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S= Mysteriarch, Vesterian, Ancestral Blood>>VERIGO [CHARLES LUCIA]>>Vesterian, Ancestral Blood
G= Mysteriarch, Gravespawn, Vesterian, Ancestral Blood>>VERIGO [CHARLES LUCIA]>>Vesterian, Ancestral Blood – ADAM BURRELL
B= Mysteriarch, Gravespawn, Ancestral Blood>>VERIGO [CHARLES LUCIA]>>Ancestral Blood
D= Vesterian>>JAKE ANANTHA>>Vesterian

The band had a two-song demo to start. Drummer Jonny came and went. USA-based Night Attack had an EP called The Initiation through Metal Scrap in 2022. Night Attack was created in Charlotte, NC, in 2016 by Charles Lucia, better known as Verigo of the black metal bands Vesterian and Ancestral Blood. The band and Nemesis played a local show.


While using raw to describe their sound this US trio go to some length to claim that the sound and production on this debut EP is clear. The production is not exactly the strength of The Initiation. The cover art betrays a vampire theme or fascination of the subject while the song titles are reminiscent of 80s thrash metal. Ripped To Shreds shares a lot with the 80s and does sound dated. The song is not very structured with a few riffs and vocal styles making up a chaotic opener. Ride The Whirlwinds is a plural for some reason and is mostly true to its title. Fully 80s fast and heavy thrashing riffs and vocals to match the era are interrupted by a slower section and a solo. These all end up sounding somewhat like an (early) Slayer song. Merciless Attack further solidifies all things 80s but listen for the few seconds borrowed from Marduk's Souls For Belial. The drums do seem clearer here as the sound inches forward to a less dated state. By the time Radiation Death starts it is perhaps easy to make a Massacra comparison or two. Beyond What Lies would have made Night Attack big in the 80s underground. A 'demo version' of Merciful Attack closes The Initiation. It is just like listening to the song using a different headphone. – Anna Tergel


Night Attack