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Razorback Records reports that grinders Machetazo should have their full length out early 2000. Also in the works is a sophomore from Australian porn grinders Intense Hammer Rage. The label is also re-releasing CUM's Encyclopedia of Serial Murders. Also as reported recently the label is putting out a compilation featuring Deranged, Murder Corporation and Engorged, among others...Speaking of Deranged, as previously reported here, the band is touring Europe with Vomitory, Mangled and Dawn of Decay. As well the band's brand new album III is released in Japan with four bonus tracks; while the label Listenable is also working on a split 10' of the band with Abscess, which will feature the Japanese-only bonus tracks which are covers of Relentless from Pentagram and Stagnant Pool of Leaf Hound (an old American HR band)...Witchery turn down the offer to open for Danzig as two of the band members could not make the dates. Guitarist Jensen is, therefore, working on new material for both Witchery and The Haunted...A wealth of news from Holland's Damnation label: Out now are the The Winter of Our Discontent LP from Germany's Warhammer (for Hellhammer fans), I am Your Nightmare 10' from Finland's Urn (their black metal demo vinylized) and after 3 years of delays the 7'EP of the defunct Judgment Day of Holland entitled To Conjure Conjoint Confusion. Out soon are the 7' from deathrash Aussies Razor of Occam and 12' of Gospel of The Horns called Eve of the Conqueror (to be followed by a full length). Due out next year are a CD/LP by USA's Eternal Hatred and the double 7' of Pentacle. The label will also release the LP version of FMP's CD of Centurian's Choronzonic Chaos Gods. All vinyl releases are limited to 500...Speaking of Full Moon, the label is releasing the second album of Finland's Diaboli entitled Anthems of Sorrow (black metal), an Acheron compilation of early tracks called Compendium Diablerie, Mysticum's Planet Satan, N.Y.C's Hemlock and their Lust For Fire CD and the CD of newcomers Black Witchery which features members of Burning Inside from Florida...In the Gorguts camp, Daniel Mongrain (of Martyr) has replaced Steve Hurdle on guitars. The band is entering studio shortly...Italy's Legendary Necrodeath have finished their come back and third album and will have it out this January...Signed to Scarlet of Italy, is the Soilwork/ Darkane side project Killing Machine whose album Slaughterhouse Supremacy will be out in February...Out soon through their label Red Stream, is Necrophagia's 30 minute long horror video featuring five of the bands tracks plus a professionally edited sacrilegious, horror concept...Monstrosity and UK's Desecration are touring the US in December...Belgium's Ecliptica is releasing an independent MCD entitled Eclectica. The black metaller's disc will feature 6 tracks...Despite reports that Vader drummer Doc might have to permanently vacate the stools due to illness, fresh Polish reports confirm his recording the new album Litany...Hypnosia, out of Sweden, who are compared to Sadus have signed to Hammerheart Records. The label has also recruited a reformed Skyfire from Sweden...Dominique of Absonant Cadence reports that he is active in two new bands: Demental and the grind band Krounch...Absu are not only releasing a video and appearing on several tribute albums, but also releasing a new album called Tara...Holland's deathrashers Thanatos, who disbanded some 6 years ago after disappointments with the business and their label Shark, are back. Aside from original singer/ guitarist Stefan, the other members are Sinister's/ Houwitser's Aad on drums, Michel formerly of Sinister on guitars and Judgment Day's Theo on bass. Although it is now reported that Michel will not be a member. The band is on Hammerheart Records which will release the band's two albums again. The new one is called Angelic Encounters and will feature the Massacre song Corpsegrinder...In related news Sinister have lost their 'new' singer Eric. The band is looking for a guest vocalist to record their contribution to the Possessed tribute album where they'll participate with Storm in my Mind...Gehenna are in the studio recording a full length...Upcoming on Mexico's X-rated Records: Bulgaria's Desolate and their Eventide of the Orb and Heavens and the release of an album by Under Moonlight Sadness from Mexico...The next Dismember is called Hate Campaign. Expect it in February. The band might tour with Witchery...Rumour has it that Alastis has called it a day...Lobotomy has a new MCD on No Fashion called Muerte - Holy Shit...Also from Sweden, death metallers The Crown are recording for a March release on Metal Blade. Some tracks are: Rebel Angel and Vengeance. The album named Deathrace King will feature Mika and Tomas of Impaled Nazarene and former At The Gates respectively guesting...Over in Europe Behemoth will not tour with Satyricon...In cooperation with Norway's Jester Records, Greece's In vision Musik is releasing the following vinyl: Ulver DLP of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Arcturus' Men-Mic with different art work (limited 1000) and limited to 500 When's Psychedelic Wunderbaum...The band O write from France that due to a virus, the band has had to reenter the studio to redo an album already recorded, yet wiped out on the computer. While ten days of work has been nixed, the band's album will see the light of day this year and will feature eight tracks/ 32 minutes of At the Gates/ Morbid Angel-ish metal...Asphyx is alive! Chaos in the Flesh is due out no earlier than March...Gorgoroth has a new full length entitled Incipit Sathanas...Sick of Society write from Germany that a new CD is forthcoming which is tentatively entitled Sportsmen Sound. The hard working band have lost the services of second guitarist Thomas Hübler, who had to depart from the fold due to vocational and health reasons. Slated for early 2000, the CD will further the band's fiercely hardcore sound...A suicide in the metal camp: Ex-Borknagar's Erik Brødreskift (aka Grim) dies of a pill over-consumption this October...Iced Earth are auditioning for a new drummer...Azeazeron, out of Sweden, has signed a two record deal with that country's Loud N' Proud Records. Andy La Rocque will begin recording the band's debut this month for an early 2000 release. Also, one of Scandinavia's fastest-rising bands Morifade has now seen the release of their album Possession of Power. Finally the label has a MCD entitled Divine Enigma by a band entitled Supreme Majesty...Diehard has postponed the release of Thorium's Ocean of Blasphemy to the end of January...Brazil's Demise Records has the following releases out soon: Mysteriis' About the Christian Despair (black metal), Silent Cry's Remembrance (Pop/ doom), Eternal Sorrow's The Way of Regret and Monasterium's Eternal Rise...UK grinders Napalm Death have announced their intention to be the first band to tour Vietnam this month...Finland's Impaled Nazarene are finally in the studio finishing up their new album Nihil which is due out next March. As is the tradition with the Finns a split 7' will precede the album...Thorax Serpenti has split up. There might be an off shoot band ...Udo is guesting on Therion's new album Deggial, which is being mixed at Woodhouse Studios right now.

