of Mist imprint Underground Activists.

SEPULTURA will release a live DVD in 2010 to commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary. It might include an orchestra.

Drummer Antoine Baril has announced he is leaving AUGURY. He claims the reasons are both personal and professional. VADER drummer Robin “Frog” Stone from Australia’s THE AMENTA will tour with the band immediately.

Switzerland’s KRUGER will release its fourth album, For Death, Glory And The End Of The World, in February through Listenable Records. The album was recorded at Déclanché studio in Yverdon, Switzerland.

Sweden’s GODHATE has signed a three-album deal with Metal Age Productions. The band’s album, Equal In The Eyes Of Death, will be released this month.

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE has lost singer Jason Hohenstein to the man’s job and wife. The South Carolina-based band is seeking a replacement and can be contacted through

Kansas City thrash metal band ARES KINGDOM will release its second album, entitled Incendiary, next month through Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Florida’s own death metal band SOLSTICE is back with an independent demo release called To Dust. It can be purchased through CDBaby. The 2009 edition of the band is singer and guitarist Christian Rudes, guitarist Dennis Munoz, bassist Garrett Scott and drummer Brian Harris.

Florida’s own death metal band DIABOLIC has recorded a new full-length album, called Excisions Of Exorcisms, and is searching for a record company to release it. More information can be had at

BENEDICTION claims to have been forced to postpone its South American tour in December because of “visa issues.” The band insists the dates will be made up.

BURZUM genius Chris Varg is back and will release an album called Den Hvite Guden (The White God) next March. The man promises the album will not have anything to do with “negro” or “homosexual” behaviour. Nevertheless, the album cover currently depicts two half-naked men standing very close to one another.

Following a protracted absence MORBID ANGEL is promising a new album for 2010. The band has now signed with Season Of Mist. The label recently also signed GENITORTURERS.

Germany’s GRIND INC. has signed a deal with Bastardized Recordings. The band is at the Catacomb Productions Studio recording an album for a 2010 release. This album will break with tradition and feature only one singer.

DETENTE has replaced vocalist Ann Boleyn (HELLION) with Tiina Teal of BURN THE EMPIRE. The band is recording a new album.

Germany’s DARK FORTRESS will release a new album, called Ylem, through Century Media Records in January. The band is touring Europe with SATYRICON this month.

KREATOR will tour North America in March of 2010 using the Hordes Of Chaos Part II monicker. A revolving cast of openers include LAZARUS A.D., VOIVOD, KATAKLYSM, EVILE and NACHTMYSTIUM.

DECAPITATED is back with a new line-up. The band is Rafał Piotrowski (FORGOTTEN SOULS) – vocals, Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka – guitars; Filip “Henrich” Hałucha (VESENIA, ROOTWATER, UNSUN and MASACHIST) – bass; and Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (THORNS OF IVY and TONE INTIMACY) – drums. The band is touring Europe next winter.

AT THE GATES will release The Flames Of The End DVD package in February of 2010 through Earache Records. The set includes live performances and a documentary on the band.

Nuclear Blast has signed Sweden’s SABATON. A new album is expected from the band in the spring of 2010.

THE ABSENCE is at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida recording its third album, now entitled Enemy Unbound, which is due for a winter of 2010 release through Metal Blade Records.

DARK TRANQUILLITY has picked We Are The Void as the title for its next album, which is due on March 1st, 2010 through Century Media Records. The drums for the album were actually recorded at bassist Daniel Antonsson’s own studio.

Drummer Hans Karlin has returned to CRYONIC TEMPLE. The band is entering the studio to record a new album in January.

Pulverised Records has signed Norwegian black metallers DEN SAAKALDTE. It features Mikael Sykelig (ex-GORGOROTH session guitar player) and will issue an album entitled Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete in the autumn of 2010. The label has also signed MORBUS CHRON from Sweden.

UK death metallers ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY have been forced to pull out of the upcoming tour with DYING FETUS and THE FACELESS. The Britons were unable to procure US visas.

Pulverised Records has added MORBID CARNAGE to its roster. MORBID CARNAGE recently completed its debut full-length album, Night Assassins. The record features seven tracks of thrash metal. The official Night Assassins street date will be announced soon.

