Aggressor – 1997 – Hammerheart
No Retreat... No Surrender – 1998 – Hammerheart
The Tools Of The Trade – 2000 - Holycaust
Fields Of Rot – 2007 - Agonia
Napalm Nights – 2014 - Agonia


S= Conjuration, Antikrist>>S. A. DESTROYER [KENNETH SVARTALV]>>Conjuration, Antikrist
G= Antikrist>>S. A. Destroyer [Kenneth Svartalv]>>Antikrist - Dimmu Borgir>>Ed Damnator [Sven Atle Kopperud]>>Dimmu Borgir, Insidious Disease – Slogstorm>>I. Mastor [Eivind Berre]>>Slogstorm - Ben Hellion [Stian Andreassen] - Crest Of Darkness>>A. E. Rattlehead [Atle Egil Glomstad]>>Crest Of Darkness - AXEMAN I. MAZTOR [EIVIND BERRE] – Nuctemeron, Conjuration, Den Saakaldte>>VIDAR FINEIDEATH>>Conjuration, Den Saakaldte
B= Gehenna, Antikrist, Moloch, Aiwas, Combath>>S. A. DESTROYER [KENNETH SVARTALV]>>Antikrist, Moloch, Aiwas, Combath - Dimmu Borgir>>Ed Damnator [Sven Atle Kopperud]>>Dimmu Borgir
D= Nuctemeron, Conjuration>>TEX TERROR [THOMAS ØDEGAARD]>>Conjuration


No word whether the band’s monicker refers to the strippers that occasionally accompany the band on stage, but the members have been spotted walking around during the day since formation in Oslo in 1996. The band soon issued demos like Armageddon Nights and Raping The Angels before Hammerheart issued an EP called Raping Europe in 1997. Done with the raping the band issued its first full-length, Aggressor. Seven years intervened between Fields Of Rot and Napalm Nights during which old members left, new ones appeared and the members worked day jobs and night bands. The band released a new album entitled Napalm Nights on March 11th through Agonia Records. It was taped by Ravn from 1349. Darkthrone‘s Nocturno Culto made a guest appearance. A 2018 compilation was called The Whiskey Tapes Germany.

The band was a part-time side-project for several members from more prominent bands. S.A. Destroyer wrote lyrics for 1349. Nocturnal Breed’s lyrics typically revolve around the theme of war.



Nocturnal Breed