Metallian Hard

Kim Larsen of Denmark's Saturnus has a new project called Of the Wand and the Moon. The music is described as non-metallic...Epic metal band Arryan Path is working on a second indie CD called Osiris...Australia's Pathogen are working on eight new tracks which should come out as Fallen King...Following the fiasco of the last Destruction line up, the original Destruction line up (minus drummer Thomas) has reformed and will record a new album with Peter Tagtgren at the Abyss Studio entitled All Hell Breaks Loose. Expect the new album next May featuring tracks like The Butcher Strikes Back and Machinery of Lies...US speed metal band Abbatoir, which at one time featured John Cyrris of Agent Steel, has reformed with vocalist Steve Gaines (also ex-Bloodlust) and the original guitarist and bassist...King Diamond will be in the studio most of January and February recording a new album...Some news from Vancouver's Last Angry Man: the band, whose CD was released a mere 2 months ago, have released their singer and are looking for a replacement. The band is now working with Outlaw Entertainment to promote their album...Dutch pseudo-metal band Callenish Circle is back with a new album on DSFA called Graceful...Yet Forbidding...Two new bands on Brainticket Records: Smoke in the Sunshine and Datura. Also with new vocalist Sean Green, Last Chapter are entering the studio in January to record their second album...Epic metal band Thy Majesty has signed to Scarlet Records. The band hails from Italy. No release date is confirmed...The next Hades is called The Downside and will appear on Metal Blade in February. Billy Milano and D.D. Verni guest on the album...Carpe Tenebrum, on Hammerheart Records, will enter Abyss Studio in March to record an album...Jacques, the vocalist on The Dark Command, is back in Exciter recording the vocals on Blood of Tyrants. Also from Ottawa Dedfuk Records is releasing a compilation tape with bands such as Gothic, Vile Intent, Neuraxis, etc...Czech Republic's original underground dwellers Root is back with a new album entitled The book and described as 'dark'...Sun Theater in Anaheim, California saw the recording of a live CD and video for Dokken this past month...O.P.M. Records is back, this time with Armed Forces (featuring Michael Henry of August Redmoon and Eden) LP. Available soon is the Commandment LP. For information or to receive a catalog of metal LPs send an IRC to P.O. Box 956845, Duluth, GA. 30095 USA...October 31, featuring Deceased's King Fowley has signed to Metal Blade...Century Media is releasing an Eyehategod compilation featuring rare and unreleased tracks. Expect it in January...Tom Naumann has left Primal Fear for health reasons...Death metal unit Krisiun has signed to Century Media. The band is now in the studio with Eric Rutan...Lion's Share has signed to Massacre Records. Their new album is Fall From Grace and is out in March...Another Century Media band in the studio is Sentenced, who are laying down music in Finnvox Studio for a spring release. The album is entitled Crimson...Nuclear Blast has signed more bands: Extreme Noise Terror and Orphanage...NWOBHM band Jaguar are back and will release an album on Neat in the spring...Metal Blade has signed Canada's Eidolon whose album Nightmare Worlds should be out mid-2000. The band features Chris Drover of King Diamond with whom he is recording the new album next month...Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger, whose new album hit # 21 on the German charts, is planning a solo album for 2001...Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze will record a new album with producer Andy Sneap. Sanctuary Management is seeking a label for the man...For their third album Germany's Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has signed to Hammerheart Records. expect an album in May...Former Sundown/ Tiamat member J. Hagel has a new band called Lithium. The band is in the industrial vein...Germany's Angel Dust are entering the studio as soon as 2000 rolls around to record the follow up to Bleed at Woodhouse Studio. Moreover the band is pulling a Deep Purple/ Metallica/ Rage or Therion and working with the Bochum Symphony Orchestra...Although no details are available, Roger Glover is working on a solo album...Original guitarist Mike Gilbert has rejoined Flotsam & Jetsam replacing Mark Simpson who had moved on to Lynch Mob...Former Tad Morose/ current Memento Mori/ Street Talk singer Kristian Andren, Mike Wead formerly of Hexen Haus and fellow Mercyful Fate man Sharlee D' Angelo have a new Rush-influenced band that plans to record soon. This may bode the end of Memento Mori...Following the recent earthquake in Greece, the promoter for the Gamma Ray tour decided to postpone the shows out of fear of a similar occurrence there...Nevermore has canceled their covers album due to a glut of similar releases and lack of sales/interest...Following a flight of fortune, UK's Thunder has decided to call it a day. Their current UK tour is their last...Denmark's Mighty Music has founded a new division called Drug(s) dedicated to the release and promotion of alternative metal/rock...As long rumoured Gary Cherone has been asked to leave Van Halen following plummeting sales and the rumour of a black mail by WB. The band has also fired its management SRO.