Metallian Hard

DIRTY LOOKS’ Dirty Looks, I Want More and In Your Face albums are being reissued by FnA Records. The Worst of Dirty Looks compilation was also recently issued.

JETBOY has lost its rhythm section. According to the band, “It is with regret that JETBOY announces the departure of both Doug Hovan (percussion) and Michael Butler (bass) from the band's lineup.” The latter was dismissed during a recent on-air conversation. The band’s Off Your Rocker EP has been completed however. A label is being sought.

BULLET BOYS singer Marq Torien (Mark Maytorena) was arrested on Friday November 13th in Florida and charged with "non-support of children or spouse” before being released.

ARMORED SAINT has completed work on its newest, album, La Raza (The Race). Metal Blade Records is due to issue it in March, 2010.

Another date and another country have been added to MANOWAR's Death To Infidels World Tour 2010. MANOWAR will headline the Masters Of Rock 2010 in Vizovice, Czech Republic on July 16th, 2010.

HADES members Alan Tecchio, T. Coombs and Dan Lorenzo have banded together with DJs from Talking Metal, John Ostronomy and Mark Strigl, to again play a covers show using the SCREAMING METAL monicker. The gig is scheduled for Saturday, March 6th at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey. The band’s Resisting Success album line-up of HADES has also reunited and announced two shows in April, 2010 in New Jersey. Ed Fuhrman was invited but declined to participate.

AXEMASTER has changed its name to INNER TERROR. According to the band, “Although the name AXEMASTER has a rich history that dates back to the middle ‘80s, the band decided that their new lineup, more modern sound, and greatly improved writing and performance created the need for a change and a fresh start.” A CD, called Inner Terror, is due in 2010.

Italy’s SOTHIS has changed its name to SAWTHIS in order to avoid confusion with the American SOTHIS. Apparently, the Italians were the first owners of the monicker.

Folk rock darlings FINNTROLL have completed work on a new album, called Mot Skuggornas Värld, due early 2010 through Century Media Records. It was recorded at Finnvox Studio.

After spending some time with InsideOut Music and Metal Blade SYMPHONY X has signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The group is working on a new album that is expected in June of 2010.

ECHOES OF ETERNITY/POWERGLOVE and HAMMERFALL are touring the USA in March and April of 2010. ECHOES OF ETERNITY will take over for the second leg of the tour.

Ronnie James Dio of HEAVEN AND HELL and DIO was abruptly hospitalized last month and diagnosed with “early stages” of stomach cancer. The DIO tour of Europe was cancelled. Dio is 67 years old. Moreover, HEAVEN & HELL and DIO drummer Vinny Appice underwent surgery on his right shoulder on Monday, November 30th following an injury that occurred during the last HEAVEN & HELL tour.

DREAM EVIL has signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records and will issue a new album, entitled In The Night, on January 25th. The band is appearing at the Bloodstock festival next year and touring with STRATOVARIUS.

BLACK MAJESTY has picked In Your Honour as the title for its next album. MASTERPLAN’s Roland Grapow will mix the album at his Grapow studio in Slovakia. The album is due for release through Germany's Limb Music in the spring.

GURD will play its last show with drummer Mauro "Tschibu" Casciero on December 12th at the Biomill Club in Laufen, Switzerland. It will be the group's first appearance with new man Steve Karrer. According to the group, "During the concert, the drum sticks will be passed to our new drummer. The change will be performed live!”

HANOI ROCKS’ final show on April 12, 2009 at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland was issued last month on DVD as Buried Alive. It hit the number one position in the Finnish music DVD charts.

Danish Heavy Metallers FORCENTURY issued a debut full-length demo, called Vanguard, on November 27th. The CD contains 9 tracks, which are a mix of thrashers, ballads and power metal.

Australian band BE'LAKOR, which was reviewed here last month, has signed a deal with Italy’s Kolony Records for the European release of its demo, Stones Reach.

The new MYSTERY BLUE demo, Hell & Fury, is now out. It was mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler.

NWOBHM’s TOKYO BLADE, which now features guitarists Andy Boulton and John Wiggins and bassist Andy Wrighton, has recruited singer Chris Gillen. Gillen was previously in Michigan’s OVERLOADED.

BORKNAGAR’s Universal album will be issued in February through Indie Recordings.

