Impergium - 1997 – Necropolis

Niden Div.187 image
S= Funeral Feast, Dominus, Dawn, Retaliation, Necrony, In Flames>>HENKE FORSS>>Dawn, Retaliation, Black Ops, Circle Six, Parasit
G= A Canorous Quintet>>LEO PIGNON>>A Canorous Quintet, Curriculum Mortis, The Plague, This Ending
B= Thy Primordial, Retaliation, Carcaroht, Indungeon>>JONAS ALBREKTSSON>>Thy Primordial, Retaliation, Carcaroht, Indungeon, King Of Asgard, Vanhelgd
D= Thy Primordial, Midiam, Bill Skins Fifth, Retaliation, Bloodshed Nihil, Dawn, Carcaroht>>MORTH [JOCKE PETTERSSON]>>Thy Primordial, Dawn, Unmoored, Regurgitate, Ocean Chief

Niden Div. 187 was a grind/black metal side-project of members of Dawn/Retaliation and A Canorous Quintet from 1995 until 1998. The 1996 demo Towards Judgement quickly became a Necropolis Records EP. This was followed by the sole full-length, which added bassist Albrektsson. The album was recorded at Morth’s Nidengate studio. Grief Of Emerald’s Fredrik Helgesson drummed for the band as well. The band’s announced second album never materialized. The long broken up Niden Div. 187 and Dawnbreed Records/De:Nihil Records released a vinyl boxset edition of Impergium/Towards Judgement on May 21st 2021. These 1990s’ releases were originally issued by Necropolis Records.

Section 187 of the California Penal Code defines the crime of murder.



Niden Div.187