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Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1 - Aeternus - Shadows of Old - Hammerheart
2 - Centurain - Choronzonic Chaos Gods - Full Moon
3 - Diabolic - City of the Dead - Fadeless
4 - Rotten Sound - Drain - Repulse
5 - Forest of Impaled - Demonvoid - Red Stream

Johan Axelsson - Guitarist for Deranged
1 - Testament - The Gathering - EastWest
2 - Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh - Earache
3 - Angel Corpse - The Inexorable - Osmose
4 - Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst - Metal Blade
5 - Natron - Negative Prevails - Holy

Metallian Demos

I didn't find Descend's (US band and not to be confused with the Greek group) brand of death metal as heavy as it should have been for two reasons. Firstly, there's the band logo. ' I am the most violent death metal out there,' it screams. It's one of those thorn-laden, occult logos we all love. The second reason is that I absorbed the songs right after blasting Deranged' s High on Blood CD. After Deranged everything sounds, well...sane! Still Descend is no disappointment. This, now reformed, band fuse underground death metal with more laid back rhythms to create a nice little ditty of extremity. There are only two tracks here (and a CD is up coming ) but it is already evident that the band can maintain both heaviness and good composition into one package. Only $2 to PO Box 770376, Cleveland, OH 44107 USA.

This little four track tape was left in front of Metallian Tower this week with little supporting information. All I've been told is that the band hails from the Stockholm suburb of Ronninge (ie Desultory) and is the new moniker of an older band. Whatever the case, and despite the somewhat messy sound, Revokation is a band with lots of potential. While the vocals are adequately heavy (nice instance of high pitch shriek), the guitars play plenty of good riffs and it is there that the Swedes' strength lies. Watch for pure metal entertainment as the guitars slash back and forth with cool riffs. A pro sound is all these guys need to get something going. Death metallers send $5 to Blaklockestigen 1, 144 33 Ronninge Sweden.

Cranial blowout indeed! The four death-wielding Dutch men race out of the gates with a straight ahead, full speed brand of death metal, that leaves little room for subtlety or imagination. Blasting drums, bestial vocals and atomic guitars have ended up getting the band a deal with Spain's ever-ready Repulse now, so it won't be before long when we'll hear a full length from this bunch. On the down side, there isn't much originality to be had. It's all been done before by Sinister, Cannibal Corpse et al before. Still, should Pyaemia (a type of blood poisoning - akin to eating at Taco Bell) be able to take their current enthusiasm as a basis and build upon it with hours of concentration and practice, things can certainly look up. After all, the world can always use a new and original death metal band. Write c/o Uilenstede 32, 1138 AH Amstelveen Holland and feel free to also enquire about Nocturnal Silence.

Independently released, No More Hate is the second CD release of this French band who describe themselves as 'Hardcore Emotional Brutal' and proceed to deliver pretty much that. While the four members deliver pretty much straight slow' n fast hardcore with protesting lyrics and lots of remonstration, there is positivity and hope which exudes at the end. The band do mix it up, but not to the point of being described as varied or commercially compromising. I have a hunch there is lots more anger and discussion to be had where this came from so by all means hardcores can send a mail to 'Le Defey', 24330 St. Pierre de Chignac France.

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