Denmark’s MERCENARY has lost more members. Drummer Mike Park Nielsen has left. The band subsequently fired singer Mikkel Sandager and keyboardist Morten Sandager. The remaining members claim they wanted to go into a more heavy direction.

THE OLD DEAD TREE is now both old and dead. The members had to disband following a series of reported disagreements.

SG Records will issue the first VFB full-length album. The Gates Of Madness was recorded at Fear Studio in Ravenna and will be released early 2010. SG records will also issue the first album by SCALA MERCALLI, described as “historycal (sic) Italian speed metal band.”

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will release a new compilation album called High Impact on December 7th. Fans will hear a cover version of MICHAEL JACKSON’s Beat It on the album.

LYNCH MOB has acquired a new rhythm section. Bassist Michael “Denim” Devin and drummer Brian Tichy (BILLY IDOL, OZZY OSBOURNE, FOREIGNER and VELVET REVOLVER) are part of the band’s touring line-up.

MODERN FUNERAL ART’s demo Doom With A View is being reissued through Apollon Records of The Netherlands.

France’s HEAVENLY will release a new album, Carpe Diem, on December 18th through AFM Records.

Reformed 2010? AEROSMITH first came undone with singer Steven Tyler supposedly quitting for a solo career and the rest of the band claiming a lack of information. Tyler then appeared on stage with Perry at the latter’s show and denied the rumours. Guitarist Joe Perry was hinting at forging ahead with a new singer however. The rest of AEROSMITH has also been hinting at Tyler possibly abusing drugs once again. The band’s last concert was in Abu Dhabi. THE JOE PERRY PROJECT is touring all season.

German gothic band CREMATORY will release a full-length called Infinity in February. The album includes a cover version of DEPECHE MODE's Black Celebration. A 2011 CD/DVD is also in the works to commemorate the band’s twentieth anniversary.

Montreal’s BARN BRUNER has signed with Metal Blade Records. The band is described as a cross between doom and hard rock. Metal Blade Records will again issue BARN BURNER's debut album, Bangers, in 2010. The album was originally issued through New Romance For Kids Records.

HELLOWEEN’s late ‘80s/early ‘90s singer Michael Kiske has joined bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Kosta Zafiriou PINK CREAM 69 in a band called UNISONIC. Guitarist Mandy Meyer, of ASIA, GOTTHARD and KROKUS, is also in the line-up.

Cleveland’s ETERNAL LEGACY will release a new album, called Lifeless Alive, on December 8th through Auburn Records. The album was recorded at the band's own Mercenary Studios in Cleveland and produced by singer and guitarist Jason Vanek.

BANG TANGO’s singer Joe LeSte fell ill just before the band's show Wednesday November 25th at the Portage Theater in Chicago, Illinois. He was astonishingly replaced by a fan who managed to sing a short set with the band.

Finland’s LEVERAGE has permanently replaced bassist Pekka Lampinen with Sami Norrbacka. The latter man has been touring with LEVERAGE.

AIRBOURNE and THE JOE PERRY PROJECT will open for MÖTLEY CRÜE's The Dead Of Winter Canadian tour in January and February. AIRBOURNE’s No Guts, No Glory second album will be issued on February 23rd through Roadrunner Records.

In a reference to its 1984 album, Love At First Sting, SCORPIONS have picked Sting In The Tail as the title for its next album, which is due in April through Sony/BMG. The album is being recorded in Hanover, Germany with Swedish producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen. In a further reference to its ‘80s albums, the band intends to tour the world for the next two years using the Get Your Sting And Blackout monicker.

ROTTING CHRIST has picked Aealo as the title for its next album, which is due on February 15th through Season Of Mist. The album was recorded at Lunatach Studios in Greece and will famously feature guest appearances by Diamanda Galas and PRIMORDIAL singer Alan A. Nemtheanga. The band is exploring its Greek heritage on the album.

EXTREME guitarist Nuno Bettencourt has been hired by RIHANNA to be her 2010 world tour lead guitarist. Bettencourt used adjectives like “heavy,” or “funky” and “rocks” to describe his employer.

A new funky and heavy band is at hand! Singer Doug Pinnick (KING’S X), guitarists Jimi Hazel (24-7 SPYZ), Spacey T (SOUND BARRIER and FISHBONE), Greg Fulton (CYCLONE TEMPLE and RWA), bassist Rick Skatore (24-7 SPYZ) and drummer Phil D. Fish of FISHBONE have banded together in A.N.M. (a.k.a. ANTI N***ER MACHINE). A record is expected in 2010.

