Nothing But Hatred – 1993 – JL America


S= Ripping Corpse, Morpheus Descends>>TOM STEVENS>>Morpheus Descends
G= Savage Death, Ripping Corpse, Incantation, Morpheus Descends>>TOM STEVENS>>Morpheus Descends
B= Death Of Millions>>Lee Ribera>>Death Of Millions
D= Savage Death>>Eric Young – Fog>>Tophetarath [Geoff Montgomery]>>Fog, Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse, A.I.D.S., Acerus, The Lurking Corpses, Viking


After thrash metal band Savage Death fell apart in 1986, the death metal band Nokturnel was founded in New Jersey in 1989. The trio toured and issued demos, called You Don't Have A Chance and Welcome To New Jersey, before signing with JL America. The cover for Welcome To New Jersey depicted a man with a gun to his head standing in sewage in the shadow of a factory. Rage Records issued a single called Anti Grunge. Nothing happened and the band threw in the towel until a 2001 demo called Fury Unleashed. Stevens played with Morpheus Descends and Incantation in the interim. The band appeared on a 2011 7” EP called Ultimate Legacy Öv Hate.

Stevens moved to Texas for a woman. He and his wife run a snake breeding business as well as a distribution company called Nokturnel Eclipse.