The Key – 1990 – Earache
Thresholds – 1992 – Earache
Ethereal Tomb – 1999 – Season Of Mist/Necropolis

S= Morbid Angel>>Mike Browning>>Nocturnus AD, After Death – Tortured Soul>>Dan Izzo>>Tortured Soul
B= Jeff Estes - Emo Mowery>>Leash Law, Tiwanaku
D= Morbid Angel, Incubus>>Mike Browning>>Acheron, Nocturnus AD, After Death, Lisa The Wolf, Argus - Rick Bizarro
K= Cry Blue>>LOUIS PANZER>>Cry Blue

Florida-based Nocturnus is known for two things: its connection to Morbid Angel and incorporating keyboards into its sound. Browning formed the band following the demise of Incubus. The band’s 1987 demo was called simply called Nocturnus. This early incarnation featured guitarist Gino Marino, bassist Richard Bateman (Nasty Savage) and Acheron guitarist Vincent Crowley. The group opened for Wendy O Williams and Xecutioner. The Science Of Horror followed and Earache, which had grabbed Morbid Angel, picked the band up as well. Savatage singer Jon Oliva produced that demo. Two albums followed (with the second featuring Izzo on vocals), but the members began infighting and arguing and the group split up. Estes had earlier been fired reportedly due to alcohol abuse. Nocturnus had been on the Grindcrusher tour of Earache bands with Morbid Angel, Napalm Death and Godflesh. Founder Mike Browning was on one side. The rest were on the other and intended to hold on to the monicker. Browning was replaced on drums by James Marcinek, but as mentioned the band was not to last. This gang returned in 1999 with Rick Bizarro on drums, obtained a contract with Season Of Mist and issued a record. Necropolis issued it in the USA in 2000. The band was booked at March Metal Meltdown in that year. Chris Bieniek would be the later drummer. At the same time, Browning founded Nocturnus AD and subsequently After Death. Nocturnus’ sales were abysmal and the band threw in the towel again in 2002.

The band adopted science fiction themes.


I knew there was a reason these dudes broke up ten years ago. And no, it had nothing to do with selling many albums. More like, these guys are garbage. They were garbage ten years ago and ten years later they are still garbage. What more is there to say about an album which begins with a riff so weak it makes me want to lambada, and so much wimpy keyboard-worship that for a moment there I thought Kiss FM was on playing Britney Spears? Oh, and there is the occasional attack of the completely-out-of-context-guitar, which makes an appearance every 26.7 seconds on the dot with a solo for no apparent reason before taking leave again. You really don't want me to comment on the snare sound now, do you? - Ali "The Metallian"