Following a one-year hiatus RHAPSODY OF FIRE has signed to Nuclear Blast Records for the world and will release a new album, called The Frozen Tears Of Angels, on March 5th, 2010. The album will constitute the third chapter of The Dark Secret Saga.

IMAGIKA will release a new album, Portrait Of A Hanged Man, on March 19th through Metalville. The album was recorded at Fang Studio by IMAGIKA guitarist Steve Rice and was mixed at KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studio in Sweden.

Suncity Records has signed FEMME FATALE for the release of its unreleased album, Lady In Waiting.

Heavy metal band AMULANCE has recruited guitarist Pat Cassidy (ex-SHADOZ EDGE) and drummer Eddie Foltz (ex-DAVID SHANKLE GROUP). The band is playing the Headbangers Open Air in Germany next July.

KISS has announced Sonic Boom Over Europe: From The Beginning To The Boom tour of Europe for the summer of 2010. The tour is in support of the band’s new album, Sonic Boom.

In 2008 BON JOVI recorded its Madison Square Garden show in high definition. The result is now available as the Live At Madison Square Garden DVD.

Just before entering the Studio to record its second album, FLASHBACK OF ANGER has split with its rhythm guitarist Matteo Bonini. Gianmarco Lotti, guitarist for ASTRAL DIVE and IRON MAIDEN cover band PROWLERS, has replaced Matteo Bonini. Matteo left due to differences of opinion regarding the said project.

Every band has a CD or DVD with an orchestra.

Metallian Demos

Sword Toward Self might have a name inspired by right-wingers and the way they vote, but the band’s music is not quite as obvious. The group’s music certainly begins with, and heavily comprised of, chunks of brutality and raucous vocals, but is liable to break into clean singing and picking at a moment’s notice. The break from heaviness and purity are accentuated by the odd folkish riff that s out of place in the midst of the crushing body blows. The band fancies itself ‘progressive’ but there is little in the music to allow for the term. It is also technical only t a certain point. The lead guitar, which is freely let loose on occasion, does resemble olden heavy metal bands of the progressive persuasion however. There is a lot going here for a three-piece and for more information write the band at or visit - Ali “The Metallian”

This writer was never a fan of Corrosion Of Conformity, liked Kyuss, or actively followed early Soundgarden. As a metal fan, none of those bands counted. Birch Hill Dam could be compared to those groups. However, the quartet from Massachusetts is better, heavier and more upbeat than any and all those bands and deserves a lot. Every song on this demo disc is heavy as lead. The vocals are emotional, yet very powerful. The band is not making variety a prime goal and is incredibly tight. The groove is on, but the power is never shot. A special kudo goes out to the heavy backing and the sound of the bass guitar. One cover version aside, Birch Hill Dam has jam-packed it all with consistently powerful songs, which includes an equally impressive instrumental. This is why these four guys rule. One doesn’t need to be into this style to get into the band. Rather, Birch Hill Dam puts one in the mood for the style and itself. As a bonus to the music, Birch Hill Dam ends the disc with a little sermon on human culture and interpersonal relationships in the USA. Either visit or e-mail - Anna Tergel

Suspirium hails from Italy so it is probably fair to assume that the band is familiar with the Superia film. The Suspirium monicker would, hence, be a cool twist on the more familiar title. Soulless, of course, was a catchy title and song by Grave, as well as the name of many a band. The band calls itself ‘black metal’ and as such presumably features Satanic lyrics within titles like The Wish, La Foresta Che Urla Nelle Tenbre and two others. For a total of five tracks, Intermezzo, is a doomy and sad instrumental that achieves little. At first, the band sounds like a speed metal version of Iron Maiden’s debut. The offering is very simple and offers little in the way of variety or adventure. It is straightforward to the point of boredom, but there is some atmosphere to spruce up the offering. The title track is where things pick up and offer a variation to the theme. This song has both atmosphere and power. The guitars whirl about a bit, even if the rhythm section is hell-bent on steadiness. This is fine – who needs a technical and complex show off? – but Suspirium needs some more riffs and a cool solo or drum roll or two to make its offering more compelling. E-mail the band at or visit the website at – Ali “The Metallian”

Here comes a Tennessee band singing about Odin while using runes to communicate. Oh oh… Blacksmith is confusing. On the one hand, these guys have a myriad of good riffing and incredible guitar soloing and rhythm and, on the other, they mix keyboards with Norse legends and a Michael Jackson medley. Will the real Blacksmith stand up and hammer the anvil? In the midst of the actual songs and full length of the CD Forging The Thunderbolts Of Zeus is a drum solo set-up for Blood Of The Beast. One bleeds into the other, but before anyone gets visions of BTO or ELP Sharpen The Steel is metal, just not purely or continuously. The band has a great bass sound, in addition to the aforementioned guitars, but suffers because of the confusing message, which also includes classic rock soloing. It sounds like the band is a hodgepodge of influences melded into one including he busiest front and back covers ever. Love the lyrics for the nonexistent song too. Meet the band at - Anna Tergel

A couple of quick points: the band’s name is enthralling when one thinks about it. How would an ‘astral dive’ look and how would it feel? The band is called Astral Dive, but could easily have named itself Nightwish Wish. Yup, you guessed it, the singer is operatic, female and accompanied by keyboards.
A couple of quick jabs: what does any of this have to do with heavy metal? Is ivory a metal? Are female sopranos heavy? The keyboard, which becomes dominant on Land Of Unquestioned Answers, is pathetic and weak of course. The so-called drum sound makes the beeps of your home PC sound organic and human.
Italy’s Astral Dive has a place on this planet. The aforementioned track could be a hit on the local pop FM station and, more importantly, singer Chiara Manese has an incredible voice that she puts to incredible use on the eight-minute long Restless. The second part of the song is dismal and wretched and drips with emotion. That is the part where her voice rises into the stratosphere. Chiara obviously can be evocative. The operatic highs also mask her strong accent. Ironically, while the titles are in English, opera is best identified with and sung in Italian.
Astral Dive’s place is not with heavy metal bands or hard rock magazines. The band is deluded otherwise. Otherwise, seek Astral Dive at or e-mail - Ali “The Metallian”

Quite honestly, the band’s name sounds like the name one of those dodgy towns one comes across while travelling by road in the UK. The group, however, is a Brazilian one, which throws around the term ‘progressive’ too loosely for reality. The group does have a shade of complexity and some variation in style, but that is where the connection ends. Antigen harbours elements of rock, hard rock, grunge and thrash metal with songs like Join And Surrender and Do You Feel Cleansed? taking up the heavy end of the spectrum. Layers Of Days sounds grungy before delving into better guitar work, while Vorsicht! mixes the heavy backing rhythm with artsy front-end work. The peculiar track on here is the opener Clockwork I whose liberal use of Queensrÿche sounds and notes is as obvious as a right-wing politician’s love for a multi-national corporation. Nothing like frankness though. Dynahead mixes up its vocal stylings so be prepared. The band’s website is at and hopefully will have some content soon. Otherwise, contact them at – Ali “The Metallian”

Gumshen from Seattle? One could never guess as the voice of Ron Hippe repeatedly goes “This is the start of something good...” on the opener and song of the same name. This is rock or perhaps alternative rock. The aforementioned is very laid back. Lost Disguise is an attempt at Beatles-like melody. Guts features thicker riffs but it is mostly uneventful rock that is at times almost southern. Gone Too Soon is pop for most of its four or so minutes. Down Like Me brings back the chunkier riffs and is again just too ordinary at times. This five song EP offers a bit of a few things, even a short rap of sorts. Gumshen risk being lost in the maze of many much more popular bands. Contact the band at - Anna Tergel

Another EP and another Nirvana-like start. Helmet is too much like Smells Like Teen Spirit when it starts. The rest of the time, it is just too simple a rock song though one that tries to inject an aggressive edge. Scapegoat again tries to be rock but the only part where this succeeds is the thick riffs, otherwise this is consistently pushed into the laid back mould by the vocals, other instruments and song arrangement overall. Dandelions is a ballad and lacking any significant catchiness it doesn’t succeed at attempts to break out of its commerciality. D’Mac & Grits is filled with saxophones and sounds experimental at best. Last Resort is a simple rock song with guitars and vocals jockeying for position throughout. Contact the band at - Anna Tergel